8 Best SOCKS5 Proxies Providers (2023)

SOCKS5 is the newest proxy protocol. Versatile, fast, and anonymous, it enables many tasks that wouldn’t be possible with HTTP(S) IPs. You can use them for gaming, video streaming, torrents, web scraping, etc. The design of Socks5 Proxies is such that it is able to perform the function of routing your data so that the user appears like they are accessing the internet from a different location.

Moreover, socks5 proxies are faster than other private socks, proxy servers and socks5 VPNs. As it transfers data in smaller packets and uses the Secure Shell encrypted tunneling method to relay traffic. Here are the list of the 7 best Socks5 proxies’ providers based on their pricing, free trial, global coverage, etc.

Best SOCKS5 Proxy Server Providers

Proxy Name Free trials Best for Link
Smartproxy 1 month free for scrapers, 14-day money back option for proxies Access to extra Free apps and web extension Learn More
Oxylabs 7-Days Free Trial Ideal for traffic-intensive tasks Learn More
Bright Data 7-Days Free Trial Overcoming all blocks and restrictions in high-speed Learn More
Webshare None Accessible dashboard to stats overview Learn More
IPRoyal None Compatible on all devices Learn More

1) SmartProxy

In recent years, the proxy market has experienced significant growth, expanding access to proxy infrastructure for a broader user base, and of course, selecting a reliable proxy provider has become more challenging. Nevertheless, we have identified a noteworthy proxy platform – Smartproxy, which proves to be the one by offering affordable prices for high-quality products.

In addition to their high-quality proxies and scraping APIs, recently Smartproxy introduced their Site Unblocker, which skillfully manages the unblocking process to retrieve public data from the most challenging websites with expertise.

With Smartproxy’s Site Unblocker you can dive into the scraping world with no geo-restrictions, IP bans or CAPTCHAs. You get to enjoy automatic proxy pool rotation, worldwide geo-targeting and make multiple requests from the same IP with no issues.



  • 65M+ ethically sourced proxy pool in 195+ locations
  • Success-based payment – with Smartproxy’s Site Unblocker you pay only for the successful requests, offering a cost-efficient and results-oriented approach to accessing restricted content.
  • Scraping functionalities – skip the hassle of constructing your own – we’ve integrated a state-of-the-art web scraper for collecting real-time public data.
  • JavaScript rendering – no need to concern yourself with dynamic content, interactive elements, and other challenges associated with web scraping.
  • Advanced browser fingerprinting – their technology outperforms anti-bot systems, ensuring that you can conduct your business without any disruptions.
  • Proxy-like integration – effortlessly incorporate Site Unblocker into your code using a single endpoint.

Key Specs:

Proxy Types: Datacentre proxies, rotating proxies, Socks5 proxies, and Dedicated DC proxies.
Uptime: 99.99%
Privacy/Security/Safety: Ethically gathered IPs, HTTP, HTTPS
Customer support: 24/7, online
Pricing: Plans start at $12.5, on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Free trials: None

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2) Oxylabs

Oxylabs is a market-leading web intelligence collection platform, driven by the highest business, ethics, and compliance standards, enabling companies worldwide to unlock data-driven insights.

It proudly stands as a leading force in the web intelligence collection industry, with its innovative and ethical scraping solutions that make web intelligence insights accessible to those who seek to become leaders in their own domains.

With the help of Oxylabs’ Residential Proxies having SOCKS5 protocol, you can enhance your web scraping experience and retrieve public web data from any desired location while maintaining complete anonymity.


Reasons why businesses use Oxylabs proxies:

  • In-depth tutorials and clear documentation
  • Global country coverage
  • No IP bans and CAPTCHA
  • High scalability
  • Exceptional support 24/7
  • Usage statistics


  • Biggest ethically gathered proxies pool in the world
  • Integrations with Multilogin, Adspower, SwitchyOmega
  • Exceptional performance with the success rate of 99,95%
  • Flawless customer support 24/7
  • Universal location support with all possible worldwide city-level locations
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Use promo code PRXY30 and get 30% off for 1 month
  • 1 Week free trial

Key Specs:

Proxy types: Residential, Mobile, Datacenter, ISP, SOCKS5, SSL
Network Uptime: 99,99%
Geographic Coverage: 195 countries
IP Pool Size: 102M+
Pricing: starting from $15/GB for pay-as-you-go and $3,75/GB for custom monthly/yearly plans

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3) Bright Data

Overcoming all blocks and restrictions in high-speed

Bright Data is the leading web data and proxy service platform that seamlessly combines powerful data extraction, robust proxy management, and comprehensive analytics, revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals harness and leverage valuable online information.

