7 Best FREE Database Hosting Services (2024)

A free database hosting provider is a good option for beginners since if you are new to the database, you can experiment and also use it as a Proof of Concept to show demos of prototypes.

But many free database hosting services are mired with issues like high downtime, data breaches, incompatibility with frameworks, limitation of storage, lack of support and features, and many other drawbacks.

Hence, we have identified the 7 Best database hosting services that are pocket friendly and offer robust services to deploy your next DB application.
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Best Free Database Hosting Providers: Top Picks!

#1 Best Overall

#2 Top Pick

Provider Hostinger DigitalOcean Domain.com Vultr
Supported databases MYSQL, Maria DB, Mongo DB MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB MySQL, MS SQL, phpMyAdmin MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
Data Migration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Money back guarantee Yes, if cancelled within 30 days No, but a free trial is available with a $200 credit. Yes, 30 days No, but a $100 credit available

Excellent – 4.8
Excellent – 4.5
Good – 4.3
Good – 4.2
Link Visit Hostinger Visit DigitalOcean Visit Domain.com Visit Vultr

1) Hostinger

Hostinger offers powerful and swift VPS hosting for your databases. It is a highly flexible VPS that allows you to take total control of your hosting. This platform’s full root access lets you configure the server as you like and make controlled decisions about the resources.

Its control panel manages your server seamlessly and tracks resource usage, allowing you to make changes and adjustments as you like.

#1 Top Pick

Supported databases: MYSQL, Maria DB, Mongo DB

Data Migration: Yes

Uptime guarantee: 99.9%

Money back guarantee: 30 Days

Visit Hostinger


  • Scalability: Scale easily and upgrade your server environment by simply selecting another VPS plan. You do not have to transfer files and data and face any downtime.
  • Data migration: It doesn’t matter if you have multiple websites or a single website, Hostinger provides completely free data migration to every user.
  • Backup: It provides daily backups that are stored for up to 7 days and kept for other 60 days. You can activate this process in the Snapshots and Backups option.
  • SLA: Get a 99.9% uptime guarantee per month with Hostinger. In case of failure to maintain this uptime, they offer a 5% credit of your monthly subscription fee for that particular month.
  • Compliance: Hostinger follows GDRP guidelines and explains in detail what information is collected, how it processes data, and how it can be used to identify a user.
  • Security: It has 24/7 server monitoring, firewall protection, anti-malware, and advanced features like mod security and Bit Ninja’s full-stack server protection.
  • Support: For customer support, Hostinger offers chat, live chat support for existing customers, email, tutorials, and a knowledge base.
  • Data centers: Hostinger has 10 data centers around the world, including countries like US, Netherlands, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, and UK.
  • Supported databases: This database hosting supports databases like MYSQL, Maria DB, Mongo DB, and PostgreSQL.


  • All the plans come with a dedicated IP address.
  • You can get LiteSpeed web servers that have a built-in cache manager.


  • There might be unscheduled maintenance sometimes.
  • The control panel is slow.


Here are the Hostinger VPS pricing plans for database hosting

Plan Name KVM1 KVM2 KVM4
RAM 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Storage 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Bandwidth 1 TB 2 TB 4 TB
Vcpu 1 Core 2 Cores 4 Cores
Pricing per month $4.99 $6.99 $10.99

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes, if canceled within 30 days

Visit Hostinger >>

30-Days Money-back Guarantee

2) DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean provides managed database hosting that runs on enterprise-class hardware delivering lightning-speed performance. It lets you run your clusters on Droplets that come with completely dedicated vCPUs to handle heavy enterprise workloads.

You can launch a database cluster with just a few clicks and access it through DigitalOcean’s user-friendly UI or API.


Supported databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Data Migration: Yes

Uptime guarantee: 99.99%

Money back guarantee: No, But $200 credit Free

Visit DigitalOcean


  • Scalability: DigitalOcean’s database hosting lets you scale up at any time, thus, it grows along with your business or personal requirements.
  • Data migration: It easily replicates all the database contents to DigitalOcean’s Database, its online migration supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Redis.
  • Backups: Get snapshots and free backups daily that are automated, and you can restore your data to any point in the previous seven days.
  • SLA: DigitalOcean has 99.99% uptime, and in case of unscheduled interruptions, you receive a service credit according to the percentage of the fees paid for the Droplet that did not meet the uptime guarantee. Therefore, you get 100% credit for the downtime at an hourly rate.
  • Compliance: This free cloud database hosting is compliant with SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3 Type II, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and PCI-DSS. It has also achieved CSA STAR Level 1.
  • Security: This hosting has end-to-end encryption, DDoS protection, intrusion detection, and free cloud firewalls to protect your database from all kinds of threats.
  • Administrative control: It offers users root access, which provides complete administrative control and also lets you install addons for configuring any settings and apps.
  • Support: DigitalOcean offers community support where you are free to ask any queries and a website ticket for contacting support.
  • Data Centers: Its data centers are located in Toronto, San Francisco, Canada, Frankfurt, and London.
  • Supported databases: DigitalOcean supports well-known databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis.


