7 Best IPTV Canada Service Providers (2024)

Best IPTV Canada Services

IPTV services from Canada are the best way to watch live TV. A typical IPTV service provides a vast catalog of channels at a reasonable price. They offer 99,99 % server uptime, excellent picture quality in 4k, 8K, and HD resolutions, and a stable connection without buffering or freezing.

We have researched more than 30 IPTV services and following is a curated list of Top IPTV from Canada.

Best Legal IPTV Providers in Canada (Top IPTV Subscription Toronto)

Name Best For Supported Devices Free Trial Channels Link
IPTVAnubisIPTVAnubis The best and largest IPTV server with unparalleled customer service. Compatible with all Devices 24 Hours Free Trial 27,000+ live TV channels & 130,000+ VOD Learn More
EliteStream: Your Gateway to Premium IPTV Entertainment Amazon fire stick, Smart TVs, android tv boxs, IPTV boxes, Smartphones etc. 24 Hours Paid Trial 22000 Learn More
IFLEX IPTVIFLEX IPTV Premium & Stable Server, Real 4K 3840P channels, Multiroom option, No lag or Freezing Amazon FireStick, Android Devices, IOS Devices, Windows, Smart TV “LG-Samsung” 24 Hours Free Trial 26,000+ Channels Learn More
Honey Bee IPTV
Honey Bee IPTV
Best for Fast and Reliable IPTV Streaming Android, IOS, Windows, Smart TV’s, Firestick, Roku and other devices 36 Hours Paid Trial 21,000+ Learn More
Xtreme HD IPTV
Xtreme HD IPTV
Watching Multiple programs simultaneously. Android TV, IPTV Box, Amazon Firestick, Smart TV, iOS, Kodi, etc. No- but offers 36-hours paid trial. 20000+ Learn More

1) IPTVAnubis

The best and largest IPTV server with unparalleled customer service.

IPTVAnubis: Your Ultimate Choice for Premium IPTV Entertainment Experience the best in live TV, movies, and popular programs with IPTVAnubis, offering a vast selection of local and international channels in multiple languages. Enjoy unique features like catch-up and multi-display functionality for a seamless viewing experience. With fast servers and anti-freezing technology, IPTVAnubis ensures uninterrupted streaming of 27,000+ live TV channels and 130,000+ VODs. Whether it’s PPV Events, sports, news, movies, or series, IPTVAnubis keeps you updated with the latest content daily, making it the top choice for international IPTV service.

#1 Top Pick

Supported Devices: Compatible with all Devices

Number of Channels: 27,000+

Free Trial: 24-hours Free Trial

Visit IPTVAnubis


  • 27,000+ Channels: Explore diverse content including sports, news, movies, music, and more.
  • 130,000+ Series & Movies: Customize your viewing experience.
  • Inclusive Content: No extra fees for adult content.
  • Up to 8K Quality: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals.
  • Enhanced Antifreeze: Enjoy uninterrupted streaming.
  • Enhanced with Built-in EPG “TV Guide” and Catch-up with Recording Feature.
  • VPN Friendly: Protect your privacy effortlessly.
  • Multi-Device Support: Access on Android, iOS, Smart TVs, and more.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Pay with ease via Credit/Debit, PayPal, and more.
  • 24/7 Support: Get assistance anytime via email, WhatsApp, or live chat.


  • 24/7 Customer Support: Dedicated support team available round-the-clock via email, WhatsApp, and live chat
  • Convenient Payment Options: Multiple payment methods, including Credit/Debit, PayPal, Bank transfer and Cryptocurrency
  • Vast Content Selection: Enjoy access to over 27,000 channels and more than 130,000 VOD
  • Premium Inclusive Package: Dive into an exclusive realm of adult content without any additional fees!


  • The standard plan only comes with single connection


  • Payment Options: Credit/Debit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer and Crypto
  • Pricing Plans: $15 per month.
  • Free trial: Yes-24 hours

Visit IPTVAnubis >>

24-hour Free Trial

2) PrimeSALTO

“EliteStream: Your Gateway to Premium IPTV Entertainment”

PrimeSALTO: best iptv subscription that offers live TV, movies and popular programs. You can choose from a huge selection of local and international channels in English from other languages. Catch-up is a completely unique feature that lets you watch current movies and TV shows. It also has a multi-display function that helps you watch several channels at once on a single screen.


Supported Devices: Amazon Fire Stick, Smart TVs, Tablets, IPTV boxes etc.

