How to Find Owner of VoIP Number: 10 Methods

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone numbers can be more difficult to track as they use the Internet to make calls instead of using traditional landline phone service. So, if you miss an important call or keep getting harassing calls, you need to find the owner of a specific VoIP number.

Some companies allow anonymous calls, while other numbers are not linked to physical addresses like landline phone numbers. These factors make it more challenging to find the name behind the phone number. If you need to know how to find the owner of a VoIP number, there are several methods you can try.

Method 1: Set Up Caller ID on Your Device

Smartphones have Caller ID by default, but you can also install this option on your other devices. If you’re using a VoIP service, you can set up the Caller ID within the account settings menu. The other person’s VoIP service provider can also activate the Caller ID, which will show you the name and number of the calls coming through.

Set Up Caller ID on Your Device

However, it’s possible to spoof Caller ID by manipulating it to show inaccurate information. Spam calls frequently use spoofing to show a number similar to yours or the same area code, increasing the likelihood that you’ll answer.

Method 2: With the help of the VoIP Service Provider

When you get an unknown call, note the time and phone number, then contact your VoIP service provider. Using this information, they can track the owner of the number that called you. However, if they don’t register the number or use a fake IP or third-party service to make the call, the VoIP provider might not have access to the information.

Method 3: Using Hardphone or Softphone Packet Analyzers

Hardphones and softphones are types of phones that are commonly used in call centers. These phones use a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and connect to a server or proxy.

You can connect to a proxy or server and use a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This approach lets you use a packet analyzer to trace the VoIP phone number. These phones are connected to a Local Area Network (LAN), where they manage all incoming calls. For this, they use VoIP software to establish a connection to the telephone network.

However, you will need to download and install a packet analyzer on a softphone to trace the VoIP number. You can apply a SIP filter to your calls and see the IP where each call originates, including their name, if they entered it.

Method 4: Do a Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone detective VoIP is the easier and fastest way to get hold of the VoIP number you’re looking for. You just need to enter the number into a VoIP phone number lookup app, which will show the owner’s address and name.

Moreover, you don’t require to download or install software on your device. There are some online programs where you can do this for free, or you can buy some premium services.

Method 5: Perform an IP Address Lookup

In this method, you need the IP address to find the caller’s information. Many VoIP providers show the IP address on other phone screens because it connects the call. Once you have the necessary information, use it to run a WHOIS search. The results include the IP owner, location, Internet Service Provider, and contact information.

Method 6: Using the VoIP Address Domain

The VoIP provider has an address domain associated with each call, which shows up in your phone’s call logs. You’ll see a phone number or the VoIP address in a format resembling an email address. You should look at the domain name on the address and use it to trace the VoIP provider. After that, find the specific user.

Method 7: CNAM Lookup to Find the Owner of a VoIP Number

You must go to the VoIP service provider and tell them you must conduct the VoIP number lookup because you have received threatening calls, spam, or even prank calls. If the justification is insufficient, your VoIP number lookup will certainly fail.

However, if you don’t have a VoIP phone number, this method won’t work for you. Given how easy it can be to fake the caller’s ID, the provider would ask you to give them the CNAM you’re looking for. But you can only perform a CNAM search if you have the proper skills in coding.

Method 8: How to trace VoIP Number Using Call Logs

Phone bills show all calls you made and received during a billing cycle. VoIP service providers work the same way, so you can check your VoIP call logs to see your incoming calls. Look at the specific time of the call and pull the data to track the owner online with methods from this list.

Method 9: Use the Automated Service *69

Dialing “*69” on your phone will take you to the automated service. This number gives info about the last call, like the time of the call, the VoIP number, and where the call came from. If you use this method, you can find the owner of a VoIP number, even if the ID is blocked or hidden.

Method 10: Talk to Law Enforcement

You can also inform the local law enforcement department that you have been receiving spam phone calls, prank calls that are disturbing your mental health, or if you suspect they may be trying to scam you or extort you, they can help in finding the owner of the VoIP phone number.

Phishing scams are illegal, and the FBI needs to know about them to ensure that scammers don’t find more victims. Give you all the data you can pull from your call logs. They are sure to do something about it and, most likely, inform you who is the owner of the VoIP number.


You’ve learned how to find the owner of a VoIP phone number, but if you need more information, check out the answers to these frequently asked questions.

The main difference between fixed and non-fixed VoIP phone numbers is that fixed ones are far harder to use for fraudulent activities and scams like phishing. However, they only work on a few devices.

On the other hand, non-fixed numbers don’t have an actual address because they’re linked to a virtual system. People can also opt to use a number belonging to a location where they don’t live, a virtual one.

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) assigns VoIP numbers based on the location and geography of area codes. However, people don’t need to live in those area codes to register with their service provider.

The main reason why people can keep their same phone numbers or landline numbers is that they have one VoIP account, and they can contact the NANP to make the necessary changes and adjustments.


VoIP technology has become more streamlined and popular, so you’ll likely get calls from this type of phone number. While it might be a challenging process, these methods will help you learn how to find the owner of a VoIP number.