10 FREE Reverse Phone Lookup Sites with Name (2022)

Taking calls from unknown phone numbers can expose you to scams. But deciding to miss such calls might be a direct kick in the face of your opportunities, customers, or other important information. Fortunately, the reverse phone lookup technology has made it possible to identify unknown callers.

This tool reveals accurate data like the caller’s name, address, and other background information. While a fleet of these tools is available today, not all of them are affordable or provide reliable information about a phone number.

Many Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites are available, and choosing one is difficult. Following is a handpicked list of Top Reverse Phone Lookup Sites with their pros, cons, popular features, key specs, and website links.

FREE Reverse Phone Lookup Sites: Find Out Who Called You

Name Key Features Country Availability Name Search Link
Truecaller • Instant display of caller ID without internet connection.
• Filters spam messages from important ones.
Global No Learn More
Coco Finder • T-Mobile scam shield that blocks scam calls.
• Fast in connecting a number to its user.
US Yes Learn More
Truth Finder • Contains area codes
• Broad database
US Yes Learn More
Spokeo • Free quick search
• Fast in processing query
US Yes Learn More
Intelius • Simple interface
• Comprehensive and reliable result
US Yes Learn More

1) Truecaller

Best for Global instant reverse phone number tool for phones

Truecaller is the best free reverse phone number lookup site. It provides free high-end features. It serves in many countries and is not limited to the United States.

Truecaller fetches a reliable caller ID by entering the phone number in a few seconds. Users have to register with their name and email before having access to the features on the desktop site. However, the mobile phone version instantly displays the name of an unknown caller without any registration. This caller ID app filters away robocalls, telemarketers, and scammers. You can also manage your messages with Truecaller’s smart SMS and organized spam-inbox features.



  • Instantly displays the ID of the person calling
  • It has an intelligent dialer and smart SMS feature
  • Truecaller announce calls
  • It helps you to schedule ghost call
  • It allows you to check who viewed your profile
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Instantly displays caller ID It does not work well in every location
Reveals private numbers Truecaller only works on phones with a strong internet connection
It blocks robocalls
It helps check spam calls and messages

Key Specs:

Caller ID: Yes
Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes
Spam Blocking: Yes
Background Check: No
Public Record: No
People Search: No
Email Search: No
Address Lookup: No
Criminal Records: No
Free trial: Free lifetime basic plan
Price: The Premium plan starts at $10.99 a month. Discount on yearly payment.

Link: https://www.truecaller.com/

2) Coco Finder

Best for High privacy and security for customers’ information

Coco Finder is a reverse phone lookup tool that allows users to generate caller identity by entering the phone number. You can resort to the tool if you ask, “who called me from this phone number?”

The digital phone book has an extensive database. It reports the caller’s name, address, acquaintances, email address, and associated social media profiles.

With the Background Check feature on Coco Finder, users can discover the person’s licenses, criminal, employment, and address histories. The phone number search platform also boasts of the next-gen technology and super-fast servers, which help the system generate results in a few minutes. These features make Coco Finder convenient, reliable, and one of the best reverse phone lookup websites to see who called you.

Coco Finder


  • Has inmate, obituaries, and mugshots search
  • Reliable and straightforward user interface
  • Connects a number to its user in a short time
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
It has an advanced filtering feature that allows you to streamline your search It is only available in the US
Coco Finder has a fast-processing speed Not entirely free as they propose
High privacy and security for customers’ information

Key Specs:

Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes
People Search: Yes
Address Lookup: Yes
Background Check: Yes
Court records: Yes
Public records: Yes
Spam Blocking: No
Free Trial: No
Price: Plan starting at $1 for a 7-day trial

Link: https://cocofinder.com/reverse-phone-lookup

3) TruthFinder

Best for Comprehensive background check tools

TruthFinder is a partially free reverse phone lookup site that unmasks a phone number beyond the associated name. It provides an extensive report of an individual by providing the associated photo, social media profiles, education, job history, address history, and police and court records.

This US-based reverse phone lookup service boasts other features that help you find more information about an unknown caller. These properties enable users to amplify and streamline their search.



  • Self-monitoring feature that helps users keep track of their reputation online
  • A wide spectrum of database
  • Contains popular area codes
  • Produces accurate results
  • Search record by States
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Gives a detailed and extensive report Only available in the US
It has a user-friendly interface Slow processing speed
Ensures private and security report access

Key Specs:

People Search: Yes
Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes
Address Search: Yes
Public Record: Yes
Background Search: Yes
Spam Blocking: No
Email Search: No
Pricing: Plan starting at $4.99 a month
Free Trial: No

Visit TruthFinder >>

4) Spokeo

Best for Providing Detailed information on caller ID

Spokeo is a robust platform that allows users to find people using their phone numbers and names. A unique feature of Spokeo is that it reports the person’s wealth profile and uncovers personal details like birth date and marriage anniversary.

