8 BEST Scammer Phone Number Lookup Sites (2024)

In an era where scam calls are on the rise, the importance of utilizing a reliable scammer phone number lookup site cannot be overstated. Such a tool empowers individuals to identify and avoid potential scams as they can offer complete details about the phone number user. Reputable phone number lookup sites also ensure privacy and provide accurate and updated reports.

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Choosing the wrong scammer phone number lookup site can lead to inaccurate information, wasted time, and, paradoxically, increased vulnerability to scams. It’s a scenario where the solution becomes part of the problem, offering a false sense of security that can be more dangerous than being uninformed. Hence, after extensive research, evaluations, and customer feedback analysis, we have carefully curated a list. We’ve identified the platforms that stand out regarding reliability, user experience, and effectiveness.

Top Pick

Spokeo is a versatile platform that excels in aggregating data from various public records to provide users with detailed background information on unknown callers. It provides extensive background reports that include complete contact information. 

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Best Scammer Phone Number Lookup Websites: Top Free Picks!

Tool Key Features Device Support Free Trial Link
👍 Spokeo Contact information, location history, family and associates, social media accounts, wealth data, criminal records and more iOS, Android, & Web 7-day trial for $0.95 Learn More
Social Catfish Full Name, Phone numbers, email addresses, current and past addresses, social media profiles, criminal records and more iOS, Android, & Web 3-day trial at $5.73 Learn More
PeopleLooker Name, known aliases, current phone numbers, sex offender information, traffic violations, public photos and more iOS, Android, & Web 7-day trial for $1 Learn More
TruthFinder Graphic Photos, Property Records, Social Media Profiles, Contact Information, Location History and more iOS & Android 5-day trial at $1.00 Learn More
TrueCaller Caller ID, Spam Blocking, No Ads, Advanced Spam Blocking, Unlimited Contact Requests, and more iOS, Android, & Web Free version Learn More
Key Takeaways:

Reliable tools like Social Catfish, Spokeo, and Truecaller can significantly protect personal information. You can also take help of search engines and social media to find the owner of the number. Some of the common scamming methods include catfishing, phishing, investment scams, tech support scams, and others. You can avoid these scams by verifying unknown numbers and by not sharing sensitive information.


1) Spokeo

Seamless Integration of Public Records

Spokeo is a versatile platform that excels in aggregating data from various public records to provide users with detailed background information on unknown callers. This service is particularly effective for those looking to understand the broader context behind a phone number, including personal details, social profiles, and public records.

Spokeo’s strength lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate vast amounts of data, presenting it in an accessible and easy-to-understand format for its users.



  • Comprehensive Data Aggregation: Spokeo includes 130 million property records, 6 billion consumer records, and 3.9 billion historical records. It also includes 600 million court records, 89 million business records, and 120+ social networks.
  • Real-Time Updates: It ensures the most current information is available by regularly updating its database. Hence, reflecting any new data associated even when you leave the app after you check a phone number for scams.
  • Detailed Background Reports: It provides extensive background reports that include complete contact information. You also get details like social media accounts, marital status, criminal records, and more, depending on publicly available information.
  • User Privacy Consideration: Spokeo emphasizes user privacy, ensuring that searches are confidential and information is handled with the utmost care.
  • Personal details: With this reverse phone number lookup, you can access an individual’s wealth information, discover their family and associates, email address, and more.
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility: Spokeo is accessible across various devices, ensuring users can conduct searches and access reports on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone.


  • In case of identity theft, you receive immediate alerts.
  • Spokeo updates its database often, leading to more accurate results.


  • Its international features are limited.


Here are some of the Spokeo’s pricing plans:

Plan Name Price
One-time Report $0.95
1-Month Membership $19.95
3-Month Membership $44.85

Free Trial: It offers free basic searches and a paid trial for 7 days at $0.95.