Number of Channels: 22000

Free Trial: 24-hours Paid Trial

Visit PrimeSALTO


  • top-rated IPTV subscription in 2022
  • Offering 4K UHD+ and HD streaming for a top-notch viewing experience.
  • 22,000 live channels for a diverse range of content.
  • +130,000 Video On Demand options, including the latest movies and series with regular updates.
  • 24/7 customer support to assist with any issues or inquiries.
  • Advanced technology to ensure a smooth viewing experience.
  • Catch-Up and Electronic TV Guide (EPG):
  • Multi-Device Compatibility: Compatibility with various devices
  • Free and Secure VPN
  • VPN friendly : yes and free
  • Nombre of channels: 22000
  • Geolocation: CANADA,UK, USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, EUROPE ….. all the countries
  • IPTV locked: yes
  • Supported devices: amazon fire stick, Smart TVs, android tv boxs, IPTV boxes, Smartphones and Tablets, ios devices, M3U Players, Mag devices, Web browser,pc, xbox …. all devices


  • Offers pristine HD, Full HD, and 4K/8k streaming quality
  • Access to a vast range of international and specialized channels
  • Rich library of last live sports, movies, series, and documentaries
  • Extensive and big on-demand content library with multi language option


  • Provides standard definition or lower resolutions
  • Limited selection with mainstream focus


  • Payment options for subscription: PayPal, Credit Card, Bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Pricing Plans: 1 month (11.99 USD) 3 months (24.99 USD ), 6 months (39.99 USD), 12 months (64.99 USD),
  • Trial: $3.99/24H

Visit PrimeSALTO

24-Hours Paid Trial


Best IPTV Premium Service provider

IFLEX IPTV is a cutting-edge IPTV service provider that offers more than 26,000 selections of high-quality TV channels, more than 136,000 movies, and 26,000 Series, and shows from all around the world. With its easy-to-use interface and reliable streaming technology, IFLEX IPTV allows you to enjoy your favorite content on any device, anywhere, anytime. Whether you are a sports enthusiast, a movie buff, or simply looking for the latest news, IFLEX IPTV has got you covered. Join IFLEX IPTV today and experience the ultimate entertainment experience at your fingertips!


Supported Devices: Amazon FireStick, Xiaomi Mi TV Box, All Android Devices etc.

Number of Channels: 26000+

Free Trial: 24-Hours Free Trial



  • Offshore Streaming technology
  • +26,000 Live channels
  • +160,000 Movies & Series
  • 4K real quality UK 3840P channels, “44 channels” and the quantity increases Progressively.
  • VPN Security included (you can also use your own VPN)
  • Free 24H/7 Support Via WhatsApp / Gmail / Ticket
  • 4 days of Catchup “1008 channels”
  • Multiroom Technology Available
  • Free Adult Channels Included
  • VPN Friendly : Yes
  • Number of Channels: +26,420 Live TV channels UK, USA, Canada, Australia . . . and all international Live channels, +160,000 VOD and the number increases Progressively
  • GEO Locations: CANADA, UK, USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa
  • IPTV Location Locked: No
  • Supported Devices: Amazon FireStick, Xiaomi Mi TV Box and Mi TV Stick, All Android Devices, IOS Devices, Windows, MAG’s . . .
  • Sports Streaming: SKY Sport, BT Sport, Bein Sport, Premier league channels and 4K real sports channels . . .


  • VPN included.
  • Accept PayPal
  • From any device and location
  • Epg Available “TV Guide”
  • 4 Days Catchup “Live TV”
  • Guru promo code for 10% discount “IFLEXIPTV24”


  • Maximum multiple Devices is 3


  • Payment Options: PayPal, Credit-Debit Card, Cryptocurrencies, Money Transfer “Western-union”, buy Gift Cards ”vouchers”
  • Pricing: 3 Months-29£, 6 Months-39£, 12 Months-54£
  • Free Trial: 24H free trial, get it on WhatsApp or Email


Use “IFLEXIPTV24” code for 10% Discount

4) Honey Bee IPTV

Best for Fast and Reliable IPTV Streaming

Honey Bee IPTV is one of the best options for IPTV in Canada. It includes all kinds of channels, including news, sports, science-fiction, movies and tv shows, music, and even radio stations. However, If you’re looking to connect to their IPTV service from Canada, you need to use one of the Best VPN for Canada.

Honey Bee IPTV

Supported Devices: Android, IOS, Windows, Smart TV’s, Firestick etc.