  • It has automated failover, so all your databases can automatically switch data handling to standby nodes and minimize downtime.
  • This free MySQL database hosting has flexible pricing for every database.


  • This free database hosting service’s trial asks for credit card information.
  • Its console can be unstable at times.


Every database supported by DigitalOcean has its own pricing plan with slight differences in its resources offered.

Here is the basic category pricing list of DigitalOcean for the MongoDB database.

vCPU 1 2 4
RAM 1 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Storage 15 GB 56 GB 120 GB
Pricing monthly $15 $60 $120
Pricing hourly $0.02232 $0.08929 $0.17857

Money-back guarantee: No, but a free trial is available with a $200 credit.

Visit DigitalOcean >>

$200 Credit Free

3) Domain.com

Domain.com is a privately owned Web hosting company. They offer shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), resellers, and dedicated servers. Additionally, it offers WordPress hosting.

Its domain services include fantastic premium domains, new domain extensions, and domain transfer. It also offers domain privacy+ protection, expiration protection, and brokerage service. Moreover, it helps you build beautiful websites with a website builder.



  • Container limit: This cloud service provider has a 50 GB quota limit.
  • SSH: It helps you log in to the Domain.com account remotely and run all kinds of commands.
  • Backup: You can use manual and auto-backups for your files on shared hosting.
  • Guru crew and support: This platform provides professional staff 24/7, 365 days.
  • Security: Risk-free and high-powered Docker hosting with best practices for securing your account.
  • Performance: Load pages with Turbo Sever with free SSDs, your choice of server location, LiteSpeed web server, etc.
  • Custom Software: You can control your server and add custom script installs and apps.
  • SLA: The customer will be made aware of the outage and maintenance beforehand.
  • Storage limit: It has a 50 GB disk usage limit.
  • Supported platforms: You can install Docker on Ubuntu14. 04, CenOS 6 and 7.


  • No hidden charges.
  • It provides an easy step-by-step setup guide for docker installation.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard


  • Does not offer any premium tech support


Here are the pricing plans of Domain.com:

Websites Bandwidth Storage Price
1 website Scalable Unlimited $3.75/month
Unlimited Scalable Unlimited $6.75/month

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days Money-back Guarantee

Visit Domain.com >>

30-Days Money-back Guarantee

4) Vultr

Vultr is a secure database hosting platform with high availability and scalability. This platform is capable of automating all the complicated tasks involved in managing databases.

You do not have to install or configure anything, as it helps in provisioning a production-ready database cluster with the help of its API, control panel, or CLI.



  • Scalability: You can grow your database with your user base as Vultr scales vertically and horizontally. It also lets you make seamless upgrades with a mere amount of downtime, or you can schedule an automatic upgrade.
  • Data migration: Migrate an existing database to Vultr’s managed database. For this action, the database needs to be publicly accessible. As for MySQL migration, you get live replication, and Redis and PostgreSQL allow copying data and schemes using SCAN in case replication is not allowed.
  • Backup: This service provider has built-in backups. It includes automatic off site-backups for Point-In-Time Recovery (PITR) and keeps them for 14 days with three nodes cluster.
  • SLA: Vultr gives a 99.99% uptime guarantee to its users. In case of any downtime, you will be compensated with hours as credit. For less than 9 minutes of downtime, you will receive 12 hours, for 10-59 minutes-24 hours, 1-2 hours-48 hours, 2-4 hours-120 hours, 4-7 hours-240 hours, and 7+ hours- 672 hours.
  • Compliance: It offers control panel compliance with SOC 2 Type-2 and PCI (merchant). It also has CS4 star level 1(Q40 and 2024 planned compliances like ISO 20000 (Q1), ISO 27001 2022 (Q10) and much more.
  • Administrative control: You can pre-install SSH Keys when you build a new instance or use a web console to access your server.
  • Security: Vultr’s data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. The databases run within VCP networks allowing access to only IP Whitelist.
  • Support: This free sql database hosting provides customer support with the help of a website form, and you can find answers to some of your queries in its FAQs.
  • Data centers: They are located in more than 30 locations worldwide and situated in North America, Latin America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
  • Supported databases: It supports three different databases, namely MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis.


