How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat: 8 Methods

Snapchat, an instant multimedia messaging app, often becomes the origin of trends due to some exciting additions to its lens library. With over 3.5 million lenses on the platform and hundreds getting added daily, Snapchat always has something exciting to offer.

The Butterflies Lens is currently one of the most popular lenses on the app. You might have seen people sharing their photos and videos using this lens across social media. If you also want to try Butterflies Lens but do not know how to access it, you have come to the right place.

In this post, you will learn every possible way to unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat and use it without any trouble.

Key Takeaways:

Learn to unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat in simple steps, including tapping the lens icon at the bottom, scanning its snap code, or asking a friend to share the link. Retrieve the fun lens through someone’s snap, simply search on the app, look into the available filter, unlock with a URL, or create your Snapchat lenses with Lens Studio.

How to the Unlock Butterflies Lens on Snapchat in Easy Steps

Check out the best solutions to get Butterflies Lens on the Snapchat app without utilizing any third-party tool:

Method 1: Check Snapchat Lens Store

Snapchat has a dedicated section for the lenses, and the user-friendly interface of the app makes it easy to access it. You can browse through different tabs in the lens store, including Face, World, Music, and Creator. The “For You” tab showcases a mix of popular and trending lenses, as well as those specifically curated based on your interests and engagement on the platform.

You will also see the creator’s name and a story, serving as a preview or example of how a particular lens will look in real-world scenarios. You may review them to help you decide whether you want to use the lens.

Moreover, you can expedite your search for a Butterfly Lens by filtering out irrelevant options using the search feature of the Lens Store.

Here are steps to find Butterflies Lens in the Snapchat Lens Store:

Step 1) Open Snapchat app on your mobile or desktop. Locate and hit the search icon at the bottom for Lens Store.

Check Snapchat Lens Store

Step 2) Type Paper Butterflies in the search bar. From multiple butterfly lenses tap and hold your target lens.

Check Snapchat Lens Store

Step 3) Hit the Heart icon to add it to your favorites. You can also unlock the Butterfly Lens by using it for once.

Check Snapchat Lens Store

Method 2: Use Lens’ Snapcode

Snapcode is another name for the QR Code image in the case of Snapchat. Scanning the Snapcode is considered one of the easiest ways to save you time and effort compared to manual methods. Additionally, you may not be able to find the Butterflies Lens through searching.

You can obtain the Snapcode from the Snapchat website or request someone with a specific lens to open it on their phone. They can also send you its screenshot on Snapchat. Once you have arranged the snap code, depending on the availability, follow one of the two instructions given below:

Scan the Snapcode from another device:

Step 1) Launch the Snapchat app and make sure you have the rear camera on.

Use Lens' Snapcode

Step 2) Tap on the QR code scanner icon.

Use Lens' Snapcode

Step 3) Open the Snapcode image on another device and place it before the scanner.

Use Lens' Snapcode

Scan the Snapcode saved on the same device:

Step 1) Tap the Add Friends icon at the top of your Snapchat camera screen.

Use Lens' Snapcode

Step 2) Choose the scanner icon situated at the search bar.

Use Lens' Snapcode

Step 3) Select the scancode of the Butterfly Lens and add it to your Snapchat permanently by taking a picture or video.

Use Lens' Snapcode

Note: Besides the lens, you can create and share snapcodes for Snapchat profiles, filters, stories, and more.

Method 3: Ask a Friend to Share

Another way to unlock Butterflies Lens is by looking for a Snapchat friend who already has it and asking them to share. The method is straightforward, as they only need to click the share button on the lens window.

Here are steps to share lenses from a friend’s Snapchat app:

Step 1) Launch the application and tap the Butterflies Lens next to the capture button.

Ask a Friend to Share

Step 2) Click on the Share icon at the top left.

Ask a Friend to Share

Here, they can select your profile to directly send from the app, copy the link, or share it through another social app.

Method 4: Get the Lens From Someone’s Story

You get the Try Lens option whenever someone sends a snap to you using a lens. As you might have understood, this method will only work if your friend on Snapchat, who has the butterflies filter, shares a snap using it. Once you have received the required snap, follow the steps given below to add it to your profile:

Step 1) Hit the chat icon on the application to access Snapchat messages.

Get the Lens From Someone's Story

Step 2) Scroll and go to the conversation.

Get the Lens From Someone's Story

Step 3) Hit the “Try Lens” button. After it opens in the camera, you may add it to your Snapchat account by taking a photo.

