5 BEST Minecraft Faction Servers (2024)

Minecraft Faction Servers allow gamers to enjoy a unique gameplay experience and make it more competitive and exciting. Players of popular Minecraft servers often create specific clans within the Faction game modes. You must join a team to gain control over land, money, and other items in this game world.

Always look for the best Faction Servers since they promise stability, low downtime, and balanced gameplay. On the other hand, choosing a bad Faction server will fail to offer gamers a flawless experience. After extensive research, we have listed some promising Minecraft faction servers. You can read our review to learn about their performance, features, and pricing.

Best Faction Servers Minecraft: Top Picks!

#1 Best Overall

#2 Top Pick

Hosting Provider Apex Hosting Shockbyte BisectHosting NodeCraft
MinimumRAM 2 GB 2 GB 1 GB 2 GB
Preconfigured Plugins WorldEdit, Factions, Essentials, etc. Not offered Craftbukkit, Spygot, etc. Not offered
Auto-backup Yes Yes Yes Yes

Excellent – 4.8
Excellent – 4.5
Good – 4.3
Good – 4.2
Link Visit Apex Hosting Visit Shockbyte Visit BisectHosting Visit NodeCraft

1) Apex Hosting

Apex is one of the best Minecraft PC Factions Servers as it offers several customizations, top-notch security, assured uptime performance, and active support.

Apex includes a pre-configured faction server for gamers, loaded with custom plugins. You can also install a cracked Minecraft server from the intuitive control panel.



  • WorldGuard Plugin: The WorldGuard plugin protects your land against griefer attacks and spawns. This plugin lets you create different zones and turn off different gameplay features.
  • Automatic Backups: Apex servers automatically backup your Minecraft game daily. It also offers a manual backup option using a single click. On the other hand, Apex will store a copy of the backup file on its Minecraft Faction server.
  • Any Player Inclusion: With the help of the ViaVersion plugin, you can permit any player to join your own or other Factions Server.
  • Enchantment Table: You will notice the presence of the Enchantment Table when accessing the Spawn hub. It can be quite effective to give you a boost at the early stages. This table includes all bookshelves that you may use for different gear enchantments.
  • Java Archive File Support: Apex supports JAR files, mini-games, mods, and more. You can add or remove them from the Control Panel with complete FTP access.


  • Offers help install mods, plugins, and different server versions.
  • 99.9% uptime that guarantees always availability of the server.
  • Multilingual support is available for easy conversation.


  • Users sometimes face errors when trying to configure mods in the Minecraft server.
  • As per the review, Non-premium versions allow accessibility to a limited number of servers.


Apex Minecraft Faction Server comes with different pricing plans. A few are listed below:

RAM Price Per Month
2 GB $4.99
3 GB $7.49
4 GB $9.99

Visit Apex Hosting

7-Day Money-back Guarantee

2) Shockbyte

Shockbyte is one of the most popular servers for Minecraft Factions hosting. It has easy faction configuration, instant modpack installation, and affordable plans.

Furthermore, it also allows you to create your own Minecraft server with full control. Shockbyte guarantees flawless server performance and exceptional user experience.



  • Server Version Support: Shockbyte Minecraft servers support Bedrock and Java edition hosting plans. You can install any server of your choice in a flash. It is important to know that these servers are auto-updated every hour.
  • Easy Factions Configuration: You can configure modded and vanilla factions for your Squad server. As a result, you now have total control over how to use factions for multiple game modes setup.
  • FTP Management: Shockbyte makes transferring your world from another server easy. With the help of the FTP File Access Management, you can easily transfer your existing server, mods, and plugins.
  • Multi MC Modpacks: It is possible to create numerous instances of modpacks using the MultiMC modpacks. You can create these modpack instances on any Minecraft server version.
  • View Distance: You can even set the number of chunks visible around the player using the View Distance feature.


  • Easy to include and exclude the factions.
  • Offers a free service to create a subdomain.
  • Option to customize your server’s Message of the Day.


  • Displays DirectLeaks error if the server doesn’t recognize the plugin installation source.


Here are a few Minecraft plans with monthly pricing:

Plan RAM Pricing
Dirt 1 GB $2.50
Sand 2 GB $5.00
Cobblestone 3 GB $7.50

Note: Get 25% off if you pay annually.

