7 BEST Instagram Proxy (Free List) 2024

Best Instagram Proxy

Proxy providers should be carefully selected, as getting caught can negatively impact your image and brand. A poor Instagram proxy provider often leads to account suspension, has limitations in functionalities, and puts your data at a high-security risk. You may also lose hard-earned followers, business relations, useful content, and likely your online reputation.

While using a reputed Instagram-optimized proxy provides you with reliable and undetectable IP addresses. These proxies offer high-speed connection, uninterrupted access, data protection, user-friendly UI, and responsive 24/7 support.

Therefore, we have conducted meticulous research on the best Instagram proxies available in the market. We have gone through all their offerings, reviews, and pricing to create the list below.
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Best Instagram Proxies: Free & Paid!

Name of provider No of Locations Concurrent sessions Starting price Free trial Link
Bright Data Over 72 million Unlimited $11.48 Billed annually 7 days Learn More
Proxy Empire More than 170 countries Unlimited $15 Pay as you go No, but a free trial with a value of $1.97 Learn More
The Social Proxy New York, Texas-US, Austria, UK and Israel. Unlimited $133 monthly 3 days Learn More
IP Royal 195+ locations worldwide Unlimited $1.75 per GB No, but you can purchase a small amount of traffic Learn More
Proxy-Seller USA, Russia, France, Canada, Germany, and others Unlimited $35.6 Monthly 14 days Learn More

How to tell if Instagram has banned your IP?

Before we jump into the list, let us look into the steps that

can help you identify if your Instagram is banned:

Step 1: First, clear the cookies from the web browser. Clearing your cookies will log you out of your Instagram account as an unregistered user if you are banned.

Step 2: If the above step doesn’t provide the desired information, you can use a new browser that you have never used to access your account.

Step 3: Now, if you still remain logged out after the second step, your IP is likely banned. You may also get a notification message stating, “The IP address you are using has been flagged as an open proxy. If you believe this to be incorrect, please visit https://help.instagram.com/

1) Bright Data

Bright Data is one of the leading Proxies used for various cases. It is one of the fastest residential proxies as its network is built of more than 72 million IPs from 195 countries.

This platform is a highly stable proxy provider with a maximum success rate. It also has a free proxy manager that can speed up your project exceptionally.

Bright Data


  • Encryption and privacy: This platform is GDPR and CCPA privacy compliant. It uses all industry-standard security tools and practices and strict internal procedures, and its employees are subject to confidentiality obligations.
  • Performance: It is one of the best Geo Proxy platforms. Bright Data offers unlimited scaling and customizing capabilities from any location in the world.
  • Proxy rotation: This platform offers a user-friendly open-source Proxy Manager that allows automated IP rotation with proxy rules.
  • Ports and protocols supported: It supports Ports 80 and 443, HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Bright Data can support other ports on request.
  • Tailored Instagram data sets: This feature includes code maintenance and multiple delivery options like Google Cloud, Webhook, and others. It also comes with custom output fields, different file output formats, data quality assurance, data scaling, and a dedicated account manager.
  • SLA: It is an extremely stable Instagram proxy provider with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. In case of any rare case of power interruption, you will get a service credit within one billing cycle following the month in which the uptime guarantee was affected.
  • Integrations: This provider can integrate with MoreLogin, SwitchOmega, Lalicat, Screaming Frog, Undetectable, Apify, Sessionbox, and more.
  • Proxy locations: It has over 72 million IP locations, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, France, Brazil, China, Japan, South Korea, India, and more.
  • Support: You can contact its 24/7 active support via WhatsApp, Email, Phone, and Telegram for any kind of queries, including sales, media, suspected abuse, and more.


  • It allows unlimited concurrent sessions.
  • You can select the location of an IP on a city level.
  • Charges are made only based on traffic through the network and nothing else.


  • The documentation can seem a little confusing.
  • It constantly updates, which raises the price of mobile IPs.


Here are some of the pricing plans of Bright Data

Plan Name Pay As You Go Growth Business
Traffic Not specified 43 GB 98 GB
Additional proxy networks available at different rates Available Available Available
Pricing $15 $11.48 $10.13

Moneyback guarantee: No, but it has 7 days free trial.

Visit Bright Data >>

2) Proxy Empire

Proxy Empire offers proxies like static residential, rotating mobile, and rotating residential.

This proxy supports all kinds of social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and several others. You get high connectivity as its network spans 170+ countries and has above 250,000 nodes without any Geo-Location blocks.

