9 BEST India Proxy (Paid & Free Indian Web Proxies List) 2024

Free Indian proxies are a great way of accessing content that is restricted or not available in India. Many websites are blocked due to government restrictions, ISP blocking, and device-level protections. The best proxies in India can be used to access content in India and various countries globally with minimum effort.

However, most of these tools lack bandwidth and speed. They may not be ideal for video streaming as well. Some of these tools could also be lacking in privacy and security features. That’s why it is always better to choose from the best free Indian proxies for your needs.

Our review has handpicked 9 of the best free Indian proxy services for your needs. We wrote our review after analyzing all proxies on parameters like proxy pools, overall coverage, costs, and proxy types.
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Best Free Indian Proxy Websites: Top Picks!

Free Indian Proxy Proxy Types Proxy Pool Coverage Link
Oxylabs Residential, Mobile, Rotating ISP proxies, Shared etc. 20 million+ IPs 140+ Countries Learn More
Bright Data Residential, Data Center,ISP and Mobile 72 Million+ IP Addresses 195 Countries Learn More
ProxyScrape Residential, Dedicated and Mobile 10 Million+ IP Addresses 129 Locations Learn More
SmartProxy Residential, DataCenter,Static and Mobile 50 Million+ IPs 195+ Locations Learn More
Asocks Residential IPs 7M+ IP addresses 200 Countries Learn More

1) Oxylabs

Oxylabs offers a proxy switcher extension that helps switch and add multiple proxies. It is a free Chrome browser proxy extension that helps manage and switch between proxies easily with just a click.

Using Oxylabs, you receive human-like scrapping with no IP blocks that offer city-level targeting. You also receive real IP addresses or proxy pools from mobile devices and manage proxies on the go. It includes an AI-powered solution called Web Blocker, which helps in web unblocking for unrestricted scraping.



  • Use any proxy provider: Oxylabs proxy switcher works with any proxy provider. Therefore, you can switch on your proxies and manage them easily without hopping from one settings menu to another.
  • Proxy changer: This feature is designed especially to be used with Oxylabs residential proxy sessions. It also doesn’t require you to edit your username.
  • Proxy rotator: With this proxy rotator, you can simulate a genuine user interaction. Thus, it ensures that your IP remains unblocked as it lets you browse sites with real people’s IP addresses.
  • Scraping: It provides tools for performing data scraping. You can enjoy its services for various use cases like Ad verification, SERP analysis, and price monitoring.
  • Locations: Oxylab proxies are located in the USA, the UK, France, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, Australia, Africa, and more.
  • Uptime SLA: Its current uptime is 99%, if you face any downtime, your compensation depends on the case basis and how fast you contact the support for help.


  • This proxy switcher and manager lets you add extensions for free.
  • Oxylabs proxy services include a built-in proxy tester.
  • You can target any country without any extra cost.


  • The dashboard needs some improvement.
  • Sometimes, there might be issues with the scrappers.


Plan Name Pricing
Residential proxies $4/GB (pay as you go)
Mobile proxies $14/GB (pay as you go)
Rotating ISP proxies $11/GB

Free trial: 7-day free trial and 3-day money-back guarantee

Visit Oxylabs >>

7-Days Free Trial

2) Bright Data

Best for international support

Bright Data is best for special tools and services for business use cases, including stock market data collection and web data extraction. The servers are designed to accommodate high loads and work well during peak traffic.

You can choose from your proxy service’s data centers, ISPs, residentials, or mobile network plans. The robust proxy manager is ideal for handling the needs of upscale organizations with multiple networks.

Bright Data


  • IP: It maintains a network of over 5 million IP addresses to access almost all websites and content. You can easily find suitable Indian proxies for your needs.
  • API: Native API to build integrations and custom configurations for your business.
  • Extension: It provides a native browser extension for all popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.


  • Provides proxies with city ZIP-level targeting.
  • Ideal for e-commerce competitive data aggregation.
  • Maintains a high uptime of 99.99%


  • It takes time to figure out the correct configuration and settings.


The main BrightData Pricing plans include:

Plan Name Starting Price
Pay as you go Starts at $15 per GB
Growth $11.48 per GB billed monthly
Business $10.13 per GB billed monthly
Enterprise Get custom quote

Free Trial: Yes, 7 Days

Visit Bright Data >>

7-Days Free Trial

3) ProxyScrape

Best for enjoying a variety of IP configurations

ProxyScrape is among the best free proxies in India that provide data about the uptime, latency, and lifetime of all IPs. Furthermore, you can get additional information like IP location, protocol, ports, and anonymity.

