How to Find Instagram Account by Phone Number: 5 Methods

In a digital world where connections are key, sometimes you only have a phone number to find someone’s Instagram account.

The ability to find an Instagram account just with their phone number can be immensely beneficial. From rekindling an old friendship, and networking, to ensuring the person’s phone number saved in your contact list matches their social media accounts.

Beyond convenience, this method respects user privacy while allowing you to expand your social network on one of the most popular social media platforms.
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Key Takeaway

Finding Instagram accounts using their phone number is not a hard task. You can use programs that thrive on finding people, using Instagram’s functions that sync people with your contacts, and even other social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. Moreover, you can also reverse search their photo to find their Instagram account.


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Method 1: How to Find Someone’s Instagram Using Third-Party Tools

Navigating the quest to find someone on Instagram can be simplified through various third-party tools. These platforms are designed to connect the dots between disparate pieces of contact information. Hence, offering a streamlined approach to uncovering social media profiles.

1) Social Catfish

Social Catfish stands as a robust tool in the realm of digital identity verification. If you’re looking to find someone’s Instagram by phone number, Social Catfish may offer a viable solution.

What sets Social Catfish apart is its accuracy and the comprehensiveness of its information. Not limited to Instagram profiles, it can unearth various social media accounts. This can include other social media profiles across platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, providing a holistic view of someone’s digital footprint.

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Social Catfish

Web Coverage: Name, Email, Phone, Username

Search Filters: Gender, age, ethnicity

Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes

Free Trial: $5.73 for 5-Day Trial

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  • Name Lookup: Search for people using their full names, with the ability to narrow down results by country, state, and age.
  • Phone Lookup: Reverse phone lookup for US and Canadian numbers, allows identification through a phone number.
  • Reverse Image Lookup: Upload an image to find matching images across social media, forums, dating sites, and Google Images.
  • Address Lookup: Discover property details, such as ownership, dimensions, deed information, and current occupants.
  • Email Lookup: Identify the owner of an email address and check if the email is linked to social media accounts.

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$5.73 for 5-Day Trial

2) Spokeo

Tailored to offer more than just contact info, Spokeo can be instrumental in piecing together someone’s digital persona. It helps find Instagram by phone number along with other social profiles.

Spokeo’s search system trawls through public records to deliver Instagram profiles and any associated social media profiles.

What makes Spokeo unique is its wide-reaching net, which captures information that extends beyond common social media platforms. This can include blogs, public records, and even newsletters.


Web Coverage: Name, Email, Phone, Address

Search Filters: First, middle and last name, etc.

Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes

Free Trial: Basic Search Results are Free

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  • Free Searches: Basic person lookups by name or phone number are available for free, though full reports require a paid membership.
  • Identify Unknown Calls or Texts: It helps in identifying anonymous phone calls and texts. You can find out if these numbers are scammers or of someone you know.
  • Reestablish Family Connections: Spokeo assists in finding separated relatives using birth and marriage records.
  • Wealth Data: It provides insights into someone’s property ownership, investments, and expected earnings.
  • Uncover a Person’s Criminal History: Searches public data to reveal criminal records, including nature, location, and timing of crimes.

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Basic Search Results are Free

Method 2: How to Find Someone’s Instagram with their Phone Number using Discover People

Spokeo and Catfish are certainly top-notch solutions to find that person who just disappeared from your life but not your contacts. However, there’s more than those two frontrunners when it comes to searching Instagram by phone number.

Step 1) Launch the Instagram app on your device and ensure you’re logged in to your account.

Step 2) As per the latest version of 2023, go to your profile and tap on the + sign with a person symbol. Located on the top below your bio next to Edit Profile and Share Profile.

Find Someone’s Instagram with their Phone Number using Discover People

Step 3) It with display profiles of people with same mutual friends. Once you slide to the right you will ome across a “See all” option. Click on this option to go to the “Discover People” page.

Find Someone’s Instagram with their Phone Number using Discover People

Step 4) If prompted, allow Instagram to sync your phone contacts. This will enable the app to suggest accounts based on your phone contacts who have their phone numbers linked to their Instagram accounts.

Step 5) After syncing, scroll through the suggested contacts. If the person you’re looking for has their phone number linked to their Instagram, they should appear in this list.

Step 6) When you find the person’s Instagram account you were looking for, simply tap ‘Follow’ next to their name to send a follow request.

Method 3: Find Someone without Discover People

Didn’t know Instagram had that function, did you? But why stop there, there’s never enough generosity when helping people connect. If the discover people method is not up your alley, here’s another one you can try.

Step 1) Use the search bar at the top of the Instagram home screen. If you have the person’s phone number saved in your contact list, type the name you have saved them under into the search.

