6 Best FREE Reverse Email Lookup Tools (2024)

Reverse email lookup tools are ideal for using email IDs to find the organization/individual behind them. The best tools can also be used to distinguish authentic emails from temporary, spam, and unsafe email addresses. Most tools lack database scale and robust search algorithm, resulting in less-than-ideal results. That’s why you must choose from the best reverse email lookup tools for personal and business purposes.

After many days of research and analysis of the top reverse email lookup tools, we understand our audience’s requirements in-depth. We aim to provide you with an overall ideal experience by providing an unbiased analysis of top picks for reverse email search. In our review, we covered many things, including database, search accuracy, and cost. Get acquainted with all the features, advantages, and disadvantages of these tools to make the right decision.
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Reverse Email Lookup

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FREE Report

Best Reverse Email Lookup Tools (Free & Paid)

App Name Search Capabilities Device Support Free Trial Link
👍 Spokeo Name, Email, Phone Number, Address Android and iOS Free Basic Searches Learn More
👍 Social Catfish Name, Username, Image, Email Web, Android, and iOS Yes, five days Learn More
Intelius Name, City, State, Phone, and Email iOS and Android 5 Day for $0.95 Learn More
PeopleLooker People, Phones, Property, B2B, Unclaimed Money Android, Web 7 Days for $1.00 Learn More
Hunter Company Domain, Email, and Name Extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More

1) Spokeo

Best for searching based on any particular parameters

Spokeo has one of the largest data aggregation systems to collect information from everyone globally. It boasts more than 6 billion consumer records, profiles of 120+ social networks, 3.9 billion historical records, and more that can be scanned within seconds. All the data is frequently revisited, updated, and cleaned to ensure better accuracy.

The opt-out functionality offered by Spokeo allows you to apply for Do Not Sell My Info. This ensures your info and data are never shared/sold to 3rd party sources. They utilize the data to help people reunite with family, discover imposters, and prevent fraud.

#1 Top Pick

Find out whose phone number is calling you

Identify scam callers

Education and employment history

Free quick search

Visit Spokeo
Basic Search Results Free


  • Data: It maintains an ever-growing record of historical data, property details, business/court records, social networks, and more.
  • Reports: Reports may include contact info, personal identifiers, and location history.
  • Records: Your searches can also result in you gaining access to various public records like criminal records (if any), family and acquaintances, and digital presence.
  • Enterprise: The enterprise-grade plans are ideal for various use cases, including lead generation, legal discovery, skip tracing, and fraud prevention.
  • Email Lookup: It is among the best free reverse email lookup tools to find the original owner of any particular email address.
  • Query: The search query is performed across various databases for social media platforms, public records, online directories, and websites.
  • Customer Care: I was able to connect to their highly skilled and helpful US-based customer care and search assistance team, which is available through calls and email.


  • Utilizes over 5200 public sources to create in-depth identity maps for everyone.
  • All lookups are confidential. The subject never knows about your searches.
  • Finding details through email helps you avoid getting scammed or catfished.


  • Due to the large database, the searches are generally prolonged and time-consuming.


Some of the popular Spokeo pricing plans are as follows:

Plan Name Period Cost (Per Month)
3 Month Membership 90 Days $14.95
1 Month Membership 30 Days $19.95

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Basic Search Results are Free

2) Social Catfish

Best for in-depth results with images, history, aliases, etc.

Social Catfish allows you to search based on various parameters, including Name, Email, Username, Phone lookup, Residence, and Image. You can quickly check the authenticity and trustworthiness of any person before establishing relations/communications with them.

Their reverse email lookup tool lets you discover the subject’s social media accounts and digital presence. It provides general guidance and spreads awareness about protecting yourself from scams, catfishing, and other malpractices on the internet.

Social Catfish

Identity of the person

Public and Criminal Records

Find Social media accounts

Property records searches

Visit Social Catfish
3 Days Trial For $6.87


  • Secure Business: It allows you to confidentially find and verify business/customer information with minimum effort.
  • Associates: With reverse email lookup, you can find information about all associated/related to any given email.
  • Compliance: This reverse email lookup complies with privacy standards such as CCPA, NV, and Global Privacy Control.
  • Verification: You can use Social Catfish to verify email IDs easily, detect spammers and scammers, and avoid frauds/catfishers.
  • Customer Service: I contacted their customer support through calls and email and was quite satisfied. Their support docs are also quite robust and useful.


