7 BEST Telegram Proxies (Free Proxy List) 2023

The best Telegram proxies help you bypass government, network, and administrator restrictions on using Telegram. They can help mask your location, access restricted content, and enjoy seamless worldwide content consumption. Moreover, proxies also protect your accounts from getting banned from the site hosts.

Telegram proxies can also help you easily unblock geo-restricted websites, scrap data, and manage multiple accounts. However, most proxies do not comply with the latest security standards, lack privacy protection, and are unstable. You must choose from the best Telegram proxy providers, which is essential to ensure an ideal experience.

We’ve reviewed and shortlisted the seven best Telegram proxy tools for all types of use cases and needs. Our review evaluated all apps based on geo-location, compatibility, proxy pools, security protocols, fastest proxy speed, customer services, uptime, integrations, and free trial.

Best Telegram Proxy: Top Picks!

Telegram Proxy Proxy Types Proxy Pool Coverage Compliance Link
BrightData Residential, Datacenter, Mobile and ISP 72,000,000+ IPs 195 Countries GDPR and CCPA Learn More
Soax Residential, Mobile and US ISP 5+ million 195 Countries GDPR and CCPA Learn More
Geonode Residential and as you go Unlimited 160+ Countries GDPR Learn More
Social Proxy Mobile Unlimited Worldwide Personal Data Protection Bill Learn More
HydraProxy Residential, Mobile, 4G Mobile 5+ Million All 50 US States GDPR and Personal Data Protection Bill Learn More

1) BrightData

Best for high reliability and uptime

BrightData generates and maintains request logs sent through a proxy server with details on your dashboard. It routes your requests through four proxy networks and sets custom rules to reduce overall operations costs with waterfall IP rotations. You can reduce your server bandwidth and load with their proxy manager and apply regex and custom rules to manage traffic on your network.

BrightData’s dedicated account manager helps users maintain all Telegram accounts and channels with defined custom rules for optimized results. It has full transparency with real-time network dashboards to maximize performance. You can get extensive documentation for developers and new users for bugs and features of the product for hassle-free integration with the system.



  • Rotating IPs: BrightData has a robust rotating real-peer IP network for optimized performance across all proxies.
  • Total Control: Determine who can access each proxy, including allowed and blocked proxies, and specify which countries to target for data collection.
  • Source: 72 million+ ethically sourced residential IPs with real-time network status page and extended session control
  • Integrations: It Supports various third-party software and service integrations, including SwitchyOmega, Incogniton, and AdsPower.
  • Proxy Manager: Easy-to-Use Proxy Manager with unlimited concurrent requests, giving users the fastest and most optimized data scrapping output.
  • Access: Access and crawl all sophisticated websites with worldwide GEO coverage and zero server downtime using advanced data center proxies.
  • Browser Extension: Provides a native browser extension for Google Chrome for unblocking any website instantly on your device.


  • The proxy manager’s user-friendly interface helps manage all your Telegram proxies easily.
  • Easy installation helps users to get started quickly.
  • Synchronizes your performance by managing all your IPs and their metrics in one place.


  • The LPM and LPM online were weak when expanding ports.


Some of the main plans for BrightData are:

Plan Name Starting Price
Pay as you go $15 per GB billed monthly
Growth $11.48 per GB billed monthly
Business $10.13 per GB billed monthly

Free Trial: Yes, 14 Days

Visit BrightData >>

2) Soax

Best for telegram-specific tools and services

Soax is one of the best proxies for Telegram, which allows high-speed data scraping using its high-quality proxies with integrated scrapping tools to get data from Telegram. You get uninterrupted access to Telegram and reduce the risk of the ban of IPs and CAPTCHAs. It complies with the latest security standards like HTTPS and SOCKS5.

Soax provides you access to the proxy for Telegram from different locations and helps bypass geo-restrictions by leveraging the power of a global pool of proxies situated in multiple countries with Soax. Its user-friendly, robust, intuitive interface gives users a seamless user experience and helps them manage their rotating residential IPs from the dashboard.



  • Network Addresses: It has static and rotating proxies with IPv6/IPv4 addresses for better flexibility and reliability.
  • Detection: Static US proxies are hard to detect and resemble human-like scraping, giving fast and anonymous scraping.
  • Optional Rotation: Switch between IP rotation on and off depending on your needs, providing flexibility and control over your sessions.
  • Integrations: Various 3rd party software and services like ScrapeBox, Apify, and ParseHub can be integrated with SOAX. This can scale your Telegram channels and data scraping work.