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7-Day Trial for $0.95

2) Social Catfish

Widest Range of Searching Parameters

Social Catfish is one of the best scammer phone number lookup sites since it offers many search parameters and robust features. It is particularly good at obeying privacy regulations like NV and CCPA. Because it gives Global Privacy Control, this is one of the best people search websites for those worried about privacy and legality.

Social Catfish builds large databases that scan and choose based on your specific search parameters using patented technology. It’s ideal for those looking to find precise and cost-free information about someone because of this feature.

Social Catfish


  • Phone Search: It helps disclose the full real name, approximate location, and other details of the user.
  • Verify People: You can use it to identify people on dating apps, spam callers, separate bots from real users, and more.
  • Email lookup: It lets you look up details using an email address. This brings up their name, social media accounts, contact numbers, aliases, and more.
  • Business’s legitimacy: Social Catfish phone number lookup lets you verify if a business is legitimate. It can help you find how long they have been in the business, their website, and more.
  • Social media sites: It can reverse lookup images on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Match, Tinder, Reddit, and LinkedIn.
  • Detailed reports: You can unearth information such as their occupation, aliases, and current and previous residences. Social Catfish can also provide details about their property ownership, criminal records, educational background, job role, and more.


  • Customizable pricing depends on the tools you use.
  • The results are quick and easy to digest.
  • You can purchase one-time reports instead of a full plan.


  • The refund policy is hard to understand and apply.


These are the pricing plans offered by Social Catfish:

Plan Name Price
Reverse Phone Lookup $24.95 per service
Unlimited Image Search $29.95 per service
People Search $49.95 per service
Full-Background Check $79.95 per service

Free Trial: Social Catfish offers free basic searches, and a 3-day trial for unlimited social searches is available at $5.73.

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3-Day Trial at $5.73

3) PeopleLooker

Best for Intuitive Background Checks

PeopleLooker stands out as a premier choice for conducting background checks with an emphasis on user-friendliness. This platform is tailored for individuals seeking to uncover detailed information about unknown callers, including their personal history, criminal records, and more.

Its intuitive design and search capabilities make it a go-to resource for those who need to compile comprehensive profiles on suspicious numbers.



  • High-Quality Data Sources: It leverages a wide array of high-quality and reliable data sources. Thus ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in its reports.
  • Fast results: PeopleLooker delivers comprehensive reports swiftly. Hence, minimizing the wait time for users and allowing for quick access to the information needed.
  • Reports: Its reports include full names, addresses, other phone numbers, and photos. You can also access details like their criminal records, if any, email addresses, relatives, and more.
  • Parameters: PeopleLooker search parameters include name, phone number, email, unclaimed money, B2B, and property search.
  • Privacy and Security: It adheres to strict privacy policies, employs robust security measures to protect user data, and ensures the confidentiality of searches.
  • Educational Resources: You get a wealth of educational content aimed at helping users understand the potential risks associated with unknown callers and how to use the information responsibly.


  • The app’s Android and iOS support are unparalleled.
  • To ensure that its information is up to-date and relevant, PeopleLooker updates its database regularly.


  • It doesn’t have a pay-per-report to look up scammer phone numbers.


Here are the pricing plans of PeopleLooker that offer all the same features:

Plan Name Price
Monthly Membership $23.99
Three-Month Membership $19.19/month

Free Trial: It has a 7-day paid trial for $1

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7-Day Trial for $1

4) TruthFinder

In-Depth Investigations and Transparency

This platform excels in offering detailed background checks that go beyond basic information. TruthFinder dives into deep web searches to fetch data that is not easily accessible through standard searches.

TruthFinder is renowned for its thorough investigative capabilities and transparent reporting. Thus making it a top choice for users seeking to uncover the truth behind unknown phone numbers.



