How to Find Out Who a Phone Number Belongs To: 5 Methods

There are several reasons why you may need to find who a phone number belongs to. Usually, you may use it when you want to find out who is behind an unknown caller. The other reasons include when you want to identify the person behind harassing phone calls, missed calls, or messages and find lost contacts. You can also use it to verify their background or reconnect with your long-lost pals.

Find out who owns a phone number

Find Owner of Phone Number

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However, finding a person to whom the contact belongs has certain drawbacks, such as legal and ethical considerations, incomplete data, privacy concerns, and no accuracy guarantee.

Hence, I created this review article after testing several effective and legal methods for countless hours. My only aim is to offer you first-hand-reviewed genuine products and reliable solutions to meet your needs. You can now dive into the best methods for finding who a phone number belongs to and select the one that is suitable for you.

Top Pick

Spokeo is a reverse phone lookup service tool that helps you find records of the phone number owner. Spokeo also offers other services such as name, email, and address lookup. This tool can display all the phone numbers associated with the owner.

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Key Takeaways:

You can find out whom a phone number belongs to using reverse phone look up services, search engines, and social media. You can also use a phonebook and special directory and, last but not least, the direct calling method can also be useful as it is your fastest option.

How to Find Out Who a Phone Number Belongs To

Method 1: How to Find Out Who a Phone Number Belongs to Using Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone lookup software is one of the most reliable sources for identifying the owner of a phone number. These tools extract information instantly with data accuracy as they have advanced databases.

These sites ensure privacy and safety, and they comply with all legal policies. Such applications work with both iOS and Android devices. Here are the best reverse phone lookup sites, which our team and I have carefully reviewed and can recommend.

1) Spokeo

I particularly liked Spokeo because it can search through millions of phone records. It is a good idea to consider this site for finding records of phone number owners for both cell phones and landlines, as it has a large database.

This tool provides accurate results within a few minutes or even seconds. Spokeo also offers other services, such as name, email, and address lookup.

#1 Top Pick

Name Search: Yes

Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes

Reverse Address Lookup: Yes

Free Trial: Basic Search Results are Free

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  • Name and other Details: In just a matter of seconds, you can identify the caller. Spokeo offers full details, including their first and last name, age, and gender.
  • Contact Information: This tool can display all the phone numbers associated with the owner. I could find an individual’s business numbers, landline, and other personal numbers. 
  • Personal Details: It allowed me to view the individual’s property ownership information in detail. Spokeo also discloses their estimated income and investments.
  • Location: Its location details let you find out their current address with complete area details. You can also view their previous address and their co-residents.
  • Family Members: Spokeo not only uncovers information about unknown calls and people but also their relatives and even neighbors. It helped me access relative’s and neighbor’s contact numbers, locations, names, and other details.


  • You can find phone numbers using its area code directory.
  • Allows background checks on people.
  • Multiple search options.
  • I could access social media profiles and photos.


  • Some information may be outdated.
  • Limited free features; most data requires payment.

Pricing Plans:

  • Pricing: It starts at $0.95 7-day trial.

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Basic Search Results are Free

Here is a step-by-step procedure that I used to look up a phone number on Spokeo:

Step 1) Go to its reverse phone lookup page using

Step 2) Type the phone number you want to look up in its search bar. Once done, you can click on “Search Now.”

Use Spokeo for Reverse Phone Lookup

Step 3) You will then be taken to a new page where you can click on the option Unlock Results. For first-timers, you can use their free trial membership in a special offer for $0.95 and get the results.

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Basic Search Results are Free

Find out who owns a phone number

Find Owner of Phone Number

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FREE Report

2) Intelius

According to my research, Intelius is a great option for reverse phone lookups. Its public records database helps find out owner and carrier details with a comprehensive search. I could anonymously search without the person being notified, as Intelius encrypts all searches and protects your privacy.

Moreover, it helps to look up not only unknown numbers but also friends and potential online dates. You also get a complete background check of the phone number owner, including their legal records.


Name Search: Yes

Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes

Reverse Address Lookup: Yes

Free Trial: 5-day trial at $0.95

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  • Owner Details: Intelius allows me to access complete owner details such as their full name and known aliases. This service also aids me in finding people’s social media accounts on various platforms. 
  • Additional Contact Info: Intelius can dig up all their additional contacts, such as their alternate number, email, and more. I was able to find several email addresses and additional mobile numbers of an individual that I looked up. 
  • Location History: This feature provides you with addresses that are related to the phone number. You also get to know if these addresses are related to the current or previous owner, hence, you get a complete, up-to-date information.
  • Related people details In this section, you get information about their possible relatives and relationships. I could get my old pal’s relatives and neighbor’s names, numbers, and addresses during the phone number lookup.


  • Comprehensive background checks and reports.
  • It has the first and last name directory from A to Z.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Detailed people search capabilities.