  • This proxy has 99.9% network uptime.
  • Unlimited requests can be made on the server for proxies.
  • In-built rotation technology ensures the best network optimization and performance.


  • Only live chat technical support is available.


The membership plans for SOAX are as follows:

Plan Type Starting Price
Residential $99 for 15 GB per month
Mobile $99 for 15 GB per month
ISP $99 for 15 GB per month

Free Trial: Yes, 3 Days

Visit Soax >>

3) Geonode

Best for a variety of free proxies

Geonode allows fast and easy authentication on multiple IPs for quick data scraping. It has a custom rotation time for IP rotations to suit your scraping needs, ensuring requests are sent from a new IP with optimal frequency. This Telegram proxy server uses robust REST API, allowing developers to execute custom JS snippets and manipulate web pages before returning the results.

Geonode is one of the best Telegram proxy providers that can scrape data at scale with no restrictions on usage bandwidth and no overage charges or capping on data usage with its unmetered bandwidth feature. You can use different scraping modes such as SPA, long-polling, and documentLoaded for optimal performance and efficiency and allow you to finetune your scraping process.



  • Private Proxies: All IPs are private at exit nodes and not public proxies, ensuring that requests are not rate-limited or blocked by the websites you are scraping.
  • Multiple Supported Protocols: Access network protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5, allowing easy access to all websites and scraping data you need for your Telegram proxies.
  • Javascript Rendering: Powerful JavaScript rendering with single-page applications using React, AngularJS, Vue.js, or other libraries with just a simple parameter.
  • Rotating and Sticky IPs: Maintain a sticky IP or change your IP with every request, giving flexibility to scale your telegram proxies without worrying about IP bans.
  • Pay-per-concurrent-request: It helps users to only pay for the number of requests made at any given time, giving flexibility without incurring additional costs.
  • Response Formats: Response API allows the returned data to be exported in HTML or JSON.
  • Data Collection: It lets you collect specific data from JSON and HTTP responses, extracting the necessary information and filtering unnecessary data quickly.
  • Rotating Proxies: Large proxy pool rotating proxies to avoid IP bans and bypass geo-restrictions, ensuring access to more websites without being detected.


  • Instant API integrations with a built-in code generator to synchronize multiple devices.
  • Speed-based pricing to optimize web scraping and performance.
  • Its screenshot API allows users to share and store screenshots for testing and troubleshooting.


  • Depending on user data scraping needs, proxy services speed can be slow.


Pay-as-you-go plans

Free Trial: Yes, 7 Days

Link: https://geonode.com/free-proxy-list

4) Social Proxy

Best for Pay-as-you-go pricing plans

Social Proxy gives anonymity to users by concealing their IP address and location, giving privacy protection, circumventing geo-restrictions, and avoiding IP bans. It provides unlimited 5G and 4G connection proxies for an endless stream of IPs, avoiding action blocks to separate legitimate users from spam users.

Social Proxy monitors online ads and reviews them to ensure they are displayed correctly and are not being clicked fraudulently with its Ad Verification feature. It supports 100+ third-party services and integrations like Jarvee, Nextpost, Multilogin, etc., to streamline all telegram proxy’s work. You can automate your work with a built-in dashboard and robust feature-rich user interface. This helps you manage, grow, and create new accounts and IP rotations and enables you to improve your data scraping efficiency.

Social Proxy


  • Logs: Live rich access logs giving you data for every X-second IP rotation integrated with REST API.
  • Multiple Locations: Multiple locations are available worldwide, ensuring the highest quality of service, the latest privacy standards, and 100% uptime of proxy servers.
  • Proxy Pool: The vast size and diversity of the proxy pool ensures that users can access many IPs from different locations.
  • Customer Support: Users can avail of customer support via its extensive documentation and FAQs on the product website, email, and robust ticket system.


  • Run multiple virtual browser proxies with its Multilogin feature.
  • Add, cancel, rotate, fetch IPs, get a proxy list, etc., with a REST API for almost everything.
  • Shield your actual IP address, giving anonymity to users.