ProxyScrape allows businesses to purchase bulk proxies with unlimited bandwidth, greater control, and high performance. Their highly responsive customer support is available via chat and email. It also maintains an in-depth knowledge base and help center. You can choose between free proxies, residential IP addresses, and dedicated proxies.



  • Configuration: You can fill in your parameters and choose various settings to get a list of hundreds of proxies matching your requirements.
  • Security: This Indian proxy service supports various security technologies, including HTTP, Socks4, and SOCKS5.
  • API: Provides an API to build integrations with your services and any 3rd party tools.


  • You can use this Indian Proxy service in 12 languages.
  • Lists are frequently updated to ensure the latest data availability.
  • Online proxy checker lets you check and verify the status of your proxy.


  • Provides only a limited number of free proxies per user.


Some of the best pricing plans offered by ProxyScrape are:

Type Starting Price
Premium $24 per month
Residential Starts at $21.25 for 5 GB of data
Dedicated Proxies $6.50 per month for 5 proxies

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Visit ProxyScrape >>

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

4) SmartProxy

Best for choosing from variety of plans

SmartProxy uses various advanced technologies that allow you to build bots for data scrapping, performance monitoring, and tracking multiple patterns online. It provides real-time traffic and data usage statistics and insights into your behavior.

SmartProxy’s built-in support for media consumption and streaming demanding videos on sites like YouTube, Netflix, and Facebook. Their documentation is designed to help you set up a proxy easily and ensure a high satisfaction rate. It provides dedicated proxies for use cases involving YouTube, Shopify, Pinterest, and Craiglist.



  • Network: It maintains a network of more than 50 million IP addresses across the globe to provide ideal coverage to everyone.
  • Types: You can choose between various plans, including residential proxies, static ISPs, mobile plans, site unblockers, and data center plans.
  • Extension: Provides extensions for some of the most common web browsers, including Chrome and Firefox, for easily accessing your proxy service.


  • Provides a public API for integrating with your current tech stack.
  • Maintains a low average response time of about 0.6 seconds.
  • It handpicks high reputation and quality IP addresses for your needs.


  • No free proxy or free basic plan is provided.


Some of the best pricing plans offered by SmartProxy are:

Plan Name Feature Cost
Residential Plans 8 GB $52 per month
Static ISP Plan 2 Gb $22.4 per month
Mobile Plan 2 GB $38 per month

Free Trial: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Visit SmartProxy >>

14-Days Money-back Guarantee

5) Asocks

Best for robust residential mobile proxies

Asocks is among the best mobile proxy sites that constantly monitors and updates its IP address pool. All low-reputation IPs are removed, and newer A+ grade IP addresses are added to be made available to you. It maintains a 99%+ connection success rate and swift response times for all users, providing an ideal experience globally.

You can use it to disguise your location and gain access to content from other regions. This ideal is to find cheaper flight prices, software, and more in other countries. The location disguise can also be used to access media content unavailable in your current location.



  • Data Scraping: It helps businesses scrap data from websites, social media, e-commerce sites, and search engine pages.
  • Reputation: You can get residential mobile proxies with a high reputation. This mitigates the risk of captcha checks and blocks from websites and social media platforms.
  • Use Cases: In our review, we found it perfect for use cases like load testing, verification, and finances.
  • Support: Customer support is available 24/7 through dedicated mail, calls, and Telegram support managers.
  • Uptime: Maintains an overall high uptime of 99.63% for mobile network proxies made available to you.
  • Bandwidth: All plans come with unlimited bandwidth, giving you unrestricted access to proxy and supporting heavy/bulk actions for your business.
  • City Targeting: You can choose your IP address at any specific location (city, region, country) for local internet access.


  • Maintains a large pool of more than 7 million IP addresses.
  • Provides proxies in 150+ locations across the globe.
  • Quick setup and configuration in less than 1 minute.


  • Lacks proper support for IP rotation.

Pricing: Pay as you go at $3 per GB

Free Trial: Yes, 3 Days

Visit Asocks >>

3-Days Free Trial

6) FreeProxy.World

Best for finding most reliabale IPs

FreeProxy.World is one of the best, easy-to-use, free Indian proxy websites. It doesn’t require any unique app or 3rd party tool for configuration. You can choose the IP address and configure it directly in most browsers.

