14 BEST Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo (2022 Update)

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Wireless Keyboard and Mouse enables you to eliminate wires to make your workstation clean and comfortable for work. Wireless computer peripherals can be easily connected to PC via USB port with the help of receivers. If you use a combo of keyboard and mouse, you will only need one dongle for the connectivity.

There are many Wireless Mouse and Keyboards that have a wide variety of features and advantages. Therefore, it is difficult to select the right one. Following is a handpicked list of Top Wireless Keyboard Mouse. The list contains a detailed description of the keyboard and mouse with their pros and cons.

Top Wireless (Bluetooth) Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Design Product Wireless On/Off Button Product Link
Logitech MK345 Yes Yes Check Price
Dell KM636 Yes Yes only mouse Check Price
Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard Yes NA Check Price
AmazonBasics Wireless Keyboard Yes Yes Check Price
Havit Mechanical Keyboard & Mouse Combo No NA Check Price
Logitech MK850 Yes NA Check Price
Logitech MK550 Yes NA Check Price
Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop Yes NA Check Price
Lenovo 100 Yes Yes only mouse Check Price
Logitech MK545 Yes NA Check Price
Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard No NA Check Price
Logitech Wireless Combo MK360 Yes NA Check Price
HP Wireless Elite Keyboard Yes NA Check Price
iBall Magical Duo Yes Yes, only mouse Check Price

1) Logitech MK345

Logitech MK345 is one of the best keyboard and mouse combo that helps you to make your workflow more seamless. This full-size keyboard has the capacity to provide you exceptional performance. It also contains a palm rest that helps you to avoid hand and wrist strain.

This Logitech product has buttons to turn on and off both keyboard and mouse. It comes with one USB receiver that can be used to connect keyboard and mouse to laptop and desktop. You can use the keyboard to experience typing on a full-size layout with 12 function keys to control media.

Logitech MK345 delivers a flawless experience that uses 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. Keeping an eye on the mouse, it is designed in such a way that it perfectly fits into your palm. This premium quality product is available in a pleasing black color. This combo is right for the people who are dealing with typing work.


  • It has a spill-resistant design.
  • Keyboard has a convenient layout.
  • Quality printing on keyboard keycaps.
  • Provides extra media key for volume, play pause, etc.
  • Provides an LED indicator for the cap lock button.
  • The mouse is easily operatable with AA size battery


  • The mouse is not appropriate for the left-handed user.

2) Dell KM636

There are many keyboards and mouse combo products, but the item I am going to talk about definitely remains one of the best. I am talking about Dell KM636, which comes at an attractive cost and super-fast performance. It is perfect for the typist, coders, and programmers.

This cheapest wireless keyboard and mouse is incredibly light and slim, so it takes up less space on your desk. It has a muted typing sound and reduced gap among keys that prevent accumulating dust. The mouse available in this combo contains enlarged scroll wheel that enhances productivity.

Dell KM636 wireless keyboard gives your workspace a contemporary look and feel. If we discuss the compatibility, then this product can be easily used with Windows 10. In this keyboard, you will see the hotkey function mute, play/pause, backward, forward, and volume button.


  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Good value for money.
  • 3 batteries included with this combo.
  • Lightweight wireless keyboard.
  • It has a comfortable design.


  • The product is made from very weak material.

3) Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and mouse combo product is perfect for the workplace or office. Although it comes with a nano receiver, you can easily connect these items using Logitech’s plug. This keyword-mouse combo does not have any lengthy installation procedure to slow down performance.

This is one of the best mouse and keyboard combo that uses wireless 2.4HGz connectivity to provide seamless and disturbance-free use. We can use this keyboard within a 10-meter range without keyboard lag or dropouts.

The great thing I discovered about this product is that the keyboard can be used for 24 months and the mouse for 12 months without changing the batteries.

The keyboard includes 8 shortcut keys programable to most used applications. This combo does not contain on/off switch. It works on all the latest versions of the Windows operating system.

Logitech MK270 Wireless combo product can be used with USB toggle that is available in the mouse storage component. If I think about durability, then the item will last for many years. The entire pack of the mouse and keyboard is available at an affordable cost; therefore, it is ideal for add to the cart.


  • It is easy to plug and play.
  • You can work comfortably for long hours.
  • It has a slim and pleasing design.
  • High precision keyboard and mouse.


  • The keyboard is made from a cheap plastic material.

4) AmazonBasics Wireless Computer Keyboard

AmazonBasics Wireless Computer Keyboard is a combo product that provides 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. The keyboard contains a quality QWERTY layout with 12 function keys and a numeric keypad.

The mouse includes rubber grips for extra comfort. One thing that I like about this compact wireless keyboard and mouse is that you do not require any driver to operate them. Such a combo is also compatible with all the latest versions of Windows.

