6 Best FREE MongoDB Hosting Providers (2023)

Choosing the best free MongoDB hosting service can be a challenge. If you mistakenly go for the wrong hosting service, you might end up having your software unsupported.

In addition, you might get poor tech support and high downtime for your website. That can all lead to a bad reputation for your business.

On the other hand, the ideal service provider can help you grow your business steadily by preventing intrusion and providing around-the-clock tech support. Hence, it’s important to choose the right MongoDB hosting service provider that caters to the specific needs of your business.

We’ve researched dozens of free MongoDB hosting services to outline the best free providers in the market. Here’s an overall look.
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Best Free MongoDB Hosting Services Company

#1 Best Overall

#2 Top Pick

Provider A2hosting Hostinger Atlas DigitalOcean
Shared or Dedicated Shared VPS Dedicated, Shared, Serverless Dedicated
Free Storage No Yes Yes Yes
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes

Excellent – 4.8
Excellent – 4.5
Good – 4.3
Good – 4.2
Link Visit A2 Hosting Visit Hostinger Visit Atlas Visit DigitalOcean

Best Free MongoDB Hosting Service Providers

Here’s a list of the top six platforms to choose from:

1) A2 Hosting

Best for Both Beginners and Experts

A2hosting is the go-to option if you want a flexible and powerful platform. It offers unmanaged servers and a myriad of affordable resources.

A2hosting offers you turbo speed thanks to its servers that run 20 times faster than average similar services. In addition, this platform uses SSD storage, which is much faster than traditional HDD storage.

A2hosting constantly upgrades its hardware and software stack, increasing its reliability. This provider boosts its servers’ performance and reliability by offering several instances for each type of database. It helps you prevent incompatibility problems.

With A2hosting, you can select the PHP version you prefer. Accordingly, you can mix and match old and recent versions of PHP.


  • Guru Crew: A2hosting’s Guru Crew is a friendly and knowledgeable support team available through phone, email, and live chat day and night.
  • Easy to use Dashboard: It allows you to manage the servers through its easy-to-navigate user dashboard.
  • DDoS protection: It offers free Hackscan and DDoS protection.
  • Malware scanning: It performs advanced malware scanning and proactively takes corrective action in case of an issue.
  • SSH access: For backup, it provides SSH access and daily backups.


  • It provides NVMe storage.
  • The servers are unmanaged, which makes them flexible
  • It offers several fast turbo-speed servers.
  • It allows full root access that gives you total administrative control.
  • You can get Webuzo for free.


  • You should pay extra fees to use the control panel.
  • It doesn’t offer a free domain name


A2hosting offers four plans to cater to different needs. Fortunately, they all come with a money-back guarantee.

Plan Price Per Month Price Per Year RAM Transfer Storage
Runway 1 $5.99 $2.99 1 GB 0.5 TB 20 GB SSD
Runway 2 $11.99 $7.99 2 GB 2 TB 75 GB SSD
Runway 4 $16.99 $9.99 4 GB 3 TB 150 GB SSD

Key Specs:

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes- 30 Days
Uptime: 99.95%
Free SSL certificate: Yes
Database hosting options: MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, phpMyAdmin, and cockorachDB

Visit A2 Hosting >>

2) Hostinger

Best for Beginners

Hostinger first came to life in 2004 in Kaunas, Lithuania. It offers self-managed VPS hosting servers. In addition to shared hosting, this MongoDB hosting company provides VPS, cloud hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Hostinger utilizes the most powerful Intel Xeon processors. Moreover, you get the best performance for medium and large businesses with plenty of RAM and SSD storage space. You get full control over your private server via full root access.

This platform offers you a swift website loading time. You may also customize your VPS hosting to suit all your needs, allowing you to track resources in real time.

Hostinger also offers a dedicated IPv6 infrastructure, which minimizes latency, blacklisting, and general network issues.