Bright Data’s premium SOCKS5 proxies are the ultimate solution for secure data collection. With unrivaled speed, unbeatable reliability, a vast global IP network, a customer-centric approach, Bright Data stands as a leader in the proxy market. With Bright Data, users can access the SOCKS5 protocol with Proxy Manager to overcome all web blocks and restrictions.

Bright Data


  • World’s Largest Patented Residential IP Proxy network made up of real users
  • Proxy types: Datacenter, Residential, Mobile, ISP Proxies
  • Worldwide coverage: geo IPs located in 195+ countries; Customers can geo-target on a country, city, state, carrier, ASN & zip-code level
  • SOCKS5 protocol support
  • Unlimited concurrent connections
  • 99.99% uptime – highest of any provider
  • Browser extension and powerful Proxy Manager for scraping features
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • 7-day free trial
  • 24/7 Professional Customer Service Support in 7 languages
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Pricing: $15.00/GB for pay-as-you-go; Monthly/Yearly plans start at $7.65/GB + Bright Lite option for Datacenter proxies

Key Specs:

Proxy Types: Datacenter, Residential, Mobile, ISP Proxies
Locations: geo IPs located in 195+ countries;
Support: 24/7 Professional Customer Service Support in 7 languages
Uptime: 99.99% uptime – highest of any provider
Pricing: $15.00/GB for pay-as-you-go; Monthly/Yearly plans start at $7.65/GB + Bright Lite option for Datacenter proxies
Free trials: 7-day free trial

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4) Webshare

Accessible dashboard for stats overviews

Webshare proxy server is one of the best sock proxy servers that enables you to access the web anonymously and privately. It supports HTTP proxies and socks5 Proxies. The Webshare services allow you privacy by encrypting your data and hiding your identity from prying eyes whenever you are online.

Webshare is safe and secure, with designs that come with an accessible dashboard. It offers easy access to detailed proxy usage statistics.



  • Prevent Detection: It is highly optimized to prevent detection techniques like DNS leaks and TCP fingerprints.
  • Fast and efficient proxies: Provides fast and efficient proxies with patented technology.
  • Security and Privacy: Affords users a high level of security and privacy.
  • Global Servers: Has available proxies that serve from 20 countries.
  • It has available proxies that serve 20 countries.
  • Integration: Saves you time and money as it allows you to integrate with the Webshare RESTful APIs.
  • Accessible modern control panel with as many features as you need in every proxy plan.
  • Customer Support: Customer service responsiveness with 24/7 monitoring.
  • Aggregate Network: 100+ Gbps
  • Customer support: Customer service responsiveness with 24/7 monitoring.


  • Affordable and reliable services
  • Optimized to prevent detection techniques like DNS leaks.
  • patented technology for efficiency and speed


  • Depending on your subscription, proxies may not be able to access some websites.
  • There is also room for IP authentication and password authentication.
  • Have some proxies with high fraud scores.

Key Specs:

Proxy Types: Static and rotating proxies, Residential ISP proxies, dedicated proxies, Private proxies, Socks proxies, socks5 proxies, and data center proxies.
Locations: Proxy servers from over 20 countries.
Support: 24/7 customer service via email.
Uptime: 99.97.
Pricing: starting at $2.99 per month.
Free trials: yes. Permanent 10 proxies for free

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5) IPRoyal

Compatible with all devices

IPRoyal rotating and static proxies have HTTP and SOCKS5 support that allows you to get accurate data from anywhere in the world without experiencing geo-restrictions. It connects you to real residential socks5 proxy and real addresses that expand based on your needs.

With the socks proxy and socks5 proxies’ services available, there are several use cases in which IProyal is useful. These use cases include retailing, social networking, and data gathering. There are also tailored packages for businesses and personal usage that allows you to choose the package that suits your need.



  • Unique proxy: There is no sharing of proxies amongst users, as each is unique to every user.
  • Available across multiple countries: Available in many countries.
  • Data scraping: Available and reliable socks proxies for data scraping.
  • Allows different locations: Lets you pick different locations with no room to experience geo-blocking.
  • Geographic Coverage: USA, UK, Germany, India, and China.


  • IPRoyal Offers available options to pick from. Offers are between sticky proxies that last 24 hours or rotating proxies with a limitless number from a growing IP pool.
  • Real IP addresses from mobile and residential proxies
  • Excellent for web and mobile scrapping.


  • There are no clearly stated refund policies.
  • May not be available in some countries.
  • May experience laxity and slow speed.

