7 Best IPTV France Subscription Providers (2024)

Best IPTV France Subscription Providers

France IPTV subscription services are located in France or have really good coverage in France. Choosing the wrong service can result in high downtime, unwanted outages, poor content, and bad quality. That’s why, in this review, we will show you 7 of the best IPTV France services to choose from.

After 125 hours of diligent research, evaluations, and customer surveys, I’ve curated a list of France’s top IPTV providers. My in-depth analysis has sharpened my understanding of unique customer needs. We aim to offer an ideal experience, leveraging expert insights into top IPTV services in France. Let’s delve into the review, covering pricing, features, advantages, and disadvantages to assist your decision-making.

Best IPTV France Subscription (French IPTV)

Service Provider Support For France No. of TV shows and movies Trial Period Link
Connectiptv.fr À l’international dont la France +30,000 films et émissions de télévision Essai payant pour 24 Hours En savoir plus
IPTVAnubis Internationally including France 27,000+, 130,000+ VOD 24 Hours Trial Paid & Free Learn More
SYNC IPTV Internationally including France +32000 24 Hours Free Trial Learn More
FACTO IPTV Internationally including France 27000+ Channels 24 Hours Free Trial Learn More
Honey Bee IPTV Internationally including France 60,000 Movies and 8400 shows Paid Trial for 24 Hours for $2.99 Learn More
VocoTV Internationally including France 13,500+ Channels 24 Hours Free Trial Learn More

1) Connectiptv.fr

Votre choix Idéal pour un IPTV premium avec plus de 17000 chaînes

Connectiptv propose un service d’abonnement IPTV exceptionnel, offrant un accès à la télévision en direct, une immense bibliothèque de films, et des programmes populaires. Bénéficiez d’une sélection étendue de chaînes locales et internationales en français et autres langues. Profitez de la fonction exclusive “Catch-up” qui vous permet de visionner les derniers films et émissions TV à votre guise. La fonction multi-affichage, quant à elle, vous permet de suivre plusieurs chaînes en simultané sur un seul écran, enrichissant votre expérience de visionnage. Optez pour Connectiptv pour une expérience de divertissement supérieure.



  • Plus de 17 000 chaînes disponibles en 4K, FHD et HD
  • Accès à plus de 30 000 films et séries en qualité HD, UHD et 4K
  • Tarifs avantageux à partir de 59 Euro pour un abonnement annuel
  • Aucun problème de gel d’image ou de buffering
  • Assistance gratuite pour l’installation
  • EPG intégré recueillant des données de centaines de sources internationales
  • Couverture complète de tous les événements sportifs majeurs et des PPV, incluant NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, et plus
  • Support multi-appareils permettant jusqu’à 3 connexions simultanées
  • Possibilité de changer facilement de dispositif
  • Support de l’utilisation de VPN
  • Support VIP gratuit disponible 24h/24 et 7j/7
  • Mises à jour hebdomadaires
  • IPTV verrouillé par géolocalisation: Oui.


  • Streaming de haute qualité en qualité d’image UHD/4K.
  • Guide électronique des programmes (EPG) complet et assistance technique.
  • Événements en paiement à la séance inclus dans l’abonnement.


  • Service relativement récent sur le marché.


  • Plans tarifaires: 3 Mois : 29€ / 1 An : 59€ / 6 Mois : 39€
  • Options de paiement pour l’abonnement: Carte de crédit

Visitez Connectiptv.fr >>

1) IPTVAnubis

The best and largest IPTV server with unparalleled customer service.

IPTVAnubis Your Ultimate Choice for Premium IPTV Entertainment, Experience the best in live TV, movies, and popular programs with IPTVAnubis, offering a vast selection of local and international channels in multiple languages. Enjoy unique features like catch-up and multi-display functionality for a seamless viewing experience.

With fast servers and anti-freezing technology, IPTVAnubis ensures uninterrupted streaming of 27,000+ live TV channels and 130,000+ VODs. Channels include favorites like Canal+, beIN Sports, RMC Sport, Orange Cinéma Séries, OCS, Eurosport, Disney Channel, and more.

Whether it’s PPV Events, sports, news, movies, or series, IPTVAnubis keeps you updated with the latest content daily, making it the top choice for international IPTV service.”