AmazonBasics Wireless full-size computer keyboard is perfect for open office spaces, home, and dorm rooms. The mouse is easily used by inserting the 2 AAA size batteries and switching on the button.

The fast scrolling wheel of this mouse helps you to quickly navigate through items like large documents, websites, and spreadsheets. You do not need to purchase an extra battery as this product already includes it. The weight of this product is 1.17 pounds for easy movement.

This cheapest wireless keyboard and mouse combo is available for only Windows operating system. Mac and other OS users are unable to use it. I recommend if you want a compact size mouse and keyboard, AmazonBasics wireless computer keyboard is a good option.


  • Easy to set up and to install.
  • The mouse is lightweight.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • The keyboard is soft and quiet.
  • You can work for long hours without hassle.


  • The mouse works only on a couple of surfaces.

5) Havit Mechanical Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Havit Mechanical Keyboard, and Mouse Combo is an attractive and comfortable product for all. Unlike other items we have seen so far, this keyboard is wired with detachable wrist rest. This combo has a large size black color mouse for the computer.

This wireless mechanical keyboard product is designed for gaming, and thereby both keyboard and mouse have red, green, and blue color light effects for a funky look. The plus point about this item is that you can customize LED backlights with click of a button.

The mouse and keyboards are broadly compatible with all operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. The keyboard is made with a metal panel and 104 full keys. Havit mouse, on the other hand, makes it easy to adjust DPI (Dot Per Inch) to match the mouse speed for different scenarios of the game.


  • Quiet keyboard keys
  • Installation is easy.
  • High-quality product.
  • It is one of the best keyboard mouse combo which provides a flashing indicator function.
  • The mouse is smooth.


  • It is wired.

6) Logitech MK850

Logitech MK850 is one of the best wireless mouse and keyboard combo product that contains a keyboard and mouse. This ergonomic mouse has built-in 8 buttons and a scrolling wheel to navigate any website very fast. It also has a 1000 DPI optical sensor for smooth movement of the cursor. A full-size keyboard will enable you to type comfortably for hours with palm rest.

This best wireless keyboard and mouse combo is multi-OS friendly and fully multi-device. It is made with solid material and hence does not move around when you type. Both mouse and keyboard work with 1 AA and 2 AAA battery, which last for 3 years.

This item enables you to switch between display screen on both your keyboard and mouse for multi-tasking. You can use this combo to connect the device via Bluetooth. If you are a programmer or writer, this combo will surely help you to increase your performance.


  • Switches among phones, tablets, and desktops without any hassle via Bluetooth.
  • The mouse design is smooth for a perfect grip.
  • Pocket-friendly product.


  • The keyboard size is large, and hence it is not portable.

7) Logitech MK550

Logitech MK550 is an extremely comfortable combo of wireless keyboard and mouse. The reasonable price of the combo will surely force you to buy it.

What is special about Logitech MK550? The combo comes with an integrated palm rest, which is essential for people who are spending hours typing. It is also very helpful in maintaining your mood and health. The keyboard height is adjustable with three different modes for its legs.

The mouse of Logitech MK550 has soft rubber grips that help you to move with ease. Furthermore, it has an easy setup process when using in Windows-based computer system. The downside of this item is that it does not have an on/off switch, so there is a greater chance of guesswork.

With Logitech MK550, your keystrokes of the keyboard will also remain safe with 128-bit grade encryption. Like other products, this keyboard has also provided shortcut keys for ease of accessing frequent apps.


  • Ergonomic keyboard design.
  • Accurate laser mouse.
  • Plenty of hotkeys and programmable keys.
  • Long battery life.
  • 128-bit encryption.


  • The keyboard size is large.

8) Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop

Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop item includes wireless mouse and keyboard. This product is designed with the comfort of user in mind. It has ergonomically design curve that easily fits your right or left hand.

The best part of the Microsoft wireless comfort desktop is that we can use it on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It offers shortcut keys that can be easily customizable to access programs, files, webpages, media, etc. The impressive feature I found is that the mouse works on almost any surface without decreasing the performance.

Do you feel tired after a long hour of work? The built-in palm rest helps avoid RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). Purchase this product, and enjoy its, protecting information using 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technology.


  • Soft keyboard keys for comfortable typing.
  • The compact design of the mouse easily fits in anyone’s palm.
  • Value for money product.
  • The combo gives an exceptional performance.


  • There is no on/off button to save power.

9) Lenovo 100

Lenovo 100 is a stylish and compact design product. If you want the best-looking combo for home and office, then this is the ideal one. In this product, I found that only the mouse contains an on-off button, and both are operated using a single USB dongle.

The mouse resolution is 1000 DPI, enabling you to play games and edit photos with no problem. One amazing thing to know about this keyboard is that it is spill-resistant, that means you can do multitasking while you enjoy a drink. The review shows that this is the best keyboard mice combo suited for both lefty and righty people.