  • Servers: Hostinger provides semi-managed servers that come with a preinstalled control panel
  • Support services: It offers full support around the clock via live chat.
  • NFS: This cheapest Mongodb hosting platform offers snapshots, backups, and NFS (Network File System) support.
  • DDOS protection: Provides you with advanced DDoS protection and full-stack server protection powered by BitNinja
  • Analyze network traffic: Employs an AI firewall that uses advanced machine-learning techniques that help you analyze network traffic and block malicious attacks.
  • Easy switching: Hostinger is easy to use. With both cPanel and WHM, you can manage your server by freely switching between these two modes.
  • User Friendly: It’s user-friendly and easily navigable for beginners.


  • It offers plenty of plans to cater to different needs and budgets
  • It provides multilingual customer support, which makes it easy to get help
  • You can get NFS support with this provider.
  • The control panel is built in, so you don’t need to pay extra fees.


  • This platform doesn’t offer VPS hosting for Windows
  • No plan provides unlimited storage


Here are some of the plans to choose from according to your business needs:

Plan Monthly Fee VCPU(Cores) RAM(GB) SSD Storage(GB) Multi-Core Geekbench Score Bandwidth(TB) Inode Limit
VPS 1 $3.99 1 1 20 60 1 1,310,720
VPS 2 $5.99 2 2 40 991 2 2,621,440
VPS 3 $7.99 3 3 60 1407 3 3,932,160
VPS 4 $10.99 4 4 80 1770 4 5,242,880

Key Specs:

Customer Support: 24/7 customer support
Data Centers: Multiple VPS servers in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Singapore, and Lithuania
Supported Operating System (OS): Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Suse)
Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
Uptime: 99% Uptime Guarantee
Free SSL certificate: Yes
Database hosting options: Nameservers, MongoDB, PHP, MySQL, and FTP.
Pay As you go model: No

Visit Hostinger >>

3) Atlas

Best for Automated Infrastructure Management

MongoDB Atlas is a fully-managed global cloud database. It offers you two main services 1) Atlas Developers Data Platform

and 2) Enterprise Advanced Self-Managed Database and Services

That way, it’s both a fully managed platform for beginners and an unmanaged solution with full root access to give you control over your cloud database service.

This free hosting MongoDB platform is ideal for modern applications as it allows you to save your data in a JSON-like format that resembles objects in application codes.

With global clouds on Azure, AWS, and GCP, you’re covered in over 80 regions. Thanks to its multi-region and multi-cloud deployment, you may even target the regions or servers that work best for your users.

MongoDB Atlas is a reliable provider which offers 99.99% uptime and best-in-class automation. This company promises wide compliance, scalability, and availability.

Atlas can cater to any workload with many data products that facilitate and accelerate building data for different applications. It allows you to use a common API to serve any workload.

In addition, there’s a bidirectional sync between Realm and Atlas. That allows you to increase cloud backend to mobile devices and edge.

MongoDB Atlas


  • Low maintenance: Atlas requires low maintenance as it automatically manages data backups and replications, which makes it easy for beginners.
  • Monitor and analyze data: It gives you full control over your data, allowing you to monitor and analyze your work.
  • Monitoring dashboard: Even if you’re offline, the monitoring dashboard sends you warnings for any issue while fixing it at the same time.
  • Automatic installation: Atlas performs an automatic installation and configuration of MongoDB clusters when you boot for the first time.
  • Configure database clusters: Employs preconfigured scripts to configure database clusters and MongoLab


  • It’s user-friendly software.
  • Atlas provides around-the-clock support with its strong support team
  • It performs automatic backups to help you keep your data to face any problem.
  • Atlas doesn’t automatically delete data, which means you won’t lose your information.
  • The platform shows high scalability.


  • Atlas doesn’t allow you to download a direct copy of your data.
  • It doesn’t support viewing more than 150 entries without Mongo Shell, so you need to install additional software


MongoDB Atlas offers highly affordable services. It gives you options that include:

Plan/Feature Serverless Dedicated Shared
Price $0.10 per 1 million reads $57 per month Free
Storage Up to 1 TB Up to 4 TB per shared Up to 5 GB
RAM RAM scales seamlessly to meet your workload Up to 768 GB per shard Shared
Elastic Scalability Yes Yes No
Diagnostic and performance optimization tools Yes, with Limited Support Yes Yes, with Limited Support
Admin API Yes Yes Limited Support for M2/M5 Clusters

Key Specs:

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes – 30 Days
Uptime: 99.99%
Free SSL certificate: Yes
Database hosting options: MongoDB
Pay As you go model: Yes!

