How to Find Someone’s Address: 7 Methods

You may face challenges when finding people’s addresses. There can be unavailability of data that prevents you from finding someone’s address. In some cases, you might face legal constraints. With the help of certain strategies and tools, you can find people address and generate a People Search Report easily.

Reverse address lookup is a great way to find someone’s physical location with just their name. It also performs a thorough background check of the property and its location.

This article will walk you through the reverse address search tool options. It includes free people search services to paid websites and public records. Here are the best possible ways.
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Key Takeaway
Reverse address lookup services can help you find details of a person using a street address. There are sites like Intelius, Social Catfish, and Spokeo that you can use for this purpose. You may also get help from Google Maps, social network sites, and local archives. Alternatively, you can approach for legal help or hire a private detective.

Method 1: How to Find Someone’s Address with Reverse Address Lookup Sites

When you are searching on how to find out where someone lives, reverse address lookup sites like Intelius, Social Catfish, etc. offer the best solutions. It is the best way to uncover a caller’s name or track their location. These sites fetch data, organize them, and create detailed reports for users.

Here are the top picks for performing Reverse Address Lookup:

1) Intelius

Intelius helps you find someone’s address and other associated details using their Reverse Address Lookup feature. It searches through state, federal, and public records databases to find the address. Itellius will generate reports according to the information available on the public records sources.

#1 Top Pick

Owner Contact Information

Property Value and Financial Info

Personal Details and Much More

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You can use this person search finder tool to learn about the owner of any house in your neighborhood. It also provides you with details of someone residing in a specific address. This tool fetches data from federal, state, and local public records to generate a detailed report of the concerned person or property.

Here is a step-by-step process to find someone’s address using Intelius:

Step 1) Go to

Step 2) Enter the address, city, and state, then click the SEARCH tab.

Find Someone’s Address with Reverse Address Lookup Sites

Step 3) Intelius will generate the report with the option to save it on your device. The report displays location specifics, past residents, neighborhood info, owner details, and other vital info.

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2) Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a reverse address lookup site that can be used for finding people address. The uncovered data includes deed info, property specs, price, present and previous owner addresses, etc.

Social Catfish

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Find Real Estate leads for Potential clients.

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You may also use the Social Catfish’s reverse address search feature to identify whether the property is on rent or someone owns it. The search process also tracks and identifies crime records in the neighborhood.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to use Social Catfish reverse address search:

Step 1) Visit and enter the address in the space provided.

Find Someone’s Address with Reverse Address Lookup Sites

Step 2) After clicking the search button, a list will appear. Select the address that best matches your requirements from the list.

Find Someone’s Address with Reverse Address Lookup Sites

Step 3) Click Search Now to generate the report. The report includes address, phone number, email, social profile, and more.

Find Someone’s Address with Reverse Address Lookup Sites

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3) Spokeo

Spokeo lets you find someone’s address online quickly. It searches through hundreds of databases and public records to search for contact details and other information about the property. This reverse mailing address lookup site accesses County, State, and National assessor records. It can also generate reports on liens, property valuation, mortgage rates, etc.


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It uses data from law enforcement officials and courthouses to detect the crime and safety scenario of the neighborhood where the property is located. Spokeo also provides detailed tax information on the property. This helps you gain a better understanding of the present Tax Condition of the person.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to perform a reverse address check using Spokeo:

Step 1) Go to and enter the address in the space provided.

Find Someone’s Address with Reverse Address Lookup Sites

Step 2) Click Search Now to generate the result. The report will include details of the owner, present residents, social profiles, etc. Additionally, it also includes LOT details, interior and exterior info, valuation, and more.

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4) PeopleLooker

Before you relocate to a new property, use PeopleLooker to find information about it. Using this people search report tool, you can locate someone’s address and learn about the neighborhood, property details, previous owners, safety issues, etc. PeopleLooker can also help you determine property tax assessments, interior and exterior measurements, etc.