Number of Channels: 20,000+

Free Trial: 36 Hours Paid Trial

Visit Honey Bee IPTV


  • Honey Bee IPTV, one of the legal IPTV providers, offers streaming options up to five connections for your device.
  • You can switch between live TV and VOD with a single click.
  • You do not have to pay any additional fees in order to enjoy Regional Sports Networks
  • Watch your favorite content smoothly and without any freezes or lags
  • VPN Friendly: Yes
  • Number of Channels: 20,000 Live TV Channels, Shows & Movies
  • Geo Locations: Worldwide
  • IPTV location locked: No
  • Supported Devices: Android, IOS, Windows, Smart TV’s, Firestick, Roku and other devices


  • Provides an option for parental control.
  • Include premium channels like ESPN, TNT, Nickelodeon, and HGTV.
  • You can enjoy 10,000+ on-demand titles
  • Control your own bouquet (channel categories) from your account.


  • The standard plan only comes with single connection


  • Payment Options: PayPal, Credit/Debit, e-Transfer (Canada Only) & Bitcoin
  • Pricing Plans: Plans start at $14.99/month. Discount on Yearly Plan.
  • Free Trial: Yes- 36 Hours Paid Trial

Visit Honey Bee IPTV >>

36-Hours Paid Trial

5) Xtreme HD IPTV

Best Overall

Xtreme HD IPTV is a leading IPTV service for Canadians that lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows. You can watch live events and releases on their website or mobile app. Xtreme HD IPTV also provides an EPG (electronic program guide) however, it is limited to 7 days.

Xtreme HD IPTV

Supported Devices: Android TV, IPTV Box, Amazon Firestick, Smart TV etc.

Number of Channels: 20000+

Free Trial: 36 Hours Paid Trial

Visit Xtreme HD IPTV


  • It provides more than 20,000 channels of HD quality with the best legal IPTV in Canada.
  • It is one of the best IPTV providers that offers more than 50,000 VOD, EPG, movies, and TV shows.
  • Xtreme HDTV offers 24 hours trial for just $1.99.
  • Provides 99.99 server uptime without buffering
  • VPN Friendly: Yes
  • Number of Channels: 20000+
  • Geo Locations: Canada, U.S.A., UK, Europe countries, Germany, Italy, etc.
  • IPTV location locked: Yes
  • Supported Devices: Android TV, IPTV Box, Amazon Firestick, Smart TV, iOS, Kodi, etc.


  • Xtreme HD helps you to watch TV on your computer.
  • It allows you to watch multiple programs at the same time
  • It’s a great way to watch TV anywhere you go.


  • Limited Payment Options.
  • Does not offer any yearly or lifetime IPTV subscriptions


  • Payment Options: Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Payoneer, and TransferWise.
  • Pricing Plans: Plans starting at $2.99 (For a 1.5-day trial plan). Discount on Half-Yearly, Yearly, and Lifetime Payment.
  • Free Trial: No- but 36-hour paid trial.

Visit XtremeHD >>

36-hour Paid Trial

6) IPTV Trends

Best sports entertainment

The IPTV Trends service offers live TV channels that can be viewed online from Canada. You will get quality channels that you can stream without buffering. It offers a popular live TV service with many premium channels and VOD options. You can have a vast selection of different subscription plans according to your choice.

IPTV Trends


  • You can watch your favorite shows and TV channels on any device, from any location.
  • They offer server uptime is 99.99% with no buffering at all.
  • Provides 24 hours Trial at the low cost of $2.99.
  • You can watch major Sports Packages & PPV.
  • It provides 4K Video Support
  • VPN Friendly: Yes
  • Number of Channels: 19000+ TV Channels
  • Geo Locations: Canada, U.K., USA, & Other Countries.
  • IPTV location locked: No
  • Supported Devices: Android, Windows, Amazon fireTV, etc.


  • Offers M3U & MAG Enigma Format
  • You can watch major Sports Packages & PPV.
  • IPTV trends offer customer support via Phone and WhatsApp.


  • You are required to pay more for higher internet speed.
  • Doesn’t offer more than 2 screen packages.


  • Payment Options: Credit Card and PayPal.
  • Pricing Plans: Plan starts at $18.99 for a month. Discount on 3 months and 6 months and Yearly Payment.
  • Free Trial: Yes- 1-Day

Visit IPTV Trends >>

1-Day Free Trial

7) Worthystream

Best TV channels

Worthystream is one of the best IPTV for Canada that supports an extensive and comprehensive list of TV channels. It is one of the best IPTV services for Canada that offers news, sports, movies, and series. You will also get regular updates on the best movies & TV shows.



