15 BEST Bulk Email Service Provider (2022 Update)

Mass/Bulk Email providers are used to send emails in very large quantities at discounted prices. These services help you to track issues that can impact your email delivery. The tools process email bounces and track email opens and clicks. The emails can be sent by the SMTP protocol (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), or can be invoked via API or web interfaces. Compared to email marketing platforms like Aweber, Drip, MailChimp, etc these tools are very cheap.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Email Blast Services, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source(free) and paid software.

Bulk (Mass) Mailing Software & Service Providers

Name Elastic Email Sendinblue GetResponse Mass Mail Software
Free Emails Yes, No credit card required Yes, No credit card required Yes, No credit card required 7-day free trial
Voice to text/email ✔️ This tool provides detailed statistics.
✔️ You can scale to more than 100 million emails per month.
✔️ It provides detail statistics of your mails.
✔️ This tool helps you to automate your marketing messages.
✔️ Getresponse offers ready-made workflows to welcome your customers.
✔️ It enables you to generate leads with a high-quality landing page.
✔️ It provides easy to use message editor.
✔️ Offers built-in templates.
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1) Elastic Email

Elastic Email is a full-service platform for email marketing. This tool automatically helps you to avoid duplicate addresses. It has an advanced algorithm that allows you to find invalid emails.

Elastic Email


  • It enables you to schedule numerous campaigns with various settings according to send time, scheduling, and more.
  • This tool provides detailed statistics.
  • You can scale to more than 100 million emails per month.
  • It has a drag and drops editor to modify the template quickly.
  • You can easily connect and via HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) API.

Free Trial: Yes, No credit card required
Support: Email Support, In-App Support, Live Support

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2) Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a SaaS solution for email marketing automation. It helps you to manage your customer using your current CRM. You can use this tool to set up the design, engagement, and delivery of transactional messages.



  • You can launch Facebook add from the Sendinblue account.
  • It enables you to build your own custom landing pages.
  • This tool helps you to automate your marketing messages.
  • It provides detail statistics of your mails.
  • Sendinblue allows you to connect numerous plugins, like WordPress and Magento.

Free Trial: Yes, No credit card required
Support: Email Support, Email Support, 24/7 live chat

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3) GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing platform that allows you to create a valuable marketing list of partners, clients, and prospects. It provides many professional looking email templates.

Elastic Email


  • Getresponse offers ready-made workflows to welcome your customers.
  • It enables you to generate leads with a high-quality landing page.
  • This tool helps you to build a marketing campaign with a ready-made funnel.
  • It has advanced analytics to let you track conversions, ROI, and leads.

Free Trial: Yes, No credit card required
Support: Email Support, In-App Support, Live Support

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4) Mass Mail Software

Mass Mail Software application that enables you to automatically send emails. It helps you to solve mail marketing tasks like searching messages, lists management, and monitoring result.

Mass mail software


  • It provides easy to use message editor.
  • Offers built-in templates.
  • This application gives you easy to read mail statistics.
  • You can verify email with ease.
  • Supports unlimited email lists.

Free Trial: 7-day free trial
Support: 24/7 Live Chat, Call, and Message

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5) OmniSend

OmniSend is an email automation tool that removes the busywork of engaging, converting, and reactivating your eCommerce customers with easy-to-use email marketing, automation, and multiple available channels. It provides a wide range of Professional looking Email Templates. It has a clean and modern interface design that enables you to create engaging, compelling, and powerful lead generation forms.


  • You can build shoppable emails fast.
  • Reduce manual tasks by using pre-built marketing automation workflows.
  • It makes it easy to make data-backed growth decisions.
  • It helps you manage emails from multiple eCommerce stores under a single account.
  • Omnisend allows you to add several channels to the same automation workflow for seamless communication via email, SMS, and web push notifications.