  • It does not support advanced authentication methods like IP whitelisting.


The membership plans for Social Proxy are as follows:

Plan Name Duration Pricing*
Pay as you go. NA €50 Monthly
Monthly 30 Days €500
Yearly 365 Days €6000

* Additional costs for IPs in specific locations

Free Trial: No

Link: https://thesocialproxy.com/

5) HydraProxy

Best for a variety of pricing plans

HydraProxy has a robust built-in account management system that helps to create and manage multiple proxies for Telegram accounts without getting blocked. You can get proxies from multiple locations, including residential proxies and 4G connections across all US states and central areas worldwide. It provides reliable proxy pools for Telegram and routes your requests through fast network connections and clean IPs from local-peer devices connected through commercial ISPs.

HydraProxy is one the best proxies for Telegram that has rotating residential proxies that help users collect product listings and publicly accessible data. It hasinstant access setup with no technical requirements and account approval within minutes, streamlining the user experience and making it hassle-free.



  • Granular Control: Complete control over your proxies protocols, network type, and location provides better optimization of your multiple telegram accounts.
  • Paid Surveys: Users can do legitimate paid surveys with its robust data accessing sensitive platform working even in restricted regions.
  • Usage Restrictions: No monthly commitment and hidden costs with custom packages giving access to your proxies.
  • Unlimited Access: Gain access to a network of 5M+ IPs. in sequence or at once with unlimited concurrent connections.


  • 24-hour money-back guarantee with full access to proxy networks.
  • Specific geo-targeted IPs, giving users Geo-location Control over proxies.
  • It provides excellent bot testing, allowing users to customize bots based on geographic location.


  • It has slow customer service and after-sales support.


The membership plans for HydraProxy are as follows:

PlanType Starting Price Features
Residential $5 per GB, up to 50 GB Unlimited access, No Monthly Commitment, Multi-Credential Generator
Mobile $2.95 per PORT for 1-day access Residential + 1 Access IP per PORT and Unlimited Bandwidth
Static $3.00 per day per port Mobile + HTTPS and SOCKS support

Free Trial: 24 Hours Money Back Guarantee

Link: https://hydraproxy.com/

6) IPRoyal

Best for buying your preferred physical residential addresses

IPRoyal has an extensive global network of ethically sourced eight million+ IPs offering robust speed, high performance, and operational efficiency for your Telegram data scrapping. Instant IP change helps users change their IP via the dashboard with a simple click or via an API request and get a new IP from the pool almost instantly.

IPRoyal’s non-expiring rotational residential proxies help to manage your Telegram traffic effectively at peak hours. The diverse IP pools offer enhanced privacy protection against tracking and surveillance and keep zero logs, so your activities remain private and secure. Users can automatically toggle and replace their residential IP proxy at the set intervals and specify how often they wish to auto-rotate, starting from 1, 10, and 30 minutes on each request.



  • Continuous Monitoring: Each IP pool is monitored and reviewed 24/7 to ensure the highest speed and performance.
  • Customization: It provides advanced customization options along with an intuitive dashboard to ease out proxy management.
  • Quick and Easy Setup: With powerful DIY guides, users can easily set up their proxies and servers running in no time.
  • System Integration: Quickly integrate proxies with your custom-built data scrapers, bots, and browsers in a hassle-free experience with minimum downtime.
  • API: Various 3rd part integrations and services can be integrated, including REST APIs for Telegram proxies.
  • Security Standard: HTTPS and SOCKS5 support ensure the latest security standards are implemented to protect your data.


  • Data never expires once it is given to an account.
  • A dedicated private IP Pool can be reserved for a long time.
  • It is reseller-friendly, allowing users to resell their proxy after completing their work.


  • Limited self-help resources


The starting prices for various proxies offered by IPRoyal are:

Plan Type Starting Price
Residential Proxies $7 (1 GB)
Sneaker Proxy $1.00 per proxy (1 Day)
Private Proxy $1.56 per proxy (30 Days)

Free Trial: No

Visit IPRoyal >>

7) SmartProxy

Best for automating Data Scrappinng

Smartproxy helps users overcome restrictions and bypass CAPTCHAs, geo-blocks, and IP bans with 50M+ proxies from 195+ countries. All your search requests are routed via secured proxy servers, where your IP address is changed. It keeps your profile anonymous and hidden from the target server.