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72-hours Money-back Guarantee

3) BisectHosting

BisectHosting provides you with premium Minecraft Fraction hosting servers at cheap rates. It not only offers fast installation but also lets you install different modpacks.

BisectHosting has servers at top locations worldwide that assure low latency and lag-free performance. Some of the major locations for the servers are Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, etc.



  • One-click mod pack installation: BisectHosting installs modpacks in a single click. It also offers support for different modpack versions. You can even switch between different modpacks for free.
  • Free Subdomains: You can choose from a list of available subdomains and use them for free. BisectHosting also lets you integrate your domain into their factions server.
  • Strong Security measures: Stay safe from DDoS threats with BisectHosting’s advanced security measures free of cost.
  • Solid Configuration: This server has 3.4 GHz+ Intel Xeon Processors, DDR4 RAM and NVMe SSDs.
  • Three years Backup: BisectHosting assures 2+ years of data backup so that gamers can play with the same data, settings, and world.
  • Intuitive control panel: You can take control of the server using this powerful control panel. It is also possible to adjust player slots, manage configuration, add modpacks, etc.


  • The servers are active 24/7.
  • You can adjust any number of player slots as per the requirements.
  • The online file manager lets you upload different mods or configurations to your server.


  • Automatic modpack installation is a paid add-on in the Budget plan.
  • Manual backups come with a maximum of 4 slots.


Here are the starting Budget Plans for BisectHosting Minecraft Server:

RAM Pricing per month
1 GB $2.99
2 GB $5.98
3 GB $8.97

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3-Days Money-back Guarantee

4) NodeCraft

NodeCraft is a game server for hosting your Minecraft Factions. Using this server, you can host your Minecraft Factions game within seconds. It is easy to install plugins and modpacks using the control panel. You can also manage the hosting process from your smartphone.

NodeCraft offers dedicated IP address with full port support. It also assures unlimited player slots. Using this Factions server is a great way to create your team to resist attacks and become a powerful force.



  • Save & Swap: You can easily play or swap to another game server without worrying about data loss. NodeCraft automatically saves the game progress.
  • Instant setup: NodeCraft takes minimal time to install the Minecraft factions server. Once you make the payment, Nodecraft assures instant server setup in a couple of seconds.
  • Blazing Fast Hardware: It is one of the best Minecraft servers with 3.8+ GHz Intel® Xeon® E-2174G or equivalent processors and 64GB ECC RAM for stability and performance.
  • Cloud Backups: It is possible to save your game progress in the cloud before switching to a new game. The cloud backup acts as a restoration option to restore the game to an earlier state.
  • Many customizations: There are plenty of customization options available with NodeCraft. You can customize separate game modes, worlds, difficulty levels, and server settings.


  • Does not come with any limited or locked settings.
  • Limits to 12 customers per device for better gameplay.
  • Offers video tutorials to guide you with different game configurations and settings.


  • At most, 20 saves are available.
  • The base plan comes with only 2 GB of RAM.


Here is some of the Minecraft Faction Server pricing from NodeCraft:

Plan RAM Storage Price per month
Nano 2 GB 10 GB $9.98
Keela 4 GB 20 GB $19.98
Megs 6 GB 30 GB $29.98

Link: https://nodecraft.com/support/games/minecraft/creating-a-factions-server

5) ScalaCube

Using ScalaCube you can build your empire with the Minecraft Factions game mode. With ScalaCube, your skills are tested against flawless faction server hosting. You can join other factions and battle dangerous opponents to establish your empire.

This Faction server comes with endless possibilities for the ultimate gameplay experience. You can access all available resources for building different structures and creating a dynamic world using the Creative Mode.



  • Unlimited slots: With ScalaCube, you will never face any limitations with player slots. You can choose the required number of slots as per your server configuration. You can even upgrade the RAM in case you are facing lag issues.
  • MOD support: You can install popular modpacks like StoneBlock, SkyFactor, etc., with a single click. Additionally, ScalaCube also lets you create custom mods through FORGE.
  • Custom Maps: You can access the handcrafted custom worlds available with ScalaCube. You can add biome objects like rocks, bushes, and trees to create a visually appealing landscape.
  • Custom Items: ScalaCube hosts the Minecraft Factions servers using Linux Ubuntu, ensuring the best customization options and unmatched stability. You can edit any file, be it mods, plugins, etc.


