20 BEST IVR Tools & Software [Open Source/Paid] in 2022

IVR is a system which interacts with callers, gathers details and routes calls to the right person. IVR is an acronym for Interactive Voice Response. It takes a combination of user voice and touch-tone keypad selection as an input and gives you proper responses.

Top IVR Service Providers: [Free & Paid Tools]

Following is a handpicked list of Top Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Software tools, with their popular features and latest download links. The list contains both Open source(Free) and Commercial(Paid) software:

Name Free Trial Platform Link
Phonexa Desktop, Android, iOS Learn More
Grasshopper ✔️ Desktop, Android, iOS Learn More
Phone.com Web, Android, iOS Learn More
MightyCall ✔️ Web, Android, iOS Learn More
Genesys PureCloud ✔️ Windows, Mac Learn More

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1) Phonexa


Phonexa is a multi-channel lead tracking and distribution platform that empowers marketers to optimize their web and call campaigns. Inbound calls are tracked from their marketing source and routed using a customizable IVR and Automatic Call Distributor.


  • Phonexa’s IVR lets callers make selections so they can be routed to the right representative
  • It has an Automatic Call Distributor that works with the IVR to route calls, provide automated callbacks, and improve call flow
  • Phonexa’s call tracking platform, Call Logic, tracks inbound calls, letting you know what marketing efforts are driving call traffic
  • It also has advanced filtering to make sure only qualified calls get through

2) Grasshopper


Grasshopper is a virtual phone application that provides a communication solution for small businesses. It gives one professional phone number that can be used on existing cell phones or landlines.


  • It provides a full view of your business interactions across more than one channel.
  • You can make and receive calls using a desktop or mobile app.
  • This tool converts voicemail to text so that you can read them without listening it.
  • It enables you to record professional messages that welcome your clients.
  • You can reply via text messaging on your office number.
  • It allows you to send a fax as a PDF attachment from your email.

3) Phone.com


Phone is an application that helps you to configure your phone system fast and easy. It allows you to block calls by adding the number in your phone account. This tool supports call blocking, forwarding, and screening. Phone.com enables you to dial any number by name dictionary. It plays music when you hold the phone.


  • Phone.com can be setup instantly.
  • It allows you to create custom schedules.
  • You will receive a notification whenever you get incoming calls.
  • This app allows you to route called depend on the time and day a call is received.
  • You can sync your address book with Phone application.
  • It enables you to personalize your call with greetings, messages, voices, and music.
  • You can send and receive SMS on any local number.
  • Phone.com helps you to create and organize your groups and extensions.
  • You can set your unique caller ID.

4) MightyCall


MightyCall is a virtual phone system made for a small business. This system allows you to make and receive calls on the device of your choice.


    • The tool provides unlimited calling.
    • You can set your flow with clear and conversational flow chart.
    • It allows you to forward calls to any device.
    • You can select tool-free or area code number without paying an extra charge.
    • This tool gives you the complete history of your communications.
    • With this software, you can record a call.
    • MightyCall enables you to listen to voicemails and get notifications.
    • It allows you to visualize your voicemail.
    • You can decline the call, accept, or send to voicemail.
    • Make and receive calls from your PC using a softphone.
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5) Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud is all-in-one IVR and routing engine that shares collected customer data for better routing, handling, and reporting. It provides fast access to information like bill payments, account status, and other common requests for effortless self-service.


  • Callback option lets customers request a call from the first available agent, instead of sitting on hold.
  • It has a simple setup process.
  • Built-in speech recognition.
  • You can drive calls to the right agents.
  • Make changes on the fly.
  • Tackle IVR, call routing, and reporting in one platform.
  • With this software, you can quickly set up IVR call flows.
  • View customer information at your fingertips.

Download Link: https://www.genesys.com/en-sg/campaign/purecloud-ivr

6) Channels


Channels provides a better customer service using IVR and limits the time you put your callers on hold or redirect them. It allows sorting callers before they reach one of your agents.


  • IVR helps you to serve your clients better and make you look more professional.
  • IVR helps you to redirect every caller to the right department based on their needs, limiting the time you or your agents transfer the calls.
  • It has easy to the setup process.
  • Save your time while producing a higher output.

Download Link: https://www.channels.app/

7) VAgent


VAgent is a cloud-based IVR software that routes all the customer calls to the actual department. It is available for 24*7, and hence you can manage your organization calls round the clock with ease. This tool allows you to track and record these calls to maintain good customer service.


  • You can record your call to improve the quality of service.
  • It enables you to route calls to specific departments intelligently so that customer can get flawless experience.
  • This tool offers smart IVR Solution to interacts with customers.
  • Gives customized SMS alerts.
  • You can modify the greeting for a caller.
  • It helps to solve customer queries more effectively.
  • You can integrate VAgent with any existing CRM.
  • It enables customers to connect the same agent they had a conversation with earlier.
  • The event provides Live call tracking.
  • Agents can receive calls simultaneously and whosoever is free can easily get in touch with the customer.
  • Customers can leave a voicemail when your agents are unavailable to receive calls.

Download Link: https://vagent.in/

8) Talkdesk


Talkdesk is a telephony menu system which is design for the segmentation, identification, and routing of callers to the appropriate agents within your team. This tool helps you to create a personalized customer experience.


  • Visually design your flows.
  • It enables you to easily type in the audio message for your customers. They can hear and play in their preferred language.
  • You can personalize your experience using context variables to determine your welcome message.
  • Talkdesk allows you to configure any IVR software in the web browser using the dropdown menu and text-to-speech messages.

Download Link: https://www.talkdesk.com/cloud-contact-center/omnichannel-engagement/orchestration-routing/

9) Routee


Routee is a cloud based IVR tool that gives a seamless customer communication experience. It Improves the flow of your call forwarding services with a feature-rich software solution.


