How to Find Facebook Account by Phone Number: 5 Methods

Social media makes it easy to interact with people. However, finding your new friends with just a name can be tricky. There might be many others sharing the same name, unliked numbers, privacy settings, and more. Facebook, as a digital giant, stands out by allowing you to find anyone with their phone number.

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Yet, Facebook search by phone number has its own challenges. For instance, a profile will only appear if the user’s number is visible to everyone. Furthermore, the account linked to the provided number could be deleted. In this article, you will learn how to find Facebook account by phone number despite these obstacles.

Key Takeaway:

You may find someone on Facebook by syncing contacts, enabling the friend suggestions feature, using reverse number lookup tools, or searching their phone number and location. Send a text or call the person to ask for their Facebook profile link.

Method 1: How to Find Someone on Facebook Using Third-Party Tools

Several third-party tools are available online, providing the reverse phone lookup service. You must explore and choose the one that suits your needs.

However, finding a trustworthy service provider could be difficult. Below, you will get a list of the best tools to find someone’s Facebook by phone number.

1) Spokeo

Best site to find people by phone number

Spokeo is a robust platform that allows users to find people using their phone numbers and names. It helps find Instagram by phone number along with other social profiles.

Spokeo’s search system trawls through public records to deliver Facebook profiles and any associated social media profiles. This social profiles search tool has access to numerous databases, and is an ideal platform if you are looking for someone’s background.


  • Free Searches: Basic person lookups by name or phone number are available for free, though full reports require a paid membership.
  • Identify Unknown Calls or Texts: It helps in identifying anonymous phone calls and texts. You can find out if these numbers are scammers or of someone you know.
  • Reestablish Family Connections: Spokeo assists in finding separated relatives using birth and marriage records.
  • Wealth Data: It provides insights into someone’s property ownership, investments, and expected earnings.
  • Uncover a Person’s Criminal History: Searches public data to reveal criminal records, including nature, location, and timing of crimes.

Visit Spokeo >>

Basic Search Results are Free

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to use Spokeo:

Step 1) Go to their reverse phone lookup page using

Step 2) Type the phone number you want to look up in its search bar. Once done, you can click on “Search Now”.

Find Someone on Facebook Using Spokeo

Step 3) You will then be taken to a new page where you can click on the option Unlock Results. For first-timers, you can use their free trial membership in a special offer for $0.95 and get the results.

Find Someone on Facebook Using Spokeo

Visit Spokeo >>

Basic Search Results are Free

2) Intelius

Best Tool for Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Intelius is a dependable tool that will give you access to a thorough report on an individual’s background. In the report, you will find the owner’s name, address, location history, related people, photos, and social media accounts. It may include more information depending on your subscription.

The reverse number lookup app also lets you download the report in a PDF format. Using Intelius, you can find someone by phone number free of cost. It offers a 5-day trial in exchange for a negligible amount of $0.95.

After signing up, you get to enjoy the membership perks, which may include unlimited Phone Reports, Person Reports, and Address Reports.


  • Owner Name: The tool lets you learn the owner’s name and even access photos.
    Secure Search:
    Intelius is a secure platform that keeps your search terms private. The subject remains unaware as everything is confidential.
  • Education: Get background info on the person, which mainly covers the education and professional history.
  • Reverse Address Lookup: It will show you the permanent address of the target and some location history.
  • Customize Plan: Intelius has tailored plans for your specific needs. Alongside the Reverse Phone Lookup, you also get the option to subscribe to the Address Lookup package.
  • Owned Assets: List of the properties owned by the target. It may also include other assets like Cars, Motorbikes, and more.

Visit Intelius >>

$0.95 for 5-Days Trial

Here are steps to find info with someone’s phone number:

Step 1) Visit the site and Enter the number under the Phone tab.

Find Someone on Facebook Using Intelius

Step 2) Select your birth year and hit Submit Age to confirm you are 18 or older.

Step 3) After the data collection procedure is done, click on View Results.

