How to Find Owner of Cell Phone Number Free: 7 Methods

Anonymous phone calls can be frustrating.

Every day, millions of phone users receive unwanted calls from unknown numbers.

Some of these callers may ask for your bank details or they may spam you claiming that you have won a Jackpot amount.

If you fall prey to such calls, your phone’s security may get compromised and they may invade your privacy.

Hence, it is important to find out who is behind these unknown calls, so you can protect yourself from scammers. Additionally, you may want to find out who called since it could be an important call or you may want to verify someone’s information for official or personal reasons. Let us now look at some of the best ways on how to find who is the onwer of a particular phone number.
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Enter Phone Number to find the Owner

Find Owner of Cell Phone Number

FREE Report
FREE Report

How to find out who owns this phone number?

There are certain procedures to find the owner of a cell phone number for free.

The Reverse Phone Lookup service is the most common way to extract info on unlisted numbers. Using this method, you can do a phone number search for a person. You may also look through the phone directory.

Many tools offer the best free reverse phone lookup services to track calls, but only a few of them provide genuine tracking results. I have handpicked a few reliable choices that have proven effective. I tried these methods firsthand to find out if they work, hence, you can trust these solutions. 

How to Find Owner of Cell Phone Number

Method 1: Using Intelius – Best Tools to find someone’s phone number for free

In the course of my review, I discovered that Intelius searches for an unknown number using the reverse phone number lookup service. No detail is missed during an investigation with the capability to search by area and country code.

This tool scans different public records and extracts all the info about the owner of the phone number.

#1 Top Pick

Name Search: Yes

Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes

Reverse Address Lookup: Yes

Pricing: 5-day trial at $0.95

Visit Intelius


  • Identify Anonymous Callers: All I had to do was enter the phone number and hit Search to find the name and other details of the owner. I received a report with their age, home address, social media accounts, email addresses, and more. 
  • Track Location: This tool uses the Reverse Phone Lookup service to track the current location of a number. It also helped me track the past addresses of the owner and find out details about their neighborhood. 
  • Look into Online Dates: Intelius uses the reverse phone lookup to verify the profiles. It safeguards the user from romantic predators and unknown phone number romantic scams.
  • Criminal Record: Its phone number lookup tool provided me with the owner’s criminal records. This report includes their DUI, arrests, charges, traffic violations, and sexual offenses, if any. 
  • Background Check: I could thoroughly investigate someone’s background. It offers information about their employment history, education details, lawsuits, liens, bankruptcies, and much more. 


  • Detailed public records access.
  • Fast search results.
  • Mobile app is available.
  • I found the user-friendly interface very convenient.


  • Requires a subscription for detailed reports.
  • I received limited free information.
  • Occasional inaccuracies.

Pricing Plans:

  • Pricing: The starting price is $0.95 for a 5-day trial.

Visit Intelius >>

5-Day Trial for $0.95

How to find the owner of a cell phone number using Intelius?

Step 1) Visit the website, and then enter the mobile number in the search bar.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Intelius

Step 2) The search process will start instantly, do not close the page, wait for it to end.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Intelius

Step 3) Once it is complete, click VIEW RESULTS.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Intelius

Step 4) Make Payment to view the report.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Intelius

The report includes contact details, mugshots, address history, and more. I could also download the PDF version of my report.

Method 2: Find who owns a phone number Using Spokeo

In my experience, Spokeo is one of the best people search tools to find someone’s information. However, it works only in the United States, meaning you can only look for someone registered there, which is a significant limitation. One of the best things about Spokeo was that I could also trace the mystery caller using the area code.

#2 Top Pick

Name Search: Yes

Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes

Reverse Address Lookup: Yes

Free Trial: Basic Search Results are Free

Visit Spokeo


  • Contact info: When I looked up a phone number, I could find the owner’s other contact details, such as their other phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles.
  • Whereabouts of Owner: This tool lets you track the location of the phone number holder. I was able to find details about their residency and past addresses. 
  • Background details: It offers a comprehensive background report on a phone number owner. This report includes the owner’s full name, age, occupation, educational history, criminal records, properties they have, and more. 
  • Prevent Frauds: Through Spokeo, I could extract information about the caller, such as whether they were spam, a telemarketer, or a scammer. Thus, it helped me block all fraudulent calls.
  • Safeguard your Online Presence: Spokeo’s reverse phone lookup services protect your digital identity. You can learn about yourself from the public records domain and remove any information you want by going to its website and filling up the Opt Out form.


  • Wide range of data sources.
  • You get alerts when new information is added or any detail is updated in the existing reports. 
  • Instant search results.
  • It lets you purchase single reports. 


  • Limited free reports.
  • Occasional outdated information.
  • No mobile app.
  • Subscription auto-renews.

Pricing Plans:

  • Pricing: The 3-month membership plan is $14.95/month, billed quarterly.

Visit Spokeo >>

Basic Search Results Free

How to find the owner of a cell phone number using Spokeo?

Step 1) Visit the website Enter the phone number in the search space.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Spokeo

Step 2) Continue with the Payment to view the details. I suggest you get the one-time report first to check out the service before making a monthly commitment. 

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Spokeo

Step 3) Download the result in PDF format. The report will have the person’s phone number, details of family members, location, etc.