Smartproxy seamlessly integrates proxies with all third-party software and its scraping APIs, reducing overall setup time and effort. It is sourced from real Mobile and desktop devices. The unlimited connections and robust threads help you with the most data-heavy tasks with ease, delivering maximum speed and reliability even for the most complex automation tasks.



  • Security: Pick output format, endpoint, and ports with the support of the latest security protocols and standards like HTTPS or SOCKS5.
  • Login: Authenticate your proxies with username and password or allowed IPs and choose session type to rotate IPs as requested or keep one for up to 30 min.
  • Integrations: Integrate popular third-party apps and services like SessionBox, Follow Liker, SENukeTNG, etc., with your Telegram bots and scripts quickly.


  • Rotating residential proxies helps mitigate IP or CAPTCHA bans.
  • Monitor traffic usage statistics and requests from a central dashboard.
  • It provides reasonable session control over data scraping and has a quick response time.


  • Relatively more expensive than its peers.


The membership plans for SmartProxy are as follows:

Plan Name Starting Price
Regular $6 per GB for 25 GB billed monthly
Enterprise $5.2 per GB starting from 100 GB billed monthly

It also offers pay-as-you-go pricing starting at $8.5 for 1 GB of data.

Free Trial: 14-day money-back guarantee.

Visit SmartProxy >>


To choose the best proxy for Telegram, you should consider the following points:

  • Network Speeds: Choose the proxy IP address closest to your website’s server that won’t cause any delays in your work, like data scrapping and messing.
  • Security Standards: It should support the latest security standards of HTTPS and SOCK5, giving the best level of privacy and security.
  • Proxy Pool: There should be a sufficient proxy pool for users to choose from worldwide servers if any proxy gets downtime.
  • Pricing: Although free proxy services are appealing, they could compromise your personal information and reputation. Free proxies are not high in quality, can cause a severe breach, and are not beneficial in the long run.

Features Static Rotating
Performance Relatively fast and reliable internet connections Due to IP rotation, the host sometimes lists IP as suspicious.
IP Rotation Always have the same IP address while their real IPs are hidden Always have different IP addresses in line with the proxy’s rotation pattern
Anonymity Hide the user’s IP address, but clients are connected through one specific IP address so their activities can be traced. User’s IP addresses change often, making it difficult to retrace their activities.
Flexibility Once configured, changing parameters, such as location, is very difficult. The pattern of IP addresses rotation, their location, and the number of IPs available to users can be easily adjusted.

Some of the advantages of using proxies for Telegram are:

  • Multiple Account Management: Proxies allow users to manage multiple accounts with a single device with multi-functional API Integrations for personal accounts.
  • IP address: Proxies mask your usual IP address and allow you to use different IP addresses each time you surf the web, ensuring you do not get banned on the network.
  • Telegram Automation: Telegram automation and web scraping, unblocking the service, and keeping your IP address away from bad actors on the platform, using large Telegram proxy lists.
  • Fast Network Speed: Proxy increases connection speed, and your PC increases Telegram usability rate and effective technical capabilities for data scrapping and product selling.

The Verdict

In this review, we highlighted the seven best free proxies for Telegram. They are well-reputed in the market and can be trusted with user data, including your private data. Based on the use case, some tools might be better than others, according to your specific needs.

  • BrightData is the best choice for the next-to-ideal and broadest residential or mobile proxies features.
  • In case you are interested in specifically Telegram-related services, Soax offers your go-to choice.
  • Geonode is the best choice for unlimited data center proxies free with Unmetered Bandwidth.

Best Telegram Proxy: Top Picks!

Telegram Proxy Proxy Types Proxy Pool Coverage Compliance Link
BrightData Residential, Datacenter, Mobile and ISP 72,000,000+ IPs 195 Countries GDPR and CCPA Learn More
Soax Residential, Mobile and US ISP 5+ million 195 Countries GDPR and CCPA Learn More
Geonode Residential and as you go Unlimited 160+ Countries GDPR Learn More
Social Proxy Mobile Unlimited Worldwide Personal Data Protection Bill Learn More
HydraProxy Residential, Mobile, 4G Mobile 5+ Million All 50 US States GDPR and Personal Data Protection Bill Learn More