7 Best DNS Servers for Gaming 2024 (Fastest)

There are certain DNS (domain name system) servers used for gaming. These servers are optimized to meet the gaming requirements of the user. A reliable DNS server for gaming offers low latency, high speed, and high uptime. Always stay away from gaming servers that do not promise consistency. They may be vulnerable to DDoS threats and frequent DNS resolution failures.

After experimenting with several DNS gaming servers, we have listed the top picks. These DNS servers meet our expectations regarding high privacy, top-notch security, uninterrupted connectivity, and multiple configuration options. Please read our review to learn what they offer.

Top Pick

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network that uses domain name systems to easily navigate gaming devices. It protects all DNS requests automatically, with the same encryption and tunneling protocols as all your other online activity.

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Top Fastest DNS Servers for Gaming (Free / Paid)

Provider Primary DNS Secondary DNS Security Link
Cloudflare FWaaS, SSL/TLS, API Shield, BOT management, DDoS, WAF, etc. Learn More
Google Public DNS Encrypted transport protocols, DNS over HTTPS, and DNS over TLS. Learn More
OpenDNS Filtering the web content at the individual domain level. Learn More
Quad9 Blocks malware, fraud resistance, etc. Learn More
Gcore CDN DDoS-resilient infrastructure across the globe, protects your privacy and provides quick responses. Learn More
ExpressVPN 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, and DNS/IPv6 leak protection Learn More

1) Cloudflare

Cloudflare DNS is one of the fastest DNS servers for gaming. This enterprise-level DNS service promises unparalleled redundancy, fast response time, and easy configuration. It also comes integrated with DNSSEC and DDoS mitigation options.

Whether you are a casual or a pro gamer, this DNS service ensures your gaming experience is enjoyable. It may be the user-friendly interface, adult-content blocks, privacy, or encrypted connections. Cloudflare DNS impresses with its all-round performance.

Cloudflare Public IP Cloudflare Public Address
IPv4 Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IPv6 Primary DNS:  2606:4700:4700::1112
Secondary DNS: 2606:4700:4700::1002



  • Advanced security: The Cloudflare Advanced Security feature comes integrated with DNSSEC and DDoS mitigation to ensure maximum safety against DNS attacks. All your personal data is encrypted under the latest encryption policy as a necessary safety measure.
  • Safeguard from DNS attacks: Cloudflare offers built-in DDoS protection and one-click DNSSEC to ensure your applications are always safeguarded from DNS attacks.
  • Locations: This DNS server comes with an expanded server capacity and global coverage over 100+ countries. Such coverage allows gamers to have uninterrupted gameplay no matter where they are located.
  • DNS lookup speed: Offering an average lookup speed of 11ms. On the other hand, the worldwide DNS propagation it offers is less than five seconds.


  • Allows up to 15 requests per second.
  • Quickly identifies if you’re interacting with a suspicious or malicious web property.
  • Scans malware engines to identify potential threats.


  • Collecting domain and other IP address data might raise privacy concerns for some users.

Pricing: Basic plan is available for Free. Premium paid plans start at $20 per month, billed annually.

Link: https://www.cloudflare.com/application-services/products/dns/

2) OpenDNS

OpenDNS is a good DNS server for gaming. It protects the system against security threats like Phishing, malware, etc. As a result, you can enjoy lag-free performance even on high-demand servers and multi-player gaming modes.

You can also use OpenDNS to block certain categories of content and websites. Listed among the fastest DNS servers for gaming, OpenDNS is trusted by gamers for its stable performance and high security.

OpenDNS Public IP OpenDNS Public Address
IPv4 Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IPv6 Primary DNS: 2620:119:35::35
Secondary DNS: 2620:119:53::53



  • Content filtering: You can filter and manage website content online using the OpenDNS admin privileges. This helps the computers connected to a specific network and inherit the same settings.
  • Auto-configuration: OpenDNS comes with auto-configuration of certain security parameters. Once the DNS server is configured, it will block any end-user from accessing Phishing and threat websites.
  • Adult-Content Protection: The Family Shield is an advanced feature of OpenDNS that restricts adult content. This feature is the fastest way to safeguard kids from accessing adult websites online.
  • Customized security settings: You can modify the security features as needed. Such customized security setups are perfect for the creation and management of the networks.