Key Specs:

Proxy Types: sneaker proxies, static proxies, private proxies, Firefox proxy manager, proxy tester, datacentre proxies, socks proxies, and Socks5 proxies.
Locations: over 100 locations globally.
Uptime: 99.9% Uptime.
Pricing: Plans start at $1.75 per Giga Byte.
Free trials: No, but 30- days money back guarantee.

Visit IPRoyal >>

6) Netnut

Minimalistic dashboard with an easy user interface

Netnut has over a million static IPs that are stable with high speed because of its direct connectivity to ISP. This socks5 proxy service provider also provides socks proxy and HTTPS services. Netnut users may not experience the laxity and slow speed that users may experience when using a socks5 proxy server because Netnut does not use a p2p network.

The Netnut proxy provider has an easy interface that makes it easy for users to have detailed proxy usage statistics that include how much data and time is consumed by the user.



  • Instant IP change: You can have instant IP change.
  • Multiple countries: It is available in over 170 countries.
  • Instant Change location: Instant internet protocol changes as you change location to prevent detection and provide privacy.
  • Enables you to set duration: Allows you to set the duration for automatic change when using the rotating proxy.
  • Static Proxy: Socks proxy does not change and can be used for 24 hours while protecting your privacy.
  • No proxy sharing: No sharing of proxies, as you get dedicated sock5 proxy.
  • Citi-level targeting: Enjoy proxies around the world with city-level targeting.
  • Geographic Coverage: 80+ Countries.


  • It can be used on any legal website without hindrance.
  • It has more than 20 million residential IPs that enable loads of requests and protect your privacy.
  • Unlimited bandwidth services
  • Access to any website without restrictions
  • Access to a weekly plan option after the free trial


  • High fee on the starter plan
  • Demand on personal information to gain access to the free trial
  • No live support on the basic plan

Key Specs:

Proxy Types: rotating residential proxies, Static ISP proxies, Datacenter proxies, mobile proxies, and Socks5 proxies.
Locations: Global proxies available
Pricing: Plans starting at $100 a month
Free trials: Yes, 7 days trial
Uptime: 99% Proxy Success Rate

Visit Netnut >>

7) PrivateProxy

Best for High-speed and dependable services

SOCKS5 proxy enables you quickly access any websites anywhere across the globe without being banned or restricted . It also accomplishes your parsing missions and online scraping.

It also helps you to Bypass internet filters and other network restrictions, and also unblock geo-restricted content. It helps you to set up remote connections and complete extensive data scraping missions. PrivateProxy also offers data center static and residential static proxy services for multiple locations, unlimited connections, unmetered bandwidth, faster response, etc.



  • Instant Activation: It provides instant activation after making purchases.
  • Unlimited Connections: Give an unlimited connection option for the user.
  • Local SEO search: Offers the best SaaS-based local SEO research.
  • Track compietion: Track competition and strive to provide the best performance while keeping our prices in a very affordable range.
  • Multiple proxy option: Get proxies from residential ISPs and mobile carriers that are real.


  • Offers unmetered bandwidth.
  • Provides 1 free swap a month.
  • Instant activation.


  • Depending on the user’s operations, they may be excessive.

Key Specs:

Proxy Types: Datacenter, Residential, and Rotating Proxies
Locations: US Locations and 30+ Countries worldwide
Uptime: You can enjoy 99% uptime.
Pricing: $9 per month
Free trials: Provides 1 free swap a month.

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8) Soax Proxy

Fast and dependable with a huge pool of unique IP addresses

Soax Proxy is a technology company in the United Kingdom with over 8.5 million proxy servers. They provide proxy services and socks5 proxies services, which makes it easy for users to collect data globally without any restrictions.

Their available packages are designed for business owners to perform web scraping, monitor web app performance, purchase stocks and products from sites that may be out of reach due to geo-restrictions, and detect faulty ads to protect brand reputation.

Soax Proxy


  • Affords anonymity: It offers annoymity by connecting you to millions of IPs by real users around the world.
  • Multiple locations: Available in many countries so that you do not experience geo-blocking in any location.
  • Safe Internal protocol: Access a safe internal protocol address when it changes as you are online.
  • Speed: High speed with excellent performance.
  • Real time proxy connection: Get real-time proxy connections that ensure the best-in-class success rate.
  • Geographic Coverage: over 200 expect the state of Texas.


  • Perfect design for businesses and organizations
  • Easy to use and friendly interface
  • Gain access to filter your location and internet service provider on your dashboard.