  • It is one of the free database hosting providers that has a choice of numerous operating systems.
  • You will get a pre-credit of $250 when you create an account.


  • There is no way to instantly get hold of the support.
  • The higher plans may not be available in some locations.


Here is a memory-optimized pricing list of Vultr

Vcpu 1 Vcpu 2 Vcpu 4 Vcpu
RAM 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
Bandwidth 5 TB 6 TB 8 TB
Storage 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Pricing hourly $0.060 $0.119 $0.238
Pricing monthly $40 $80 $160

Money-Back Guarantee: No, but it provides $100 credit for free trial.

Visit Vultr >>

$100 Credit for Free Trial

5) A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting provides the fastest page loading speed. This platform offers three types of Database hosting plans, namely managed VPS, shared, and managed dedicated hosting.

All its managed VPS plans provide free control panel, and its Turbo plans are capable of handling nine times more traffic.

A2 Hosting


  • Scalability: A2 Hosting packages are completely scalable. This means, as per your requirement, it grows along with your database.
  • Data migration: It provides a seamless data migration. You can migrate data from a different hosting provider to your A2 Hosting account, seamlessly assisted by its team.
  • Backup: You can create a backup using its cPanel, it also has an A2 cloud backup and Amazon S3 and Google Drive for account backup and restore.
  • Compliance: A2 Hosting supports European Union’s GDRP, and it applies to all users, and it is SSAE 16 compliant at the data centers located in the US.
  • SLA: A2 hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime. In case of any unscheduled downtime that lasts longer than 0.1% of the total time per month, you will receive 5% of the paid fee for that particular month.
  • Administrative control: With A2 Hosting, you get administrative control with its root access. It lets you configure and edit your server and server files and make other customizations.
  • Security: This database hosting provides an overall network firewall and additional server firewall. It also provides DDoS protection, HackScan, KernelCare, Brute Force Defense, and much more.
  • Support: You can rely on the 24/7 Gurucrew, which consists of expert technical support. It also has a live chat, email, and phone support.
  • Supported databases: It supports databases like MySQL 5.6, SQLite 3.3, PostgreSQL 9.6, Mongo DB, phpMyAdmin, MariaDB, Percona, PostGIS, Admirer, CockroachDB, and many more.
  • Data Center Location: A2 hosting data centers are located in Michigan and Arizona in the USA, Amsterdam in Europe, and Singapore in Asia.


  • You get unlimited data transfer.
  • It includes a free SSL certificate.


  • Turbo servers are offered only for higher plans.
  • The renewal plans are expensive.


Here is the monthly pricing plan of A2 Hosting for Database, which is billed every 36 months.

Plan Name Lift 4 Lift 8 Lift 16
RAM 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
SSD 150 GB 250 GB 450 GB
Cores 2 6 8
Transfer TB 2 TB 3 TB 4 TB
Pricing per month $39.99 $54.99 $67.99

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes, 30 days

Visit A2 Hosting >>

30-Days Money-back Guarantee

6) DreamHost

DreamHost database hosting accelerates a managed VPS and provides isolated hosting, which helps your database deliver impressive performance.

Its dedicated resources allow your pages to load faster and increase visitor satisfaction. You also get a powerful and easy-to-set-up custom panel that sets up in just minutes.



  • Scalability: You can scale up your storage using Logical Volume Manager, which is recommended by Dreamhost. This hosting offers cloud-based services, and both its databases and websites are hosted on the same machine, which brings added benefits.
  • Data migration: Migrate databases from one host to another easily with Dreamhost. It has an automated migration plug-in that you can use for transferring data.
  • Backup: You get various types of backup, including backing up with the DreamHost panel, server command line, and phpMyAdmin interface.
  • SLA: This hosting promises 100% uptime, and in case of any downtime faced, you will be compensated with your current hosting’s one day of extra service for each hour of service interruption.
  • Compliance: Dreamhost is GDRP compliant, it provides legal rights to the users whose personal information is gathered and used by the online business and other platforms.
  • Administrative control: You get Root access for admin-level control over the server, this feature comes along with its dedicated servers.
  • Security: With this hosting, you get free SSL/TLS certificates, HTTP/2, built-in malware remover, free domain privacy, and mod security for complete protection.
  • Support: Its support is available 24/7 on chat, other helpful modes of support include FAQs and a knowledge base. Existing users can reach support using the Control Panel.
  • Data centers: Its data center is located in Ashburn, Virginia, US East. This data center is accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Supported databases: DreamHost supports only MySQL database, one of the most widely used open-source databases.