  • It can be used to perform a reverse search on an image to find the link for products.
  • You can find image origins, similarities, duplicates, and more.
  • The robust filters are ideal for narrowing down your search.


  • It is not ideal for the reverse lookup of businesses/organizations.


Some of the top subscription plans offered by Social Catfish:

Plan Name Plan Price (Per Month) Searching Capability
Image Search (Unlimited) $6.87 Perform reverse image searches.
Social Search (Unlimited) $28.94 Names, mobile numbers, user IDs, and emails.
Search Specialist $397 (lifetime) Social + Image search, along with assistance from a dedicated search expert.

Trial: Yes, 3 Days trial for $6.87

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3 Days Trial For $6.87

3) Intelius

Best for secure and legal searching of people

Intelius is among the top picks for reverse email lookup tools that use a proprietary data aggregation search algorithm. This algorithm helps them accurately sort the data and provide comprehensive results. You can easily perform lookups using parameters like name, phone, age, physical address, and aliases.

This reverse email lookup tool lets you perform background checks on individuals before hiring, verify identity, and check for criminal records. Intelius can also be used to find property and neighborhood data to assist you in making real estate purchase decisions.


Find out who is behind the number calling you

Look up Potential Relationships

Check someone’s criminal record

Reconnect with old friends

Visit Intelius
5 Days Trial for $0.95


  • Public Records: It performs reverse email lookups on all publicly available government records to discover even the most obscure details.
  • Do Not Sell: Intellius helps you opt for Do Not Sell to ensure your data is never shared/sold to 3rd party brokers and agencies.
  • Reports: All reports from the reverse email lookup include email addresses, residence, employment history, relations, assets, criminal records, and more.
  • Identity Protect: The Intelius Identity Protect provides you access to trained identity resolution agents. It can help you avail of identity theft insurance worth $1 million+.
  • FCRA: It complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, ensuring all the data provided is public. No personal/confidential information is leaked to the general public.
  • Additional Searches: It can perform background checks, determine who is calling, and find relevant property information.
  • Support: I was able to reach its support via email and phone, as its call support is available from 7 AM to 4 PM and they offered me with satisfactory resolution. Users can also use its FAQs and chatbot for general queries.


  • Ideal for finding and reconnecting with old friends.
  • In-depth documentation, live chat, and email support to handle all your queries.
  • It supports completely anonymous searching for billions of public records globally.


  • Sometimes, incomplete reports may get issued for offline usage.


Intelius offers the following pricing options:

Name Cost Reports May Include
Reverse Phone Lookup Trial+ People search $0.95 (5 Day trial) Name, Images, residence, relatives
People Search $21.13 monthly Email, name, educational background, assets, government records
Address Lookup Trial+ People search $0.95 (7 Days trial) Residents, neighbors, demographics, etc.

Visit Intelius >>

5 Days for $0.95

4) PeopleLooker

Best Reverse Email Address Lookup for Affordability

PeopleLooker is one of the best reverse email search tools that allows you to perform reverse lookups based on Name, Location, Country, and other factors. Furthermore, it also has a PeopleSmart B2B search engine for recruitment, marketing, and lead generation. They provide special email lookup tools to help you avoid scams, catfishing, frauds, and online imposters.

This reverse email lookup tool can also be used for reverse phone searches, address lookups, unclaimed money searches, and more. The background reports include in-depth information like names, contact details, court orders, criminal records, relatives, etc.



  • Privacy: Your reverse email lookup search is kept entirely private. The subject has never been informed of your inquiries.
  • Security: It has Norton-certified data security systems that protect all your data and personal information online.
  • Property Search: The property search functionality allows you to find/analyze properties with ease. You can easily perform neighborhood checks, retrieve past owners’ data, and more.
  • Mobile App: You can use PeopleLooker via their native mobile app for Android devices running Android 6.0 or above.
  • Do Not Sell: They provide Do Not Sell forms that you can fill out to ensure your personal information is never sold or shared with data brokers.
  • Customer Support: They have customer support through phone and email. I was able to connect with them between their working hours (6 AM – 11:30 PM EST) and they offered me with a quick solution for my issue.


  • Maintains prominent people directory with names of everyone in their database.
  • Maintains 100% compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • Sends notifications when the reports from your past searches get changed.


  • It is limited to a maximum of 100 reports per month.


