How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone & Android: 5 Methods

Recording WhatsApp calls helps you review them to understand the content later in case you missed something. You can also record meaningful conversations you have with your friends or family. If you use WhatsApp calls for business, you can record a WhatsApp voice call to review and improve your customer service.

Reviewing recorded calls may also provide client insights. The calls also defend you in case of a dispute. However, WhatsApp does not have a built-in feature to record calls. This article will show you simple methods on how you can record WhatsApp calls on Android and iPhone.

Method 1: Record WhatsApp calls on Android using built-in voice recording application

This is one of Android’s simplest and fastest ways to record WhatsApp calls. The method only works for phones with screen recording capabilities. You can check with your phone manufacturer or within the device’s settings for such features.

Here are steps to Record WhatsApp calls using a built-in voice recording application:

Step 1) Swipe the notification bar and scroll your shortcuts to confirm if you have a built-in screen recorder.

Step 2) Tap the screen recorder button and wait for a prompt to record to appear

Step 3) Open your WhatsApp and the contact you wish to call. Start the call.

Step 4) Select start or tap the record button to start recording.

Step 5) Once the call is over, select the stop button.

You can edit the recording to mark the start and end times of the call. You can also convert it to audio and save it so you can remember using the contact’s name and date.

Note: This may be useful when reviewing calls or presenting legal evidence. You should remember that you always start the screen recording before the call begins. This prevents interruptions or failure to record some parts of the conversation.

Method 2: How to record WhatsApp calls with Cube Call Recorder App

Cube call recorder is a WhatsApp call recorder app. It enables users to record conversations during calls on different platforms. The app can automate your call recording process. You can record calls from both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business.


  • You can record regular calls and VoIP calls from platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, zoom, and Viber.
  • Enables automatic call recording.
  • It saves the location you made calls from
  • It helps you to exclude specific contacts from recording.
  • Adjusts phone call recording clarity.
  • It helps you add a delay before the automatic recording starts.
  • Allows you to select the output file format.
  • It has a free plan to help you test the WhatsApp call recorder app.

Here is a step-by-step guide to recording WhatsApp calls on Android using a Cube call recorder:

Step 1) Install the Cube ACR from the Google Play store.

Step 2) Open the app and agree to the prompts to grant permissions.

Step 3) Enable the accessibility option for Cube ACR. It enables the app’s caller announcement accessibility feature.

Step 4) Enable the auto-start feature so that the app can record calls without interruptions.

Step 5) Disable power optimization to avoid the app closing as it runs in the background.

Note: You can allow geotagging to save locations you will make calls from.

Step 6) You can choose to buy a package or use the free trial.

Step 7) Select WhatsApp from the list displayed, and you may now record calls.

Step 8) When making a call, Cube Acr will appear in notifications saying call recording is in progress.

Step 9) Once the call ends, the app opens, and you can play back the recording to listen to it.

Method 3: Record WhatsApp Audio calls on Android using the AZ recorder

AZ screen recorder app is a third-party call recording app that allows you to record screen. The app automatically captures everything going on your screen and speakers. You can apply AZ screen recorder to record WhatsApp video calls and audio.


  • You do screen record, screen capture, and edit videos recorded.
  • It enables you to save video calls.
  • It can record videos from your screen that you have trouble downloading.
  • Enables live streaming.
  • You can create and share gameplay videos.

The following is a stepwise procedure on how to record WhatsApp calls with the AZ recorder app.

Step 1) Install the AZ Recorder App into your device from the Google Play Store.

Step 2) Open the app on your phone and grant all permission required.

Note: An AZ Recorder App widget appears on your screen after you successfully install the app.

Step 3) Make a call on your WhatsApp and click the video icon to record the call.

Method 4: How to record WhatsApp calls on the iPhone using a built-in screen recorder

iPhones, too, have an inbuilt screen recorder that can record WhatsApp video calls and audio. The feature can record WhatsApp video calls and audio. You can edit or convert the screen recording to audio if you intend to save the recording as a call.

Here is the procedure for recording WhatsApp calls on an iPhone:

Step 1) Open the control center on your iPhone to confirm if you have a screen recording feature enabled. This will help you in WhatsApp call recording on your iPhone.

Note: If the feature is not there, enable it from your settings.

Step 2) Close the control center and make a WhatsApp video call or audio call.

Step 3) Tap the screen recorder icon on the control center. A 3-second countdown will begin, and recording will start immediately.

Step 4) To end the recording, open the control center and then tap the screen recorder icon. Click on the file in your gallery to make any edits to the WhatsApp call recording on your iPhone.

You can alternatively download a WhatsApp call recorder for iPhone from the app store. It is the best WhatsApp call recorder for iPhone.

Method 5: How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone using a second device

When the other methods fail, you can apply a second device to record iPhone WhatsApp calls. Holding both devices simultaneously as you record might be tiring unless you place your devices on a table or chair.

However, it is the easiest and quickest. It can help you record calls during emergencies when you don’t have time to install a third-party application.

Here are steps to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone using a second device:

Step 1) Open the voice recorder app on the second phone or PC to record a WhatsApp call using a secondary device.

Step 2) Enable the loudspeaker on the WhatsApp call and start recording using the second device.


The laws governing call recording may vary from country to country. You must check your government’s legal stand on call recordings and comply with all requirements to avoid legal issues.

If you are a business, follow the government’s directives on recording customer conversations. You can also enter into a contractual agreement with your customers to record client conversations.

Unfortunately, the voice memos app cannot help you record WhatsApp calls. It’s only meant to create voice notes of things you’d like to keep track of. You can use the built-in screen to record your screen during WhatsApp calls. You can also use a second device to record calls.

Depending on the nature, quality, and authenticity of your WhatsApp call recording, some courts may allow you to present it as evidence. You can apply any WhatsApp audio call recorder mentioned in this article to ensure a quality recording.