855 Area Code: Toll-Free Number, Location, Scam (2024)

855 Area Code

The goal of every successful business is to connect with new and existing customers. Meeting that goal is especially important if the main way a business contacts customers is via phone calls.

Toll-free numbers work to entice and improve customer relationships, and among toll-free area codes, an 855 area code phone number is extremely popular.

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Why You Need an 855 Area Code?

There are several reasons for the popularity of an 855 toll-free number. Among them is the anonymity of the area code 855 location versus the traditional, location-based North American numbering plan.

  • Customer Engagement: An 855 phone number grabs people’s attention as it does not indicate a business or far away location, and allows for free calls.
  • Enhanced Credibility: In turn, many are willing to answer a call from an 855 area code as they may know that legitimate national or international businesses use it.
  • Anonymity: Using an area code like an 855 number hides your location. That’s beneficial, as some customers see long-distance calls as probable sales. Hiding your location may prompt people to pick up where otherwise they would not.
  • Easy and Memorable: Numbers from area code 855 are easy to remember. Most people will also remember a phone number that lets them avoid long-distance charges.

How to Get An 855 Area Code?

Getting a toll-free number is incredibly easy. You do not need to contact your telephone service provider. Nor do you have to distinguish between national and international business. You sign up with a VolP service provider for an 855 telephone area code, claim your business phone number from a list, and begin to route calls based on your telephone system and target market.

Most businesses use area code 855 for outgoing sales, but many also use them to contact customer service departments. Here are the steps to set up an 855 phone number on your phone system.

  1. Visit RingCentral or another 855 area code service provider.
  2. Once you are signed up, you must pick an 855 phone number from a list of available numbers.
  3. When you have entered your credit card or financial data and have your number selected, with most 855 area code number apps, you start with a trial period. Billing for your toll-free phone numbers comes later. You can cancel your number at any time with most service providers.
  4. Once your account is ready, you can use your number with the app or service provider you signed up with for a monthly fee.

Features to Consider with an 855 Number

Calling features of an 855 phone number can include, but are not limited to:

  • Call recording: These record you calls for training or documentation purposes.
  • Customized greetings for customer service numbers: This is a personalized greeting that engages the customer as soon as they connect to your 855 number.
  • Advanced IVR: Interactive Voice Response can help customers navigate to their desired destination more easily.
  • Call Forwarding: Call forwarding lets the initiator of a call input who they want to speak with and have the call sent to that department or person.
  • Call routing: Call routing helps a call navigate to the destination that will most likely answer the caller’s question.

Depending on the 855 phone number service you opted to use, you might also get the following benefits:

  • Business app integration: Some services support integration with platforms like Google WorkSpace, ZenDesk, and Slack
  • Dedicated customer support: Many virtual phone systems provide chat functionality, phone assistance, and knowledgebase resources
  • Voicemail transcriptions: Some business phone number apps provide real-time voicemail transcription, allowing you to read the information without listening to it.
  • Shared phone numbers: Companies may also have the option to share lines between team members.

855 Toll-Free Number Versus Vanity Number

The difference between a primary 855 area code number and an 855 vanity number is the seven digits that follow the 855 prefix and their arrangement. Some businesses opt to have those numbers form an easily recognizable pattern to aid marketing campaigns and engage with their clientbase.

For example, those seven digits might spell out the initials of a name or a word.

There is no functional difference between an 855 number and other toll-free prefixes like 800, 888, 877, or other toll-free numbers. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) assigns toll-free number prefixes. In the mid-1990s, all 800 numbers were claimed, so the FCC created the 888 prefix. As that prefix got claimed, others were added.

Nevertheless, there are a few key differences in terms of customer perception:

  • Credibility: More people recognize vanity numbers as potential sales calls. In contrast, the 855 area code is often associated with legitimate businesses.
  • Blocking: Fewer people accept specialized prefixes and have employed call-blocking apps or otherwise blocked contact numbers. The 855 phone number improves a company’s chances of reaching a potential customer.
  • Memorability: Compared to an 855 area code, vanity phone numbers are memorable. Companies like FedEx and the Howard Johnson hotel chain notably use them. That’s advantageous since many people often struggle to remember more than a handful of numbers.
  • Marketing advantages: As vanity numbers are easier to recall, they have the potential to boost customer engagement and sales. However, as noted, the 855 area code has the advantage of being synonymous with credible businesses.

Examples of Popular 855 Numbers

There is no way to tell who is on the other end of an 855 number. A few 855 numbers will leave you a voice message. Most will not.

The only option you have is to Google and number and see if it has been identified. A few toll-free phone numbers are well-known for good and bad reasons. Here are a few examples.

  • 855-703-7562 – This is a robocall and a survey scam.
  • 855-973-1040 – This is the number for the delivery service DoorDash.
  • 855-757-7372 – Xfinity Prepaid uses this number.
  • 855-836-1987 – is an old Google customer service number.
  • 855-652-3446 – This number is for Xfinity support.
  • 855-704-4503 – Time Warner claims this number.

Disadvantages of Having 855 Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Many prospective customers regard 855 area code calls as scam calls. Some customers will not answer calls if it appears on a caller ID because a toll-free number means a sales call.

Moreover, while an 855 toll-free phone number avoids long-distance charges, it is not a local number. A company’s non-local customers may be more wary of answering as a consequence.

Another disadvantage to a toll-free area code is that the required hardware to operate an 855 call center is expensive.

Tips for Choosing The Best 855 Area Code Numbers

You should not choose a random 855 area code toll-free number, even when using a VOIP system. In addition, you should keep the following in mind when choosing your 855 area code toll-free number:

  • When choosing an 855 phone number, many service providers have a fee scale for features.
  • Make sure you understand any phone company or provider fee structures after a trial period.
  • Particularly pay attention if you plan on using 855 area code text messages as part of your marketing campaign.
  • Take the time to figure out how to customize your number. Your audience should be able to tell what type of business you are from your business phone number.
  • Choose a provider that offers “call service,” or SMS service, or both. The pricing varies depending on your choice. You can save money by opting for the service that meets your needs.
  • Finally, choose a toll-free number that sets you apart from your competitors.


Many customers have these questions about the 855 area code and whether using one is worth the effort.

The 855 area code is a phone call prefix available to customers to provide a toll-free number option.

The 855 area code is “agnostic.” That means it is not tied to any specific location-based area code.

Because the 855 area code is agnostic, it is difficult to narrow down its location or identity. One way is to field the call and ask. Another is to search the internet for complaints associated with the phone number.

A prefix is a set of numbers that help route a phone call. An area code ties a phone number to a specific geographical region. An area code can be a prefix, but a prefix does not have to be an area code.

It depends on who owns the number and what they got it for. Some scam calls have 855 area codes. Most do not.