Users can unravel caller identity in just a few seconds through a quick search. However, you have to unlock the premium package to get in-depth information. Aside from tracking a phone number, people use Spokeo to reconnect with family members, old friends, and business partners.



  • Spokeo reverse cell phone lookup has a free quick search
  • It produces accurate data in seconds
  • Enterprise package for business management
  • Updates subscribers on any data change
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Spokeo is fast in processing search queries Only available in the US
It provides detailed information about an unknown number The free search does not give comprehensive information about a number
Unlimited search on paid membership
Offers top-notch security and privacy for their users

Key Specs:

Name search: Yes
Email search: Yes
Reverse phone lookup: Yes
Address Search: Yes
Spam Blocking: No
Free Trial: No
Price: Plans start at $0.95 for 7-days

Visit Spokeo >>

5) Intelius

Best for Offering a high level of customer security and privacy

Intelius is one of the best reverse phone look websites to check who called you. This reverse phone lookup platform has comprehensive databases gathered from reliable sources.

When users enter an unknown phone number, its system automatically fetches the person’s identity or business behind it. It reports relevant details like the name, address, age, possible relatives, and the user’s type of phone. You can have a quick search on the website reports for free the location, line type, and carrier of the unknown number.



  • The anonymity of their subscribers
  • Unlimited searches for paying customers
  • Reliable user data in seconds
  • Follows Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Processes query fast Intelius does not have a global database as it is available only in the US
Gives a detailed report of the unknown user The free phone reverse service does not provide a name and a proper address
Intelius promises top-level privacy and security for users
Unlimited background search

Key Specs:

Name Search: Yes
Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes
Reverse Address Lookup: Yes
Background Check: Yes
Criminal Records: Yes
Public Record Search: Yes
Spam Blocking: No
Free Trial: No
Price: 5-day trial at $0.95. Premium plans start at $34.95 a month.

Visit Intelius >>

6) Instant Checkmate

Best for its Simple interface and high ranking

Instant Checkmate is a phone lookup website that cross-references a number with their vast data bank and returns every possible information linked to it. These include the name and address and the photo of the phone number owner.

This free phone number lookup tool allows users to quickly spot scammers and hackers and reconnect with old friends or lost family members. Instant Checkmate also pulls out social media profiles and other background details linked to the number. The system compiles this report into a downloadable PDF that can only be accessed by paying members.

Instant Checkmate


  • Delivers a downloadable PDF report
  • Attaches photo and linked social media accounts to results
  • Secures the privacy of their customers
  • Reports linked social media and photo
  • Provides a share button on reports
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Simple and easy-to-use interface Slow query processing speed
Provides a comprehensive report in a portable format Information from the free search is not detailed
Ensures high standard privacy protection of their users Available only in the US

Key Specs:

Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes
Spam Blocker: No
Email Search: No
People Search: No
Background Check: No
Free Trial: No
Price: Premium membership plans start at $5.99 per month.

Visit Instant Checkmate

7) BeenVerified

Best for Billons of Reliable data points available in their system

BeenVerified is a dedicated background check tool with a phone lookup feature. Users can access billions of data points through this reverse phone tool to find who is behind unknown calls. The quick search returns only the caller’s location. Supporting details like address, age, and social media profiles are only available on paid plans.



  • Supportive background check tools
  • Confidential search
  • Scam-consciousness resources
  • Allows you to check your spam score
  • Users’ comments about a number
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Saves time by processing queries fast It reveals only the location of the phone number for free.
BeenVerified gives detailed information about an unknown caller BeenVerified covers only the US.
It has a simple interface
Available on iPhone and Android mobile phones

Key Specs:

Background Reports: Yes
Photo and Social Media: Yes
Email Search: Yes
Phone Lookup: Yes
Address Lookup: Yes
Criminal Record: Yes
Spam Blocking: No
Free Trial: No
Price: a 7-day trial at $1. Premium membership plans start at $26.89 a month

Link: https://www.beenverified.com/reverse-phone/

8) Spytox

Best for Free and fast-processing phone lookup site

Spytox is a simple and one of the best free reverse phone lookup sites that report the basic information that a user wants to get about an unknown number.

Spytox delivers the name, age, sex, and address behind a phone number without asking for a price. However, users have to climb the paid package to get more background information. With the help of other background check tools, Spytox reports more detailed information by providing court and public records, photos, social media profiles, and family data.