Link: https://www.mongodb.com/cloud/atlas/lp/try4

4) DigitalOcean

Reasonable Pricing and Beginner Friendly

Digital Ocean is a simple and scalable MongoDB hosting platform. It fully manages updates, scaling, security, and backups. That way, you can focus on your apps and forget about all the management hassle.

This free Mongo hosting is an infrastructure-as-a-service platform (IAAS). Thus, it allows you to build high-performance apps.

Further, Digital Ocean has a partnership with MongoDB, allowing you to keep up with the latest MongoDB updates.

These versions are highly enhanced with several features. For instance, it provides swift drivers, hedged reads, and 100% dedicated vCPUs.

Digital Ocean


  • Minimize networking issues: Digital Ocean performs automatic updates to keep your clusters secure and stable, which helps minimize networking issues you may face.
  • Free daily backups: It also offers free daily backups for all your clusters and seven-day point-in-time recovery. Thus, you guarantee that your work is never lost.
  • Standby nodes: This platform offers standby nodes that work if your primary nodes fail, increasing the availability and uptime of your website.
  • Scales clusters on demand: This hosting provider scales clusters on demand to easily handle any traffic, making it suitable for large-scale data.
  • Simple interface: Digital Ocean features a simple interface that makes it easy for users to navigate.


  • Digital Ocean allows you to add resources on the go, such as memory and storage.
  • It’s user-friendly and suitable for beginners.
  • It features a powerful API to automate repetitive tasks, so you don’t need to worry about mundane tasks.
  • You can rely on this platform for big data projects.
  • It lets you create multiple VPCs at no additional cost.


  • It doesn’t support email services, so you need an additional software tool.
  • It charges you even for disabled instances.


Digital Ocean offers a variety of services that cater to different business needs. Prices vary according to the mix you’ll choose. For instance, you can add droplets or Kubernetes to your package.

Here’s an idea about the prices of basic MongoDB hosting on this platform:

Plan Number Price per Hour Price per Month Memory vCPUs Disk Additional Nodes
1 $0.02232 $15 1 GB 1 15 GB 0
2 $0.06696 $45 1 GB 1 15 GB 2
3 $0.04464 $30 2 GB 1 34 GB 0
4 0.13392 $90 2 GB 1 34 GB 2

Key Specs:

Money-Back Guarantee: No
Uptime: 99.99%
Free SSL certificate: Yes
Database hosting options: MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Pay As you go model: Yes

Visit DigitalOcean >>

5) ScaleGrid

Allows You to Host Your Personal Cloud Account

ScaleGrid is a fully managed database-as-a-server platform (DBaaS). Thus, it allows you to work on your applications and leave the management hassle for its experts.

It is one of the best MongoDB hosting provider platforms and supports several database types, including MongoDB. It allows you to use replicated or independent servers. In addition, it enables you to bring your own cloud or use a dedicated cloud.

ScaleGrid features a super easy-to-use interface. It’s ideal for first-time users or those who aren’t familiar with MongoDB. In fact, it allows you to set up a MongoDB database in minutes. This platform also supports several languages. That makes it even easier to use for people across the globe.



  • Convert your database: This platform allows you to convert your database from one format to another, facilitating your move from other platforms.
  • Virtual Machines: ScaleGrid allows you to create Virtual Machines (VMs) on the go.
  • Split your VMs: It also enables you to split your VMs into smaller ones that enhance resource allocation.
  • Dynamically allocate the resources: It helps developers maximize their servers by allowing them to dynamically allocate the resources of their RAM and CPU.


  • ScaleGrid allows you to easily use, set up, and transfer your data.
  • This platform provides you with extra strong security to protect your data.
  • It offers you the best support with its strong support team.
  • It’s ideal for first-time users.


  • It can get cluttered with too much data, making it difficult to use for larger projects.
  • This provider is pricier than the other ones in the market.


This MongoDB hosting provider has plenty of plans for dedicated hosting.