Some of the pricing plans offered by People Looker are:

Duration Cost
1 Month $23.99 per month
3 Months $19.19 per month (billed at $57.57 per quarter)

Trial: Yes, 7 Days for $1

Visit PeopleLooker >>

7 Days for $1

5) Hunter

Best for finding email addresses for businesses

Hunter provides a robust verification facility to check the credibility of an email ID. It can be used to distinguish genuine emails from imposters/scammers safely. This is among the best tools to perform reverse email lookups for free with robust domain search support. The domain search tool lets you find any website’s email ID and contact details.

Businesses can use Hunter to create and run marketing campaigns with ease. You can integrate it with various services through native browser extensions, API, CRM integrations, and add-ons for Google Sheets. It lets you easily add unlimited team members to your account to manage and delegate tasks efficiently.



  • Link Tracking: For all email campaigns, the link tracker actively automatically notifies when the recipient opens the mail.
  • Bulk Email Verifier: You can use a bulk email verifier to quickly check and identify many emails.
  • API: It provides a robust API to integrate with various other products and services.
  • Security: All your data and search history are stored with the highest security standards. The customer data is encrypted and stored with GDPR and CCPA-compliant systems.
  • Help: I contacted their customer service, available through email and live chat, and received satisfactory responses.


  • The website is available in English and French for greater accessibility globally.
  • Upscale organizations can create customized and flexible enterprise plans.
  • Provides tools for performing bulk tasks and actions.


  • The reports and data provided lack depth.


Here are the yearly subscription plans of Hunter. You can subscribe to its yearly plan and save 30%.

Plan Name Price Monthly Searches
Starter $34 500
Growth $104 5000
Business $349 50,000

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Visit Hunter >>

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

6) Google

Best for scanning all websites to find relevant information

Google has the largest website and online content database, making it an effective reverse email lookup engine. It uses Google Bot to search through all websites and crawls all webpages, extracting data across the internet. This is among the best free reverse email lookup tools to find complete information about any email, even from the most obscure sources.

You can find relevant search results based on location. Google automatically suggests alternative searches, aliases, and other keywords to help you with reverse email lookup searches. Their advanced searching algorithms ensure the most relevant results for your reverse email lookup are shown at the top.



  • Images: Apart from web links, you can also find images, videos, and other digital content related to your subject.
  • Hyperlocal: If your search subject is local, you can provide Google with location access. This will allow Google to serve search results for your region/location.
  • Filter: It allows you to filter search results by selecting a search email address on a particular site or within a date range.
  • Maps: Google’s free email search integrates well with Google Maps and is ideal for finding companies. This is ideal for looking up and navigating to any shop or office.
  • Business: You can easily search for a business email ID and find relevant business info, including locations, phone numbers, directions, reviews, and more.


  • SafeSearch helps ensure that you are never served any sensitive results.
  • Frequent internet crawling ensures search results are always fresh and up-to-date.
  • Easy and straightforward to use, even for beginners.


  • Doesn’t scan government databases and public records.

Pricing: Lifetime Free

Link: https://google.com/

How Do Reverse Email Lookup Tools Work?

Reverse Email Lookup tools maintain massive databases with data from public records, online profiles, and various government databases. Their databases contain in-depth information about all these individuals. You can use them to find information about anyone with the help of just an email address.

Due to the ever-changing nature of such details, the data is updated frequently to maintain accuracy. When you perform reverse email lookups, their advanced search algorithms look through millions of records to find all keyword occurrences in their databases.

Thereafter, results are sorted based on the highest relevance and presented to you. You can review the results and opt to download these reports with all relevant information.

What are the advantages of reverse email lookup?

A reverse email lookup tool is critical for identifying and gaining a better understanding of the mail sender. They can also be used to perform verification checks. Verification checks help distinguish between genuine people and imposters or scammers.

The best email verification tools can help businesses perform background checks before hiring employees as well. Furthermore, they can be used to verify the original sources of any emails, providing you with greater clarity.

People may use them to find details about businesses through emails to understand the legitimacy of any business better.

What Data Can I Get From An Email Search Tool?

Email search tools work on a wide variety of datasets. They use popular sites on the internet, social media accounts, government records, court records, and more to build an overall report for each email search.

All this public data is curated and presented to you in a visually pleasing manner. This data can include first name, middle name, last name, aliases, nicknames, address, family, and acquaintances. You can also retrieve information like criminal, court, and traffic records, along with various other publicly available data points.

Your reverse email lookup tool will provide this data in nicely presented reports that can be downloaded and stored locally on your device for future reference. You may also configure these tools to send notifications when any of your searches get new results.

How do you perform a reverse email lookup for free?

