How to Find Owner of Cell Phone Number Free: 7 Methods

Anonymous phone calls can be frustrating.

Every day, millions of phone users receive unwanted calls from unknown numbers.

Some of these callers may ask for your bank details. There can be spam calls claiming that you have won a Jackpot amount.

If you fall prey to such calls, your phone’s security may get compromised. Such calls may invade your privacy.

Let’s look for ways on how to find who owns a phone number.
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How to find out who owns this phone number?

There are certain procedures to find owner of a cell phone number for free.

The Reverse Phone Lookup service is the most common way to extract info on unlisted numbers.

Using this method, you can do a phone number search for a person.

You may also look through the phone directory.

Many tools are offering the best free reverse phone lookup services to track such calls. But only a few of them provide genuine tracking results. We have picked a few trusted options that deliver results.

Method 1: Using Intelius – Best Tools to find someone’s phone number for free

Intelius searches for an unknown number using the reverse phone number lookup service. It can even use the area and country code to search.

This tool scans different public records and extracts all the info about the owner of the phone number.



  • Identify anonymous callers: This feature lets you find phone number owner’s identity.
  • Look into online dates: Intelius uses the reverse phone lookup to verify the profiles. It safeguards the user from romantic predators and unknown phone number romantic scams.
  • Track location: This tool uses the Reverse Phone Lookup service to track the current location of a number.
  • Reverse Address Lookup: It can also do a reverse address check. This approach helps in providing up-to-date information about whom the number belongs to. It also displays info about that person’s address and other personal details.
  • Criminal and Traffic record: You can verify a person’s criminal and Traffic record.
  • Background check: There is also the option to examine someone’s background in detail.


  • Users can generate unlimited reports.
  • Intelius offers 256-bit encryption to safeguard your searches.
  • A detailed review of the house property before buying.


  • No free service option is available.
  • Access to offline report files is not free.
  • Does not offer 24/7 customer support.

Pricing: The starting price is $0.95 for a 5-day trial.

Visit Intelius >>

5-day trial for $0.95

How to find the owner of a cell phone number using Intelius?

Step 1) Visit the website You need to enter the mobile number in the search bar.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Intelius

Step 2) The process will start. Wait till it ends.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Intelius

Step 3) Click VIEW RESULTS.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Intelius

Step 4) Make Payment to view the report.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Intelius

Step 5) The report includes contact details, mugshots, address history, and more. You can even download the PDF version.

Method 2: Find who owns a phone number Using Spokeo

Spokeo is a tool you can use to find the phone number owner free. Using this tool, you can prevent fraud and identity theft.

You can even trace the mystery caller by the area code.



  • Recognize unknown numbers: With Spokeo, you can find the owner of phone number for free.
  • Whereabouts of a property owner: This tool lets you track the details of a property owner.
  • Prevent email frauds: Using Spokeo, you can verify the emails to prevent online fraud.
  • Safeguard your online presence: Spokeo’s reverse phone lookup services protect your digital identity. You can learn about yourself from the public records domain.
  • Uncover through social media: You can search social media accounts for information.


  • Takes only a few seconds to search for records.
  • Spokeo can look at a person’s income, lifestyle, and interests.
  • Flexible Search plan options to meet the user’s requirements.


  • Only service is available within the United States.
  • Reports are not available for free.
  • The In-depth Search option is available only under premium subscription plans.

Pricing: The 3-month membership plan is $14.95/month, billed quarterly.

Visit Spokeo >>

Basic Search Results Free

How to find the owner of a cell phone number using Spokeo?

Step 1) Visit the website Enter the phone number in the search space.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Spokeo

Step 2) Continue with the Payment to view the details.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Spokeo

Step 3) Download the result in PDF format. The report will have the person’s phone number, details of family members, location, etc.

Method 3: Using Social Catfish

Social Catfish offers free reverse phone lookup with name-tracking unknown callers and verifying online accounts.

Not only who own this phone number, but you can also do background checks and verify their criminal record.

Social Catfish


  • Reverse Image Lookup: Using a person’s image, you can track their identity online.
  • Reverse username search: Catfish will use the username to extract up-to-date info about that person.
  • Reverse email search: You need an email ID to check the phone number owner and contact details.
  • Best people lookup: This feature lets you search for a list of the best people in specific categories.
  • Verifying business authenticity: Social Catfish verifies a business using the provided phone number.


  • Using an old phone number to trace a connection.
  • Detects and protects against scam calls.
  • You can find information using the social media name of a person.


  • Search results using the email address sometimes need to be corrected.
  • Takes a bit longer to search.

Pricing: The reverse search plan costs $6.48 for a 3-day trial. Its monthly plan starts at $19.95.

Visit Social Catfish >>

3-day trial for $6.48

How to find the owner of a cell phone number using Social Catfish?

Step 1) Open, click the Phone tab, and enter the phone number in the search bar.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Social Catfish

Step 2) Click Search to generate the result. It will include the unknown caller’s name, phone number, location, and past address.

Method 4: Find the owner of a cell phone number using Truecaller app

Truecaller is a popular reverse phone lookup site. If you are looking for how to find the owner of a phone number for free, this tool makes your job easy and displays the information on screen.



  • Instant spam reporting: In real-time, it can detect spam, fraud calls, and telemarketing. It offers protection against SMS scams common through Facebook Messenger.
  • Free caller identification: It offers phone number lookup free with all the plans, free and paid.
  • Safe communication: Truecaller finds the phone number owner and displays it on screen with every call. This ensures safe communication.
  • Safeguarding the inbox: This tool organizes your inbox to keep it spam-free.
  • Smart SMS: The Smart SMS feature lets you track delivery status, PNR status, upcoming bills, etc.


  • The Intelligent Dialer option spots unknown numbers while you dial.
  • Option to fix a slot for sending future messages.
  • Stay hidden while viewing other profiles.


  • WHO SEARCHED FOR ME is only available on the premium subscription plan.
  • There are many ads on the free version.
  • A lot of features apply only to Android devices.

Pricing: Truecaller is available free to download.


How to find the owner of a cell phone number using Truecaller?

Step 1) Open the URL In the search bar, enter the unknown phone number you want to trace.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Truecaller

Step 2) Truecaller provides accurate information about the person. It will display the image, name, email, mobile number, and residing city of the person.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Truecaller

Method 5: Using Google search, find the phone number owner for free

You can do the reverse phone lookups via the Google search engine to find information about a phone number.

It is a straightforward process. You must enter the country and area code followed by the mobile phone number in the search bar.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Google search

It will display available info about the number.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Google search

Method 6: Check Phone Numbers on Social Media

The social media is a goldmine of information when you search for how to look up phone numbers for free. You can search for someone using a phone number through Social Media sites.

You can use Facebook Profile Viewer, a popular people search engine, to find a person by name, place, or phone number.

Check Phone Numbers on Social Media

Method 7: Via your telephone operator

You can contact the mobile phone number carrier to query about the unknown number. The teleoperator will help you find information about the unknown cell phone number.

You can also request a Call Trap from the telecommunications department to check the phone number, completely free.

Via Telephone Operator


We have discussed several options to find the phone number owner. Here are our top picks:

  • Intelius comes with several caller-tracking features. It can also act as an Instagram spy to track callers.
  • Spokeo generates basic details and other information about the phone number’s owner.
  • Social Catfish, with its extensive search process, prevents users from scams.