6 Best FREE Proxy for WhatsApp (2024)

Users cannot access WhatsApp in many countries, hence, you need a proxy to utilize WhatsApp benefits. Proxies let you enjoy secure communication without the hindrance or extra cost of international calling and texting services.

However, opting for a bad proxy results in frequent interruption and downtime. Bad-quality proxies are poorly maintained, leading to slow connections, which ultimately results in delayed messages and poor audio and video quality on WhatsApp.

There are also security risks associated with low-quality proxies. WhatsApp detects such services and flags them easily, leading to a permanent or temporary ban. You will also come across challenges like inconsistent geolocation, limited IP address, compromised confidentiality, and lack of reliable support.

Therefore, we have thoroughly researched to curate a list of the top six WhatsApp proxies that provide powerful connections. They offer reliable services, high uptime, and encryption with reasonable packages and even free services.
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Best WhatsApp Proxy Lists (Free & Paid)

Provider Name No of IP addresses Locations Starting Price Pay as you Go model Moneyback Guarantee Link
ExpressVPN Thousands of IP addresses without a specific number 94 countries $6.67 No 30 days Learn More
Bright Data 72+ million 195 countries $10.13 $15 No, 7 days a free trial Learn More
Oxylabs 20+ million 195+ countries $22 $8 No, but a 7-day free trial Learn More
Smartproxy 65+ Million 195+ countries $0.9 $8.5 14 days Learn More
PrivateProxy 2+ million 80+ Countries $5 No No, but a 7-day free trial Learn More

Did you know that WhatsApp has launched Proxy Support for all users across the globe?

WhatsApp greeted its users with a new valuable proxy support feature in the year 2023. They launched it to assist users living in WhatsApp-restricted areas and locations facing frequent internet shutdowns to help them reach their loved ones.

This feature is available in its latest version. Using it, you can access WhatsApp through servers set up by volunteers and organizations across the globe. These services are dedicated to building solutions to help people communicate freely.

You can access this feature by going to its settings menu.

Let us now move on to the list of best free WhatsApp proxy list of 2023

1) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN uses an encrypted tunnel for all your internet traffic, which acts like a local proxy. Once it is connected to the server of the location where WhatsApp is blocked, you will be able to access it in a regular manner.

This platform works with WhatsApp on platforms like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and much more. It helps you make WhatsApp calls, send text messages, audio, and pictures, and use all its other features.



  • Performance: With ExpressVPN, you can access WhatsApp smoothly without any throttle and use it with ultra-fast speed. There are no caps on bandwidth like other VPN or ISP. Thus, you can download as many images and documents as you want. It can be installed on all your devices, and use eight of them simultaneously. ExpressVPN also ensures there is no ISP throttling and gets secured access for all activities.
  • No of IP addresses: It offers thousands of servers, and every location includes hundreds of servers, thus, you get access to thousands of IP addresses. ExpressVPN doesn’t have a specific number of IP addresses as it is subject to change and depends on demand.
  • Privacy and compliance: Its WhatsApp proxy servers strictly follow no logs policy and use protocols like Lightway, OpenVPN, and IKEv2. It never stores any browsing history, IP addresses, DNS queries, traffic destination, or metadata, and it is GDPR and CCPA-compliant.
  • Rotating proxies: ExpressVPN offers rotating proxies that regularly rotate IP addresses from its thousands of servers in numerous locations across the globe. Its rotating proxies protect your anonymity and privacy more securely. You only get the best IP available while connecting to its server.
  • SLA: The uptime guarantee of ExpressVPN is 99.9%, and in case of any downtime, you can contact the support and ask for compensation. The service compensation depends entirely on the circumstances.
  • Integrations: You can integrate ExpressVPN with Chrome, Firefox, Safari. It also integrates with streaming devices like Apple TV, Fire Stick, gaming consoles, routers, mobile devices, and more.
  • Location: It is available in 94 countries, including Argentina, the US, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and more. ExpressVPN servers are also located in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.
  • Support: You can access its support using the 24-hour live chat support for setup and troubleshooting. It also offers a knowledge base support center.


  • It has a simple installation, and it connects instantly.
  • None of the data is ever written on the hard drive for extra security.
  • It additionally protects you from packet sniffing, man-in-the-middle attacks, and rouge WiFi networks.


  • As per few reviews sometimes disconnecting button may not work instantly.
  • It asks for credit card details for a free trial.


Here is the pricing list of the ExpressVPN WhatsApp proxy

1 Month 12 Months+3 Months free(per month) 6 Months (per month)
$12.95 $6.67 $9.99

Moneyback guarantee: Get a full refund in 30 days

Visit ExpressVPN >>

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

2) Bright Data

Bright data lets you target any city, country, zip code, carrier, and ASN. This WhatsApp proxy provider removes all kinds of blocks and restrictions instantly.