  • Offer robust databank
  • Supporting background check tools
  • Recently searched numbers
  • Manage your researchable information
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Spytox gives much information about a number for free Spytox’s database does not cover other countries outside the USA
Processes searches within 1 minute
It is an easy and simple website to use

Key Specs:

Reverse Phone Service: Yes
Email Lookup: Yes
Name Search: Yes
Spam Blocker: No
Criminal Record: No
Free Trial: Yes.
Price: The Premium plan starts at $19.99 a month

Link: https://www.spytox.com/reverse-phone-lookup/

9) Whitepages

Best for Robust database built over years

Whitepages is a reverse phone lookup tool that delivers a detailed and extensive report about the individual behind any phone number. The report carries data such as scam/fraud rating, accurate criminal records, age, address, business records, etc.

The system then churns out the report in minutes by entering the unknown number on the website’s search bar. Users rely on this robust database to find out who called them with an unknown phone number.



  • Built-in supportive background check tools
  • Track down up to the maiden name and property record
  • Recently searched phone numbers
  • Provide support for tenant checks and Yellow pages
  • Manage your researchable information
  • Find Owner’s name, location, mobile, and more.
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Fast processing speed Not available outside the US
Detailed report of caller ID Limited information in free search
Simple and user-friendly interface

Key Specs:

People Search: Yes
Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes
Reverse Address: Yes
Business Search: Yes
Background Check: Yes
Spam Blocker: No
Free Trial: No
Price: Plan starting at $4.99 for 20 premium searches

Link: https://www.whitepages.com/reverse-phone

10) Zabasearch

Best for Completely free reverse phone website

Zabasearch is a leading public data provider that users leverage to acquire information behind unknown callers. It offers a completely free reverse phone lookup service. You can sign up directly as it does not require credit card details.

Through a simple search, the tool reports the name, age, and address of the person or business behind the phone number. Zabasearch also serves advanced background data.



  • Built-in free people search feature
  • Trending searches
  • Block some personal records
  • Remove personal records entirely
👍 Pros 👎 Cons
Generates caller ID completely free Available only in the US
Fast query processing speed
Easy to use
Ability to streamline your search to city and State.

Key Specs:

Reverse Phone Search: Yes
People Search: Yes
Background Reports: Yes
Email Search: No
Spam Blocker: No
Free Trial: Yes. Unlimited access to the basic plan
Price: The premium plan starts at $24.86 a month.

Link: https://www.zabasearch.com/reverse-phone-lookup/

Still asking, “who called me from this phone number?” Get onto any of these digital phone directories to find the details you want.

How to Reverse Lookup a Phone Number

To use any reverse phone lookup platform, you simply need to enter the phone number under review and click the search button.

Here is how to search unknown numbers on Spytox

Step 1) Open the website.

Visit the website at https://www.spytox.com/reverse-phone-lookup/

Step 2) Enter the Phone number.

Click the “Phone” button and enter the phone number

Reverse Lookup a Phone Number

Step 3) Click on the search bar

Click the blue search bar to begin your searching

Reverse Lookup a Phone Number

Step 4) Confirm search initiation

Press the confirm button to begin your search.

Reverse Lookup a Phone Number

Step 5) Confirm ownership of the number

Next, confirm that you own this number.

Reverse Lookup a Phone Number

Step 6) Confirm that you are not a robot.

Click I’m not a robot option.

Reverse Lookup a Phone Number

Step 7) The system processes the search query and returns the name, location, and address of the person who called you.

Reverse Lookup a Phone Number


❓ What are the Best Reverse Lookup apps?

The best ranking reverse phone number search apps for mobile phones are:

  • Truecaller
  • Eyecon Caller ID
  • Whoscall
  • CallApp
  • Hiya

These free phone number lookup apps are also available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

🚀 What You Can Find From Reverse Phone Lookup?

Conducting a reverse search on a phone number will reveal the owner’s identity.

You will find important personal details like:

  • The user’s name
  • Current and previous addresses
  • Photo ID
  • Linked social media accounts
  • Court records
  • Criminal history
  • Marriage/divorce history
  • Business details
  • Property record

🏅 How to Choose the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service for You?

Consider the following criteria to choose the best reverse phone search service:

  • Supported countries: All reverse phone lookup services do not have a global database. Check to be sure that your country is supported on the tool
  • The unknown caller’s information reports: A good background check tool should give detailed information about an unknown number
  • Pricing: It should be an affordable tool and can report a detailed and accurate data
  • Other background check features it possesses: Check if the phone number lookup tool has supporting features that provide in-depth about a number
  • The user experience: The search processing time, the tool’s interface, depth of report, and credibility of information provided are essential considerations when choosing the best reverse phone lookup service.