  • Reverse phone lookup: It lets you find out who is behind spam calls and find related information about the owner. These details offer you with full name, location, social media of the owner, and more.
  • Who is texting your partner: You can find out who is messaging your partner if there are any unknown numbers on your phone bills.
  • Extensive Deep Web Searches: It utilizes advanced search techniques to comb through deep web sources, uncovering data that traditional searches might miss. This includes hidden social media profiles, public records, and more.
  • Comprehensive Background Checks: TruthFinder offers exhaustive background checks that include criminal records, court records, and employment history.
  • User Privacy Protection: It takes user privacy seriously by ensuring all searches are confidential. This scam phone number lookup also employs strict data protection measures to secure personal information.
  • Versatile Search Options: Allows users to conduct searches using a variety of inputs, including phone numbers, names, email addresses, or locations.


  • TruthFinder can provide information about bankruptcies and liens.
  • You can look up yourself and maintain your online reputation.


  • It costs extra to get these reports in PDF format.


TruthFinder offers three different services, each charged monthly:

Plan Name Price
People Search $28.05/month
Reverse Phone Lookup $4.99/month
Reverse Email Lookup $29.73/month

Free Trial: 5-day trial with unlimited reports for $1.00

Visit TruthFinder >>

5-Day Trial at $1.00

5) TrueCaller

Comprehensive Caller ID and Spam Filtering

TrueCaller is renowned for its powerful caller identification and spam filtering capabilities, making it one of the most popular scammer phone number lookup services globally. This platform excels in identifying incoming calls and messages in real time.

Its vast database is constantly updated by its large user community. Hence ensuring that most numbers, including those used by scammers, are identified accurately.



  • Caller ID: It identifies incoming calls with name and picture, including those not in your contact list, allowing you to screen calls effectively.
  • Spam Blocking: Truecaller automatically blocks known spam numbers based on community reports and a constantly updated database.
  • Smart Messaging: It offers free Chat with your friends and family. You also get automatic spam and scam message filtering.
  • Number Search: This feature enables you to search for any number to find out the identity of the caller, including public information and whether it has been reported as spam.
  • Call Recording: It offers the option to record phone calls (where legally permissible), which is useful for keeping records of conversations.
  • User Privacy: TrueCaller is designed with privacy considerations, ensuring that the user data is handled securely and with respect for user consent.


  • It can identify unknown calls and messages in messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.
  • You get an urgent messaging feature that lets you deliver a short, attention-grabbing message as an Android bubble.


  • The free version includes ads, which users may find intrusive.


Here are some of the pricing plans of Truecaller:

Plan Name Price
Connect $29.90/year
Premium Family $74.99/year
Gold $249/year

Free Trial: It has a free version

Link: https://www.truecaller.com/

6) RoboKiller

Advanced Spam Call and SMS Blocker

RoboKiller is at the forefront of combating robocalls, spam calls, and unsolicited SMS messages with its award-winning technology. It is designed to provide users with peace of mind and significantly reduce unwanted communications.

This tool uses predictive call-blocking technology that leverages audio fingerprints and machine learning to identify and block spam calls before they reach the user. This advanced approach ensures that RoboKiller remains one step ahead of scammers, adapting to new spam tactics as they develop.



  • Predictive Call Blocking: It utilizes machine learning and audio fingerprinting to identify and block spam calls automatically.
  • Answer Bots: Robokiller engages spam callers with pre-recorded messages to waste their time and deter future spam. It offers options like a bad connection, language barrier, breathing, bad cold, etc.
  • SMS Spam Protection: RoboKiller automatically identifies and blocks spam text messages, protecting users from phishing attempts and unwanted content.
  • Spam Insights: You get detailed statistics and insights on blocked calls and messages, highlighting the effectiveness of the service.
  • Custom filters: In Robokiller, you can create custom filters and add numbers to them. This helps you remain in control of who can and cannot reach you.
  • Privacy Protection: Ensures user privacy by handling data securely and complying with privacy laws and regulations.


  • Instantly access caller reputation insights.
  • It includes call screening, where unknown callers must state their name and their purpose for calling.


  • There’s a small risk of blocking legitimate calls, although users can mitigate this by adjusting their allowed list.


