7 Best Actual FREE Background Check Sites (2024)

In this age of digital footprints, it’s a good idea to be informed about the individuals you interact with. Whether it’s for personal reasons, hiring for a job, or simply to verify claims.

One of the easiest ways to obtain such insights without delving deep into your pockets is to use actual free background check sites.

These platforms can provide basic information on individuals, such as their educational background, employment history, and sometimes criminal records. They are great for those who need quick checks without the exhaustive details that paid platforms often offer.
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Why Do We Not Recommend a Free Background Check Site?

While it sounds tempting to use free services, remember that you often get what you pay for. Many of these free sites may offer less comprehensive information. They may have outdated databases, or worse, provide inaccurate details.

Moreover, although free, some sites might require you to input credit card details, which can be a red flag. Also known as “freemium” sites, they might give you a taste of basic information and prompt you to pay for more detailed reports.

It’s critical to be aware of such practices to avoid unwanted charges. On the other hand, paid sites typically ensure your searches are thorough, up-to-date, and accurate.

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Background Check Site

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FREE Report

Best Free Background Check Sites: Top Picks!

Name Background check Reports details Free Trial Link
👍 Spokeo Criminal record, wealth data, personal details, etc $0.95 for 7-day trial Learn More
👍 Social Catfish Phone number, email, job, social profiles, etc. $5.73 for 5-day trial Learn More
PeopleLooker Court records, relatives, criminal records, photos. Etc. $1 for 7-day trial Learn More
PeopleFinder Location history, contact number, business and asset details, civil judgments and liens, etc $0.95 for 3-day trial Learn More
USSearch Criminal records, Marriage records, Employment history, and More Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More

1) Spokeo

Spokeo, often regarded as one of the best solutions for online background checks, stands out as a modern people search engine. The platform is dedicated to helping users find and reconnect with others, from old classmates to long-lost relatives.

Yet, it goes beyond simple reconnections. Spokeo aggregates data from numerous online and offline sources, presenting comprehensive profiles. This data offers insight into an individual’s public history.

Spokeo promises to be the tool for you to gather details on someone without diving into countless databases. For both personal and professional reasons.

#1 Top Pick

Find out whose phone number is calling you

Identify scam callers

Education and employment history

Free quick search

Visit Spokeo
Basic Search Results Free


  • Deep People Search: Spokeo digs deep into various types of records to ensure users get a detailed overview. Past addresses, family members, and social media profiles are all included.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: Have a mystery number on your caller ID? Spokeo allows you to trace it back to its owner, helping you avoid unwanted callers and ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Email Search: In our digital age, an email address can reveal a lot. This feature brings out details linked to an email, which can be critical when assessing the legitimacy of an unknown sender.
  • Court and Historical Records: A feature great for professional or serious personal inquiries. These reports, if available, can provide insights into an individual’s legal history.
  • Property Search: Considering buying or renting? This tool provides valuable information about properties, from ownership details to value estimates.


Spokeo adopts a flexible pricing model, catering to occasional and regular users.

It offers a $0.95 for 7-day trial. However, for extensive use, their monthly subscription is $19.95, granting unlimited searches. This monthly model is perfect for recruiting real estate professionals. Still, checking the official website regularly for any promotional offers is essential.


  • One of Spokeo’s undeniable advantages is its vast reservoir of data sources, ensuring comprehensive reports.
  • Users with limited technological expertise can navigate and obtain information efficiently
  • Time is of the essence, and Spokeo delivers results swiftly, making it great for on-the-spot decisions.


  • At times there may be discrepancies or outdated information. Always cross-reference if accuracy is crucial.
  • It may fall short for those looking for extremely detailed background checks.
  • Some users have reported challenges with canceling their subscriptions.

In today’s interconnected world, platforms like Spokeo have become indispensable tools for many. Whether it is used for personal reasons or professional validations. As with any service, weighing its pros and cons and considering its relevance to your needs is crucial. And remember, while Spokeo offers a plethora of information, using it responsibly and ethically is paramount.

Visit Spokeo >>

$0.95 for 7-Day Trial

2) Social Catfish

Social Catfish emerges as a valuable ally in a world swarming with online identities, fake profiles, and fraudulent activities. Designed as an advanced reverse search tool, it assists individuals and professionals with online background check services.