  • 27,000+ Channels: Explore diverse content including sports, news, movies, music, and more.
  • 130,000+ Series & Movies: Customize your viewing experience.
  • Inclusive Content: No extra fees for adult content.
  • Up to 8K Quality: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals.
  • Enhanced Antifreeze: Enjoy uninterrupted streaming.
  • Enhanced with Built-in EPG “TV Guide” and Catch-up with Recording Feature.
  • Risk-Free Trials: Test with 24-hour trial.
  • VPN Friendly: Protect your privacy effortlessly.
  • Multi-Device Support: Access on Android, iOS, Smart TVs, and more.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Pay with ease via Credit/Debit, PayPal, and more.
  • 24/7 Support: Get assistance anytime via email, WhatsApp, or live chat.


  • 24/7 Customer Support: Dedicated support team available round-the-clock via email, WhatsApp, and live chat
  • Convenient Payment Options: Multiple payment methods, including Credit/Debit, PayPal, Bank transfer and Cryptocurrency
  • Vast Content Selection: Enjoy access to over 27,000 channels and more than 130,000 VOD
  • Premium Inclusive Package: Dive into an exclusive realm of adult content without any additional fees!


  • The standard plan only comes with single connection


Some of the pricing plans offered by IPTVAnubis are:

  • 1 Month: 14.99€
  • 1 Year: 64.99€
  • 2×1 Year: Only 99.99€

Free Trial: Yes , Paid Trial : 24 Hour Trial for 2.99€

Payment Options: Credit/Debit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer and Crypto

Visit IPTVAnubis >>

24 Hour Trial for 2.99€


SYNC IPTV offers over 32,000 channels, including live TV, movies, and international programs. I could enjoy seamless access in multiple languages. The “Catch-up” feature and multi-display function enhanced my viewing experience.



  • 32000+ Channels 4K, FHD et HD
  • Access to over 140 000 Movies and Series in HD, UHD and 4K quality
  • Honest price starting from 64$ for one year
  • No freezing or buffering issues
  • Free installation assistance
  • Replay 7 Days
  • Built-in EPG collecting data from hundreds of sources worldwide
  • Coverage of all major sports events and PPV, including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, and more
  • Multi-device support, allowing up to 3 simultaneous connections
  • Switch between devices
  • Free Premium Application with anti-freezing technology
  • VPN use Supported
  • 24/7 Free VIP Support
  • Update every week
  • Number of Channels: Over 32,000 Live TV Channels
  • Geolocations: Global coverage including the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and more
  • IPTV Location Lock: No
  • Supported Devices: Extensive device support including Amazon FireTV Stick, IPTV Box, Smart TV, iOS and Android devices, Android TV, Tablets, PCs, and Macbooks


  • High-Quality Streaming in UHD/4K image quality.
  • Comprehensive EPG and Support
  • PPV events included in the subscription


  • Relatively new service in the market.


  • Payment Options: Multiple options including official MasterCard gateway, PayPal, all major credit cards, and cryptocurrencies
  • Pricing Plans: Starting at $15.99 per month with discounts for longer commitments
  • Trial Availability: 24-hour trial for free

Visit SYNC IPTV >>

24-Hours Free Trial


Facto TV: Your Privileged Access to Premium IPTV Entertainment” Facto TV, the world’s leading IPTV subscription, features an unrivalled selection of over 150,000 international channels, including sport, movies, series and international content, all delivered in breathtaking 4K high-definition quality.



  • IPTV Excellence 2023 Subscription: Dive into the best of IPTV in 2022, with an impressive range of channels, 4K streaming and on-demand content to transform the way you consume entertainment.
  • Ultra High Definition Streaming: Enjoy an unrivalled viewing experience thanks to 4K+ UHD and HD streaming, synonymous with superior quality.
  • Extensive Channel Offer: Access a universe of over 27,000 channels, ensuring a wealth of content to suit all tastes.
  • Extensive VOD library: Explore a collection of over 140,000 videos on demand, including new films and series, constantly renewed.
  • Ongoing support: Dedicated customer service, available 24/7 to resolve any requests or queries.
  • Anti-Interruption Technology: Enjoy smooth viewing thanks to cutting-edge technology.
  • Replay options and Intuitive TV Guide: Never miss your favourite content again with replay options and navigate easily with a user-friendly electronic TV guide.
  • Multi-device compatibility: Watch your favourite programmes on the device of your choice, guaranteeing maximum flexibility.
  • Free Secure VPN: Surf in complete security and confidentiality with a VPN service included at no extra cost.