Here are the pricing plans of RoboKiller:

Plan Name Price
Quick Start Starting at $0.01 per query
Growth $1299/month
Enterprise Customizable. Contact them and receive a quote.

Free Trial: 7-days

Link: https://www.robokiller.com/

7) Aura

Comprehensive Digital Security for Personal Information

Aura stands out as a comprehensive solution in the realm of digital security, offering more than just a scammer phone number lookup service. It aims to protect users’ personal information, finances, and digital identity from the increasing threats of cybercrime.

This phone number scam checker also offers complete spam call protection and helps you block spam callers. Additionally, Aura lets you keep an eye on bank and investment accounts, and credit cards for unusual activity.



  • AI-powered call screening: Its AI-powered call screening will receive your calls to check for spam and scams. The AI then forwards only the legitimate calls to you.
  • Block spam messages: Aura scans for harmful messages and checks for malicious links in the messages. It also blocks spam numbers that may send out phishing messages.
  • Supported carriers: Currently, Aura supports Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T carriers. The Aura team is also actively working on expanding its service to support more carriers.
  • Identity Theft Protection: It monitors and alerts users to any unauthorized use of their personal information, helping to prevent identity theft.
  • VPN for Online Privacy: Aura includes a VPN service to secure internet connections and protect online activities from being tracked.
  • Antivirus Protection: It offers antivirus software to protect your devices from malware, ransomware, and other online threats. Aura also equips users with tools to ensure safer browsing experiences, including anti-phishing protection.


  • It includes up to $1,000,000 in insurance for identity theft.
  • Provides the option to protect the whole family under a single plan with support for up to 50 devices.


  • The spam text-blocking feature is currently available only for iOS.


Here are Aura’s subscription plans:

Plan Name Price
Individual $12/month
Couple $22/month
Family $37/month

Free Trial: 14-day free trial period for all plans and 60-day money-back guarantee.

Link: https://www.aura.com/

8) Nomorobo

Best for blocking phone scammers and telemarketers

Nomorobo has established itself as a front-runner in the battle against robocalls, telemarketers, and phone scams. It provides users with an effective shield against unwanted calls.

Using its sophisticated algorithm, this tool quickly identifies and blocks these calls before they can reach the user. This service is particularly valuable for those who are looking to reduce interruptions and protect their privacy from invasive calls without missing important communications.



  • Robust Spam Call Blocking: It constantly updates its database to identify and block robocalls and telemarketers effectively.
  • Simultaneous Ring Technology: Nomorobo screens calls as they come in, allowing legitimate calls to pass through while blocking unwanted ones.
  • Flexible Control: Users can customize their block list and allow list, giving them greater control over which calls to block or allow.
  • Transparency and Reporting: It offers insights into blocked calls and any suspicious phone number. Moreover it has the ability to report missed spam calls, contributing to the service’s improvement.
  • Voicemail for Blocked Calls: The blocked calls are directed to voicemail so users can review them later. This ensures that no critical call is missed entirely.
  • Multi-Device Support: Nomorobo is compatible with various devices and platforms, protecting landlines, mobile phones, and VoIP services.


  • It lets users contribute to the database by reporting new spam numbers, enhancing the service for all users.
  • It is smart enough to allow legal robocalls like school closings and prescription reminders.


  • Primarily focused on the United States, which may limit its effectiveness for users in other countries.


Here are the pricing of Nomorobo for phone number scam check:

Plan Name Price
Mobile Basic $1.99/month
Nomorobo Max $4.17/month

Free Trial: 14-day.

Link: https://www.nomorobo.com

Use Social Media Search for Scammer Phone Number Lookup

Social media platforms are increasingly becoming valuable for conducting a free scammer phone number lookup. You can uncover whether others have reported the number by simply entering a suspicious number into the search bar of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

This method taps into the power of community vigilance, where users often share their experiences with scam numbers. It’s a practical approach to scam phone number checks, leveraging the vast amount of user-generated content on these sites to help identify potential scammers.