Whether it’s to track down catfishers on dating sites or to reconnect with old friends, Social Catfish’s database should be enough. Their lengthy database compiles information from multiple online sources. Their results are clear, and accurate, and have many insights about online personas. Its main goal is to ensure users can confidently engage in the vast digital landscape.

Social Catfish

Criminal records searches

People searches

Property records searches

A people and phone directory

Visit Social Catfish
$5.73 for 5-Day Trial


  • Image Reverse Search: Ever come across a profile picture that seems suspicious? Social Catfish allows users to reverse search images, which can help in identifying fake profiles. It also helps understand the origins of a particular photograph.
  • Name-based Searches: If you have only a name, Social Catfish will scour the web. Thus, it can present any associated online presence, helping you paint a detailed picture.
  • Phone Number Lookup: This feature helps users trace unknown numbers to their source, ensuring you know who’s reaching out.
  • Email Verification: With cyber threats becoming commonplace, validating an email’s authenticity can be a real asset. Social Catfish digs deep to give you all related data for an email address.
  • Location Tracking: This tool is great for verifying if the person you’re communicating with is genuinely from the location they claim to be.


Social Catfish operates on a membership-based model. For occasional users, they may opt to use the 5-day option, which costs just $5.73. However, those needing a more robust solution can get a monthly subscription for $27.48. This offers unlimited searches and access to all of their features, unlike sites that do background checks for free.

Given their reports’ depth and extensive database, many find this price point justifiable. Make sure you check their website regularly for any promotional deals. Given the complexity of their pricing structures, they may change often.


  • Catfish understands you may not need all the services it offers, so you can pay for the ones you need only.
  • With background checks in bogue, there are people everywhere trying to take advantage. Catfish has been there since 2013. A proof of their commitment and ever-evolving nature.
  • The multi-faceted search capabilities (name, image, phone, etc.) provide users with flexibility in how they wish to verify online identities.
  • Social Catfish is one of the best background check websites that stands as a reliable sentinel against potential threats.


  • People have complained they get similar results if they look by themselves on Google.
  • While great for online verifications, it might not be the best pick for those seeking in-depth offline background checks.
  • Social Catfish can only perform searches of information that’s already in the public domain.

As always, the ethical use of such platforms is of paramount importance. Whether reconnecting with someone or ensuring safety in online engagements, Social Catfish is here to help you confidently dive deeper into the digital realm.

Visit Social Catfish

$5.73 for 5-Day Trial

3) PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker is an increasingly popular background check service that offers a comprehensive look into an individual’s online and offline presence. In a digital age where the boundaries between our online personas and real-world selves are continually blurring, PeopleLooker bridges this gap.

This platform is tailored to help users make informed decisions. Whether reconnecting with lost friends or checking out potential dates, it boasts a seamless user experience and reliable data collection methods, ensuring you receive accurate information every time.


  • Background Reports: This feature delves deep into public records, presenting users with a coherent picture of a person’s past. It includes details like criminal records, employment history, and more.
  • Contact Information: PeopleLooker can look up phone numbers, emails, and even previous addresses. This makes it perfect for those looking to reconnect.
  • Property Data: If you’re curious about someone’s real estate holdings or past properties, this tool will immensely help.
  • Criminal Records: This feature allows users to see if an individual has a troubling history or has been involved in illegal activities.
  • Relative Search: Sometimes, the person you’re researching might be connected to others you know. PeopleLooker can provide potential family or relationship links.
  • Deep Web Search: Moving beyond the surface, this tool scours hidden directories and unindexed pages to gather even more extensive information.


PeopleLooker operates on a subscription-based model. A monthly membership stands at $23.99, allowing users unrestricted access to many features available. For those looking at a long-term commitment, there’s a three-month package priced at $19.19 per month.

It is best to regularly review their website as they often offer discounts or trial periods, presenting a cost-effective opportunity for newcomers.


  • People Looker not only has Android and IO apps, but the interfaces are attractive and easy to use.
  • The detailed reports collate online and offline data and ensure that users receive a well-rounded view of the individual in question.
  • People Looker’s databases are frequently refreshed. This ensures that the information provided is up-to-date and relevant.
  • Users can be assured that their searches remain anonymous, offering peace of mind while researching.


  • Unlike platforms that offer pay-per-report options, People Looker requires a subscription, which might cater to some people’s needs.
  • While perfect for personal insights, People Looker might not be the best tool for more in-depth professional background checks.
  • As with many online-based services, there can be occasional discrepancies in the information provided.