Getting to konw New Neighbours

Locating Lost Relatives

Getting Home values, sales histories & property tax assessments

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On the other hand, you can do a comprehensive background check of a person or property using this tool. It has access to the best databases to deliver accurate and detailed information. A user-friendly interface allows you to access this platform with conviction.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to perform a reverse address search in PeopleLooker:

Step 1) Go to and enter the address in the space provided:

Find Someone’s Address with Reverse Address Lookup Sites

Step 2) Click on SEARCH to generate the result. The report includes buyer and seller details, legal information, tax payments, sales history, and property details.

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Method 2: How to Find Someone’s Address with Public Record Search

You can access public record databases like Death Master or National Property Database to conduct address searches. Alternatively, there is also the option to search through voter ID and property records database.

US Search is one of the oldest people search engine options available for searching the name and address details of a person. You may even use the Social Security Administration and Census Bureau. Additionally, you can use United States Postal Service databases to find address details.

With the help of a professional reverse address search service, finding someone’s address and other details is easy. As such services can help access various public records online and databases.

It is also possible for you to derive addresses from names through voter registration list records. But, you must understand that the rules and regulations to access voter registration lists differ state-wise.

Here are some tips on how to find someone’s address using public records:

Step 1) Find the county where the address (you are searching) is located.

Step 2) Contact the county tax assessor’s office and request an address search. It may depend on the free availability of the address information from one county to another.

Step 3) You may also use internet search engines to search for Tax Assessor <county name>.

Step 4) After you enter the website, locate the FREE SEARCH option to generate the information.

Note: In some of the County Tax Assessor websites, there may not be an option for free search. In such scenarios, you can search through the website for that county’s public records. Or else, you may visit NETR Online to learn about a specific county’s tax assessor and other details.

Method 3: How to Find Someone’s Address for Free using Social Media

Social media is a vast pool of information that can be accessed to find where someone lives. Whether you are looking for a phone number or address, social media platforms certainly stand a chance of providing you with some vital info.

Some of the data available through social media sites are accessible publicly. Use them to search for a person’s location details. Here are some of the popular social media platforms and their ways to find someone’s address using them:

1) Facebook

You can find a person’s address using Facebook. Visit the Facebook profile pages to learn about their whereabouts. Review the posts to track the locations to understand a person’s current address. You may refine the search using the city’s name, important monument, or locality.

Here is a step-by-step procedure:

Step 1) Touch the search (magnifying glass icon) from your Android device’s Facebook App at the top right corner (top left corner when opened from a PC).

Step 2) Enter the concerned person’s name in the space provided and touch the magnifying glass icon.

Step 3) Go to the People tab to see the list of people’s name suggestions appearing on the search.

Find Someone’s Address for Free using Social Media

Step 4) Tap the Filter icon at the top right side and customize the preferences list like city, school, education, etc. It will give you a more accurate version of the search results.

2) Twitter

When you are worried about how to find someone’s current address for free, Twitter may be an option. This social media network has an innovative search feature that lets you discover tweets and their location reference. The SEARCH option helps you figure out a tweet concerning the search terms.

Twitter is also used for reverse phone number search and lookup. You can frequently search for people on Twitter using their phone numbers. But remember, you must first sync your phone’s contact list to the Twitter account before accessing this feature.

3) Google Maps

Google Maps is a simple way to locate someone’s present location by observing the satellite photos available for different places. Go through the satellite images via Google anywhere you think a person may be located. Use Google Maps to find an address for free.

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to find people’s addresses using Google Maps:

Step 1) From your PC, sign in to Google Maps. Make sure that the concerned person’s address and direct contact name are in your Google Contacts list.

Step 2) Search for the address or name from your Google Contact List.

Find Someone’s Address for Free using Social Media

Step 3) Google will display suggestions. Choose the appropriate suggested name or address to view it on Google Maps.

