How to Call Someone Anonymously from Your iPhone or Android

Why Make Anonymous Calls?

Here, are some major reasons for making Anonymous Calls:

  • If you met someone at a club and they gave you their phone number. If you aren’t sure the number is real, you may choose to hide your number.
  • You may call in for a contest to win a prize. At that time, you may hide your number if you don’t want your number added to a spam list that will call you later.
  • You might have information about something illegal but don’t want to get involved in the legal process. By calling anonymously, you can hide your identity while dropping the tip.
  • Sometimes it can be fun to play a prank on your friends. Crank calling someone with caller ID is difficult, but there are ways to accomplish it now.

How to Make Anonymous Calls (Private Phone Calls)

In this guide, we discuss 8 methods to make Private Phones Call. It is possible to use these methods on iPhones as well as Android devices.

Method 1: Call Anonymously using a Smartphone’s Phone App Hushed

Hushed is an application that assigns a second phone number to you. When you call someone privately using the app, the person you call will not see your actual phone number, but the hushed number. You can choose a second number within 300 different area codes from the US, Canada, and the UK.

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Hushed is one of the best second phone number app that is helpful if you want to use a second number but don’t have the money for another phone. The biggest drawback is that you have to use your data plan or be connected to Wi-Fi to use them. The advantage is that it offers a lifetime plan for just $25.

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Method 2: Make an Anonymous Call using a Pre-fix

How to Make Anonymous Calls

One of the easiest methods of hiding your number when making outgoing calls is to use a prefix. It is a code you put in before you dial the number. That is a popular way to hide because you do not have to go into your phone settings and change anything that will have to be changed again when you’re done.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to using prefixes for caller ID blocking. Depending on the age of their phone and the quality of their service, the recipient may see “Unknown Caller.” They could also receive “Block Caller ID” as a notification when they receive your call. That could tip them that the person on the phone is hiding.

Here, are code to check phone number to use depending on where you live. US networks will typically respond to *67 or #31#.

*67 This code works for most phones in North America, including the USA
#31# North American phones on AT&T and some mobile phones in Canada use this prefix, including the USA
141 This will hide your number from mobile and landline phones in the United Kingdom.

Method 3: Use Google Voice

Google Voice is a web-based service that assigns you a second phone number. You can use this service internationally. The app works on smartphones, tablets, or computers. Google Voice’s primary function is to allow businesses or individuals to connect phone numbers to one source.

Use Google Voice

This way, they will receive calls no matter where they are. However, individuals can use it to get a second number for making anonymous calls. All you have to do is sign into your Google account and go to Google Voice.

  • Once you’re signed into the account, you’ll select your area code or city in the text box and select a number that Google generates for you.
  • When you connect your existing phone number to the new one, you can begin making calls from your new number, disguising your personal one.

This is a fairly good method for putting a fake number forward instead of your own. However, there are costs for making phone calls. It is also not entirely anonymous since the call will link to your Google account.

Method 4: Purchase a Private Number

Many services will let you purchase a number that will not be displayed on the caller ID when making phone calls. They might also provide a temporary number that only exists for a certain amount of time.

These options are pretty secure. However, they are either subscription-based or include the purchase of a certain number of minutes.

Method 5: Using Settings on Android

Most smartphones will let you adjust your settings to stay hidden On Android

Using Settings on Android

Step 1) Open your Android Phone app and tap the three dots to open the menu.

Step 2) Tap “Settings”

Step 3) Go to “Additional Settings”

Step 4) Select “Hide My Number” from the dropdown menu.

Method 6: Make a Private Call on iPhone using Settings on iOS

iPhones will also allow you to block your caller ID so that you can make anonymous calls.

  • Open your phone’s settings app and tap “Phone.”
  • Make the selection labeled “Show My Caller ID.”
  • Move the toggle switch to turn it off.

Method 7: Use a Prepaid Phone

The method many people use when they want to make calls without anyone knowing who they are or seeing their number is to purchase a prepaid phone. These are also called burner phones because you buy minutes to use with them, and then you can buy more or throw the phone away.

Burner phones are inexpensive and are not as sophisticated as a smartphone, but no one can trace the number to you. Prepaid phones can be bought in most box stores, Truck stops, and even Gas stations.

Method 8: Ask Your Carrier to Hide Your Number

Some carriers will block your caller ID if you are a premium customer or have a business plan with them. You have to call them, and they can change your phone during the call. When you call someone, they will typically see no number. They might also receive a random phone number that will ring as a disconnected line if they try to call it back.


In today’s age of text messaging and video conferencing, phone calls have become something we don’t do as much. Caller ID is much more sophisticated than a few decades ago. So, if sometime we accidentally dial a wrong number, anyone we call has your number when their phone rings.

We live in a time when being guarded of our personal information is vital. You never know who is listening or who can see you when using your phone. It may seem like an innocent conversation unless someone intercepts your call.

Calling anonymously allows you to protect your identity. If you need to make a call without the recipient seeing your number, there are a variety of tricks you can try.

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