Whether you’re delving into the past of a potential date or rekindling old friendships, PeopleLooker can help you. Their features ensure you’re equipped with all the necessary information to proceed with confidence and caution.

The tools like PeopleLooker offer valuable insights, they should be used responsibly. You must remember to respect privacy and adhere to ethical considerations.

Visit PeopleLooker >>

$1 for 7-Day Trial

4) PeopleFinder

PeopleFinder, as the name suggests, is dedicated to helping users find and connect with others. While it also provides deep insights into backgrounds, histories, and more.

If you’re looking to verify an individual’s identity, reconnect with old friends, or even screen a potential roommate, PeopleFinder can help. It facilitates those searches by providing an extensive database that spans over 43 billion records.

As a leader in the background check industry, it harnesses advanced technology to present information in a user-friendly manner. This makes PeopleFinder one of the top picks of online people search services.



  • Comprehensive Background Checks: You get criminal records, marriage/divorce records, lawsuits, and more. This best background check site gives users a holistic view of an individual’s past.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: This tool is essential if unknown callers have ever plagued you or simply wish to identify the person behind a number.
  • Public Records Search: PeopleFinder helps delve into a vast array of public records. This feature provides insights into properties, professional licenses, and more.
  • People Search: Tailored to help users find long-lost friends, family, or acquaintances, this cheap background check website is great for reconnecting.
  • Criminal Records and Background Report: This feature helps users make informed decisions. As it presents detailed criminal histories and other relevant records.
  • Email Lookup: Identify the person behind an email address or find other emails associated with an individual.


PeopleFinder offers a flexible pricing model. A one-time report costs $1.95, perfect for users who need immediate or almost free background check services. Alternatively, for regular users, there’s a monthly subscription available at $24.95. As always, checking their official website for any promotions or trial offers is a good idea.


  • With 43+ billion records, users can receive comprehensive and accurate insights.
  • Unlike other websites, PeopleFinder has a 95% accuracy rate.
  • PeopleFinder caters to a broad audience with its varied pricing.
  • The platform is optimized for swift searches, ensuring users don’t have to wait long for results.


  • Users need to be aware of the auto-renewal feature on subscriptions. As it can lead to unexpected charges if not monitored.
  • As with many services that rely on public records. Hence, there can occasionally be data gaps or outdated information.
  • PeopleFinder is not FCRA compliant, meaning it’s unsuitable for tenant screenings or hiring decisions.

In the digital age, where personal and professional intersections are frequent, tools like PeopleFinder are critical in helping navigate these intersections with clarity and caution.

This best free background check site ensures that, whether you’re reconnecting with someone from the past or simply verifying a new acquaintance’s details, you have all you need at your fingertips.

Link: https://www.peoplefinder.com/

5) USSearch

For those on a quest to uncover the mysteries behind a name, phone number, or even an address, USSearch stands as a beacon. USSearch is more than a tool, it’s a powerhouse dedicated to extracting and presenting data in a digestible format.

While the internet is brimming with information, sifting through the chaos requires finesse and advanced algorithms, which USSearch delivers precisely. This platform aims to bridge the gaps between questions and answers, ensuring users can access the insights they seek seamlessly.



  • Background Checks: Combines various data points like criminal records, marriage records, employment history, and more. This allows for a clear picture of an individual’s background.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: Ever received a call from an unknown number? With USSearch, you can peel back the layers to reveal the person behind it.
  • Property Check: Delve deep into the history of any property, including ownership details, sale history, and even tax details.
  • Social Network Search: It helps users track the digital footprint across various social media platforms. Thus, providing a comprehensive view of their online presence.
  • Civil Court Records: This tool scans various civil court records, extracting relevant details. Such information is crucial for business dealings or personal verifications,
  • Email Search: If you got an email and are wondering who it’s from. USSearch provides insights into who owns the email account.


USSearch offers subscription-based models. They all include every feature USSearch offers but will provide a discount if billed annually. The monthly subscription costs $59, while the whole year amounts to $599.


  • USSearch gives an all in one report. One document contains all the info available, displayed in an organized manner.
  • Whether it’s an email, name, phone number, or property, USSearch caters to a broad spectrum of search needs.
  • Your search activities always remain confidential. Thus ensuring that the target remains unaware.


  • Some users have pointed out occasional inconsistencies or outdated data.
  • Like many platforms in this category, USSearch is not FCRA compliant. As a result, it’s not suitable for formal screenings like tenant or employment checks.