Method 4: Find Someone’s Address by Asking People Close to Them

It is possible to find someone’s address without asking them directly. You may ask about the contact details of a person from their family members, friends, or other sources who would keep it private. Whatever the reason may be, ensure your cause convinces them to reveal the contact details.

If possible, you may even approach your acquaintances and explain a compelling reason behind your inquiry. An easy way to extract info from them is by telling them you are looking for a long-lost friend or a former colleague.

In case you have information about a person’s work address, contact the place for help. It may be that the person is not working presently in that office. Still, they may provide vital information on their former employee’s whereabouts.

Method 5: Hire a Private Detective to Find Someone’s Address

A private investigator may locate the address of the person you are desperately searching for. Of course, these services are not free to avail. Local private investigators can discover a person’s present location using their expertise and human resources.

The private detective will utilize every available resource, like addresses, social media profiles, criminal records, tax filing records, phone numbers, etc. You can find hundreds of local private investigators by searching through Google. Review their testimonials to conduct a credibility check before shortlisting a few.

When interviewing, ask questions that meet your requirements and expectation level. You must request the detective to produce their updated insurance and license documentation. Discuss with them about their earlier clients and the type of investigation they have handled. Such detailed inquiry will help you find a reliable detective to meet your purpose.

Method 6: Seeking Assistance from Local Libraries and Archives

Fetching information about someone’s address through archives and local libraries is possible. Here are the steps that you can consider:

Step 1) Access the data available in public libraries to search for a specific address. Locate the nearest library, visit it, and inquire about phone books, historical records, and city directories. You may seek help from the librarian to find the required information set.

Step 2) Some of the libraries feature historical directories and archives. Records from several years in the past are preserved in these archives. Go through these directories and archives to locate older addresses and other info about a specific person.

Method 7: Get Legal Assistance to Find Someone’s Address using a court order

Some legal jurisdictions offer the option to provide someone’s address via court order. However, the legal authorities will verify the reasons you place before the court before granting the request. Here are the basic steps:

Step 1) Approach an attorney for consultation. Place your reason why you need to find a person’s address. If the attorney finds your reason convincing enough, they will help you obtain the address through a court order.

Step 2) If there is a legal dispute concerning your situation, you may file a lawsuit against the person. When filing the lawsuit, including an address disclosure pledge is advisable.

Step 3) Once the lawsuit is filed and the court issues an order, you will be legally entitled to get the address of the concerned person using legal help.


Reverse address lookup is the procedure to use an address to search for people, present location, work details, etc. In the traditional address lookup, you type a person’s name and other critical details to find the address.

On the other hand, the reverse address lookup works just the opposite. In this case, you use the address to find a person’s whereabouts, property, or location.

Several factors define the legality of the reverse address lookup process. Go through the law and order under your local jurisdiction. There can be certain clauses applicable for reverse address lookup under the jurisdiction.

Factors like motive, public records availability, consent, and restrictive measures play a significant role. They help in determining whether you are eligible to carry out a reverse lookup of someone’s address or not.

Yes, you can find someone’s address using Google Maps. But make sure that the address is available on your Google Contact list. If the address is available, Google will display recommendations while you search for the name. You will notice the contact associated with the address displayed.

Bottom Line to Find Someone’s Address

As discussed, there are several ways to find someone’s address. Personal search engines and tools are the best way to find address by name. Here are the three top picks for online address search services:

  • Intelius: Arguably it is the number one tool for reverse address lookup. Intelius provides property information, and background checks using reverse phone number lookup. It helps reconnect with people using simple steps.
  • Social Catfish: With Social Catfish, you find lost contacts through reverse address lookup and verify a property before purchasing. This personal search tool can verify the vital details of a person using email IDs, social profiles, images, and phone numbers.
  • Spokeo: You can discover a person’s name, current address, and other details using Spokeo’s reverse address lookup service. Spokeo also lets you find the birth and death certificates. Considered to be the cheapest people finder site, Spokeo delivers comprehensive info about an address without compromising on quality.