Plan Core RAM (GB) Storage (GB) Monthly Price
Nano 1 1 18 $18
Micro 1 2 30 $44
Small 2 4 60 $93
Medium 4 8 140 $168

Key Specs:

Money-Back Guarantee: No
Uptime: 99.99%
Free SSL certificate: Yes
Database hosting options: MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
Pay As you go model: Yes.

Link: https://scalegrid.io/mongodb/

6) AWS

Unlimited Server Capacity With a Multitude of Tools

AWS is Amazon DocumentDB with MongoDB compatibility. It’s a fully managed JSON document database solution for any traffic size.

It’s cost-efficient and has built-in security and integration with other AWS services. Amazon Document DB doesn’t share MongoDB’s source code. Instead, it has cloned MongoDB version 3.6 after rebuilding it as a cloud source to solve scalability issues faced by customers.

With a service level agreement (SLA), AWS offers you 99.99% availability. It distributes Amazon DocumentDB instances over three availability zones (AZs).That way, whenever the primary node fails, another healthy node in the cluster automatically takes over. Thus, you get no downtime.



  • Independent management and scalability: AWS deals with computing and storage capabilities separately. That ensures their independent management and scalability.
  • Scales up with the growth: Amazon DocumentDB scales up with the growth of your data to reach up to 64 TB.
  • Fast access: AWS is a reliable platform that grants you fast access to your content management system (CMS).
  • Scales with traffic growth: No matter how large your business gets, AWS offers high availability as it scales with traffic growth.


  • Amazon DocumentDB allows you twice the throughput of MongoDB
  • Works with any workload with no downtime
  • Offers plenty of reliable and flexible solutions
  • Combines the strengths of Amazon DocumentDB and MongoDB, which results in high speed and cost-efficiency
  • Performs all security and upgrading tasks for you


  • Amazon DocumentDB’s aggregation is limited to 500
  • Amazon DocumentDB doesn’t support the Decimal128 data type and case-insensitive indices.


Interestingly, AWS doesn’t have a set list of prices. Instead, it allows you to pay as you go. Thus, you only pay for what you get.

With AWS, you don’t require licenses or contracts. You can stop payment the minute you stop using their services with no termination fees.

Key Specs:

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes – 7 days
Uptime: 99.99%
Free SSL certificate: Yes
Database hosting options: NoSQL, MongoDB
Pay As you go model: Yes.

Link: https://aws.amazon.com/partners/mongodb/


MongoDB is a document-oriented database. It’s available across platforms and classified as NoSQL database software. It uses JSON-like documents with optional schemas. It falls under the Server Side Public License.

MongoDB offers fast and well-organized solutions for your big data projects. It’s ideal for building business and internet applications that you expect to grow and scale fast. In other words, it supports rapid development.

To take advantage of the benefits of MongoDB hosting, you need to subscribe to a reliable service provider. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1) Choose the hosting service provider that suits your need and budget

Step 2) Pick the plan that fits your business needs

Step 3) Try it for free (if that’s an option)

Step 4) Subscribe and pay the fee

Following are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a MongoDB hosting platform:

  • Availability: How available is the platform to use
  • Scalability: How big of a project can it handle
  • Security features: Is it secure enough for your data?
  • Automation: Does it save you time by automating time-consuming processes?
  • Management and control: How much grasp does the platform give you over your data?
  • User-friendliness: Is it easy to use, or will it waste time?
  • Customer support: Does the customer support section solve your issues or leave you hanging?

Best Free MongoDB Hosting Services Company

#1 Best Overall

#2 Top Pick

Provider A2hosting Hostinger Atlas DigitalOcean
Shared or Dedicated Shared VPS Dedicated, Shared, Serverless Dedicated
Free Storage No Yes Yes Yes
Free Trial Yes Yes Yes Yes

Excellent – 4.8
Excellent – 4.5
Good – 4.3
Good – 4.2
Link Visit A2 Hosting Visit Hostinger Visit Atlas Visit DigitalOcean


A2hosting, Hostinger, Atlas, and ScaleGrid, are currently the best free MondoDP hosting services. The services they provide are marginally different, but they are all built on the same idea.

Also, remember that none of these programs is the absolute best. That’s because the best one for your business and budget may not be the same for somebody else.

In short, go through the features, pros and cons, and pricing plans, then decide which works for your business.