  • Offers impeccable streaming quality in HD, Full HD and 4K/8K.
  • Access to a wide range of international and specialist channels.
  • Extensive library of live sporting events, films, series and documentaries.
  • Extensive library of on-demand content, available in several languages.
  • Advanced features such as DVR, multi-device streaming and interactive TV guides.
  • Reliable servers with no buffering, 24/7 customer support by various means.
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive navigation.
  • Exclusive access to premium content and first releases.
  • Personalised recommendations and easy content discovery.
  • Consistent streaming quality across all devices.


  • Also available in standard and lower resolutions.
  • Limited selection focused on mainstream content.
  • Limited variety of content.
  • Limited on-demand offer and unilingual option.
  • Basic streaming experience without TV guide.
  • Occasional buffering, limited support with no after-sales service.
  • Basic interface with fewer interactive features.
  • Standard access to available content.
  • Limited customization options.
  • Variable streaming quality, potential interruptions.


  • Price plans: 1 month (9.99 euros), 3 months (19.99 euros), 6 months (29.99 euros), 12 months (54.99 euros), 24 months (89.99 euros)
  • Payment options for subscription: PayPal, Credit card, Bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Free Trial: Yes


24-Hours Free Trial

4) Honey Bee IPTV

Best for premium IPTV with 18000+ Channels

In my review of Honey Bee IPTV, I found it provides seamless access to over 18,000 live channels, including USA Local CBS, UK Sport, and a vast library of 60,000+ movies and 8,400+ shows. Its compatibility with major operating systems and smart devices, such as Android TV and iOS, enhances its appeal.

We appreciated the prompt delivery of login details post-payment, allowing immediate activation. The platform’s efficient UI and layout made navigating through its extensive content a breeze, offering a standout viewing experience for both international and local content.

Honey Bee IPTV


  • Application: Dedicated and robust streaming application with no extra fees and various useful features. These features include parental control, focus mode, Multi-Screen, Speed Test, Save to Favorites, and more.
  • EPG: The built-in Electronic Program Guide lets you find all channels, current and future show schedules, set reminders, and mark favorites.
  • Automatic Billing: Users don’t need to pay their invoices manually with its automated billing system and multiple payment options, including Bitcoin.
  • Stable Server: No freezing and buffering as all servers worldwide are managed, updated, and configured with 99.9% uptime.
  • HD Sports: You can watch a wide variety of your favorite live HD sports from all around the world. Its dedicated Telegram channel provides all schedules, match fixes, and other regular updates.
  • Customer Care: I tried their email ticketing support service, and they maintain a very quick, friendly, and highly skilled response team that can solve all my queries within minutes.


  • Integrated VPN to help you access regional and geo-restricted content.
  • The native web IPTV player lets you watch your favorite shows on any device.
  • Users can log in to this IPTV on up to 5 devices and use them simultaneously.


  • It only allows a single device connection for each subscription.


Some of the plans for Honey Bee IPTV are:

Plan Name Price for 1 Connection*
1 Month $14.99
3 Months $39.99
6 Months $66.99

* The above prices are for 1 connection, which can be extended up to 5 connections.

Free Trial: 24 Hour Trial for $2.99

Visit Honey Bee >>

24-Hours Paid Trial

5) VocoTV

Best for private, secure, and encrypted browsing

Over the course of my review, I checked VocoTV and found it quite reliable as an IPTV app with over 13,500 free and premium channels. It allows you to watch channels worldwide in HD, Full HD, or 4K, and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows from any location on any device. This platform also delivers an impressive channel lineup alongside top-notch streaming quality.



  • Kids’ Entertainment: VocoTV offers dedicated channels and new movies for kids. It provides Cartoon Network, Disney, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Lego Channel, Nickelodeon, Universal Kids, and more.
  • Platform Support: It supports various popular devices on Android, Apple TV, mobiles, PCs, and many more.
  • Content Updates: It frequently uploads new movies, web series, and US local channel content. I also received selected premium content from several countries such as their latest releases and classic hits.
  • Top Channels: Covers all top-rated TV channels in different categories for people of all ages and interests, like Kids TV, TV 200, Sports, LIVE NEWS, etc.
  • Geo Locations: You can receive a truly global service with content accessible from any location worldwide.
  • Security: The latest AES-256-bit encryption module and NIST standards protect all users’ financial data.
  • Device Support: I could use it with a wide range of devices, including Android, Apple TV, iOS, tablets, mobiles, and PCs, enhancing accessibility.
  • Customer Support: I tried contacting their technical support and got all issues resolved quickly. A team of US-based streaming engineers and technicians provides live chat support 24/7, offering excellent after-sales support.