Method 3: Using Social Catfish: Check Phone Number Owner Name Online

While I was examining Social Catfish, I found that it offers reverse phone lookups for tracking down the names of unknown callers and can verify online accounts. With this authenticity check, separating genuine profiles from the fakes becomes effortless.

Not only can you find who owns a phone number, but you can also do background checks and verify their criminal record.

#3 Top Pick
Social Catfish

Name Search: Yes

Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes

Reverse Address Lookup: Yes

Free Trial: $5.73 for 3-Day Trial

Visit Social Catfish


  • Database: Social Catfish has over 200 billion records in its database. For reverse phone number lookups, it scans social networks, professional records, public databases, news articles, and more to provide an extensive report. 
  • Phone-number look-up report: In this report, I received their addresses, online usernames, email addresses, job details, dating history, images, aliases, family and relatives, etc. 
  • Types of searches: Social Catfish can perform name, phone, email, address, username, and image searches. 
  • Verifying Business Authenticity: Social Catfish verifies a business using the provided phone number. It can also track the business’s location, owner’s name, website, social media profiles, etc. 


  • Accurate reverse search capabilities.
  • Helps identify catfish profiles.
  • Comprehensive database access.
  • I checked and found that the results are quite reliable.


  • Requires a subscription for full access.
  • Limited free features.
  • Sometimes, slow search results.

Pricing Plans:

  • Pricing: The reverse search plan costs $6.48 for a 3-day trial. Its monthly plan starts at $19.95.

Visit Social Catfish >>

3-Day Trial for $5.73

How to find the owner of a cell phone number using Social Catfish?

Step 1) Open, click the Phone tab, and enter the phone number in the search bar.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Social Catfish

Step 2) Click Search to generate the result. It will include the unknown caller’s name, phone number, location, and past address.

Step 3) I recommend its paid trial before you choose to pay for its monthly subscriptions. 

Method 4: Find the owner of a cell phone number using Truecaller app

Truecaller is a popular reverse phone lookup site that is used in several countries. If you are wondering how to find the owner of a phone number for free, this tool makes your job easy and displays the information on screen when you receive a call, even in its free version. 



  • Free reverse phone lookup: Truecaller offers a 100% free reverse phone number lookup on its website. You can simply signup and start your reverse phone number search instantly. 
  • Real-time Caller Identification: When you receive a call from Truecaller, you will automatically see the caller’s name and a picture associated with the number. This helps with instant identification so you can decide whether to receive or reject the call. 
  • Instant Spam Reporting: It can detect spam, fraud calls, and telemarketing in real time and offer protection against SMS scams that are common through Facebook Messenger. Truecaller also includes a spam-blocking tool that automatically blocks calls that are tagged as spam. 
  • Safeguarding the Inbox: Truecaller helps me keep my inbox spam-free by using the inbox safeguarding tool and it also ensures that my messages remain organized. 


  • Identifies unknown callers.
  • I found the spam blocking very effective.
  • Displays the image of the caller.


  • Requires internet connection.
  • Limited premium features.
  • Occasional inaccuracies

Pricing Plans:

  • Pricing: Truecaller is available for free download.


How to find the owner of a cell phone number using Truecaller?

Step 1) Open the URL In the search bar, enter the unknown phone number you want to trace.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Truecaller

Step 2) Truecaller then provides the information about the person. It displays the individual’s image, name, email, mobile number, and the city they reside in.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Truecaller

Top Pick

PeopleLooker is a well-known people search engine providing extensive information searches. It can generate reliable reports within a few minutes of running an unknown phone number lookup. Furthermore, PeopleLooker services are simple and fast.

Visit PeopleLooker

Method 5: Using Google search, find the phone number owner for free

I found that you can do reverse phone lookups via the Google search engine to find information about a phone number. It is the most straightforward method for fast lookups. However, it will not be as comprehensive as the reverse lookup tools.

Here are the steps that I use to find a phone owner number using Google search:

Step 1) You must enter the country and area code followed by the mobile phone number in the search bar to get the result.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Google search

Step 2) It will display available info about the number.

Find the Owner of a Cell Phone Number using Google search

Method 6: Check Phone Numbers on Social Media

While looking for the best solutions, I also found that social media is a goldmine of information when you want to look up phone numbers for free. You can search for someone using a phone number through social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. 

In my opinion, Facebook Profile Viewer is one of the best options when it comes to social media searches. It is a popular people search engine, that can help find a person by name, place, or phone number. I have given a screenshot below on how to conduct this search. You can simply navigate to the search bar on your home page and find the phone number owner

Check Phone Numbers on Social Media

Method 7: Via your telephone operator

Going through numerous methods and researching them, I also found that you can contact the mobile phone number carrier to query about the unknown number. The teleoperator will help you find information about the unknown cell phone number, which is very effective.

You can also request a Call Trap from the telecommunications department to check the phone number, completely free.

Via Telephone Operator


I have looked into various techniques to discover the owner of the phone number, however, the  top three tools that I have selected were the most helpful:

  • Intelius: It offers in-depth details about the caller and provides accurate results.
  • Spokeo: This tool generates instant reports and notifies you whenever new information appears in your existing reports. 
  • Social Catfish: This site offers an extensive search process and prevents users from scammers can catfishers.