Integrations: Mailchimp, Google Ads, Facebook Lead Ads, Zapier, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.
Free Trial: Basic free version.
Pricing: Plan starts at $16 per month for 500 contacts.
Support: Phone, chat, and email

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SMTP2GO allows you to send beautiful newsletters and provides a powerful API. It is used for sending transactional emails with no monthly commitments and limits. This SMTP software also allows you to test emails against spam filters.


  • This software automatically handles domain name.
  • This free SMTP server can send emails from a mobile app or outlook.
  • It shows full details of the emails you have sent.
  • Avoids arbitrary throttling
  • You can test your emails against major spam filters
  • It helps you to stay out of spam folders
  • This application offers easy to understand visual reports.
  • It sends Emails even during outages of the internet.
  • Get alerted about problems

Pricing Plan: Three plans

  • Starter ($15 per month) gives 40,000 emails per month,
  • Professional ($75 per month) gives 100,000 emails per month
  • Premier (Custom) gives 3,000,000 emails per month.

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7) Mail Marketer

Mail Marketer is application that enables you to send bulk emails with ease. This program can automate your follow-up tasks depend on your events. It offers real-time reports which contain details of mail open frequency, number of click, bounce rate, etc.

Mail Marketer


  • Allows you to track and analyze your emails.
  • Offers built-in email templates.
  • This bulk mail service includes email spam checker.
  • Provides Google Analytics integration.
  • Enables you to import contacts in bulk.

Free Trial: 30-day free trial. No Credit Card required
Support: Live Chat, Call, and Submit Ticket

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8) Cakemail

Cakemail is a leading transaction email service provider.



  • Track everything a subscriber does when they receive your emails, from which emails they opened to what they clicked on or shared with others, then align future campaigns with their interests to boost engagement.
  • Cakemail ensures unsubscribes requests are honored promptly and will prevent additional emails from being delivered to these recipients.
  • Cakemail automatically processes bounce messages and ensures future emails are not being sent to these addresses.
  • Cakemail manages deliverability for you, ensuring that every email reaches every recipient’s Inbox and that your sending domains don’t get blocked or blacklisted by ISPs.
  • Easy integration using SMTP or RESTful APIs.

Free Trial: Yes, No credit card required
Support: Call, and Email Support

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9) ZeptoMail

ZeptoMail is a highly reliable and secure bulk email service that instantly delivers all-important emails. It offers high-speed delivery and great inbox placement. You can migrate to ZeptoMail in a simple configuration with SMTP.



  • Easy deliverability of transactional emails
  • It uses email API for deeper integration.
  • Categorize your emails by domain, purpose, application, etc.
  • It supports industry-standard authentication mechanisms such as SPF and DKIM.
  • You can add attachments, content and images to use whenever needed.
  • Provide detailed reports of transactional emails

Free Trial: Yes, Send 10,000 free transactional emails
Support: Call, and Email Support

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10) MailerSend

MailerSend is a comprehensive tool that allows you to send invoices, delivery updates, forgotten password links. It also offers a drag & drops email template to create professional-looking transactional emails.



  • Provides a wide range of real-time analytics
  • Advance user management system
  • Integrate quickly with API documentation
  • Build personalized relationships at scale
  • Offers wide ranges of predesigned email templates

Free Trial: Yes, No credit card required
Support: Email and Live chat support

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11) Mailjet

Mailjet is a global email service provider that enables you to track transactional and marketing emails via SMTP, API, etc. It allows you to create responsive emails using email builders.



  • You can integrate it with any server configuration easily.
  • It helps you to convert your company’s email data into segments.
  • Allows you to personalize your Transactional Messages
  • Helps you to track Email events in Real Time
  • Helps you to effortlessly create Email templates
  • You can get all the information you need from the comprehensive documentation.
  • This tool provides analytics to monitor your results and optimize performance.

Free Trial: Yes, No credit card required
Support: Online customer support

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12) Constant Contact

Constant Contact is mass email marketing tool that is simple and affordable. It helps you to triggers emails based on user behavior and automatically resumes emails to non-openers. This email marketing service allows you to communicate more directly with customers for urgent messages or time-sensitive offers.

