Best RL Craft Server Hosting in 2024

RLCraft is a popular modpack for Minecraft Sandbox Game. Using RLCraft, create different objects and scenarios. Challenge your friends in a multiplayer gaming environment. A dedicated RLCraft hosting server gives you a better gameplay experience. It ensures lag-free performance, more player slots, enhanced security, and many more features.

You must be careful when choosing a Minecraft RLCraft server hosting provider. Since, with a poor hosting service will experience poor performance, high downtime, few functionalities and limited customer support. Accordingly, we have spent endless hours to review and study different RLCraft server hosting platforms. After reviewing these platforms, we have gained solid insight into their capabilities, potential, and nuances that helped make a few picks. Please go through our review of these hosting providers to have a better understanding.
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Top Pick
Apex Hosting

Apex is one of the most trusted RL Craft Server hosting providers available. Apex RLCraft servers provide ultra-low latency rates due to the availability of data centers in different regions globally.

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Best RLCraft Server Hosting (Free & paid)

#1 Best Overall

Apex Hosting

#2 Top Pick


BisectHosting Akliz
Hosting Provider Apex Hosting Shockbyte BisectHosting Akliz
Maximum RAM 16 GB 16 GB 48 GB 24 GB
Maximum Players Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Trial/Refund Policy 7-Day money-back guarantee 3-Day money-back guarantee 3-Day money-back guarantee 7-Day money-back guarantee

Excellent – 4.8
Excellent – 4.5
Good – 4.3
Good – 4.2
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1) Apex Hosting

Apex is one of the most trusted RL Craft Server hosting providers available. It hosts Minecraft and other game servers of different sizes. The control panel allows different personalization facilities.

With its simple interface, you can easily install and play RLCraft mods for your Minecraft game. You can use the interface to access the console, make file changes, and add plugins easily.

Apex Hosting


  • Bespoke Control Panel: Control your Minecraft server and manage the game files with the easy-to-use, bespoke control panel. Using this control panel, you not only control the server but can also change the game versions. You can also closely observe the game performance of your Minecraft server.
  • Solid Configuration: The Ex Series comes with Ryzen 9 5900X 4.8 GHz (US & EU), 16GB DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSDs, 4 Dedicated vCores, and free dedicated IP. This configuration is ideal for large communities and demanding servers.
  • Straightforward Setup: Apex hosting servers provide a straightforward automatic setup process. Once the payment is successful, Apex Hosting offers instant setup of your gaming server.
  • Low Latency Rate: Apex RLCraft servers provide ultra-low latency rates due to the availability of data centers in different regions globally. Apex has data centers in places like Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, etc. Choosing the data center closest to your location will provide you with the best ping to ensure a lag-free Minecraft experience.
  • Maps: With Apex hosting, you can access different types of maps. You may even generate a new map with any of your desired seeds. You can also download maps or use the premade worlds for the available game types.


  • Lyncanites Mob adds up to 100 new entities.
  • MySQL database is available with all the plans.
  • Assures 99.9% uptime.


  • Server loading gets stuck when a mod is removed.

Pricing: Here are a few pricing options for the Apex RLCraft Hosting server:

Ram Price
2 GB $4.99
3 GB $7.49
4 GB $9.99

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7-Day Money-back Guarantee

2) Shockbyte

Shockbyte is a reliable game server hosting provider with high security and impressive features. It supports all RLCraft mod packs for Minecraft games to create a more challenging gameplay experience.

You can add custom mod packs to your Minecraft server from the control panel. Shockbyte RLCraft server hosting plans guarantee zero lags on gameplay, assured DDoS protection, and prompt customer support.



  • All Versions Support: Shockbyte supports every version of Minecraft servers like Forge, Spigot, Vanilla Minecraft, etc. Alternatively, you will also have support for Bedrock Edition servers to add more features to your gameplay.
  • Guaranteed Uptime: You get 100% assurance on uptime performance. Your RLCraft game server will remain active and accessible without any uptime failure.
  • Supports Customization: Shockbyte offers wide-scaled customization options. It comes with Forge & Fabric mod loaders. Consider using them to customize your Minecraft game environment to challenge the opponents.
  • MultiMC Modpacks: With MultiMC support, you can alter the runtime option of the Java server. This open-source Minecraft launcher lets you enjoy different instances of the game with personalized RLCraft mod packs, saves, and textures. Create any amount of modpack instances for your Minecraft game.
  • Vanilla Server Support: You get full Vanilla server support to host your RLCraft mod packs for Minecraft. It is best to install the customized version of Vanilla to make it easily accessible.


  • Multicraft Control Panel for users to have total game control.
  • Provides latest Intel XEON CPUs and DDR4 ECC RAM.
  • Easy to turn whitelists on/off.


  • Dirt Plan features only 1 GB of RAM.
  • Date/Time adjustment must be done for both the server and the gaming device.