Proxy Empire


  • Encryption and Privacy: It is a completely GDRP-compliant proxy. This provider also allows authentication via whitelisting your static corporate IP address, so you no longer have to verify every device being used.
  • Performance: It has 9,750,000+ IP addresses available worldwide for accessing content at scale. You get a VIP integration with all its residential plans for quick setup, and they can also integrate with any existing software stack. It also has static residential proxies, which can be used for a longer period.
  • Proxy rotation: It has a limitless rotating residential proxy that lets you benefit from unlimited concurrent connections without any throttle. Proxy Empire provides over 5.3 million rotating proxies that have advanced filtering and are ethically sourced.
  • Ports and Protocols supported: This Instagram proxy site has no particular port number assigned and supports protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5.
  • Reverse IP address Lookup: Proxy Empire is capable of mimicking an average user with its real ISP and carrier-allocated IP. This makes ad networks believe you are legitimate traffic so you can look up your ads across the internet.
  • SLA: It doesn’t offer a specific uptime guarantee for its services but always makes sure that they have little to no downtime.
  • Integrations: This proxy integrates with GoLogin, Adspower, Multilogin, Dolphin (anty), Sessionbox, and Kameleo.a
  • Locations: Its residential and mobile rotating proxies are located in more than 170 countries, including the US, UAE, the UK, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Mexico, Singapore, and several more.
  • Support: With this proxy site for Instagram, you get support through live chat and email, and it also includes a helpful knowledge base to answer your queries.


  • This free Instagram proxy uses global data in real time.
  • Proxy Empire accepts cryptocurrency.
  • Its plans have no expiration.


  • Its pay-as-you-go model’s per GB pricing is expensive.
  • According to a review, its proxies may be a bit slow sometimes.


Here are some of the plans of Proxy Empire

Plan Name Pay As You Go Starter Hobby
Data 1 GB 3 GB 15 GB
Threads Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Rollover bandwidth Rollover bandwidth Rollover bandwidth
Pricing $15 $40 $150

Moneyback guarantee: No, but Proxy Empire offers a free trial with a value of $1.97 with 1 GB for business clients.

Visit Proxy Empire >>

3) The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy provides solutions like Geo-location, scaling, and scraping data. Its 5G and 4G proxies come with unlimited IPs, and these same addresses are used by real users.

You can utilize The Social Proxy to avoid any type of action blocks by Instagram. It comes with an unmodified mobile network, so you can be assured that you are using only real connections.

Social Proxy


  • Encryption and Privacy: It uses your account password as the private key in its encryption algorithms. You get all industry-leading security measures with the help of custom software and hardware.
  • Performance: Get unlimited connection and free traffic that helps you use as many accounts as you want. It comes with powerful automation tools, a feature-rich dashboard, live-rich access logs, and is Rest API enabled.
  • Proxy rotation: You can rotate The Social Proxy manually or use API. It also has autorotation and IP rotation with a switching capability every 10 seconds. If you need help with rotation, you can also get 24/7 support assistance.
  • Ports and Protocols supported: This proxy provider works with HTTP and HTTPS. Currently, it does not have UDP and SOCKS.
  • SLA: The Social Proxy provides a 99% uptime guaranteed at the moment. In case there is any service downtime, you get a notification via WhatsApp, Skype, and other contact channels.
  • Integrations: : It easily integrates with Jarvee, Follow Liker, MassPlanner, Nextpost, Multilogin, and Socinator.
  • Locations: Its proxies are located in New York, Texas-US, Austria, UK, and Israel.
  • Support: You can use its live chat to reach support or use the learning hub, API documentation, and FAQs for queries, as for existing customers, you can contact the team using your account.


  • This free Instagram proxy has a dedicated and willing support team.
  • You get flexible pricing which allows you to make modifications.
  • It is most suitable for Social Media authentication.


  • It doesn’t allow P2P torrenting.
  • The Social Proxy supports a very limited number of locations.


Here are some of the pricing plans offered by The Social Network

Plan Quantity 1 2 3
Connection Private and Unlimited Private and Unlimited Private and Unlimited
Location Multiple Multiple Multiple
Mbps 100-400 100-400 100-400
Pricing monthly $133 $266 $399

Moneyback guarantee: 3 days

Visit Social Proxy >>

4) IP Royal

IP Royal offers 100% transparency with its services, meaning its IPs are ethically sourced. It provides you with 8,056,839+ IPs. All these IPs are powered by real users, which makes detection impossible. Hence, there is no blocking.

You can pick any IPs you want or limit them to a particular country, continent, or even city. It doesn’t have a contract system for pricing, so there are no monthly minimums.