  • Ultra-low server latency for optimum-level gameplay.
  • Provides automated backup to restore accidentally deleted game worlds.
  • Provide free subdomains.


  • Some gamers may find the gameplay styles limited.
  • The strict server rules may create limitations for some players.


ScalaCube offers a 24/7 Free Minecraft Server Hosting and here are some of its basic paid plans:

RAM Player Slots Price (per month)
768 MB 10 $2
1.5 GB 20 $5
3 GB 40 $10

Visit ScalaCube >>

7-Days Money-back Guarantee

What are the benefits of using faction servers in Minecraft?

Here are some of the benefits of using the best faction servers in Minecraft:

  • PVP interaction: Factions make player vs. player gameplay more engaging. You can declare war against another player and create a more competitive environment.
  • Custom plugins: Factions uses plugins and items to customize your Minecraft world. You can add new resources to your Minecraft World using these custom plugins.
  • Resource collection: Factions collect resources for expanding their bases. It leads to a more rewarding experience for gamers.

How to Install Factions Servers?

Installing factions is a two-part process as detailed below.

Part 1

At first, you need to reset your server files. Here are the steps to do it:

Step 1) Go to the menu option on the left-hand side and select <Reset Server Files>.

Step 2) Check the <All Server Files> box, and click <Reset Server>.

Step 3) Type “reset” on the box, and click <Reset server>.

It will delete every file from the server and reset it.

Part 2

Now, you can proceed with the installation process. Have a look at the steps:

Step 1) Go to the Game File section from the Server panel.

Step 2) Click the Dropdown menu and select Factions.

Step 3) Click on the <Change Version> to select the new version.

Step 4) Once you notice a prompt, you can use the included world.

Step 5) Restart the server to load the premade Faction.

How do you increase the Factions’ power?

Once you start playing factions on a server, you start gaining power. You start from zero but gain power with more time on the Faction server. You must remember that dying takes away a certain amount of power. So, be careful when you play and, try not to die.

How do Minecraft faction servers work?

Faction is a popular game type within Minecraft that lets you create a base with other players. You can challenge players, raid them, and engage in one-to-one duels.

Your ultimate goal is to become the most powerful entity on the top Minecraft Factions servers. Players use different strategies in faction game mode to protect their base from attackers. How well you protect your base forms the rest of the game.


Here are the rules that you must follow while playing on the best Minecraft Faction servers:

  • You can trap and TP kill players in both claimed and unclaimed lands.
  • You cannot give inappropriate faction names, or you may get banned from the server.
  • The faction server provider will remove you if you remain inactive for 7 days at a stretch.
  • You cannot patch or build cannons in the wilderness.
  • Raiding any faction on the server is not allowed.

Here are some tips and tricks for the best Minecraft Factions servers:

  • You can visit the Factions webpage to learn about the commands and other associated features.
  • Always make sure your Faction possesses less land than the total power. Try to keep yourself above 0.
  • You can move to factions to gain experience before launching your own faction.
  • In order to make it more challenging to raid, you can claim several chunks in every direction from the base. Also, do have a buffer with at least one chunk.

The power of the Faction is equivalent to the total number of players within the Faction multiplied by 500. If a faction loses power, the more powerful opponent can claim land.


To summarize, here are our 3 top picks based on overall performance and features:

  • APEX: Arguably one of the best Minecraft faction servers available, APEX is known for its fast and glitch-free performance.
  • Shockbyte: With Shockbyte, you get all the best features like 100% uptime, mod support, effective DDoS protection, and more. It is also more affordable than its competitors.
  • BisectHosting: This Minecraft Faction server has an intuitive and customized control panel, premier global server locations, and low latency for uninterrupted gameplay.

Best Faction Servers Minecraft: Top Picks!

#1 Best Overall

#2 Top Pick

Hosting Provider Apex Hosting Shockbyte BisectHosting NodeCraft
MinimumRAM 2 GB 2 GB 1 GB 2 GB
Preconfigured Plugins WorldEdit, Factions, Essentials, etc. Not offered Craftbukkit, Spygot, etc. Not offered
Auto-backup Yes Yes Yes Yes

Excellent – 4.8
Excellent – 4.5
Good – 4.3
Good – 4.2
Link Visit Apex Hosting Visit Shockbyte Visit BisectHosting Visit NodeCraft