It uses next-gen proprietary technology and provides you with an innovative proxy service. Bright data is known to have the highest success rates when compared to other residential proxies. The Bright Data team also releases new features every day.

Bright Data


  • Performance: You get unlimited scalability, and it is highly customizable from any country or city in the world. It also offers high speed to complete your projects.
  • No of IP addresses: Bright Data has 72+ million IPs from 195 countries, with 4,046,649 in the US Itself, 491 871 IPs in Canada, and more in other countries.
  • Privacy and compliance: This platform is compliant with GDRP and CCPPA. Moreover, it supports Ports 80 and 443, HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
  • Rotating proxies: Bright data has an easy-to-use open-source Proxy Manager. that allows automated IP rotation with proxy rules. It also organizes your proxy in its user-friendly dashboard and allows hassle-free integration for beginners.
  • SLA: You get a 99.99% uptime guarantee. In case of any power interruption, you receive a service credit compensation within one billing cycle following the month in which the uptime guarantee was affected.
  • Integrations: It can integrate seamlessly with SwitchOmega, Lalicat, MoreLogin. Bright Data also integrates with Screaming Frog, Undetectable, Sessionbo, and many more.
  • Locations: It has 72+ million IP addresses from 195 countries. The countries include the United States, Germany, Great Britain, France, China, Japan, South Korea, India, and more.
  • Support: BrightData support is available 24/7 for active support. It provides WhatsApp, Email, Phone, and Telegram for any kind of queries, like sales, suspected abuse, and more.


  • Proxy manager allows you to define custom rules to get optimized results.
  • It is one of the best WhatsApp proxies, as its dashboard shows the performance in real time.
  • You get unlimited concurrent sessions.


  • Its interface may seem complex to beginners.
  • It doesn’t offer enough tutorials and training materials.


Here are some of the Residential Proxy pricing plans of Bright Data

Plan Name Pay As You Go Growth Business
Traffic Not specified 43 GB 98 GB
Additional proxy networks available at different rates Available Available Available
Pricing $15 $11.48 $10.13

Moneyback guarantee: No, but offers 7 days free trial.

Visit Bright Data >>

7-Days Free Trial

3) Oxylabs

Oxylabs offers a proxy switcher extension that helps switch and add multiple proxies. It is a free Chrome browser proxy extension that helps manage and switch between proxies easily with just a click.

It provides the fastest data center rotating residential proxies for individuals and businesses. It allows you to scrap data at high speeds, saving you precious time. You can enjoy extremely stable internet connections, ensuring faster speeds with minimum interruptions.



  • Use any proxy provider: Oxylabs proxy switcher works with any proxy provider. Therefore, you can switch on your proxies and manage them easily without hopping from one settings menu to another.
  • Proxy changer: This feature is designed especially to be used with Oxylabs residential proxy sessions. It also doesn’t require you to edit your username.
  • Proxy rotator: With this proxy rotator, you can simulate a genuine user interaction. Thus, it ensures that your IP remains unblocked as it lets you browse sites with real people’s IP addresses.
  • Account Manager: All rotating proxy accounts come with a dedicated manager who helps manage your account.
  • Scraping: It provides tools for performing data scraping. You can enjoy its services for various use cases like Ad verification, SERP analysis, and price monitoring.
  • Location: Oxylabs covers 195+ countries, and its top proxy locations are the US, Germany, UK, India, and Canada. It also includes Australia, Canada, Spain, China, France, Mozambique, and Poland.


  • This proxy switcher and manager lets you add extensions for free.
  • Oxylabs proxy services include a built-in proxy tester.
  • You can target any country without any extra cost.


  • The dashboard needs some improvement.
  • Sometimes, there might be issues with the scrappers.


Here are some of the pricing plans of Oxylabs

Plan Price/Traffic
Starter $17/GB
Business $14/GB
Corporate $11/GB

Moneyback guarantee: No, but 7 Days Free Trial

Visit Oxylabs >>

7-Days Free Trial

4) Smartproxy

Smartproxy automatically gathers website data at a scale and adds a layer of anonymity with its rotating IPs. This helps you access content from all restricted locations.

It also has multi-accounting that helps you create multiple social media and e-commerce accounts and manage them as a business or an individual. Smartproxy also helps in social media accounts A/B testing and creating accounts for a particular region. You can use it with any OS, including Chrome, Firefox, Smartproxy Chrome Extension, Insomniac, Edge and more.