FreeProxy.World lets you easily use its filtering tools to find proxies closest to your requirements. All proxies are thoroughly tested, and you are provided with data such as city, speed, security, uptime, and last online. It maintains a wholly public and free-to-use database of IP addresses globally.



  • Proxy Type: You can choose your preferred proxy security type, including HTTP, HTTPS, Socks4, and Socks5.
  • Anonymity: Based on your use case, you can find IP addresses with various levels of anonymity to suit your needs.
  • Ports: It provides IP addresses across 20 popular ports and more than 100 less popular ports for you.
  • Security: Proper data encryption using modern SSL and TLS standards.


  • Easily filter and find IP addresses relevant to your needs.
  • It has no hidden costs due to being funded by ads and donations.
  • Maintains complete transparency with all proxies available on a single page.


  • Excessive advertisements might obstruct your user interface.

Pricing: Lifetime Free

Link: https://www.freeproxy.world/?country=IN

7) ProxyHub

Best for accessing distant anonymous proxies

All the IP addresses at ProxyHub are free and public, making them highly accessible and easy to set up. It relies exclusively on advertisements for revenue, ensuring no costs for the users. Most proxy IP addresses have various security options, such as HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5.

It maintains over 2000 highly reliable Indian proxies spread across various cities and ZIP addresses. Furthermore, you can select your proxy service based on anonymity. It provides options between completely anonymous, transparent, or elite proxies.



  • Ports: It has various public proxies listed with multiple configurations, adequately supporting more than 25 ports for your needs.
  • Filters: The built-in filtration options allow you to quickly filter all the available IP addresses to find the ones best suited for your needs.
  • Access: It is accessible directly through the website without registration or signup. You need not install any app, extension, or 3rd party service to access it.


  • It is available in more than 80 languages for greater accessibility.
  • Straightforward design focused on helping you find the suitable proxy with the least effort.
  • It offers dead proxy replacement.


  • Poor customer support and documentation.

Pricing: Lifetime Free

Link: https://proxyhub.me/en/in-free-proxy-list.html

8) ProxyNova

Best for proxy lists that are updated every minute

ProxyNova provides access to high-speed, reliable proxies in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. It also offers tools like link extractors, anonymous emails, and text obfuscators. All proxies have various details mentioned to help you make the right decisions.

ProxyNova’s uptime indicator helps you better understand any proxy’s reliability. It also offers you insights about the proxy’s speed, port, origin, security posture, and various other details that are relevant to helping you make the right decision.



  • Anonymous and Elite: You can use their anonymous and elite IP addresses to maintain greater privacy data security and bypass content censorship or geographical restrictions.
  • IP to Location: It provides various additional tools, including IP to Location, to help you find the origin country of any IP address.
  • Extraction: You can use it to quickly extract and organize IP addresses with relevant information from any text.


  • Verifies and updates the status of all IP addresses every 24 hours.
  • Proxy checkers lets you quickly check the specifications and status of any IP.
  • It provides about large number of IP addresses across India that can be used as a proxy.


  • Lacks options in residential or data center proxies.

Pricing: Lifetime Free

Link: https://www.proxynova.com/proxy-server-list/country-in/

9) Free Proxy

Best for secure fast responding IPs in India

Free proxy has a variety of proxies in the list with various data points, including the city, region, and country mentioned. This allows you to choose the best location for your use case requirements. It performs 24-hour checks and evaluates all proxies to ensure they are working and fully operational.

You can easily find your preferred Indian web proxies based on categories like location, region, version, and technology. This free proxy in India lets you get details about your current IP, its security posture, configuration, and locations, making it one of the best proxy sites in India.

Free Proxy


  • Usage: You are not required to make any registrations, purchases, or downloads to use it. Any modern browser can easily be configured to their proxy service.
  • Anonymity: It provides various proxies with varied degrees of anonymity. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Parameters: You are provided with information about the uptime, response time, and technology to help you make informed decisions.


  • Available in 5 popular languages globally.
  • Highly responsive customer support is available via email.
  • Completely free to use and funded by ads.


  • Relatively old and hard-to-use UI.

Pricing: Lifetime Free

Link: http://free-proxy.cz/en/proxylist/country/IN/all/ping/all

10) Proxiyum

Best free proxy with high-speed anonymous browsing

Proxiyum masks your IP address and location, along with encrypting your personal data, making it one of the best free proxy websites in India. It provides you with greater anonymity and safe internet browsing. The highly responsive IP addresses ensure minimum response times and low ping for all requests.