  • This software converts speech into text and determines the ideal automated route for their call.
  • It checks open-ended text using AI for natural language processing.
  • It provides custom menus that enable the user to build efficient workflows.
  • Allows your staff to edit your call center menus.

Download Link: https://www.routee.net/services/voice/cloud-ivr/

10) Five9


Five9 is an easy to use self-service system that utilizes the latest voice recognition technology. It enables your customers to solve any problems faster. This tool helps agents to focus on higher-value interactions and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Five9’s IVR automates routine calls.
  • It allows you to make changes quickly using the drag and drop engagement Workflow.
  • You can identify customers and personalize the self- service flow.
  • It offers a feature of voicemail routing.
  • It helps you to integrate any CRM.
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) with Call Distribution Algorithms
  • It guides customers to the right answer or agent.

Download Link: https://www.five9.com/products/capabilities/omnichannel/visual-interactive-voice-response

11) CallFire


Call Fire IVR tool allows you to set up appointment reminders, polls, payments, surveys for inbound or outbound users. It has easy-to-use with a drag and drops menu or XML. With this software, customers can interact by using a simple keypress.


  • This software offers auto attendant and calls routing features.
  • It records calls, tracks results, export data, analyze metrics, collects responses, and make better decisions.
  • You can record calls, track results, collect responses, export data, and analyze metrics for making better decisions.
  • Provide customized IVR solutions according to your needs.

Download Link: https://www.callfire.com/products/ivr

12) Zendesk


Zendesk is a cloud-based tool that allows customer service teams to provide business phone support from the existing platform they use to manage various other channels.


  • The tool allows agents automate alerts, send proactive messages, and receive texts.
  • It gives full customer history.
  • Talk provides group routing, flexible IVR, and real-time queue monitoring to avoid bottlenecks.
  • IVR software can integrate your own solution.

Download Link: https://www.zendesk.com/service/voice/

13) MessageBird


MessageBird is a tool that enables you to build fast, reliable, and secure voice applications for your business. This tool allows you to create global voice experiences of any scale with the click of a mouse button.


  • Strong, fastest, and stable connections to your voice traffic.
  • It provides clear-sounding calls.
  • Call like a local from anywhere.
  • You can develop custom voice applications with voice API.
  • This software enables you to send outbound messages and configure call flows for inbound calls.
  • Create as more than one virtual connection to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Download Link: https://messagebird.com/en/voice/

14) NICE inContact

NICE inContact

NICE inContact tool reduces your cost per call by allowing customers to choose the type of assistance they want. Like self-service or speaking to an agent. It free up your staff to handle more complex cases, and let your customer to solve basic issues like account inquiries, bill pay, etc.


  • Fully integrated with CXone ACD
  • Centralized IVR System
  • Quickly update your IVR
  • Integrate with popular CRMs
  • Offer an automatic call back to your customers
  • Freedom to choose between agent or self-service
  • Enable faster IVR changes

Download Link: https://www.nice.com/products/digital-self-service/interactive-voice-response-ivr

15) Blueworx


Visual IVR tool has a rich digital media that boost the customer experience. This software allows you to communicate through menus and improve call containment and create a better customer experience.


  • Allows customers to follow the path of voice interaction visually.
  • It provides secure authentication for customers.
  • Delivers personalized promotions or non-disruptive while customers are navigating a self-service application.
  • It enables customers to sign documents or complete documents.
  • You can give feedback directly to the customers mobile phone at the end of the call.

Download Link: https://www.waterfieldtech.com/voice-and-ai/

16) Voxco


Voxco IVR is an Interactive voice response system that provides an easy and cost-effective way to deliver automated messages. It works in both inbound mode (accepting call to your organization) as well as outbound mode (dialing respondents with surveys).


  • Let’s respondents to call into a phone number and reply a short survey through their mobile keypad.
  • Respondents can self-complete the pre-recorded survey.
  • This tool can also be used in combination with other survey application.
  • You can effectively manage your survey.
  • Customize voice as per your need.
  • It provides call logging and routing.
  • This tool offer call recording.

Download Link: https://www.voxco.com/ivr-survey-software/

17) Freshcaller


Freshcaller helps your teams to create or respond to all opportunities with full context. Your teams can easily manage customer calls and collaborate with internal teams in a more organized manner.


  • It provides a flexible phone system.
  • This tool offers multiple round routing engines, and best-in-class on-call capabilities for agents to transfer calls, notes or conference in others.
  • You can buy local phone numbers for your cloud PBX system in 90+ countries.
  • Set up a smooth call handling process.
  • Monitor and manage the communication experience.

Download Link: https://www.freshworks.com/freshcaller-cloud-pbx/



KooKoo tool provides an interface between your web application and the caller. It accepts phone commands from you and executes them on your behalf to the caller.


  • Using KooKoo API, you can build telephony apps.
  • You do not require to learn telephonic jargons.
  • KooKoo has pricing plans for that matches your needs.

Download Link: https://www.kookoo.in


❓ What is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, is a system which interacts with callers, gathers details and routes calls to the right person. IVR takes a combination of user voice and touch-tone keypad selection as an input and gives users proper responses.

💻 Which are the Best IVR Software Tools?

Here are some of the best IVR software tools and systems:

🏅 What are the Features of IVR Tools?

Below are the popular features of IVR tools:

  • Automatic Call Distribution.
  • Allows users to make calls via Desktop and mobile app.
  • Voicemail to text conversion.
  • Call routing as per users’ needs.
  • Enables you to personalize calls with greetings, messages, voices, and music.
  • Speech recognition.
  • Customized SMS alerts.
  • Live call tracking.
  • Helps users to design their own flows.
  • Integration with different software and CRMs.