  • Performance: It helps you tackle heavy data with ease. This proxy offers maximum speed reliability and performs complex tasks through automation. It can help you create and manage multiple WhatsApp accounts, eCommerce, and social media profiles without being flagged. SmartProxy also has the fastest residential and datacenter IPv4 proxy pools.
  • No of IP addresses: This app offers more than 40 million ethically sourced residential free proxy addresses that you can choose from.
  • Privacy and compliance: It provides SOCKS5 residential, dedicated data center, and mobile proxy list. You can collect data and get complete online anonymity. It bypass geo-restrictions with 50 million+ dedicated and shared proxies that have HTTP proxies.
  • Rotating proxies: Its rotating proxies help spread requests over millions of IPs offered. It can overcome blocks and CAPTCHAs and improve security. Furthermore, it comes with true mobile devices and desktop IPs that are connected to the local network.
  • SLA: This free proxy for WhatsApp guarantees 99.9% uptime. In case you come across an issue, you can raise a ticket and wait for the tech team to resolve the issue. Depending on the downtime or circumstances faced, you may also receive extended service for a few days.
  • Integrations: SmartProxy integrates with MultiLogin, Proxifier, SessionBox, VMlogin. It also integrates with ScrapeBox, ZennoPoster, Apify, SENukeTNG, and more.
  • Location: It is located in 195+ locations worldwide. including US, UK, Germany, Canada, India, and Japan.
  • Support: You can reach Smart Proxy customer support using its Live chat or simply look for your answers in the FAQ and its start guide.


  • High success rate with the built-in proxy rotator feature
  • Public data extraction from even the most advanced and complex targets
  • This tool offers quick and unlimited connections.


  • According to some users, they have faced disruption in service at times.
  • It is limited in terms of geo-targeting, as per a review.


Here is the pricing list of Smart Proxy

1 GB 2 GB 8 GB
$8.5 per GB $7 per GB $6.5 per GB

Moneyback guarantee: 14 days money back guarantee

Visit Smartproxy >>

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

5) PrivateProxy

PrivateProxy is an all-business purposes application as it offers services for all kinds of major business apps. The proxies by this platform are made for unique use cases. They study your requirements, and based on that, the team will provide you with the right type of proxy for a free trial.

The proxies offered by this provider are ideal for scraping, as they give reliable services no matter what your project or business requirement is.



  • Performance: It offers high-speed connections, and ensures that you get access to the fastest server. This proxy use cases are local SEO, lead generation, and reputation intelligence. It also has fraud prevention, web scrapping, VPN, price intelligence, and more.
  • No of IP addresses: This proxy offers up to 70k IP addresses solely depending on your requirement. They cater only to tested IPs that have passed and are offered to you based on your most demanded locations from around the world.
  • Privacy and compliance: Private Proxies offers HTTP and SOCKS5 dedicated proxies. This free proxy for WhatsApp saves your personal information only behind the most secure networks. It makes it accessible to limited authorized individuals who are binded by strict measures to keep them confidential. The sensitive information is encrypted with SSL technology, and it is GDPR compliant.
  • Rotating proxies: Its rotating proxies can be activated instantly, and it offers 1 free swap a month. You get unlimited connections and bandwidth. It can be used for any purpose and supports multiple locations.
  • SLA: Private Proxies offer 100% uptime, provide reliable service when you purchase proxies in bulk. It offers unlimited residential proxies for selected locations. There are no compensations for any downtime as they guarantee complete uptime.
  • Integrations: This is one of the best WhatsApp proxies, as it can integrate with any application that supports socks4, socks5, or HTTP protocols.
  • Location: Its servers are situated in locations such as Europe, Germany, the UK, and the US.
  • Support: It provides 24/7 support through live chat, email, and Skype for any kind of query and issue.


  • The connection speed of this proxy is high and consistent.
  • One free Swap per month is provided on all plans.
  • Customer support of this provider of free proxy address for WhatsApp is responsive and reliable.


  • It accepts only PayPal and credit card payments.
  • The trial subscription is provided only if you fill in the billing details.


Here is the pricing list of Private Proxies

Proxy Datacenter Residential
Rotating per month $59 $150
Static per month $9 $5

Moneyback guarantee: No, but 7 days free trial

Visit PrivateProxy >>

7-Days Free Trial

6) Webshare

Webshare is a free private proxy that provides a lifetime free plan with 10 proxies. Its proxy servers are optimized to prevent any kind of detection techniques, including TCP fingertips, DNS leaks, and open port scans.

It has a feature-rich modern control panel in every plan. Moreover it offers integration with Webshare Restful APIs that provide powerful proxy APIs.