Get the Lens From Someone's Story

If someone shares the story with the lens applied, you cannot take it from there. The try lens option is not available to Snapchat story viewers.

Method 5: Find Butterflies Lens Through Search Tool

Utilizing the main search tool of the application is a great way to find the Butterfly Lens. However, you should remember that the process could take a little time as you have to search it through all Snapchat features.

Entering the keyword in the search box will bring suggestions from all over the app. The tool is also used for the Snapchat username search to find someone. Fortunately, search results are displayed in sections, which makes the lookup convenient.

Here are steps to unlock the Butterflies Lens via the Search tool:

Step 1) Move to the Snapchat app and click on the magnifying glass at the top left corner.

Find Butterflies Lens Through Search Tool

Step 2) Type Butterflies in the search box.

Find Butterflies Lens Through Search Tool

Step 3) Look for the lens in the Top Results. If you do not see it there scroll down to the Lens section.

Find Butterflies Lens Through Search Tool

Step 4) Tap on the lens or click on View More.

Find Butterflies Lens Through Search Tool

Method 6: Go through the Available filters

In order to keep the users engaged on the platform, Snapchat automatically adds filters and lenses to the camera. These options are suggestions that can disappear after some time. However, you can choose to keep them saved in your account.

The available filter list can prove to be the best way to find and unlock the Butterfly Lens on Snapchat.

Here are steps to check filters for the Snapchat Butterflies Lens:

Step 1) On the Snapchat camera window, tap on the screen to reveal filters, or hit the filter icon next to the capture button.

Go through the Available filters

Step 2) Tap on filters and swipe left to review the list. When you get to the target filter, Save it.

Go through the Available filters

Method 7: Unlock Lens With URL

Unlocking the filters through URLs is another great option available for Snapchat users. All you need to do is arrange the link to the Butterflies Lens, which can be done by seeking help from friends or online forums.

Here are steps to access Lenses using their URL:

Step 1) Move to the screen where the lens link is posted and click on it. (If prompted, select the Open Link option)

Unlock Lens With URL

Step 2) The Snapchat camera app will launch on your phone screen with the pre-applied lens. Choose to unlock it.

Method 8: Use Lens Studio to Create Your Own

Lens Studio is a desktop program developed by Snapchat that allows you to create lenses for the multimedia-sharing app. Using this software, you can also design as many Butterfly Lenses as you want. Though Lens Studio does require some technical knowledge, the availability of online guides and resources can give you a head start.

You can download the program for Windows and MacOS from Snap AR’s website free of cost. Create lenses with 2D and 3D objects, animations, and interactive elements. Lastly, you submit your work to Snapchat for approval and get added to the app.

Here are steps to make and unlock your Butterflies Lens:

Step 1) Download the Lens Studio and run it on your computer.

Use Lens Studio to Create Your Own

Step 2) Login using your Snapchat account and hit New Project. (On the home page, you will see templates of various lenses, you may choose one of them to edit)

Use Lens Studio to Create Your Own

Step 3) Import objects from the Asset Library or local storage.

Use Lens Studio to Create Your Own

Step 4) When done, hit the Publish Lens button and Submit.

Use Lens Studio to Create Your Own

Troubleshoot Common Issues When Unlocking the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat

While unlocking the popular Snapchat lens, you may experience a few hurdles. This could include the Snapcode not scanning, the lens not appearing in search results, or not working properly after being unlocked.

Here are some ways to eliminate issues commonly faced in the process of unlocking the Snapchat Butterflies Lens:

  • Update Snapchat App: The old version of the app may not have some features. Ensure the Snapchat application is up to date on your mobile phone.
  • Grant Necessary Permissions: Snapchat requires a few permissions to access the camera and augmented reality (AR) features. Review the requirements to use the app and enable all the essential permissions.
  • Clean Camera: You may be unable to scan the snapcode due to dirt on the camera. Ensure the camera lenses are clean to unlock the Butterflies Lens.
  • Stable Internet: An Internet connection is required to use several Snapchat features. Whether you want to see snaps of your friends or add a lens, connect your device to a stable internet.


Yes, the Butterfly Lens can be applied to both images and video clips. Butterflies flying can make them look magical and fascinating. Though you do not have butterflies flying in your pictures, it still adds charm and wonder to them. Applying Snapchat lenses to your videos also introduces a storytelling element.

Sometimes, popular filters only look good on others’ snaps. Once you unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat, you may not find it fun. Remove it by tapping the camera screen and swipe left until you reach the target filter. Hit the lens display photo at the top left corner, tap the three dots option icon, and select Remove Lens.