Some of the best methods to perform free email reverse lookup are:

  • Search Engines: You can use some of the top search engines to perform searches for any website on the internet with relevant information. Search engines are very effective in finding details from email IDs of public figures, businesses, and organizations.
  • Social Media: Social media is an ideal search tool for finding friends and acquaintances. You can import contacts in the form of email addresses to find connected social accounts.
  • Free Email Lookup Tool: Email Lookup tools use advanced searching algorithms and a variety of public datasets for searches. They perform in-depth scans to find all relevant details through email lookup.
  • Public Records: There are many public records, such as criminal records, traffic violations, and court records, that can have emails mentioned. You can go through these records to find relevant information.
  • Company Websites: Businesses and notable personalities often have their web pages online. Going to their website can directly provide you with their details.
  • Browser Extensions: Some popular browser extensions can be instrumental in quick searches for email addresses you find online.
  • WHOIS Lookup: In case you receive emails from a non-generic domain (emails ending with domains other than gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.), you can look up their domain using WHOIS. You can check for domain credibility, spam score, and age, helping you better estimate email trustworthiness.

How do you validate email addresses?

Emails are a popular way of running scams, creating spam campaigns, cold marketing, and executing frauds. You must have complete trust in the email sender.

Therefore, you must use top email reverse lookup tools to extract all details about the sender before taking action.

Some of the best email search tools allow you to search the email address easily and check email address validity. You receive in-depth information about the owner, residence, contact details, aliases, other names, occupations, and more.

These tools help maintain your privacy and keep you safe in a world where scammers have become skilled in disguising their identities.

Best practices to avoid phishing email scams

Some of the best practices you must follow to avoid getting scammed are:

  • Mail Provider: You should always choose from reliable email providers like Gmail and Yahoo. They automatically filter out and safeguard you from a lot of scams.
  • Sender: You should always know the sender’s information before acting upon any mail. If you don’t know the sender, you should use reverse email lookup tools to find their identity.
  • Antivirus: Many scammers may send malicious attachments and emails with content designed to hack into your computer. Installing antivirus software on your machine and running frequent scans for protection are essential.


Yes, reverse email lookup tools never use confidential or private information in their reports. All their data is taken from public records and online resources that are available for all. Since they are scraping public data only, they are entirely legal.

However, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the data available via these tools is not guaranteed to be the latest and most accurate. You must avoid using your reverse email lookup service when making recruitment decisions or critical life choices.

No, most of the email lookup services are paid. Some of the services may offer you a free trial or a very basic free plan, but most of the good benefits are paid. Most services provide you with in-depth searches, advanced filters, and multiple options, including reverse phone lookup and image search.

These services require extensive data scraping, management, and maintenance, and huge server resources are consumed in each search. To provide you with an ideal experience, most email lookup services have to make extensive investments. As a result, they are generally paid subscriptions.

No, your reverse email lookup service will keep your searches private. Only you can see your searches and search history. Your subject will never be informed about your searches.

However, you can configure your reverse email lookup tool to send you notifications when your past searches get changed. Even in those cases, your data is encrypted and stored with the highest quality standards.

Since the data is sourced from 3rd party public sources, the accuracy of the data is always questionable. In most cases, the email lookup tools rely on government records and various records. These records may be old and could contain outdated information in some cases.

Even on the internet, there can be resources with misinformation and ambiguous data that can create inaccurate results for you. However, for people/email addresses with reasonable data, these tools can create quite high accuracy.

The Verdict

In this review, you have seen some of the best reverse email lookup tools for various use cases. You can’t really go wrong with any one of them. We have created this final verdict to help you choose the right reverse email lookup service for your needs.

  • Intelius is the most secure, privacy-friendly, and legally compliant method for performing reverse email lookups.
  • Spokeo is best for using multiple parameters and filters to refine the search.
  • Social Catfish is perfect for you if you want extensive, in-depth reports with a wide range of details.

Best Reverse Email Lookup Tools (Free & Paid)

App Name Search Capabilities Device Support Free Trial Link
👍 Spokeo Name, Email, Phone Number, Address Android and iOS Free Basic Searches Learn More
👍 Social Catfish Name, Username, Image, Email Web, Android, and iOS Yes, five days Learn More
Intelius Name, City, State, Phone, and Email iOS and Android 5 Day for $0.95 Learn More
PeopleLooker People, Phones, Property, B2B, Unclaimed Money Android, Web 7 Days for $1.00 Learn More
Hunter Company Domain, Email, and Name Extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge Lifetime Free Basic Plan Learn More