  • Performance: It enables fast proxies at a low cost, and all its proxies are optimized to handle fast traffic from all over the globe. The Webshare proxy servers come with a dedicated Gigabit line for connecting with the internet. Its speed test measured by Fast.com shows between 800 Mbps and 950 Mbps and Speedtest.net shows 500Mbps to 750Mbp. It can also detect network issues and slowdowns in under 5 minutes and resolve them.
  • No of IP addresses: It offers 30 million+ IP addresses in its residential proxy plan. Thus, you can choose from millions of different proxy addresses.
  • Privacy and compliance: Webshare follows no logs and no tracking policy. It uses the highest-speed dedicated proxy that also provides dedicated bandwidth. You also receive HTTP and SOCKS5 dedicated proxies.
  • Rotating proxies: It offers thousands of rotating proxy servers that never stop. You can get 10 rotating dedicated proxies or hundreds of rotating proxy server. It is included in all plans as an add-on, and you can also rotate out IP addresses you do not like.
  • SLA: This free proxy in India for WhatsApp offers 99.97% uptime, WebShare provides its status through StatusGator, where you can get alerts such as, maintenance, warning, and more. You can get these alerts by signing up for StatusGator for free.
  • Integrations: WebShare integrates with any program that accepts Socks5 or HTTP proxies. All its free proxies are entirely anonymous.
  • Location: You can choose and connect to any provider from over 40 countries. The locations include the US, Canada, Croatia, Egypt, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, and more.
  • Support: It offers support through FAQs, email, help center for any kind of queries and assistance.


  • It is one of the best free WhatsApp proxies that always assigns new proxies, all the proxies offered by it are fresh.
  • It doesn’t need commitments, and you can start small and scale later.
  • This proxy is easy to use.


  • The customer support response is slow.
  • Webshare proxy location is less compared to its counterparts.


Here is the pricing list of Webshare

Proxy Proxy servers Static Residential Residential proxy
Stating price $0.05 per proxy $0.22 per proxy $4.5 per GB

Moneyback guarantee: Free refunds on all subscriptions within 2 days.

Visit Webshare >>

10 Free Proxies (No Credit Required)


Using just an ordinary proxy for unblocking and managing an account puts your WhatsApp at risk. Thus, it is recommended to use private proxies.

The private proxies remain at one particular IP address. Thus, they are ideal for managing accounts and unblocking geo-restricted areas. Private proxies also offer a higher success rate as it is assigned to only one person at a time.

No, it is not illegal to use proxies to unblock WhatsApp, even at times when the app may not allow it, you can still trick its AI.

However, few countries consider proxies illegal, for example, Turkey, Oman, Iraq, Belarus, Russia, and more. Therefore, if you are a citizen of one of such countries, you should first check their laws and regulations before using a proxy.

To unblock WhatsApp, you can purchase a reliable proxy for WhatsApp and use an IP address/address offered by the proxy provider to access the app.

Moreover, in the year 2023, WhatsApp officially released proxy support. This feature help people access it in areas where it is restricted or under an internet ban. You can find this option in its settings menu in their latest version.

Here is how you can install a free WhatsApp proxy:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and go to WhatsApp settings

Install a Free WhatsApp Proxy

Step 2: Click on storage and data for the menu

Install a Free WhatsApp Proxy

Step 3: In this drop-down menu, select Proxy Settings

Install a Free WhatsApp Proxy

Step 4: Now, enable the proxy and enter the WhatsApp Proxy address.

Install a Free WhatsApp Proxy

Step 5: Click on Save, a green check mark should appear when the connection is set.

Final Verdict

All the proxies we have mentioned in the above free proxy list for WhatsApp are some of the best providers. Here are our top three recommendations:

  • Bright Data: It lets you target any location, is available in 195 countries, and offers 72 million+ IP addresses.
  • ExpressVPN: This proxy offers IP addresses without any hard limit. It solely depends on your demand and requirement, and it strictly follows the no logs policy.
  • Oxylabs: It provides the fastest data center rotating residential proxies for individuals and businesses.

Best WhatsApp Proxy Lists (Free & Paid)

Provider Name No of IP addresses Locations Starting Price Pay as you Go model Moneyback Guarantee Link
ExpressVPN Thousands of IP addresses without a specific number 94 countries $6.67 No 30 days Learn More
Bright Data 72+ million 195 countries $10.13 $15 No, 7 days a free trial Learn More
Oxylabs 20+ million 195+ countries $22 $8 No, but a 7-day free trial Learn More
Smartproxy 65+ Million 195+ countries $0.9 $8.5 14 days Learn More
PrivateProxy 2+ million 80+ Countries $5 No No, but a 7-day free trial Learn More