Find Someone without Discover People

Step 2) If their account is private or they don’t use their real name on Instagram, this method may not work. You may then try searching variations or nicknames they might use.

Step 3) Look at the follower’s list of your mutual friends on Instagram. If the person you’re looking for follows some of your friends, you might find them in the friend’s followers’ list.

Step 4) As a last resort, consider using third-party tools. Tools like the ones mentioned previously, Social Catfish and Spokeo, can help you find someone on Instagram just from their phone number.

Step 5) If you have them on other social networks such as Facebook, you may find a link to their Instagram account in their profile. This step can only be done if the person connects their Instagram account to other social media profiles.

Pairing these methods with a little detective work can increase your chances of finding someone on Instagram. Doesn’t matter if they are in your contact list or not.

Method 4: Find an Instagram Account by Phone number via Other Social Networks

If you want to find someone’s Instagram account, using their social media profiles can be an effective method too.

1) Using Facebook

The giant of social media has ways to help you find people on Instagram. It can be used as an Instagram phone number search tool, heres how:

Step 1) Open the Facebook app or website and sign in to your account. Go to the person’s Facebook profile. If the person’s Instagram account is connected, they may have an Instagram link on their profile.

Find an Instagram Account by Phone number via Using Facebook

Step 2) Scroll through their profile details for any mention of Instagram or a direct link to their Instagram profile.

Step 3) Often, users share their Instagram posts on Facebook. Look for any mention of their Instagram handle in photo descriptions or statuses.

Step 4) Check if you have mutual friends and see if those friends follow the person on Instagram. They might have tagged each other in photos.

2) Using Twitter (X)

This method is just as simple as Facebook, but with a few different steps.

Step 1) Sign in to your Twitter account on the app or website.

Find an Instagram Account by Phone number via Using Twitter (X)

Step 2) Use the search bar to locate the person’s Twitter profile.

Step 3) Users frequently share Instagram photos or mention their Instagram handles in their tweets.

Step 4) Twitter users often include their Instagram handles in their bio. Check this section for any Instagram-related information.

Step 5) Browse through the accounts they’re following. If they follow Instagram’s official account or other known Instagram-related accounts, they’re likely to have an IG account.

3) Using LinkedIn

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, this platform can be slightly more tricky. Nonetheless, there are ways to find Instagram account by phone number on LinkedIn.

Step 1) Log into your LinkedIn account.

Step 2) Use the search bar to find their professional profile.

Find an Instagram Account by Phone number via Using LinkedIn

Step 3) Some users add their social media links under the contact info section on LinkedIn.

Step 4) Users may share content from their Instagram, especially if it’s relevant to their profession.

Step 5) Check if they have mentioned their Instagram handle in published articles or comments on the platform. At times they also provide their contact number in their posts and comments.

Remember, finding someone’s Instagram account through other social networks requires a bit of investigation. It can also depend on the user’s privacy settings and whether they choose to link their social media accounts.

Be respectful of user privacy if someone has a private profile or does not readily share their contact details. They may prefer to keep their social media presence restricted to known contacts or for professional use only.

Method 5: How to Find Someone on Instagram Using a Photo

This one is very different from the others, sometimes the only memory you have is a photo.

Step 1) Ensure your photo is saved on your device.

Step 2) Go to a reverse image search engine like Google Images and upload the photo using its lens icon.

Find Someone on Instagram Using a Photo

Step 3) Look through the results for any link or reference to an Instagram profile.

Pro Tips: How to Disable Contact Syncing on Instagram

If you’re the one who doesn’t want to be found, this is useful.

Step 1) Launch the Instagram app and go to your profile.

Step 2) Tap the hamburger menu icon and select ‘Settings’.

Disable Contact Syncing on Instagram

Step 3) Choose the ‘Account Center’ option followed by Your information and permissions’.

Disable Contact Syncing on Instagram

Step 4) Then click on “Upload Contacts” and slide the “Connect Contacts” switch to sync.

Disable Contact Syncing on Instagram

Disable Contact Syncing on Instagram


Here are some of the most common questions about how to find an Instagram account with just a phone number.

If someone’s phone number isn’t listed, use alternative methods such as searching by username, full name, or mutual friends.

Third-party apps can be a mixed bag, some are reliable but always check their credibility and reviews.

Yes, mutual friends can be a gateway to finding someone’s profile. They may be tagged in your friend’s posts or visible in a friend’s ‘Following’ list.


Figuring out how to find an Instagram account with a phone number can be a nuanced task. Whether it’s using a photo, or contact details, or exploring mutual connections on other platforms, respect for privacy remains paramount. With these tools and tips, you can navigate finding an Instagram account thoughtfully and effectively.