  • A full-size keyboard makes it comfortable.
  • The ergonomic design of the mouse easily fits in your palm.
  • This best bluetooth mouse and keyboard combo is a value for money product.
  • Good feedback from the keys.


  • Caps and num lock keys are not working properly

10) Logitech MK545

Do you have less space for keeping your mouse and keyboard? Logitech MK545 is the perfect solution for a person like you. The keyboard is 36 percent smaller than the ordinary keyboard but still has all the necessary keys. Both mouse and keyboard give you reliable connection up to 33 feet with virtually no dropouts or delays.

The battery life of this keyboard is 36 months, which is quiet enough. On the other side, the mouse battery retains up to only 5 months. This compact wireless keyboard and mouse contains one big size USB dongle around 1 inch, making it uncomfortable multi-tasking. However, you should know that it is only compatible with only Windows OS.


  • Provides easy to type keyboard.
  • The mouse is easy to hold in the hands.
  • The keys of the mouse and keyboards are soft.
  • Hassle-free Install of product


  • Small size up and down keys compared to other keyboards.

11)Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard

Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and mouse is a colorful combo product that features RGB backlighting with dim adjustment. The keyboard has 7 different RGB Lighting effects and modes. It is a full-size item with 104 keys that gives you satisfaction when you play games.

Redragon S101 keyboard is ergonomically designed and can be used for office work. It has an integrated wrist rest that gives you comfort while typing. Conversely, the red backlight mouse gives you a resolution up to 3200 DPI. You will find a total of 6 buttons, out of which 5 are programmable.

This is one of the best budget wireless keyboards and mouse that is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac OS. It works perfectly with all the gaming PCs and computer brands. With weight tuning of 8 x2.4g and a scanning frequency of 665ips/3600fps, the mouse helps you move faster. In general, this product works well right out of the box.


  • Good value for money.
  • A wide compatibility of the operating system
  • The keyboard provides ease of typing.


  • Sometimes the mouse is not working properly.

12) Logitech Wireless Combo MK360

Logitech Wireless Combo MK360 includes a wireless mouse and keyboard with 12 programable keys. The product gives complete peace of mind with a long-lasting 3 AA battery life of 3 years.

The keyboard uses a 128-bit AES encryption algorithm. Therefore, your information stays secure when you work wirelessly. This is one of the best wireless keyboard mouse combos, having assembled dimension is 18 10 x 6 40 x 1 90 (L x W x H) inches.

This keyboard is slim and compact, so it occupies less space on your desk. The wireless receiver that comes with this product is easy to plug into a USB port. This keyboard mouse combo is only for Windows users; for others, it will not work.


  • The mouse and keyboard are comfortable.
  • The product is lightweight.
  • The mouse works with high precision.
  • The keyboard contains shortcut keys for frequent accessing programs.


  • There is no easy switch.

13) HP Wireless Elite Keyboard

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2 is a modern and sleek design keyboard. It is one of the best bluetooth keyboard that provides you comfort and smooth touch feelings. The weight is just 1.5 pounds and is easy to carry. The product is designed to be thin and light.

This keyboard is wireless, so you do not need to worry about routing the cable. This full-size keyboard includes fast access shortcuts, function keys, and a built-in number pad. The keys are also smooth enough to give you a quiet/noiseless experience.

HP Wireless keyboard has an adjustable height for better key touch and comfortable experience. If you are thinking about roaming, then I will suggest purchasing this product. It has a battery indicator light that eliminates guessing work.

Focusing on compatibility, this keyboard is compatible with most notebooks, desktops with Windows operating system. It comes with one small dongle, which is easily plugged into a USB port. Overall, I can say that this keyboard will give you a seamless and unmatched performance compared to the rest of the keyboards.


  • Sturdy build.
  • Easy plug and play.
  • Long battery life.
  • Provides ease of mobility.
  • Quite keyboard performance.


  • There is no light for the num lock or caps lock.

14) iBall Magical Duo

Are you seeking the best budget wireless keyboard and mouse? iBall Magical Duo combo is ideal for you. It contains a smart multimedia keyboard with a sturdy built that last for a long time. The mouse of the product has three buttons and has a user-friendly design.

This is one of the best budget wireless keyboard and mouse that works with a single nano USB receiver. Mouse and keyboard work with an Alkaline battery. There is storage space inside the mouse and under the keyboard for keeping the dongle.

This keyboard has soft keys that are spill-resistant to ensure smooth typing. The impressive feature of the mouse is that it comes with one extra button for selecting the speed of the mouse cursor.

The bottom line is if you do not have a high budget and still want to purchase a keyboard mouse combo with all the essential features, this is the product is for you.


  • Provides good connectivity.
  • Product quality is fine.
  • Offers batteries.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Keys get stuck while you type.


⚡ How to choose the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo?