Pricing: Here are some of the pricing plans of Shockbyte:

Plan Name RAM Slots Price/month
Dirt 1 GB 8+ $2.50
Sand 2 GB 16+ $5.00
Cobblestone 3 GB 30+ $7.50

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3-Day Money-back Guarantee

3) BisectHosting

BisectHosting is second on our list of best servers for RL Craft Hosting. With this hosting provider, you get RLCraft popular mods integrated with Minecraft game servers. They offer full FTP access, automated backups, free modpack installation, and instant setup to meet the needs of gamers.

BisectHosting supports different versions of Minecraft with more than 2,000 modpacks preinstalled. Additionally, the provider also promises a 3-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their server performance.



  • Personalized Control Panel: The customized control panel allows you to install a plugin or change the server settings. This intuitive panel lets you add or remove players, insert modpacks, or edit the configurations.
  • Effective Backup: Your gameplay settings are secured and never lost with a 7-day automatic backup facility. Alternatively, BisectHosting also provides three custom slots for regular backup.
  • Instance Manager: With the Instance Manager, you can switch between modpacks and servers. This feature helps you manage different game versions easily and fast.
  • NVMe SSDs: BisectHosting RLCraft servers use unlimited NVMe SSD storage to transfer more data. It also takes less time to load your game world.
  • Adjustable Slots: You can adjust the slots on the BisectHosting Minecraft server. Include or remove the players as per your requirement. Adjusting the player slots can be done from the Control Panel.


  • Does not limit CPU power on the game server.
  • Easy to relocate the server after purchase.
  • The Minecraft servers are protected against DDoS attacks at no additional cost.


  • Only 5 global locations are available under the Budget Plan.
  • At most, 5 instances are covered.

Pricing: A few of the basic pricing plans of BisectHosting Minecraft Server:

RAM Price
4 GB $19.96
5 GB $24.95
6 GB $29.94

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3-Day Money-back Guarantee

4) Akliz

Akliz is another popular choice when looking for a reliable RLCraft server host. It lets you set up RLCraft modpacks on your Minecraft server within seconds.

The installation process for this game host server is easy and less time-consuming. With strong hardware and flexible configuration, you get total control over the server.



  • Multiple Servers: Akliz allows you to create multiple servers. For each server you create, you can have a separate set of worlds, modpack installed, and configuration.
  • Exclusive Control Panel: This Minecraft game server hosting provider includes a premium control panel to edit game files, monitor game performance, and upload modpacks. Also known as the Command Center, the control panel can interact in real time with the game server.
  • Unlimited Players: You can have unlimited players added to your game server. Henceforth, you can now include as many friends as you want for your Minecraft game with RLCraft mod packs integrated.
  • Strong Hardware: Akliz Minecraft servers have powerful processors with high clock speed, ECC memory, and NVMe SSDs.
  • Automatic Backup: These servers provide automatic backups every 12 hours. As a result, your creations stay safe during server failures, accidental shutdowns, etc.


  • Provides support for 528+ modpacks.
  • You can switch between original Minecraft as well as RLCraft-based games.
  • Servers are located in different international hotspots.


  • Cannot edit IP Port and Query Port.
  • Adventurer Tier Plan only provides 1 active server.

Pricing: Akliz offers different Minecraft server hosting plans. Here are some of the pricing options:

Plan RAM Total Server Active Server Price/month
Adventurer Tier starting price 2 GB 2 1 $8
Hero starting price 4 GB 4 2 $20
Titan Tier starting price 6 GB 6 3 $24
Super OP 24 GB 24 12 $96

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7-Day Money-back Guarantee

5) ServerMiner

You can play like a pro and cross different levels of RLCraft mod packs using ServerMiner. It lets you install the RLCraft mods to make your Minecraft game more exciting.

This reliable Minecraft server hosting provider assures unparalleled game performance. It also comes with uninterrupted FTP access, guaranteed uptime, and one-click installation.



  • Auto-update Server: With auto-update facility, you will never have to worry about new version installation. ServerMiner will automatically update the server when a new version update is available.
  • Instant Server: Once you make the payment, it will take no more than 30 seconds to create your game server. You can start accessing and managing the server without any restrictions.
  • Impressive Configuration: ServerMiner comes with a very powerful hardware configuration. The CPU clock speed ranges between 4-5 GHz, 65 GB maximum RAM support, and NIC at 500 mbps/1 gbps.
  • CurseForge Modpacks: Any CurseForge modpack can be installed in a ServerMiner Minecraft game server. Visit the Curse website to pick any available modpacks and install them through the Control Panel.
  • Switch between Mods: You may switch from one modpack to another anytime. You can create an unlimited world size. When switching between mods, the associated worlds are not affected or deleted.


  • Option to upload your mods without any modpack.
  • Support for 50,000+ modpacks.
  • 50 GB disk space with the option to customize.


  • Some lag with Minecraft 1.13.X update.