Proxyium is one of the best proxy websites that automatically selects the proxy with the highest speed and best performance, minimizing your effort and giving you a better experience. The complete SSL security, along with military-grade encryption, DNS, and IPv6 leak prevention, helps improve your safety.



  • SSL Encryption: All URLs are encrypted using SSL. Unsecure websites get encrypted on the fly using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This encryption helps establish secure connections and links between networked computers.
  • No Download Limit: It puts no restrictions on the content you can download. Unlimited downloads allow you to surf and download anything.
  • Use Cases: It provides solutions for specific use cases such as general proxies, website unblocking, and YouTube unlocking.
  • Standards: This Indian proxy is designed to be compatible with all popular operating systems and modern web standards.


  • Using a shareable permanent link, you can easily send web pages to friends and family.
  • Robust encryption secures all your transmitted data and intercepts all cyber-attacks.
  • The website is available in 10 popular global languages.


  • Lacks variety in terms of countries and regions available.

Pricing: Lifetime Free

Link: https://proxyium.com/

11) ProxyDocker

Best for access to over 10,000 proxies per day

ProxyDocker allows you to filter proxies based on their anonymity support, like Elite, Anonymous, and Transparent. You can easily filter and choose a proxy for your preferred location using filtration based on country, region, and city. It sends email newsletters to stay updated with the latest proxy lists.

ProxyDocker provides a robust API to create integrations with your current software stack. The business plans allow access to up to 10,000 proxies, with unlimited downloads and unrestricted API access. Responsive support is available via live chat and email.



  • Purpose: It provides special proxies for highly specific purposes like SEO, marketing, bots, and general browsing.
  • Proxy Type: You can easily find proxies based on your preferred type, such as HTTP, SOCKS, and CONNECT.
  • IP Lookup: It allows you to look up your IP and check its specifications, including technology, block listings, reputation, and location.


  • You get information about the location and uptime of all IP addresses.
  • Available in 15+ languages, including Hindi.
  • It lets you choose proxies with your preferred technologies and response times.


  • Lacks advanced security and privacy-related features.


Some of the best pricing plans offered by ProxyDocker are:

Pricing Duration
$19.95 per month 1 month
$17.94 per month paid bi-annually 6 months
$15.88 per month paid annually 12 months

Free Trial: 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Link: https://www.proxydocker.com/en/proxylist/country/India


Some of the key parameters that must be considered if you have to choose ideal free Indian proxy services are:

  • Types: You should choose a proxy service that allows you to select from various IP types, including residential, local, and data center proxies.
  • Regions: It is best to choose proxy services with a wide region of service and are easily accessible in all countries/cities relevant to you.
  • Price: You should always look into purchasing Indian proxies that are within your price range and offer good value for money.

Some of the main advantages of using free VPNs for India are:

  • Government Restriction: The Indian government has banned many apps, services, and websites for Indian IP addresses. The vast majority of them can be accessed by using a suitable proxy.
  • Online Purchases: Due to taxation and charges, many things like flight tickets and electronics can be purchased at a lower cost by masking your location using proxies.
  • Content: Many digital content on YouTube, Twitter, and various platforms may be restricted to certain regions unblocked with an Indian proxy.

The Verdict

Our review shared 9 of the best free Indian proxy services. All of them are great choices and offer a variety of features. To help you narrow your choices, we will highlight the best free VPNs for India with their ideal use cases.

  • Bright Data is ideal for enjoying various proxy types and international support.
  • If you want privacy, security, and anonymity, you should choose ProxyHub.
  • Proxy Nova is ideal for enjoying frequently updated IP addresses.

Best Free Indian Proxy Websites: Top Picks!

Free Indian Proxy Proxy Types Proxy Pool Coverage Link
Oxylabs Residential, Mobile, Rotating ISP proxies, Shared etc. 20 million+ IPs 140+ Countries Learn More
Bright Data Residential, Data Center,ISP and Mobile 72 Million+ IP Addresses 195 Countries Learn More
ProxyScrape Residential, Dedicated and Mobile 10 Million+ IP Addresses 129 Locations Learn More
SmartProxy Residential, DataCenter,Static and Mobile 50 Million+ IPs 195+ Locations Learn More
Asocks Residential IPs 7M+ IP addresses 200 Countries Learn More