Here are the things you need to consider when choosing the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo:

  • Shape and Design: The keyboard and mouse come in various types of shape, weight, and design. Many such items come in normal size and simple design, but others have stylish textures and backlights. You need to check your usage while selecting the perfect mouse and keyboard.
  • Battery Life: Most of the mouse and keyboard comes with AAA and AA batteries, few are also rechargeable. The average life of the battery is around 1 to 2 years. If you are purchasing a mouse and keyboard for gaming purposes, you have to ensure that you get the best battery life.
  • Key Features: Many mouse have a button for selecting speed for ease of usage, while the keyboard contains shortcut keys for adjusting brightness volume and more. Check the features that perfectly suites your working need.

✅ Which are the Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse?

❓ What is Form Factor?

This term merely refers to the keyboard size you choose, and the three standard sizes are Fullsize, Tenkeyless, and Compact.

The full-size keyboard has 104 buttons, including a full and easy to read number pad. It has all the keys you need, so you don’t have to worry about the function keys. The only downside to this is that it is too large. And this means you will have to stretch more to access the mouse and also poses portability problems.

Which takes us to the next option, the Tenkeyless Keyboard. Some of us never really use the number pad. So, this keyboard type eliminates it and instead overlays the numbers with other characters. This design effectively reduces the keyboard size.

The compact keyboard is a relatively new type but has become very popular over time. In addition to the num pad, it cuts down the F-row and the arrow keys. However, these features are still accessible by using the function key and a combination of other keys.

While those are the most common types, there have been new developments that you might want to consider. It is very similar to the compact keyboard but includes the arrow keys and some other buttons like the delete and page up/down. This addition is great as it reduces your reliance on the function keys.

If still you need something much smaller, you may want to consider the 40% keyboard. It only consists of the alpha keys and some few modifiers. Their tiny size means they have to include another layer of function key to cover all the basic keyboard commands.

👉 What are Mechanical vs. Membrane Keyboards?

There are various classifications of keyboards based on how they register the key presses. Still, Mechanical and Membrane are the dominant two. Most probably, you have been using the membrane keyboard since it is the most popular

It is made up of rubber layers and a conductive pad where the characters are printed. Once you press a particular key, the conductive pad detects the pressure and registers the key. Membrane keyboards press down effortlessly, but they lack tactile feedback. You don’t feel the keys being pressed down, and you may have a hard time acknowledging when a press is registered. But they are considerably cheap and may still work when you are operating at a budget. These keyboards do not make typing noises, but depending on the individual, this might be a good or a bad thing. Personally, I like to hear my keyboard rumble as I type.

Which is why I recommend mechanical keyboards as the best-suited keyboard for programmers. These use switches to send the signals, which results in quicker response time and more accuracy. You are always sure when a keypress register.

However, there are three main types of switches represented by different colour codes, and each performs differently. People respond differently to the colour codes, but here is a rundown for each so that you have a better understanding. Most programmers I know prefer either Tactile or clicky. The categories can further be split into light and heavy switches, depending on the force that’s applied to them. Check the table below.

Name Type Actuation
MX Blue Clicky 50g
MX Green Clicky 80g
MX Brown Tactile 45g
MX Clear Tactile 65g
MX Black Linear 60g
MX Red Linear 45g

Clicky switches (Blue, Green) – These make an audible click when you press them, and that’s how you know the stroke has been registered. Actuation occurs at the bottom.

Tactile Switches (Brown, Clear) – These do not click, but you will feel an actuation bump as you depress them, and that’s how you know the press has registered. Since the keypress registers somewhere at the middle, these switches demand less typing force and make you type faster.

Linear Switches (Red, Black) – These do not click nor feature a tactile bump. And this is why they are not the most preferred when it comes to typing. But they are great to use as a gaming keyboard where you might be required to tap one key severally.

There is another color type called topre, which is not very common but is great for any situation. It combines the switch technology with a rubber membrane, which essentially means you enjoy the speed of a mechanical keyboard and smoothness of a membrane keyboard.

Best Keyboard-Mouse Combos

Design Product Wireless On/Off Button Product Link
Logitech MK345 Yes Yes Check Price
Dell KM636 Yes Yes only mouse Check Price
Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard Yes NA Check Price
AmazonBasics Wireless Keyboard Yes Yes Check Price
Havit Mechanical Keyboard & Mouse Combo No NA Check Price
Logitech MK850 Yes NA Check Price
Logitech MK550 Yes NA Check Price
Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop Yes NA Check Price
Lenovo 100 Yes Yes only mouse Check Price
Logitech MK545 Yes NA Check Price
Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard No NA Check Price
Logitech Wireless Combo MK360 Yes NA Check Price
HP Wireless Elite Keyboard Yes NA Check Price
iBall Magical Duo Yes Yes, only mouse Check Price