  • Our IPTV Service Is Always Up 99 % Of the Time!
  • It offers Solid IPTV subscription in Toronto, without buffering and freezing.
  • Does not have any expensive Cable Bills.


  • This customer service is not very reliable.


Some of the starting plans for VocoTV are:

Plan Name Price for 1 Connection*
1 Months $15
3 Months $40
6 Months $60

Free Trial: Yes, 24 Hours

Visit VocoTV >>

24-Hours Free Trial

6) Xtreme HD IPTV

Best for its customer-centric features

In my experience, Xtreme HD IPTV stands out as a top choice for anyone looking to enjoy many IPTV content in France. It’s impressively comprehensive, with over 20,000 live channels, a vast array of VODs, and access to pay-per-view events. We particularly appreciate the tailored content for audiences in France and the US, the UK, Canada, and other key regions.

The compatibility with modern devices such as Nvidia Shields, Amazon Fire TV, MAG Box, and IPTV Smarters enhances its appeal, ensuring easy access across various platforms. Additionally, its ability to recommend trending and new shows tailored to your preferences truly positions Xtreme HD IPTV as a leading service provider in the French market.

Xtreme HD IPTV


  • Uptime: It has a 99.9% uptime record with reliable servers spread globally, providing users with consistent and uninterrupted streaming services.
  • Streaming Quality: All its IPTV servers support 4K and HD video quality channels, giving customers an excellent streaming experience without buffering.
  • AntiFreeze: Robust, built-in anti-freeze technology helps optimize bandwidth consumption and provides almost zero latency and video lagging.
  • Telegram: You can receive the latest updates, news, new features, and know-how on its blog and dedicated Telegram channel.
  • Sports: Watch all top-tier live sports matches and events like NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA, NHL, MLB, and UFC with its Pay-Per-Views feature.
  • EPG: You can track an extensive channel lineup with its program guide. The user-friendly TV guide with an electronic program guide (EPG) feature to show all current shows and future schedules.
  • Other Features: Watch flawless 4K and HD content on its Android and iOS applications. These apps include parental control, EPG guide, multi-screen support, offline download, and screen recording.
  • Data Privacy: AES-256 encryption methods and the latest security patches protect user personnel data.
  • Customer Support: In my experience, they have one of the best response teams with 24/7 dedicated support. They quickly understood and addressed my queries and issues.


  • Stream from anywhere worldwide on any device just by logging in to your account.
  • Instant activation with a detailed DIY guide available on its website.
  • SSL-certified websites protect customers from cyber and financial fraud.


  • The website is not natively available in French.


Some of the pricing plans offered by Xtreme HD IPTV are:

Plan Name Price for 1 Connection*
1 Month $15.99
3 Months $45.99
Lifetime $500

* The above prices are for 1 Connection, which can be extended up to 5 Connections.

Free Trial: Yes, 36-hour trial for $3.00 | 3 Days Money Back Guarantee

Visit Xtreme HD >>

36-Hours Paid Trial

7) PHTV Media

Best for France-specific channels

While exploring PHTV Media, I found it to stand out as a premier French IPTV service, boasting a native web IPTV player accessible from any device, anywhere. By entering my login credentials, I could tap into its expansive offer of 8,000+ premium live channels, including content from the UK/US, live sports, PPV, and a constantly updated collection of the latest VODs, movies, and TV series.

Impressively, if I couldn’t find a movie or TV series of interest, PHTV Media allowed me to request specific content, promising delivery to my email within hours—a feature that notably enhances viewer satisfaction and customization.

PHTV Media


  • Video Quality: It is one of the best IPTV providers with quality streams in premium and FHD formats from around the world without any buffering.
  • Sports Schedule: You can use their schedules for your favorite sports in advance and watch them live by setting reminders with its built-in feature.
  • Record: You can save your missed shows, premiered sports events, and favorite movies. These movies can later be retrieved and watched in your preferred video format.
  • Setup Manual: The PHQ DIY manual helps you troubleshoot any problems you face while streaming quickly.
  • Language: The website is available in 29 languages to cater to the needs of all users in and around the world.
  • Playback: Catch up on all your shows and live events with its playback feature and varied video speed.
  • IPTV Enhancing: Custom-built IPTV video and streaming enhancing devices are available on the product website. These devices improve streaming quality, giving you access to 4K video formats and spatial sound quality.
  • Supports All Devices: It supports all devices and operating systems like Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart, Formuler ZIO UHD 4K Android Streamer, IPTV Receiver, etc.
  • Customer Support: I tried contacting their technical support service and got all issues resolved quickly through email. This service provides support through live chat and virtual technical assistance seven days a week. It also offers a robust knowledge base and FAQs.