USSearch, with its vast array of features, ensures that users have access to the information they need. Whether verifying a new neighbor’s background or tracking down an old classmate, USSearch is a trusted companion in the journey.

Link: https://www.ussearch.com/

6) Truthfinder

Truthfinder stands as a guardrail in the digital age, offering users a robust platform to identify and address potential misuse of their personal information online. Acting as an online custodian, it identifies potential malicious use of your photos, name, or other details and provides tools to ensure your identity remains secure.

With the increasing threat of data breaches and dark web activities, Truthfinder can alert you if your details find their way into such treacherous territories. Tailored to facilitate multiple search parameters like First Name, Last Name, and Location, it ensures comprehensive results tailored to user queries.



  • Search Domains: TruthFinder offers an extensive array of online platforms. It goes from popular social media to criminal records to ensure a thorough people’s search.
  • Reconnect: It lets you bridge the time gap and rekindle relationships with long-lost friends. You can also find your relatives or acquaintances you lost touch with.
  • Checking: Prioritize safety by reviewing profiles of individuals you might be inviting into your personal spaces.
  • Dating: Make informed choices in your romantic life by running a background check on potential dates.
  • Research: It helps ensure you make smart property decisions. Be it buying, renting, or investing, with the location-driven people search feature.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: With TruthFinder you can dig deeper into mysterious numbers. It helps identify the owner and any potential alternate numbers they might have.
  • Catfishing: Equip yourself against deceitful online profiles. Verify if someone is genuine or just another catfisher with the platform’s identity verification tools.
  • Seller Identity: Avoid online purchase pitfalls by researching the background of online sellers. Thus, ensuring your transactions are with reputable individuals.
  • Usernames: Delve into the digital footprints of any username. It can uncover accounts across platforms and display the history of the account owner.
  • Public Records: It can help navigate through an extensive public data archive. Find birth to death records, including criminal backgrounds.
  • Report Generation: Comprehensive reports paint a full picture of an individual. They include basic details like name, DOB, employment history, and online profiles.
  • Customer Support: The support is available through various channels. You also get complemented by helpful online guides and an extensive FAQ section.
  • Personal Information Sharing Opt-Out: If you prefer privacy, Truthfinder offers an option to prevent sharing your data with third-party brokers and marketers.


Truthfinder offers a membership-based pricing model, while specific costs vary depending on the service purchased. The standard monthly membership for people search costs $28.05, the reverse phone lookup costs $4.99, and the reverse email lookup costs $29.73. For a more precise cost breakdown and special promotions, visiting their official website is always best.


  • Actively blocks phishing emails and those laced with malicious codes.
  • A dedicated Android app ensures that searches and report access are at your fingertips, anywhere and anytime.
  • Easily identify potential spam or fraudulent emails, safeguarding your online interactions.


  • While the platform offers comprehensive insights, downloading these reports as PDFs requires digging deeper into your pockets.

In an era where online identity and data integrity are paramount, Truthfinder offers a sanctuary. It ensures that you’re informed and empowered to take action if your data is at risk.

Visit Truthfinder >>

5-Day Free Trial

What is a Background Check?

A background check, commonly referred to as a background investigation, is a process wherein one looks up and compiles an individual’s commercial and criminal records.

Employers often employ these checks during hiring and landlords use it for potential tenants. Individuals use it to learn more about a person for personal or professional reasons. The purpose varies, from ensuring workplace safety to verifying information provided by potential partners or renters.

It often includes a deep dive into a person’s history, encompassing aspects like employment history, credit records, criminal records, education verification, and more.

How to Choose a Good Background Check Service?

Choosing an efficient and trustworthy background check service is crucial. Here are steps and factors to consider when selecting the best background check sites:

  • Purpose of the Check: Establish the primary reason for the background check. If it’s for employment, you might require a more detailed investigation than if you’re just reconnecting with an old friend.
  • Comprehensiveness: Ensure the service provides a thorough search. The best way to determine this is by looking at the service’s data sources, such as criminal databases, public records, and online sources.
  • Accuracy: Always check for reviews or testimonials about the accuracy of the data provided by the service.
  • User Experience: Choosing a user-friendly platform is essential, especially if you plan to use it frequently.
  • Pricing: Some services might offer a one-time fee, while others could be subscription-based. Select an option that fits your budget without sacrificing quality.
  • Data Protection: Ensure the service respects and protects the privacy of those being checked. Avoid services that don’t have clear privacy policies.
  • Customer Support: If you’re unsure about the process or the data you receive, it’s important to have responsive and qualified customer support to help you out.