  • I find the subscription plans expensive.
  • Occasional delays in generating reports.

Pricing Plans:

  • Pricing: It starts at $0.95 for a 5-day trial and then $34.3 per month

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5-Days Trial for $0.95

Here, I have given a step-by-step process on how to use Intelius:

Step 1) Visit the Type in the number on its search bar and click on Search Now.

Reverse Phone Lookup using Intelius

Step 2) Intelius will then ask you to confirm your age to ensure you are 18+.

Step 3) It will then perform the reverse phone number lookup and offer you the results. As a new user, you will have to submit your name and email address, where you will receive the detailed report.

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5-Days Trial for $0.95

3) PeopleLooker

As per my review, PeopleLooker is one of the best tools for people searches which also offers phone number look up service. It goes through millions of background reports to provide accurate contact number details.

This tool helps you avoid scams and online dating frauds. It includes other services such as property search, email search, directory, B2B and unclaimed money search.


Name Search: Yes

Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes

Reverse Address Lookup: Yes

Pricing: 7 Day Trial for $1

Visit PeopleLooker


  • Background Reports: Its reports include names, phone numbers, relatives, and criminal records. I could also find pictures, email addresses, and court records related to the phone number. 
  • People SiteMap: PeopleLooker has a sitemap with data on numerous people’s names. This lets you find people from a large pool of names that is divided into 50 separate pages.
  • Current and Past Address: It provides the current address details and past residential locations. Thus, you can also find out where they used to live, which is helpful in case of some investigations.
  • Education and Jobs: With the Phone Looker app, I could easily locate the right candidate for employment by looking up their previous job role and their educational background.


  • Comprehensive background reports.
  • I like its phone directory, which offers all the US area codes.
  • The mobile app enhances accessibility.


  • Some data may be outdated.
  • Some of the reports I received had insufficient data. 

Pricing Plans:

  • Pricing: Its price starts at $1/7 Day Trial Membership.

Visit PeopleLooker >>

7-Day Trial for $1

You can use this step-by-step guide on how to use PeopleLooker:

Step 1) Visit its official page by clicking on

Step 2) Fill in its search bar with a phone number you want to reverse lookup and tap on “Search”.

Use the PeopleLooker App for Reverse Phone Lookup

Step 3) You will then be asked to submit your email address.

Step 4) Once the results are ready, you can click “I agree” on a pop-up and choose one of its plans to receive the reports. I suggest you try its 7-day paid trial first so you can decide if you want to continue with its services. 

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7-Day Trial for $1

4) Social Catfish

As I evaluated Social Catfish, I was impressed by its effectiveness in identifying who is behind a phone number. It is mainly a dating investigation tool to help users avoid being catfished.

It provides a detailed report so you can verify whether the person has provided you with genuine details. Its in-depth searches help verify social media profiles, jobs, emails, images, contact numbers, and more.

Social Catfish

Name Search: Yes

Reverse Phone Lookup: Yes

Reverse Address Lookup: Yes

Free Trial: $5.73 for 3-Day Trial

Visit Social Catfish


  • Detect Scammers: Scammers usually use VoIP numbers to appear as local phone numbers and confuse the recipients. Social Catfish can easily distinguish between VoIP and real numbers.
  • Verify People: Meeting a stranger online using dating apps can be a mess. Thus, this application helps you verify whether they have given you their real name, age, phone number, social media profiles, etc. 
  • Business verification: I could verify business details when I received calls from some companies for collaboration. It provided me with their address, website, social media usernames, and more. 
  • Find Lost Connections: Social Catfish helped me reconnect with my long-lost friends. It uncovered their other contact information, such as their current number and social media profiles, where I could contact them. 


  • Various useful reverse search parameters.
  • Access to social media profiles with images.
  • I received complete anonymity while looking up people and phone numbers.
  • Includes “Do Not Sell My Information” option.


  • Some services are very expensive.
  • At times, it provided me with a few unrelated information.

Pricing Plans:

  • Pricing: It starts at $5.73 for a 3-day trial.

Visit Social Catfish

$5.73 for 3-Day Trial

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to perform reverse phone lookup using Social Catfish:

Step 1) First, go to

Step 2) Now type the mobile number you want to find the owner for in its “Search Bar” and click “Search.”

Use Social Catfish for Reverse Phone Lookup

Step 3) Once the Search is complete, you can sign up for their membership to access the number owner’s details. You can also use its paid trial before you commit to its monthly subscription. 

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$5.73 for 3-Day Trial

Method 2: Use search engines to find who the phone number belongs to

I particularly appreciate Google and Bing for their ability to look up phone owners. They offer a completely free way to search for billions of answers online. Hence, they can be a useful tool when it comes to looking for phone number owners. 