Find Someone on Facebook Using Intelius

Step 4) Provide your details for registration and hit Save.

Pay the amount to avail of a free five-day trial and check unlimited reports.

Visit Intelius >>

$0.95 for 5-Days Trial

Method 2: How to Search Phone Numbers on Facebook

Entering the mobile number in the Facebook search bar is the easiest way to get the account. However, it is not necessary that you successfully achieve the goal.

Facebook takes the privacy of its users very seriously. Therefore, it allows them to hide their number. Facebook phone number search proves to be more useful when searching for a public page.

Here are steps to look for a Facebook account with a number:

Step 1) Log in to your profile using your Facebook username & password.

Search Phone Numbers on Facebook

Step 2) Click the Search icon on mobile or enter the number in the box at the upper right corner on PC.

Search Phone Numbers on Facebook

Step 3) Refine and narrow down your search results using the filter on the left side of the screen. In this case, Navigate to the Pages section.

Search Phone Numbers on Facebook

Step 4) Top of this list will be your target account. You may open the page to confirm the number.

Search Phone Numbers on Facebook

Method 3: Search Facebook by Phone Number and Name

In countries like the United States, every phone number comes with a country code, area code, and local number. Using the area code in the number of the person you are searching for, you can find them quickly.

Almost everybody adds a place of living to their profile. Area code will allow you to know that location, which you can put in a Facebook search with the name.

Here are steps to get the Area Code & find the Facebook profile:

Step 1) Open Google Search and enter this Area Code ###. (Replace ### with the three-digit that comes after the country code in a phone number)

Search Facebook by Phone Number and Name

Step 2) At the top, the search result will look like this. You will see the name of the town.

Search Facebook by Phone Number and Name

Step 3) Take the name of the City or Area and enter it with the name of your friend in the Facebook search box.

Search Facebook by Phone Number and Name

Step 4) Among some random results, you will find your target account.

Search Facebook by Phone Number and Name

Method 4: Synchronize Your Contact List to Your Facebook Profile

The Friends Suggestion feature streamlines finding Facebook friends by phone numbers. Instead of manually searching each number, sync your contacts with Facebook, which will do the rest. You will automatically see their profiles, and if needed, you can send them a friend request.

Here are steps to sync your phone contacts to Facebook:

Step 1) Open your Facebook app on your mobile phone and Log in.

Synchronize Your Contact List to Your Facebook Profile

Step 2) Tap the Options icon on the top right.

Synchronize Your Contact List to Your Facebook Profile

Step 3) Select the Find friends tile from the Menu.

Synchronize Your Contact List to Your Facebook Profile

Step 4) Hit the Upload Contacts button if you don’t see recommendations.

Synchronize Your Contact List to Your Facebook Profile

Step 5) Tap on the Get Started button to upload phone numbers.

Synchronize Your Contact List to Your Facebook Profile

Refresh the page once the procedure has finished. You will start seeing your friend’s Facebook profiles. However, remember that if your acquaintance’s profile is private, it will not appear here. Moreover, Facebook also suggests profiles based on your mutual friends.

Method 5: How to Find Facebook Account by Phone Number (Ask Directly)

Lastly, if you are still looking for a solution, try contacting the person. This method is also helpful if you do not know the name of the person you are trying to find. Although reverse number lookup is also an option in this case, it could seem hectic. Directly asking is fast and risk-free.

Save the person’s phone number with No Name and make a call. You can also message them using WhatsApp. The other person will share a profile link that will take you to Facebook, where you can add them.

Problems with Facebook Phone Number Search

Due to strict laws, Facebook does its best to ensure your protection. It has Privacy Settings for each information you share on the platform. For example, if your target has chosen Friends Only for the phone number on Facebook, then you will not see them in the search.

Another problem that you can face is failing to identify the account. It happens when you do not know the name or cannot recognize them from the profile picture. Alternatively, you can try the tool for phone number lookup on Facebook. But, since most reliable services require a subscription, it could be a no to many people.