  • It offers free SSL certificates on all plans.
  • Get an unlimited number of free Ipv6 addresses.
  • You can host unlimited databases in its VPS plans.


  • It doesn’t offer phone support.
  • This platform is not intuitive enough for beginners.


Here is the pricing list of Dreamhost

Plan Name VPS Basic VPS Business VPS Professional
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
SSD 30 GB 60 GB 120 GB
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Pricing $10 $20 $40

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes, 97-day guarantee

Visit DreamHost >>

97-Days Money-back Guarantee

7) Kamatera

Kamatera offers high availability and infinite scaling capabilities to your database hosting. It offers completely geo-redundant servers, a choice of vCPU for both cores and types, large storage, and much more.

Kamatera offers a 30-day free trial for cloud servers, and a new account automatically comes with 1000 GB storage and 1000 GB traffic.



  • Scalability: You can self-configure and self-provision its cloud servers with the help of an API or management portal and adjust your requirements.
  • Data migration: It offers several migration facilities as per the user’s need. Kamatera’s migration service is taken care of by the support without interrupting the users.
  • Backup: You get a Disaster Recovery Management solution with Kamatera. This hosting’s backup services include 24/7 real-time data replication, system health monitoring, and an instant failover mechanism.
  • SLA: Kamatera gives a 99.95% uptime guarantee, and in case of any downtime, you can apply for a refund within 14 days from the day when the service interruption occurred.
  • Compliance: Kamatera is GDRP compliant, so all your personal data is secured. It also has ISO 27001, which is used by organizations to manage information security.
  • Administrative control: This hosting provides root access so you can have admin-level control. It offers deep privileges for making modifications to your server.
  • Security: Kamatera has Cloud Firewalls for protecting your databases. It provides security against intrusions, DDoS, viruses, hackers, spyware, code injections, and more.
  • Support: With Kamatera, you get live chat support that responds instantly. There are also phone, website forms, and an email for reaching support.
  • Data centers: It has a large number of data centers that are distributed across the Globe, including North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
  • Supported databases: It supports databases like MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB.


  • Kamatera offers highly customizable pricing.
  • You can choose from a large range of operating systems and versions.


  • It is not beginner friendly.
  • The knowledge base doesn’t provide many solutions.


Here is the pricing for Kamatera’s General purpose hosting.

Vcpu 1 2 4
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB
SSD 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB
Bandwidth 5000 GB 5000 GB 5000 GB
Public IPs 1 2 4
Pricing per month $9 $28 63
Pricing per hour $0.012 $0.038 $0.086

Money-Back Guarantee: no, But a 30-day free trial

Visit Kamatera >>

30-Day Free Trial


Database hosting allows you to host any type of database. This hosting provider offers infrastructure and hardware for running the database. They provide a secure environment, scalable resources, support, and other requirements.

You can get free hosting services for databases on platforms like Vultr and DigitalOcean. These platforms also offer hourly pricing and extremely reasonable monthly pricing for hosting databases.

The risks of using free database hosting service include the following:

  • Limited features and scalability.
  • Slow query execution and limited data storage capacity.
  • Restricted customization and lack of integration options.
  • Unreliable uptime and server instability.
  • Lack of proper support and service updates.
  • Security risks like cyberattacks, intrusions, etc.
  • Less control over your own data.

To get the best of cheap Database hosting services, here is what you need to look for:

  • Security: Platform with strong security measures even in their cheapest plans. Make sure it also has a reliable backup.
  • Performance: Prioritize server speed, look for optimized infrastructure and hardware, high uptime, scalability, efficient query execution, and more.
  • Data migration: Find providers with easy, quick, and free data migration.
  • Integrations: Find out how many and what frameworks, languages, and tools it is compatible with.
  • Support: Make sure they offer a properly knowledgeable and reliable support team.

Final Verdict

All the above platforms are suitable for database hosting as they are highly dependable service providers with database-based features.

Here are our top recommendations from the list above:

  • Hostinger: It is one of the most powerful hosting platforms that offer a complete moneyback guarantee within 30 days if you are not satisfied with its services.
  • DigitalOcean: You get highly flexible pricing separately for each database and a free trial with a $200 credit.
  • Kamatera: This platform provides fully dedicated resources and entirely customizable pricing plans.