How to STOP ads on Facebook

Scrolling through Facebook can be troublesome at the best of times but getting bombarded by ads makes it much worse. It is impossible to go to any site without ads popping up. It is especially noticeable on Facebook, where you cannot get through a video without getting a mid-video ad. Unfortunately, using your account settings often is not enough.

Facebook is a popular social media website, but its overuse of ads has decreased the user base in recent years. If you want to stay with Facebook, you might ask how to stop ads on Facebook.
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How To Turn Off Facebook Ads

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Total Adblock

Total Adblocker software prevents ads from popping up on any of the pages you choose. In addition, its ad blocker features will protect you from third-party trackers, allowing you to maintain your privacy and keep your information safe.

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How To Turn Off Facebook Ads with an Ad Blocker

Facebook’s audience network uses targeted ads to get the highest ROI possible. Ads like these have a high success rate and can easily influence buyer behavior. Because of these ads, you may have purchased items you didn’t need.

There are several ad blockers available for you to download. Each of these ad Blockers has its own pros and cons, but they are similar in design. However, we are fans of using Total Adblock software.

How To Get Rid of Facebook Ads Using Total Ad Blocker Chrome Extension

Total Adblocker software prevents ads from popping up on any of the pages you choose. By getting rid of banners, pop-ups, and video ads, the pages you visit will load much faster, giving you a seamless web browsing experience while saving battery life. In addition, its ad blocker features will protect you from third-party trackers, allowing you to maintain your privacy and keep your information safe.

Step 1) Go to and install the extension for your browser of choice

Extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera

Total Adblock

Step 2) Install the software

Select the “Start Blocking Ads” option

How To Turn Off Facebook Ads

Step 3) AdBlocker will block banner/video ads as you surf the web

It is important to note that it is not free. However, Total AV offers a seven-day free trial, allowing you to evaluate it before committing.

#2 Top Pick

Surfshark is an ideal tool for blocking ads on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. It is a Popular ad blocking browser extensions only work with ads, banners, and pop-ups on a browser level. You can also create your whitelist of trusted websites.

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How To Block Facebook Video Ads

Many Facebook users would agree that it’s frustrating to have a video you’re watching interrupted, mid-content, with an ad. It is a new addition to Facebook’s user experience and does nothing to improve engagement.

Here are steps to block Facebook Video Ads:

Step 1) Update Account Settings for Ad Preferences

You can adjust your preferences in the settings menu (under Ads>Ad Preferences), and you can ensure that whatever ad you see is at least relevant to your interests. However, you can still see add, but only relative adds.

Step 2) Skip Workaround

Of course, it is best not to see the ads begin. To get this method to work, you must be fast. When you see the ad playing, simply click on the comments. Once there, click on any profile you see. This will take you to their profile page. Then, hit the back button, your ad will disappear, and your video will resume where you left off.

Step 3) Employ Your Favourite Ad Blocker

A good ad blocker is the best way to get ads off your Facebook videos. It is less hassle than going to someone’s profile page for every video and much less unpleasant than sitting through ads, no matter how relevant.

Ad Blocker on Mobile Device

If you are using Facebook on a mobile device, you must ensure that the blocker you choose works on phones. Some are great on PC but then fall short on Android or iOS.

Try Rooting Your Android:

You may have to root your phone if you want an ad blocker on your Android. If the ad blocker does not work, no matter what you try, rooting can open your mobile device and allow the ad blocker to do its job.

Use Your PC:

Rooting risks turning your phone into a brick; if you want to avoid that danger, you can use your PC.

Whenever you want to watch any video on Facebook, open your browser on the PC and watch it there. Your ad blocker should work perfectly and keep your videos uninterrupted.

What is Targeted Advertising on Facebook? How Targeted Advertisements Work

A targeted ad shows ads based on your browsing/search history and interests/preferences, so the ad is more likely to sell you something. Facebook advertisers show you ads based on what type of products you can view on Facebook.

You can track what things you click on and which pages you view. They know which videos you watch and for how long. As a result, they can adjust their advertisements to ensure you only receive ads with the highest likelihood of selling you something.

Furthermore, Facebook’s natural setting allows them to use data from your activity to show you personalized ads. This setting can be turned off but turned on by default.

How Can Users Change Facebook Ads Preferences?

You can do this if you want to change your Facebook ad preferences. This fix will allow you to hide ads. Fortunately, changing ad settings or preferences is a straightforward process that we can take you through quickly.

Step 1) The first step you should take is to change your Facebook ads preferences is open Facebook.

Step 2) On your Facebook page, you can see several options for you to select on the left side of your screen. Select the ads column on the left.

Step 3) Once you choose the ads column, you will see various sections to click. Select the Your Interests section.

Step 4) When you choose this section, you can view all the ad topics Facebook users can pick from. You are free to browse through the default categories or design your advertising experience based on your preferences.

Step 5) Additionally, users can see which Facebook advertisers receive their information in the Advertiser section.

Step 6) If you select the Your Information section, you can control how much of your information is public. Toggle the switch to choose which information Facebook can receive from you.

Step 7) Finally, you can view the Ad Settings section to see which companies have your Facebook profile information and are targeting ads accordingly.

Step 8) The best thing you can do is go to the Hide Ad Topics section. Here you can select which topics you do not want to view in advertisements.

Other Methods to remove Facebook Ads

Another way you can block Facebook ads is with your browser, as specific browsers have built-in ad blockers and are amazingly effective at stopping advertisements.

For example, UC Browser is a fantastic option for watching uninterrupted videos. Brave Browser is another option, so you do not want to worry about downloading an ad blocker.

Additionally, you disable the Facebook page feature, which uses your likes for advertising to your friends and family. You can either disable it entirely or limit it to your friends.


Ads on Facebook or Facebook company products are not inherently dangerous. Your physical well-being will not be affected by an advertisement you see while scrolling through Facebook. However, there are other tangible ways for Facebook ads to be dangerous.

However, a few ads might not be prominent, but they are trying to sell you something. As a result, every advertisement is dangerous for your bottom line ☺. You might think you can ignore all ads, but everyone gets convinced to buy something because of an ad at some point. The best method to avoid spending money because of advertisements is to avoid ads altogether.

Yes, ad blockers are legal. You are worrying about whether ad blockers are legal. You might think it is possible to get in trouble if you use an ad blocker on Facebook or any other website. Fortunately, there is nothing for you to worry about. Ad blockers are legal and free for you to use.

You do not need to worry about legal repercussions when you use an ad blocker. You can use any ad blocker on the internet. However, we recommend that you should stick to the top options like the one we discussed above. These are the best ones and are less likely to infect your computer.