  • Easy setup on all devices in 5 minutes.
  • Watch your favorite content smoothly and without any freezes or lags.
  • It offers an ultra-speed connection for Canadian IPTV.
  • It is compatible with all devices
  • VPN Friendly: Yes.
  • Supported Devices: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Geo Locations: Worldwide.
  • Number of Channels: 15,000+ movies, sports, entertainment, and news channels.
  • IPTV location locked: No.


  • It provides access to a massive database of content.
  • It is one of the best IPTV for Canada that provides an ultra-speed connection
  • It runs on Anti-Freezer Technology.


  • Offers a limited number of Payment Options.


  • Payment Options: Credit Card, Debit Card, Direct bank transfer.
  • Pricing Plans: Plan starting at $15 per month.
  • Free Trial: 3-Days.

Visit Worthystream

3-Days Free Trial

8) VocoTV

Best Lag-Free Viewing experience.

VocoTV offers an impressive selection of live channels and VOD content for Canada. You can install streaming devices to watch live TV. It also allows you to add or remove your favorite channels.



  • Movies and Web Series are uploaded frequently.
  • The customer support team is available via live chat as well as email/tickets.
  • Provide premium worldwide sports channels through IPTV Toronto, with no requirement for pay per view for sports events.
  • It provides many dedicated channels and the newest movies for kids.
  • VPN Friendly: Yes
  • Number of Channels: 13500++ Channels
  • Geo Locations: Global
  • IPTV location locked: No
  • Supported Devices: Android , Apple TV , iOS , Tablets , mobiles , PCs and more.
  • Sports Streaming: Yes


  • Our IPTV Service Is Always Up 99 % Of the Time!
  • It offers Solid IPTV subscription in Toronto, without buffering and freezing.
  • Does not have any expensive Cable Bills.


  • Poor Customer Service


  • Payment Options: Debit and Credit Cards, such as Visa, MasterCard and Cryptocurrency.
  • Pricing: Plan to start at $14.99 per month. Discount on Quarterly, Half-yearly, and Yearly Plans.
  • Free Trial: Yes-24 Hours
  • Visit VocoTV >>

    24-Hours Paid Trial

    9) KROOZ TV

    Best for High Quality Video Streaming

    KROOZ TV is one of the best IPTV App that helps you search for all your favorite sports channels and movies with ease. It offers a free 24-hour trial, as mentioned in IPTV Canada reviews, so you can test out the IPTV service and see how great it is!



    • This IPTV Provider offers great quality.
    • Most of KROOZ TV channels are available in HD quality and some of them are in 4K .
    • Offers Secure Payments, No complicated billing processes required.
    • Values customer satisfaction and provides reliable customer support options.
    • VPN Friendly: Yes.
    • Supported Devices: Smart TV, Kodi, VLC, PC, Vu+, DreamBox, Enigma, Android Boxes, Android Smart Phones, and Max.
    • Geo Locations: Worldwide
    • Number of Channels: 16,000+
    • IPTV location locked: No.


    • High-Quality Streaming
    • 150+ Countries Live Channles
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • 24/7 quick support


    • Limited Payment Options.


    • Payment Options: Debit card, Credit card, and Mobile payments.
    • Pricing Plans: $15 per month.
    • Free Trial: Yes-24 hours

    Visit KROOZ TV >>

    24-Hours Free Trial

    Is IPTV Legal in Canada?

    The legality of IPTV in the Canada hinges on the source of the content and how it’s distributed. IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, becomes legal when you subscribe to services from legitimate providers who have acquired the rights to broadcast the content. These providers pay movie producers to license the content. They sacrifice their profit margins to ensure legal compliance.

    However, IPTV becomes illegal when the service distributes content without proper authorization from copyright holders. Such services offer access to live TV channels, sports broadcasts, and movies without paying for the distribution rights. Unauthorized IPTV services violate copyright laws and can lead to significant legal consequences for end-users like you.

    Always verify the legitimacy of an IPTV service before subscribing to avoid legal issues.


    Here are some important things that you should consider when selecting the best IPTV Canada services:

    • It is important to choose an IPTV service in Toronto that provides a wide range of channels and VOD.
    • Ensure that the IPTV service you select for Canada offers HD, 4K, and 8K channels.
    • Your IPTV provider should also offer a variety of features such as DVR, apps, and an EPG.
    • It should offer Security features like virtual private network (VPN) and content protection. 99.99 % uptime is also very important.
    • Your IPTV provider compatible with various types of devices like Firestick, Apple TV, Android, Smart TV, Windows, etc.
    • Lastly, when seeking the best IPTV in Canada, you should always buy an IPTV plan that gives you value.