Via Search Engine

Another effective strategy for conducting a reverse phone number lookup is through search engines. By entering the questionable number into a search engine, you can find forums, websites, or articles where the number may have been reported.

This method is beneficial for a quick reverse phone lookup to see if others have had similar experiences with the number. It is also helpful for people looking for free reverse phone lookup services.

How a Scammer Phone Number Lookup Works

A scammer phone number lookup operates through a comprehensive database. It compiles information from various sources to help identify potential scam calls. When you put in a phone number into a reverse phone lookup tool, the service scans millions of records in real-time to find matches.

This process involves checking the number against public records, user reports, and other databases to provide a detailed profile of the caller. This profile might include the caller’s name, location, carrier, and whether other users have flagged the number as suspicious.

The efficacy of a reverse phone lookup service lies in its ability to quickly check scammer phone numbers and provide users with enough information to determine the legitimacy of a call. Some phone number lookup services also allow users to report scam numbers, continuously updating their database and helping others check suspicious phone numbers more accurately.

Commonly Used Scamming Methods

Scammers have developed many methods to deceive individuals, employing tactics ranging from impersonation to sophisticated digital fraud. Understanding these methods is crucial for protecting yourself against potential scams.

  • Catfishing: This method involves creating a fake online identity to lure individuals into a romantic or emotional scam. Scammers often use this technique to manipulate or financially exploit victims, sometimes over long periods.
  • Phishing Scams: Phishing involves sending fraudulent emails or messages that mimic legitimate companies or organizations. The goal is to get the individuals into sharing sensitive information, such as their passwords or credit card numbers.
  • Social Engineering: This broad category includes various tactics that manipulate individuals into disclosing confidential information. Scammers may pose as trusted figures, such as bank employees or government officials, to extract personal details or financial information.
  • Investment Scams: These promise high returns with little to no risk, enticing victims to invest in fake projects or schemes. Investment scams often create a sense of urgency, pushing victims into making hasty decisions.
  • Tech Support Fraud: In this scam, fraudsters claim to be tech support agents addressing a non-existent problem with your computer or internet security. They aim to get remote access to your computer or solicit payment for unnecessary services.
  • Refund Scam: Scammers contact victims, claiming they are owed a refund from a business or government agency. They ask for bank account details to “process” the refund, but instead, they withdraw funds or commit identity theft.

Benefits of Using Scammer Phone Number Lookup Services

Utilizing scammer phone number lookup services offers several advantages that go beyond merely identifying unknown callers. These services are essential tools in the digital age, where phone scams are increasingly sophisticated and common.

  • Identify Potential Phone Scams: The primary benefit of the reverse phone lookup services is their ability to flag and identify potential phone scams. By entering a suspicious number, you can instantly find out if others have reported it, helping you avoid potentially harmful interactions.
  • Protect Personal Information: By identifying scam calls before you answer, phone number lookup services help protect personal information. Knowing when to be cautious allows you to safeguard sensitive details that scammers could exploit.
  • Prevent Financial Loss: Many scams aim to defraud victims of money. These services play a crucial role in fend off financial loss by alerting you to known scam numbers, thus helping you avoid costly mistakes.
  • Stay Updated on Scam Tactics: Since these services collect and share information about new and emerging scam tactics, they help users stay updated. This increases overall awareness and preparedness.
  • Enhanced Peace of Mind: Knowing you have a tool to verify the legitimacy of unknown callers provides enhanced peace of mind. This reduces anxiety related to scam calls and allows for more confident handling of any unknown phone number.

Tips to Stay Safe From Scam Calls

In addition to using scammer phone number lookup services, there are several other practices you can use to protect yourself from phone scams further.