IP Royal


  • Encryption and Privacy: Its default residential proxy configuration authenticates with the help of your username and password.
  • Performance: Get a blazing-speed connection and manage your Instagram account safely with authentic IP addresses. It lets you combine all your proxies with your choice of social media automation app and get sticky sessions for 24 hours and advanced geo-targeting. Moreover, its traffic never expires.
  • Monitor Proxy usage: : This provider can monitor your proxy usage. It provides a complete overview of your plan and its advanced offerings that allow better management of Instagram proxy.
  • Proxy rotation: You get an auto-rotate feature that switches automatically and replaces your IP at set intervals, like one to 30 minutes. Its rotating residential proxies also help collect accurate data anonymously.
  • Instant IP Change: IP Royal allows you to change your IP using a dashboard with just a click, or you can do it through an API request.
  • Ports and Protocols supported: You get unlimited speed with its HTTP and SOCKS support. Its port number for HTTP/HTTPS is 12321, and 42124 for SOCKS5 servers.
  • Uptime SLA: With IP Royal, you get a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and there is no compensation for any kind of downtime.
  • Integrations: Its proxies are compatible with all kinds of HTTP and HTTPS. It integrates seamlessly with Instagram bots like Jarvee and other apps, including Incognition, Antik Browser, WebRTC, GoLogin, MoreLogin, and others.
  • Locations: This provider’s locations include 195+ places worldwide in countries such as the US, France, the UK, Spain, Canada, Germany, Australia, China, Mozambique, and more.
  • Support: This Instagram proxy server offers support via live chat, email, website form, FAQs, and a help center for queries, along with Quick Start guides.


  • It provides API access.
  • You get unlimited concurrent sessions.
  • It can be employed for any website as long as it’s legal.


  • There is no uptime guarantee for some plans.
  • It doesn’t have phone support.


Here are the pricing plans of IP Royal

Plan Name Residential Static Residential Data Center proxies
Traffic Never expires Unlimited Unlimited
SOCKS5 Supported Supported Supported
Pricing $1.75 per GB $2.40 per proxy $1.39 per proxy

Moneyback guarantee: No, but you can purchase a small amount of traffic to test its service at a low cost.

Visit IP Royal

5) Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller for Instagram works with all kinds of promotion services and programs related to this social media. Its proxies have no traffic restrictions and support a 1 Gbit/s channel for high speed.

This proxy supports multiple accounts and mitigates the risk of an IP ban. Its manager can set up proxies remotely on your PC on demand. It also guarantees a large number of networks and subnets, covers more than 15 countries with a pool of 10k addresses, and allows you to choose even a specific city.



  • Encryption and Privacy: Proxy-Seller processes your personal data abiding by the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus. It is also GDRP compliant and uses UK GDRP for United Kingdom citizens. For Australia, it follows the Privacy Act 1988, California Consumer Privacy Act for California, and so on.
  • Tools offered: It offers tools like Proxy-Check, Proxy-Scanner, My IP, Ping-IP, and IP Trace for better performance.
  • Proxy rotation: : You can rotate and create your proxies after 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the country. It also has proxies on request through a link, so when you click on it, you get a whole new proxy.
  • Ports and Protocols supported: It supports SOCKS4 and HTTPS and gives you high anonymity. This hosting also offers ISP, IPv6, IPv4, and mobile proxies.
  • SLA: You get a guarantee of 99% uptime for its services. In an unlikely circumstance of downtime, you can contact support for a proxy replacement.
  • Locations: This Instagram proxy service provider’s locations include the USA, Russia, France, Canada, Germany, England, Netherlands, and several others.
  • Support: Proxy-Seller offers support through email, Skype, Discord, Telegram, FAQs, and blogs.


  • It has an affiliate program.
  • You get exclusively individual proxies.
  • Most of the orders receive instant proxies.


  • It doesn’t offer live chat; hence, no instant support.
  • According to some reviews, the users have faced compatibility issues.


It comes with a plan named Quantity Required, which has flexible pricing according to the number of IPv4 you need. For each IPv4, it costs $ 3.75.

Here are some of the other pricing plans offered by the Proxy Seller.

Plan Name 10 IPs 25 IPs 50 IPs
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Gbps Up to 1Gbps Up to 1Gbps Up to 1Gbps
IP Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated
Pricing monthly $35.6 $79.75 $140.5

Moneyback guarantee: Account cancellation provides a full refund if made within 14 days. In the case of Proxy-Seller’s week product, you can claim a refund within 3 days.

Visit Proxy-Seller >>

6) Webshare

Webshare offers Instagram Proxy servers that are built for high performance at the lowest rates. It lets you choose any region it is available in and provides exceptionally high-speed connection.