You can make sure the background check service you select is dependable and meets your unique needs by taking into account the aforementioned points.

How Long Does a Background Check Take?

The duration can vary significantly based on its depth and the type of information sought. Typically, a basic background check, which might include checking criminal records and some other quick verifications, can be completed within a few minutes to a day.

However, more comprehensive checks, which delve into employment histories, educational records, references, and more, might take several days to a week. Factors affecting the time include the responsiveness of past employers or educational institutions and the specific jurisdictions involved (some might have slower processing times).

If there’s an international element, for example, checking educational or criminal records from another country, this can further extend the timeline.

How To Perform A Free Background Check?

Performing a free background check is a task that many undertake for a variety of reasons, from personal to professional. Here are several options to help you navigate the process:

  • Begin with Search Engines: Start your inquiry with search engines like Google. Simply input the person’s name in quotation marks to get more specific results. This can yield a wealth of information, including social media profiles, publications, or news articles.
  • Utilize Social Media: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are websites that can provide valuable insights into a person’s professional and personal life.
  • Check Public Records: Websites like the National Center for State Courts or county court websites can provide free access to certain public records. You can search for documents related to marriage, divorce, property, and sometimes minor criminal offenses.
  • Use Online Directories: Whitepages or ZabaSearch can give you basic details such as phone numbers and addresses.
  • Visit Local Courthouses: If you’re searching for criminal records or civil court cases, local courthouses can provide this information for free. With that said you may require an in-person visit.
  • University Alumni Networks: Many universities have alumni databases if you’re trying to verify someone’s educational background.

Remember, while free methods can yield much information, they might not be as comprehensive or accurate as paid services. The best free background check app usually either comes with a one-time report with a minuscule payment or a few days of paid trial.

Is There a Free Background Check Legit & Effective?

Free services might provide basic details but often lack the depth and breadth paid services offer. Moreover, the accuracy of the information provided can sometimes be questionable.

There’s also the concern of outdated data. However, these free checks can be handy for preliminary investigations or simple verifications. But if the stakes are high, investing in a reputable service might be the best way to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Is It Legal to Conduct Someone’s Background Check?

Yes, it’s generally legal to conduct background checks. However, there are critical caveats to remember:

  • Purpose Matters: You must adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) if you’re an employer, landlord, or lender. Especially if the background check is to decide on employment, housing, or credit. This means you need the subject’s written consent and must notify them if you take any adverse action based on the check.
  • Personal Use: If you’re conducting a background check for personal reasons, you don’t need consent, but ensure you respect privacy laws.
  • State Laws: Different states might have different regulations regarding background checks, especially concerning what employers can ask or what landlords can consider.
  • Sensitive Information: Accessing certain information without consent, like medical or financial records, can be illegal.
  • Discrimination Issues: Employers must ensure they don’t use background checks to discriminate based on race, nationality, sex, religion, disability, or age.

Always ensure you’re aware of federal and state laws about background checks to stay within legal boundaries.


Background checks’ complexities are vast, yet vitally important in today’s digital age. From understanding the basics of what constitutes a background check to recognizing the importance of choosing a reliable service, the article has provided comprehensive insights.

Emphasizing actual free background check sites and paid methods underscores the trade-offs between convenience and depth of information. Legal considerations play an imperative role, ensuring that checks are not just thorough, but also ethically and legally sound.

Whether you’re an employer, a concerned individual, or someone curious about your digital footprint, this guide is a holistic resource for all things related to background checks. The verdict is clear, while free checks offer a starting point, you should never completely trust them. Use a service that is proven, professional, and costs you some bucks.

Best Free Background Check Sites: Top Picks!

Name Background check Reports details Free Trial Link
👍 Spokeo Criminal record, wealth data, personal details, etc $0.95 for 7-day trial Learn More
👍 Social Catfish Phone number, email, job, social profiles, etc. $5.73 for 5-day trial Learn More
PeopleLooker Court records, relatives, criminal records, photos. Etc. $1 for 7-day trial Learn More
PeopleFinder Location history, contact number, business and asset details, civil judgments and liens, etc $0.95 for 3-day trial Learn More
USSearch Criminal records, Marriage records, Employment history, and More Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More