Constant Contact


  • Personalization and segmentation
  • Integrations to support re-targeting ads and landing pages.
  • Segmentation based on campaign engagement and demographics
  • List and subscriber management
  • Social media sharing and promotions
  • Built-in heatmap tool that display which parts of your Email attract the most to your readers.
  • In-depth campaign activity reports, which include unsubscribes, bounce rates, and inactive readers.
  • It helps you to ensure your email marketing campaign launches smoothly.
  • Customizable email sign-up landing pages to grow your email list.

Best For: Small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.
Email Deliverability: Constant Contact averages a 97% email deliverability rate.
Customer Support: They offer customer support over the phone and live chat support.
Free Trial: Yes, 60-day

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13) Sendgrid

Sendgrid is an email marketing tool that provides modern workflows and automation facilities. You can send your automated mail just using a simple trigger. It helps you to select email using HTML and drag and drop editing facilities.



  • You can manage scheduling, recipients, testing, and content from one platform.
  • It provides actionable real-time analytics.
  • This software enables you to collaborate with other people.
  • You can add contacts via CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file.
  • It enables you to send emails securely using custom domains and dedicated IPs.

Free Trial: Yes
Support: Ticket, Chat, & Phone Support

Link: https://sendgrid.com/solutions/email-marketing/

14) Amazon SES

Amazon SES is a cloud-based email sending service designed to send bulk emails. You can integrate it directly into your existing applications. You can keep customers updated by sending automated emails from this tool.

Amazon SES


  • You can send a highly personalized message to the customer.
  • This mass emailing service enables you to monitor a number of send and delivered messages.
  • This tool has a dashboard that helps you to track issues that can impact your email delivery.
  • You can accept or reject mail depends on the IP address, domain, or email address of the sender.
  • Provides various methods of sending emails, including SMTP and console, and SES API.
  • You can integrate this tool with other AWS services, including AWS IAM.

Free Trial: Yes
Support: Ticket

Link: https://aws.amazon.com/ses/

15) Keap

Keap is an email marketing automation software that offers a huge library of templates, layouts, and styles. It is one of the best bulk email service provider tools that allow you to send personalized emails based on contact segmentation.



  • It helps you to send targeted and personalized emails based on automatic contact segmentation.
  • Offers numerous ready-made templates, layouts, and styles to choose from
  • You will get real-time insight into your email marketing campaign’s performance.
  • It allows you to perform A/B testing to assess which email will be more effective before sending emails in bulk.

Free Trial: 14-day free trial. No credit card required
Support: Email Support, Call, 24/7 Live Chat

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16) Postmarkapp

Postmark is a tool that helps you to deliver and track transactional emails. This bulk email sending software tool provides 45 days of full content history and statistics. You can get a detailed report for mail open and mouse clicks.



  • It provides API for sending emails.
  • This tool delivers emails using SMTP.
  • It offers notification about essential messages and events.
  • It has a responsive and compatible email templates.
  • You can integrate user email replies into your application.
  • It uses two-factor authentication (2FA) for better security of data.

Free Trial: Yes, No credit card required
Support: Chat support

Link: https://postmarkapp.com


❓ What is Bulk Mailing (Mass Email service)?

Bulk Mailing is a process of sending very large quantities of emails at once. It is done with the help of mass email service providers. This process helps reduce time as well as cost for sending a huge number of emails to different recipients.

💻 Which are the Best Email Service Providers?

✅ How to Send Bulk Emails?

Below is a step by step process on how to send bulk emails:

  • Step 1) Download and install any of the above-listed bulk email service provider software
  • Step 2) Login or Sign Up using your details
  • Step 3) Make sure you have your email list ready in a .csv file format
  • Step 4) Now, create an email campaign and upload your email list
  • Step 5) Create and compose your email
  • Step 6) Send or Schedule your email
  • Step 7) Click Send if you want to send emails immediately and click Save if you want to schedule your campaign for future