  • It can work on any device, like game consoles, DVRs, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  • Extremely fast and reliable internet connectivity.
  • It takes minimum effort and time to set up OpenDNS.


  • OpenDNS cannot block TOR.

Pricing: Free plans are available. Paid plans are available from $19.95 per year.

Link: https://www.opendns.com

3) Google Public DNS

Google Public DNS is one of the best DNS servers for gaming and is available for free. It can speed up your overall browsing experience and its team accepts bug reports.

This DNS server is considered to be the largest public domain name system provider globally. With Google DNS server, you can have a secure gaming experience with faster connectivity across different domain systems.

Google Public DNS Public IP Google Public DNS Public Address
IPv4 Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IPv6 Primary DNS:  2001:4860:4860::8888
Secondary DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8844

Google Public DNS


  • Faster DNS Lookup: Google Public DNS assures faster DNS lookup times. It provisions an adequate number of servers to manage load from different traffic. Additionally, Google DNS manages load-balancing part effortlessly to improve the overall rate of cache hits across the server clusters.
  • Auto-detection of ECS: This free DNS service auto-detects the ECS support using an IP address instead of a DNS zone or name server hostname. Google will send DNS queries if a server sends no ECS responses.
  • Secured DNS transports: This is one of the better alternate DNS options that supports DoT (DNS over TLS) and DoH (DNS over HTTPS). In this process, Google uses DNS64 DNS settings, not the basic DNS.Google option.
  • DDoS protection: Google Public DNS offers one of the easiest ways to secure your server against all types of DDoS attacks. Such tight protection prevents hackers from redirecting users to malicious domains.


  • The dual caching option makes it one of the best DNS servers near me.
  • This domain service provider offers support for different encrypted transport protocols.
  • ECS or EDNS client subnet is supported that forwards clients’ location to the name server.


  • The latency rate can improve compared to other DNS servers available locally.

Pricing: Free to avail.

Link: https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns

4) Quad9

Quad9 is a free DNS gaming server provider. This gaming server offers top-rated privacy to gamers. It is also extremely secure, ensuring full protection from any malicious sites. If a hostname is to be a threat, Quad9 will immediately block any request from it.

This free DNS server for gaming can generate an updated list of threats within a few seconds. It blocks any malicious site lookup while your computer uses the DNS for different internet transactions. This entire approach is necessary to improve the overall performance of the gaming.

Quad9 Public IP Quad9 Public Address
IPv4 Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IPv6 Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:



  • Threat Blocking: It effectively blocks threats and phishing bots from domains, preventing your system from falling prey to hacker attacks. As a result, gamers will experience a secure platform while playing.
  • Maintains Data Privacy: Quad9 does not retain any personal data. You need not have to sign any contract or open an account for this service. It never stores any IP addresses to ensure strong data privacy.
  • Anycast Systems: The servers are located in over 200 locations globally at Internet Exchange points. Anycast Systems ensures that queries are automatically moved to the closest operational system, resulting in faster troubleshoots.
  • Easy Setup: It is a straightforward process to configure and set up Quad9. You can follow the instructions provided and set up Quad9 in your operating system.


  • Quad 9 facilitates DNSSEC validation security on the primary server and resolvers.
  • A separate app for Android smartphone users helps simplify the configuration process.
  • It is one of the best free DNS servers that does not redirect in case of misspelled domain names.


  • Unable to block web trackers and advertisements.
  • It can only prevent those sites that use a DNS within their distributed network.

Pricing: Quad9 is completely free to use.

Link: https://www.quad9.net/

5) Gcore CDN

Gcore Public DNS is a free, fast, and secure DNS service that enhances your browsing experience and privacy. Designed with Anycast DNS infrastructure, Gcore Public DNS connects you to a global network of over 180 servers, minimizing query travel distance to reduce latency. Content is delivered swiftly, making it ideal for anyone who need quick response times. Gcore also offers fast and resilient DNS hosting, running over their global edge network.