  • Provides an entirely pre-configured IPTV device with a plug-and-play option.
  • An efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly platform.
  • Make payments via Debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, and Crypto.


  • No free trial or basic plan is provided.


Some of the popular pricing plans of PHTV media are:

Plan Name Price for 1 Connection*
1 Day Access €5
1 Weekend Access €8
1 Month access €10

* The above prices are for 1 Connection, which can be extended up to 3 Connections.

Free Trial: No

Link: https://phtvmedia.co.uk/iptv-france/

8) IPTV France

Best pricing options for all use cases

My expert review of IPTV France found it seamlessly compatible with all operating systems and devices, including TrueVision IPTV box, various third-party plugins, Enginm2, and MAG Box. As a France-based provider, it boasts a rich content catalog, particularly shining in live sports coverage through the BeIN Sports network. Its installation process is refreshingly straightforward, requiring no complex setup, making it user-friendly.

Over a decade of expertise has solidified its reputation as a leading source of native French-speaking and international channels. We’ve observed its growth into one of the most expansive IPTV providers available.

IPTV France


  • Security: Personal user information is encrypted through AES-256 encryption standards and is SSL security protocol certified.
  • Updates: It offers regular free system updates and security patches with seamless servers. These servers are under constant maintenance giving users an excellent streaming experience.
  • Coverage: Proprietary TrueVision technology allows you to access channels unavailable in your region. It offers various packages like Astra and Hotbird to access international content.
  • Packages: More than 30 television content packages and a huge Video on Demand and Adult library containing the latest films and series of the year.
  • Channels: More than 200 Arabic and 300+ popular channels worldwide with EPG and channel logos organized by categories for easy access.
  • Bouquets: The list of IPTV bouquets keeps growing, with new channels added frequently. You get instant access to any new content or channels added directly to your device without any intervention.
  • Multiple Video Quality Formats: All channels are in high-definition (HD) format and work without any buffering or pause delay.
  • Secured Service: Its direct payment gateways comply with the PCI-DSS standard. The financial information is securely processed and stored by all service providers (offline and online).
  • Customer Support: I used customer support, and all the problems I raised through their email ticketing system and phone support were solved quickly.


  • Activation of the subscribed plan is done within 24 hours.
  • Compatible with any Android device via its custom-built Android application.
  • Provides all popular French channels and radios like FR CINE, A LA DEMANDE, NRJ France, etc.


  • The system does not allow sharing of accounts or watching simultaneously.


Some of the main pricing options to subscribe to IPTV France are:

Plan Price
6 Months €29
12 Months €49
12 Months with HD DTH Box €189

Free Trial: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Link: https://iptv-france.net/

9) Suprem

Best French-origin IPTV Provider for local content

In my expert view, Suprem stands out as a top choice for IPTV services in France, offering extensive compatibility across devices such as Android TV, Smart TV, IPTV boxes, and many more. Thanks to servers in central EU countries, we appreciate its commitment to speed and reliability.

Importantly, it prioritizes user privacy with NIST encryption standards, ensuring no storage or sharing of IP addresses. Additionally, the availability of its website in both English and French meets the diverse needs of users in and around France.



  • Quality: It offers various video qualities like Full HD, HD, and SD, which are available worldwide with its built-in low bandwidth consumption technology.
  • Popular Channels: It supports some of the popular channels worldwide, like FOX Movies, HBO BeIN, Sports, etc.
  • Anti-Freeze: Proprietary anti-freeze technology gives users a superior viewing experience without lagging and interruptions.
  • VPN: In-built VPN allows users to access blocked and censored content, news, and movies in your location or any part of the world.
  • Integration: You can connect this IPTV with any TV, Box, Smartphone, computer, or tablet and get 99% server uptime.
  • Collection: Suprem lets you watch 16,000+ VOD series from all popular OTT entertainment applications like Netflix and Disney. It offers a vast collection of Manga and Anime videos in its library.
  • Live TV: It provides 12,000 + Live IPTV channels, including popular live sports channels. This is suitable for watching games like UEFA, NBA, and much more, and it is available in 3000 cities worldwide.
  • Multiple Screens: You can get your desired plan and watch up to 2 screens simultaneously on all your devices with zero latency and no buffering.
  • Customer Support: I tried contacting their customer support team and resolved all issues through the 24/7 available expert team. They offer a robust email ticketing system, live chat on WhatsApp and Snapchat, and AI assistant on the product website.