Pricing: Some of the pricing plans for ServerMiner are listed below:

Plan Name RAM Players Price
Stone 1.5 GB 15 $7.58
Coal 2.0 GB 20 $9.89
Lapis 3.0 GB 30 $14.66

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14-Days Money-back Guarantee

Why own RLCraft Server Hosting?

You have total control once you own a dedicated RLCraft server. With this dedicated server, you can customize the gameplay and control the settings accordingly.

A dedicated RLCraft server hosting plan lets you define game rules, manage users, install mods, and more features.

How to select the Best RLCraft Server Hosting Provider

  • While there are numerous Minecraft Server hosting providers for RLCraft modpacks available, you need to make a choice carefully.
  • When looking at options, focus on your requirements and affordability. Look at the server specifications and see whether they match your needs.
  • Review information available at different gaming communities, forums, and websites. Compare the features and pricing of different game server hosts.
  • Check whether different RLCraft modpacks are supported by these servers or not. Focus on the server locations and support. Concentrate on the refund policy and security options.

Minimum RLCraft Server Hosting Requirements

If you plan to run RLCraft modpacks on your Minecraft Server, here are the minimum rlcraft server requirements:

  • CPU: If using INTEL, the i5 processors. If using AMD, then Ryzen processors.
  • RAM: 3-4 GB.
  • Operating System: LINUX, UBUNTU, or CENTOS.
  • Storage: SSD.
  • Internet: High-speed connectivity.
  • Java: Oracle JAVA or OpenJDK.

How to install RL Craft on a hosting server?

Apex, a popular game hosting platform, makes it easy to install RLCraft on its Minecraft server. Here is a step-by-step process to install RLCraft on the Apex Minecraft server:

Step 1) Open the Apex hosting Control Panel and move the cursor to the JAR file section.

Step 2) On clicking the JAR file section, a drop-down menu will open.

Step 3) Look for RLCraft and select it.

Step 4) Once the prompt appears, create a new world to avoid data overlapping and other issues.

Step 5) Restart the server to load the RLCraft modpack.


Yes, it is possible to install extra MODs to your RLCraft Server. But before adding the MODs, verify whether your server supports additional MOD installation. In fact, RLCraft is a modpack for Minecraft.

Installing RLCraft modpack makes Minecraft gameplay a lot more challenging. To enhance more features in your gameplay, your server must be compatible with different MODs. Also, you must upload the MODs to the correct folder using the Control Panel.

You can customize the RLCraft settings from the Control Panel of your Minecraft game server. RLCraft offers a wide variety of customizations for a better gameplay experience. Include mods or remove players. You can customize these settings from the Control Panel.

Hosting RLCraft on a personal computer is simple and easy. Here are the steps:

Step 1) Download RLCraft on your PC.

Step 2) To store the RLCraft server files, create a separate folder.

Step 3) Install the RLCraft file you downloaded on your PC. Make sure you select the folder you just created for installation.

Step 4) Select the .jar file from the folder where you have installed the RLCraft modpack.

Step 5) Rename the .jar file as “custom.jar”.

Step 6) Move to the Server address folder and open “” on a text editor.

Step 7) Modify the server settings according to your RLCraft requirements, like total players, difficulty level, server name, etc.

Step 8) You are ready to launch the Minecraft server on your computer. Just go to “Multiplayer > Direct Connect” and then enter <localhost>. This is the server address for connecting you to the new server.

Step 9) To let other players connect to this new server, you must do port forwarding. Forward your RLCraft server port to your computer’s internal IP address. Once done, you can provide them with your public IP along with the server port.


RLCraft modpacks make your Minecraft game more interesting and fun. Review our 3 top picks when you search for the best Minecraft Server hosting providers:

  • Apex Hosting: Apex Minecraft server is a premium server for RLCraft hosting. It has hosted over 3, 00,000 Minecraft servers for both Bedrock and Java versions. Moreover, Apex comes with an intuitive control panel, solid configuration, and updated security.
  • BisectHosting: BisectHosting is another popular choice for a reliable RLCraft server host. The best part about BisectHosting is the customized control panel that allows gamers to control different aspects of the game. Additionally, it also offers unlimited player slots and free modpacks for installation.
  • Shockbyte: Shockbyte lets you create customized plans. It also offers unlimited storage, simple installation, and easy version-switching. Gamers will love using this feature-rich and secured Minecraft server.

Best RLCraft Server Hosting (Free & paid)

#1 Best Overall

Apex Hosting

#2 Top Pick


BisectHosting Akliz
Hosting Provider Apex Hosting Shockbyte BisectHosting Akliz
Maximum RAM 16 GB 16 GB 48 GB 24 GB
Maximum Players Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Trial/Refund Policy 7-Day money-back guarantee 3-Day money-back guarantee 3-Day money-back guarantee 7-Day money-back guarantee

Excellent – 4.8
Excellent – 4.5
Good – 4.3
Good – 4.2
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