Gcore Public IP Gcore Public Address
IPv4 Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IPv6 Primary DNS: 2a03:90c0:999d::1
Secondary DNS: 2a03:90c0:9992::1



  • Improves your web experience: Operates over a global edge network with 180+ points of presence (PoPs), offering an optimized browsing experience wherever you are.
  • Keeps your browsing private: Anonymizes query logs, stores them in a secure Luxembourg Tier IV data center compliant with EU laws, and ensures data is never transferred to third parties.
  • Delivers consistently excellent performance: Gcore Public DNS incorporates smart routing algorithms that dynamically determine the fastest and most efficient path for DNS queries. This technology adapts in real time to changes in network conditions so you always get the fastest possible response.
  • Protects you from cyberattacks: The Anycast network with 180+ nodes offers proven defense against even the largest DDoS attacks, maintaining uptime and reliability.


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • No sign-in required
  • Excellent speed and reliability
  • Zero personal data collection
  • GDPR compliance


  • No filtering options
  • No programmable access

Pricing: Gcore is completely free to use.

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6) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network that uses domain name systems to easily navigate gaming devices. ExpressVPN has private DNS servers that safely handle your DNS requests exclusively without keeping anyone in the loop.

The ExpressVPN app protects all DNS requests automatically, with the same encryption and tunneling protocols as all your other online activity.

ExpressVPN Public IP ExpressVPN Public Address
IPv4 Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IPv6 Does not support IPv6.



  • Large Server Network: ExpressVPN boasts a vast server network that spans across 105 countries. This extensive network provides numerous options for finding the fastest and most reliable connections. As such, you are always assured of getting the best performance that you need for professional gaming.
  • Built-in Speed Test Tool: For serious gamers, the difference between a win and a loss can be in the speed. ExpressVPN understands this and offers a built-in speed test tool. The tool helps identify the fastest available servers, without leaving the VPN client.
  • Strong Security: ExpressVPN doesn’t skimp on security. Even its free version includes AES-256 encryption, the industry standard. Such security ensures you’re your gaming data is safe from cyber-threats.
  • Supported Platforms: ExpressVPN supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, gaming consoles, PlayStation, and Wi-Fi routers.
  • Customer Support: I was able to contact ExpressVPN’s robust customer service via their 24/7 live chat. They resolved my issue instantly and users can also make use of their support page for queries.


  • Supports console gaming
  • Enables lag-free gaming with unlimited bandwidth
  • Access to gaming servers worldwide


  • Allows only 5 simultaneous connections per subscription

Pricing: Plans Start at 6.67/month.

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30-Days Money-Back Guarantee

7) OpenNic

If you are looking for an alternative DNS server for gaming, consider using OpenNic. This reliable DNS service option is peered with multiple DNS roots to access different namespaces from a single server.

With OpenNIC, online gamers will not have to worry about censored content. You will have access to unrated content, which promises a flawless experience.

OpenNic Public IP OpenNic Public Address
IPv4 Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IPv6 Primary DNS:  2620:119:35::35
Secondary DNS: 2620:119:53::53



  • DNS Decentralization: OpenNic offers DNS servers from different sources. Availing of this service minimizes the dependency on one centralized option like ICANN. As a result, uncensored game content becomes available to the gamers.
  • Choosing your DNS: You can select any DNS server as your preference. There is an option to filter your selection based on different levels of censorship resistance, privacy, and security.
  • Prevents DNS Hijacking: With OpenNic, you can prevent DNS hijacking. If you have accidentally typed the wrong web address, there is an option to prevent the server from visiting it. This option safeguards your server against any potential threats.
  • Emercoin partnership: OpenNic has partnered with the popular blockchain platform Emercoin. Since this platform supports numerous distributed network services, you can access different TLDs like .bazar, .lib, .emc, and .coin.
  • Free website creation: You can create your website from a wide range of available domain extensions offered for free.


  • It is one of the best free DNS servers that offer protocol filtering.
  • Can access namespaces for emerging countries from anywhere.
  • Experimental features allow users to try new options.


  • You cannot register arbitrary domains.

Pricing: OpenNic does not charge any money to use the DNS service. It is free of cost.

Link: https://www.opennic.org/

8) SafeDNS

SafeDNS is a content filtering service provider. It filters and protects the DNS settings for devices connected online. SafeDNS works online using AI to detect malicious websites and scripts and also categorizes domains automatically.

This tool helps network administrators and organizations. Additionally, gamers can enjoy a safe working environment as it restricts access to threats and malicious web content.