  • User-friendly UI with new and intuitive features updated periodically.
  • An electronic program guide (EPG) is available for all streamed channels.
  • Instant delivery and activation of the subscription plan through email.


  • There is no multiple login feature, so you may get blocked upon multiple login attempts.


Some of the plans of Suprem are:

Plan Name Price*
48 Hours €0.99
3 Months €19.99
6 Months €29.99

Free Trial: Yes, 24 Hours

Link: https://supremiptv.com/

10) IPTV Palace

Best for providing over 7000 IPTV channels

I recently explored IPTV Palace’s offerings and was impressed by the wide variety of live channels they provide worldwide. The availability of 4K, FHD, and HD content enhanced my experience, perfectly catering to varying user needs and internet speeds.

The compatibility with popular devices like Amazon Firestick & Fire, AVOV, Stbemu, and more makes it highly accessible. We also noticed the fast and stable server network, maintained 24/7 by a team of experts, ensuring 99.99% uptime and a seamless user experience. They prioritize security by only uploading original apps and APK files free from viruses.

IPTV Palace


  • Trials: Multiple M3U and MAG trials and playlists for all types of server support with the IPTV trials feature.
  • Privacy: All user data is encrypted with the latest AES-256 standards and stored under strict confidentiality and data protection laws.
  • Buffering: It ensures an ideal experience with high-bandwidth IPTV servers and built-in AI-driven bandwidth optimization. These technologies ensure zero video freezing and buffering time and high-quality streaming.
  • Costs: There are no extra costs for the IPTV subscription fees with 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year plans, giving users a fantastic shopping experience.
  • Application: Users can use their preferred IPTV player app with any device according to their needs.
  • Premium Channels: You get 7,000+ live TV channels and live sports events at some of the lowest prices globally.
  • Library: Movies, TV Series, Videos on Demand(VOD), and new content are periodically updated and uploaded in its extensive video library.
  • Customer Support: I tried their customer support service and got queries resolved quickly through their robust email ticketing system and live chat support.


  • Available in over 100+ countries, including the U.S.A, France, Israel, and India.
  • It is easy to set up and has one of the fastest delivery speeds.
  • This website is SSL-certified which protects users from cyber and financial fraud.


  • Limited customization options.


Some of the starting plans for IPTV Palace are:

Plan Name Price
1 Months € 12
3 Months € 22
6 Months € 58

Free Trial: No

Link: https://www.iptvpalace.com/en-viewing/

Key Factors to Consider for Choosing the Best IPTV France Service

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a French IPTV service are:

  • Content: Always choose services that offer quality French TV and movie catalogs.
  • Channels: You should look for service with proper support for all relevant French Live channels for you.
  • International: Look for services that have quality international content to watch shows and movies that are not available in France.
  • Price: Always prefer services that are cost-effective and provide you with really good value for your money.

Traditional Broadcasting services vs IPTV services in France

Here are some of the key differences between Traditional Broadcasting Services vs IPTV services in France

Parameter Traditional Broadcast France IPTV
Technology Simple and old-fashioned technology Modern and latest technology
Content Local Television channels with limited on-demand content International Channels and library of movies and shows.
Setup Requires cables, satellite connection, and Set Top Box Just needs an internet connection to get started.
Cost Relatively low cost with minimum maintenance charges Best services can have high costs per month.


Yes, watching IPTV is completely legal. Certain cheap services might be involved in piracy or illegal work. But, the best IPTV services are completely legal and can be used to access content across France.

Yes, IPTV is available in almost all countries globally. It can be used by anyone. The wide range of content is suitable for all age groups and demographics. You can get started easily with minimum issues to enjoy quality movies, shows, and channels.

The Verdict

In this review, you saw some of the best IPTV service providers in France. To help you make a final call, we have created this verdict.
  • Xtreme HD IPTV is known for its high uptime of more than 99.9%.
  • Honey BEE IPTV is suitable for accessing international content with over 18,000 Television channels.
  • PHTV is best for enjoying a native France IPTV subscription and local content.