  • Be Cautious of Unknown Callers: Treat calls from numbers you don’t recognize with skepticism. If a call is necessary, the caller will likely leave a message, allowing you to verify their identity.
  • Verify Caller Identity Independently: If a caller claims to represent a company or organization, hang up and contact the entity directly using a verified phone number. This ensures you’re speaking to a legitimate representative.
  • Avoid Sharing Personal Information: Never share personal, financial, or sensitive information over the phone unless you’re sure of the caller’s identity and the necessity of providing such information.
  • Watch for Red Flags: Be alert to common scam indicators, such as requests for immediate payment, threats of legal action, or offers that seem too good to be true.
  • Register on Do Not Call Registry: Registering your number on the Do Not Call Registry can mitigate the number of unsolicited calls you receive. Thus making it easier to identify potential scams.
  • Utilize Call-Blocking Features: Many phones and service providers offer call-blocking features that block known scam numbers.
  • Report Scam Calls: By reporting scam numbers to the appropriate authorities, you help update their databases and assist others in avoiding these scams.

Legal Recourse Against Scammers

Victims of scam calls have several legal recourses available. Reporting the scam to local law enforcement and consumer protection agencies is the first step. In many jurisdictions, authorities can take action against scammers if there’s enough evidence. Victims can also seek civil remedies through the court system, potentially recovering losses.

Legal actions, however, depending on the scam’s nature and the scammer’s location, can sometimes make recovery challenging. It is necessary to consult with legal professionals to understand the options available based on your situation.

Furthermore, regulatory bodies in many countries enforce laws against unsolicited calls, offering another avenue for reporting and potentially stopping scammers.

Understanding Scam Call Patterns and Peak Time

Scam calls often follow discernible patterns and peak times, typically occurring during weekdays, when scammers believe potential victims are most likely to answer.

Early mornings and late afternoons are standard periods for such activities. Many scam calls display a pattern in their approach, such as urgent or threatening language, requests for personal information, or promises of rewards.

Recognizing these patterns and the peak times during which scam calls are made can help individuals be more vigilant. Therefore, reduces the risk of falling victim to these fraudulent activities.


Warning signs include the caller requesting personal information, making threats, and offering unexpected prizes or money. It may also include pressuring you to make immediate decisions or payments.

Register your phone number with your country’s national “Do Not Call” registry via its website or phone service. This should reduce unsolicited calls, though it may not stop all scam calls.


In this article, we have provided a list of reliable scammer phone number lookup sites that you can choose from. All these services offer features like spam blocking, caller identification, and other important functionalities. However, we would like to recommend three top picks for our readers based on the accuracy and the true functionality of the reverse phone lookup service.

  • Spokeo : Its database is updated frequently and also provides alerts in case of identity theft.
  • Social Catfish : It has a huge database that helps you get accurate results instantly. Social Catfish also keeps a history of search, thus, you never have to look up the same number from scratch.
  • PeopleLooker : This tool offers an intuitive design and provides an extensive background check.

Apart from these three tools, you can also use TrueCaller and Robokiller if you are looking for apps that can directly help you block scam calls and messages apart from identifying the numbers.

Best Scammer Phone Number Lookup Websites: Top Free Picks!

Tool Key Features Device Support Free Trial Link
👍 Spokeo Contact information, location history, family and associates, social media accounts, wealth data, criminal records and more iOS, Android, & Web 7-day trial for $0.95 Learn More
Social Catfish Full Name, Phone numbers, email addresses, current and past addresses, social media profiles, criminal records and more iOS, Android, & Web 3-day trial at $5.73 Learn More
PeopleLooker Name, known aliases, current phone numbers, sex offender information, traffic violations, public photos and more iOS, Android, & Web 7-day trial for $1 Learn More
TruthFinder Property Records, Social Media Profiles, Contact Information, Location History and more iOS & Android 5-day trial at $1.00 Learn More
TrueCaller Caller ID, Spam Blocking, No Ads, Advanced Spam Blocking, Unlimited Contact Requests, and more iOS, Android, & Web Free version Learn More