You can access above 30 million IP addresses with the help of Webshare in its Residential plan. This provider has no log policy. Hence, all your activities remain hidden offering you safe private proxies for Instagram.



  • Encryption and Privacy: It offers cybersecurity with its premium residential proxies. Webshare has AI/ML-driven real-time anti-fraud processes that block all risky activities and users. This Instagram proxy server is also capable of processing above 250B distinct data points every month to offer security and compliant business proxies.
  • Performance: You can scrape any public data with its high-quality proxies that can cross several types of blocks. Its residential proxies are much more powerful than the standard proxies and work best with small bandwidth usage.
  • Proxy rotation: With the help of a single proxy address, you can get assigned thousands of IPs. You can customize the type of proxy and the intervals you want it to rotate or simply use on-demand rotation.
  • Ports and Protocols supported: It supports HTTP and SOCKS5, you can integrate these protocols with any app, and it is also SSL proxy supported.
  • Fast Dedicated Proxies: It has dedicated proxies that are optimized to handle fast and heavy traffic from across the globe. All Webshare proxy server comes with a dedicated Gigabit line.
  • SLA: It has an uptime guarantee of 99.97%. In any unlikely case of downtime, there are no refunds and compensations provided.
  • Control panel: Webshare has a powerful control panel with 50+ features.
  • Locations: It has proxy servers in 40+ countries, its top residential proxy locations are the USA, Germany, China, the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, and France.
  • Support: Webshare support assists users via email, and you can reach them using their physical mailing address as well. It also includes FAQs, Knowledge base, and articles.


  • Webshare is capable of improving your daily workflow.
  • You get 10 proxies for up to 1 BG per month entirely free with unlimited time without any credit card.
  • In its affiliate program, you can promote it and get a 25% payout.


  • There is no live chat or phone support.
  • Sometimes its proxies are detectable.


Here is the pricing list of Webshare for residential proxy

Bandwidth 1 GB 10 GB 25 GB
Proxies 30 million+ IPs 30 million+ IPs 30 millions+ IPs
IP Authorization Included Included Included
Pricing per month $7 $60 $137.50

Moneyback guarantee: 2 days

Visit Webshare >>

7) Oxylabs

Oxylabs is backed by patented technology that uses a state-of-the-art transport layer for its network protocol. Its next-gen design provides enhanced network speed, security, reliability, and uninterrupted scraping.

Its residential proxies help access content that is blocked in specific locations. Oxylabs makes various content visible from all over the world, so you are exposed only to the real information from that particular location.



Performance: You can perform unlimited concurrent sessions with any extra charges. So, you can easily scale up web scrapping projects whenever needed.

Proxy rotation: Oxylabs comes with flexible rotation capability and uses a proxy rotator that increases scraping success rate, human-like data collection, and removes manually rotating Datacenter IPs.

Control data usage: It lets you control your data usage via a dashboard and makes sure your projects run without any hurdles. You can view a detailed proxy usage statistic, manage proxy subscriptions, create and manage sub-users, and whitelist IPs.

Free proxy management tools: You get free proxy manager tools like the Oxy Proxy Manager app and Oxy Proxy extension.

Other free offerings: This Instagram proxy site provides free features like Advice on Target Scraping, Sticky Sessions, 3 sub-users, and Proxy Know-How Sharing.

Ports and Protocols supported: Oxylabs support HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols. Your IPs remain safe and completely undetected, as these addresses belong to real users.

Uptime SLA: Its current uptime is 99%, if you face any downtime, your compensation depends on the case basis and how fast you contact the support for help.

Integrations: You can easily integrate it with third-party software like Kameleo, Proxifier, GoLogin, Multilogin, SwitchyOmega, FoxyProxy, Puppeteer, and others.

Locations: Oxylab proxies are located in the USA, the UK, France, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, Australia, Africa, and more.

Support: Its support is reachable through live chat and email. You also get additional help from FAQs, documentation, and blog.


  • It has proxy user management with Public API.
  • You can switch between and add multiple IPs with just a one-click connection.
  • It provides 10 whitelisted IPs for free.


  • Its pricing is on the expensive side.
  • It is not suitable for small groups of individual users.


Here is the pricing list of Oxylabs

Plan Name Pay as you go Starter Advanced
Traffic 50 GB 25 GB 60 GB
Concurrent sessions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
City-level targeting Included Included Included
Pricing monthly $15 $300 $600

Moneyback guarantee: Only self-service clients are eligible for a 3-day refund.

Visit Oxylabs >>

How to select the best Instagram Proxy?