SafeDNS Public IP SafeDNS Public Address
IPv4 Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IPv6 Primary DNS: 2001:67c:2778::3939
Secondary DNS: 2001:67c:2778::3940



  • Blocks services: Using SafeDNS, you can block domains connected to a specific internet service provider. If an application is blocked, you cannot access the associated website. This tool ensures easy and safe access to DNS servers.
  • Filter the content: The cloud content filtering process provides an additional security layer at the network level. This feature also prevents gamers from accessing malicious content on devices connected to guest Wi-Fi and networks.
  • Scalable Anycast network: Considered one of the easiest and best DNS for gaming, SafeDNS is perfect for a scalable Anycast network that assures zero latency and fast response globally. It covers the entire world using Tier IV nodes to ensure stability even under difficult scenarios.
  • AI-categorization: DNS requests are categorized, and the database is updated regularly. This procedure uses AI with machine language integration to better analyze and process data from trusted resources.
  • Safe when roaming: Blocking anonymous requests and proxies prevents any bypass for software agents and cloud-based systems. This approach applies to any network. It even works behind the Network Address Translation.


  • Generate detailed reports of your network security-free.
  • Limit the internet connection usage using the Schedule Functionality.
  • Visually comprehensive reports of the domains visited.


  • App Blocker is not available on the Basic Plan.
  • Priority Phone Support only on the Pro+ Plan.

Pricing: A free trial is available. Paid plans start at $0.9 per month.

Link: https://www.safedns.com/features#id-dns-security

What is a DNS Server For Gaming?

The DNS servers listed can be used for different purposes. A primary and alternate DNS server for gaming is used exclusively to enhance the cloud-based multi-player gaming experience.

A good DNS server for gaming improves the response time and reduces the latency rate. Thus allowing gamers to experience zero disturbances when participating in fast-paced, high-end games over a competitive network.

How does DNS work?

DNS gaming servers work similarly to regular DNS servers. However, a primary DNS server for gaming will focus largely on optimizing the overall performance of the games when running on the server.

It uses the IP address of the domain and verifies its presence within the cache. The gamer can connect directly through the server if it finds the IP address within the cache. If the IP address is not present in the cache, it sends a query to find a DNS cache where the IP address is present.

Importance of DNS servers for gaming

DNS server for gaming enhances the overall gaming experience. A good DNS server may have several benefits for gamers. Have a look:

  • Better stability
  • Enhanced responsiveness
  • Superior cloud gaming experience
  • Faster resolution time
  • Optimized routing
  • Total privacy
  • Customization
  • Global accessibility

What factors should you consider when choosing a DNS for gaming?

  • A gamer will look for a DNS server to experience optimal gaming performance.
  • A good gaming DNS will be compatible with different games. There should be support for different MOD packs.
  • It should have content filtering and parental control support.
  • For better performance, look for a DNS server that assures higher uptime.
  • Finally, the DNS gaming server must be secured to prevent phishing attacks and other online threats.


A good DNS benchmarking tool can help you find the fastest available DNS server for gaming. Go through review sites to learn about the best free DNS benchmarking tools available.

Alternatively, you can run the benchmark test to find the best DNS servers. Look for options with low response time. In fact, always look for a DNS server with the lowest response time since it promises faster server performance. Other factors you should consider when choosing the server are low latency rate, high uptime, security, and customization options.

Whether you are using a PC or a router, it is easy to change the DNS server. Here are the steps:

Step 1) Open Network & Internet from Settings when using a Windows PC.

Step 2) Choose Change Adapter Options.

Step 3) Select your network connection and right-click on it.

Step 4) Now, select PROPERTIES, and click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Step 5) Click on the Properties and select <Use the following DNS server addresses>.

Step 6) Type the DNS address you want to use. Click OK to save the changes.


The best gaming DNS servers assure reliability, security, and faster gameplay experience. We have focused on DNS servers compatible with different MOD packs and games. Before concluding our review of the best DNS gaming servers, here are our top 3 picks:

  • Cloudflare: Cloudflare DNS great option for accessing vast networks. Moreover, it has a stable infrastructure that prevents attacks.
  • OpenDNS: Arguably the best gaming server regarding security coverage. OpenDNS also enhances the users’ overall experience with better response time and reduced latency.
  • Google Public DNS: One of the best features of Google Public DNS is its protection against cache DNS poisoning. Google Public DNS servers are associated with a vast network of global servers that promise reliability and availability.