1) Google

Google is one of the most popular and top search engines for phone number lookups. It comes with a Phonebook feature that can also help you find the owner of a contact number in your phone. This feature allows you to find the number if it is listed in the phonebook.

The other method is to use its database, which is the most straightforward solution for unknown numbers.

Here is a step-by-step representation of how I used Google Search to find an unknown number:

Step 1) Go to Google


Step 2) Type in the 10-digit number in the search bar

Step 3) Tap on Search or click enter and view the results. 

The number will appear in search results if it is listed. You can also click on any of the listings for more details about the number. This detail may even include the location of the caller in the results. Additionally, area code information can also help you find out where they are calling from.


2) Bing

To perform phone number lookup using Bing, you can use a similar method as Google. Simply start by visiting Bing, then type the 10-digit phone number in its Search Bar, and hit “Enter”.


This will bring up several results that may help you identify who is behind a particular phone number.

The search engine method may not always give you the result or accuracy you are looking for, but it’s worth a try.


Method 3: Find the phone number owner using Social Media sites

In my opinion, major social media sites are one of the best ways to collect phone numbers and email IDs. They serve as a resourceful substitute for other methods to find phone number owners and are completely free, needing only an internet connection.

Let us now briefly look at how these platforms can help you find who a contact number belongs to.

1) Facebook

This social media giant allows you to use three methods to find a phone number owner. Without further ado, let’s look at the steps that will answer “Who does this number belong to?” using Facebook.

Method 1) Search Bar

Step 1) You can simply type the phone number in the search bar.

Step 2) Then hit Enter to find the owner.

Method 2) Find Friends Feature

Step 1) Go to “Find Friends” feature

Step 2) Type the number into the “Search For Friends” section and await the results.

Method 3) Sync Contacts

This method can be used if you have saved the person’s contact before searching on your phone.

Step 1) Sync your contacts with Facebook.

Step 2) The app then checks the contacts against the usernames on Facebook and suggests you the right owner.

Note: If they have opted to keep their number hidden in Facebook settings, the above methods may not work.

2) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media application used for professional networking. It helps in finding phone numbers instantly. All you need to do is log in to your LinkedIn account, go to the search bar, and enter the contact number. Then, click on the search icon and allow it to load the results.

3) Instagram

Being one of the highest used social media platforms, Instagram helps you find information on users effortlessly. To find the owner of a contact number, you can log in to your account.

Once logged in, you must go to your profile and select the “Discover People” option. Next, allow the app to access your contact list by going to your phone’s settings menu. Once your contacts are linked with Instagram, you can view the number associated with a particular account.

Method 4: Find the owner of a phone number using Phonebook and Directories

In my opinion, Phonebooks and special directories are perfect for finding out who owns a contact number. These services have been answering “Who does the number belong to?” for generations, making them very reliable.

All the traditional phonebooks and directories are now found online, hence, you can access them easily. Furthermore, they are compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

1) Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is one of the best and oldest traditional phonebooks. It came to be in 1833 and began its online listing in 1996. You can find a phone number and owner name by visiting its reverse phone lookup page.

Simply type the 10-digit phone number in its search bar and wait for it to perform the Search.


2) White Pages

White Pages

White Pages is an online directory service that helps in background checking, fraud screening, identity verification, and more.

It offers one of the largest contact detail databases in the US. You can simply access its site, go to reverse phone number search, and find who is behind the incoming calls. Like any other phone number lookups listed in this article, you can enter the phone number in its search bar and wait for it to perform the Search for you.


Method 5: Call to find out who is behind an unknown number

In my experience, the final and simplest method is to call the number directly. This straightforward approach always works if the owner answers the call.

To protect your privacy, adding *67 before dialing the number can help mask your phone number from the recipient. This helps you steer clear of scammers, as you never know who you are calling back.

Is it legal to find out who the phone number belongs to?

Yes, it is legal to find out who the phone number belongs to as long as you follow the guidelines and respect privacy. However, the rules may vary in different locations, thus, make sure you are abiding by the rules of that particular region.

How can I find out who a phone number belongs to for free?

There are a few truly free reverse phone lookup online services and social media platforms that can help you find the contact number owner for free.

However, for more accurate results and detailed reports, you will have to pay a small fee in most of the cases. These are paid services but cost as low as $0.95 for one-time reports.


All the methods provided above can produce reliable or closest results. However, the amount of details that you can acquire may vary.

I have found a few techniques that are incredibly effective and would like to share them with you.

  • Reverse lookup tools: The reverse lookup tools offer comprehensive details instead of only the owner’s name. It is the top method used for answering your “this number belongs to whom?” questions. 
  • Phonebook and Directories: The phonebook and special directories have been around for quite a long time. Thus, they are reliable sources of information.
  • Call the person: Unlike paid services, directly calling back to find out the caller is the easiest way in this case. However, it depends on the situation, hence, if it is not related to any safety issues, calling back is always a great option.