To select the best Instagram Proxy, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Encryption: Make sure it has strong encryption so that you are always safe and secure and your privacy is protected. Get free proxies or a subscription-based provider that follows standard privacy policies and protocols.
  • Residential: The residential proxies are considered the best proxies for Instagram. Choose an Instagram-optimized residential proxy to avoid an IP ban.
  • Rotating proxies: This free proxy server for Instagram can change the IP address for each connection. This makes sites and applications think that the traffic is coming from a genuinely different location.
  • Uptime: Reliability is a must. Thus, always check for proxies that provide a high uptime guarantee. The best Instagram proxy providers offer at least 95% uptime in their SLA.
  • Reviews: You should also depend on reliable site reviews so that you know about the real drawbacks that you might face while selecting a provider.

Why do you need Instagram Proxies?

You need free proxy for Instagram for several reasons:

  • For automating social media: Instagram proxies can help you manage multiple accounts by automating them, thus allowing you to have more reach.
  • For using more than five accounts: These proxies help you use more than five accounts without getting banned, as they can mask your IP address.
  • For scraping: You can scrape all kinds of useful data using Instagram proxies to grow your business without getting caught.
  • For tighter security: As these proxies hide your actual IP address, you gain an extra layer of protection by being anonymous.


Instagram proxies are servers that can change your IP address to reroute the traffic generated from different devices. This type of proxy is specifically optimized for managing multiple Instagram accounts so you can reach the target audience without being detected.

This social media platform has strict anti-bot it is easy to detect a regular proxy, thus, using optimized proxies like residential proxy can keep your IP from getting banned. Using them, you can get access to several countries and their local regions without being blocked.

Bright Data is one of the best proxies for Instagram. It provides 72 million IPs from 195 countries. This proxy is the best Geo Proxy performing platform, it is also highly scalable and customizable and has a 99.99% uptime guarantee for its services, making it truly reliable.

Its proxy server for Instagram are optimized. Therefore, you always remain undetectable, so you never have to worry about an IP ban.

Instagram open proxy means your IP address is banned for using multiple inappropriate and abusive accounts. If this is a mistake, you should turn off your router and contact ISP immediately for investigation.

You can avoid Open Proxy issues by opting for a reliable ISP or safeguarding your network with a strong password.

Here’s what you can do about an Instagram IP ban:

  • Contact Instagram: If your IP accidentally triggers Instagram’s automated spam detection, you may see an “Action Blocked” notice. When you receive this notification, click on the “Tell us” option to inform it to Instagram. In case nothing is notified, visit Settings>Help>Report a Problem and report your IP ban issue.
  • Change the IP address: Instagram has several ways to detect any form of suspicious activity, so you can try changing your IP address for a temporary solution. You can get a new IP address, but it’s best to choose an Instagram-optimized provider to go undetected.

Instagram proxies work in the following manner:

  • Connection request: Your device sends a request to the Instagram server to connect with the platform. This request includes multiple data about your device, such as user agent, IP address, and HTTP header.
  • Proxy: Then your device reroutes the request to the proxy server instead of directly sending it to Instagram.
  • IP rotation: The proxy then changes the real IP address by assigning a new IP address to mask your IP from its pool of addresses. This proxy then transmits the connection request with the new IP to Instagram.
  • Connecting with Instagram: The app’s server then receives the request and analyses it to check if you have permission to access the account or request data and decides if it should approve your IP.
  • Server response: The Instagram proxy site or app then receives this response and sends it back to your device.

Final Verdict

All the Instagram proxies above are an excellent choice for masking your IP address. However, we would like to recommend the three best out of the seven on our list.

  • Bright Data : It is our first choice as it provides 72 million IPs from 195 countries, has pay as you go model, and Tailored Instagram data sets.
  • Proxy Empire: This platform provides 9,750,000+ IP addresses, integrates with any of your software stacks, has 5.3 million Rotating proxies, and also has a pay-as-you-go model.
  • IP Royal: It provides low-cost, reliable services without any contract and is available in 195+ countries.

Best Instagram Proxies: Top Picks!

Name of provider No of Locations Concurrent sessions Starting price Free trial Link
Bright Data Over 72 million Unlimited $11.48 Billed annually 7 days Learn More
Proxy Empire More than 170 countries Unlimited $15 Pay as you go No, but a free trial with a value of $1.97 Learn More
The Social Proxy New York, Texas-US, Austria, UK and Israel. Unlimited $133 monthly 3 days Learn More
IP Royal 195+ locations worldwide Unlimited $1.75 per GB No, but you can purchase a small amount of traffic Learn More
Proxy-Seller USA, Russia, France, Canada, Germany, and others Unlimited $35.6 Monthly 14 days Learn More