  • Limited free trial
  • Starting fee on the high side

Key Specs:

Proxy Types: residential and mobile proxies and socks5 proxies
Locations: Over 170 countries
Pricing: Plans start at $99 a month
Free trials: Free 3-day trial available
Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS.

Visit Soax Proxy >>

9) Shifter Proxy

Stable performance and a highly supportive technical team

This is another proxy provider with servers directly connected to tier 1-ISP allowing for high connectivity and speed that is fast enough to serve data at 10 GBPS to anywhere in the world.

It functions efficiently with a wide range of use cases, allowing for use in business, social media, market research, and retail.

Shifter Proxy


  • Non- rotating proxies: It offers non-rotating proxies 24/7 that are stable and safe.
  • Fast internet speed: With extremely low latency during data extraction.
  • Anonymous identity: You can enjoy anonymous identity when scraping data.
  • User-friendly interface: It helps you to configure or change settings at any time.
  • Mullti plex proxy options: Rotating, static, or sneakers proxies.
  • Available residential Socks5 proxy from real users.
  • High speed: Stay tuned to high speed and top-quality performance.
  • Global coverage: Access a globally distributed proxy network with coverage in all the countries in the world.


  • Automated task feature
  • Customizing proxies to your likings
  • It is highly suitable for a wide range of use cases
  • Accepts crypto payment


  • Support may take a while
  • Does not have any cheap starting pricing plan.

Key Specs:

Proxy Types: Socks5 Proxies, ISP and Datacentre proxies, HTTP proxies, and Socks4 Proxies.
Locations: Over 20 countries and counting
Pricing: Plans starting from $39.99
Uptime: 99,99% Uptime
Free trials: Yes. Available with limited services.

Visit Soax Proxy >>


Socks5proxy is a kind of proxy that comes between you and the internet, except that socks5 proxies have better speed and reliability.

When surfing the web, instead of directly connecting to the internet, Socks5 proxies let all your requests pass through it, and change your internet protocol address so that you are anonymous and browsing in a secure manner and with a different identity when you are online.

HTTPS is limited to only interpreting and working with HTTP and HTTPS webpages. Therefore, it is slow and not as versatile. Socks5proxy, on the other hand, can handle any amount of traffic and can be used to access large amounts of data and other heavy stuff.

Yes, it does. Socks5proxy lets all your requests pass through it and changes your IP address so that you are browsing with a different identity when you are online.

Socks5proxy can be set up on any device that you have, but here is how you can set it up on a Windows device.

Step 1) Go to Settings.

Step 2) Click on Network and Internet.

set up Socks5proxy on Windows

Step 3) Then click on Proxy.

set up Socks5proxy on Windows

Step 4) Toggle the ON button under the manual Proxy setup.

set up Socks5proxy on Windows

Step 5) Write the details about your proxy server as required, and save.

set up Socks5proxy on Windows

If you have used any of the Socks5proxies listed above, share your experience and let us know.

One of the best tools for data collection and a leading service provider for socks5 proxy is the bright data socks5 proxy. However, this tool may not be affordable to everyone who needs a socks5 proxy and may also have policies that will not appeal to everyone. There are many alternatives to this tool, and they are Webshare, IPRoyal, and Netnut.

Here are some important things to consider for purchasing the best sock5 proxy sites:

  • Reputation: If a proxy site has been operating for years, it’s likely a safe option for you. So, it is quite important for you to check the reputation of your scok5 proxy provided by looking for a comments section or social media page.
  • Fast servers: A proxy site with a larger number of servers means the risk of you disconnecting is lower. If the proxy has servers close to your geographic location, you’ll also have fast connection speeds.
  • Servers’ locations: Some proxies don’t give you any server details. You might not even be able to choose a server, which could be harmful if you don’t know the local internet laws.
  • Privacy policies: Many free proxy sites save your connection details, like your IP address or browsing activity. Some may have URLs and page content, block scripts to lower the risk of malware and stop annoying ads.
  • Webform or browser extension: There are several proxies that offer extensions for browsers or apps which support major operating systems.

Best SOCKS5 Proxy Server Providers

Proxy Name Free trials Best for Link
Smartproxy 1 month free for scrapers, 14-day money back option for proxies Access to extra Free apps and web extension Learn More
Oxylabs 7-Days Free Trial Ideal for traffic-intensive tasks Learn More
Bright Data 7-Days Free Trial Overcoming all blocks and restrictions in high-speed Learn More
Webshare None Accessible dashboard to stats overview Learn More
IPRoyal None Compatible on all devices Learn More
Netnut 7 days free trial Minimalistic dashboard with an easy user interface. Learn More