13 BEST Wireshark Alternatives for Windows (Apr 2024 List)

Wireshark is a well-known network monitoring and WiFi troubleshooting tool. However, with the Wireshark tool, you can only gather information from the network but not send the collected data. Additionally, its analyzers do not capture the time the packets took to reach their destination, and sometimes, its SPAN port on the switch does not send all the packets to the analyzer.

Hence, we curated a list of top alternative tools that are capable of replacing Wireshark. After spending almost a week exploring this software, we have understood all of its features and potential in depth. Our team only aims to offer the users an honest first-hand review so the readers can make the best decision. This review article includes their main capabilities, pros and cons, and starting prices.
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Top Pick
Deep Packet Inspection

Deep Packet Inspection by SolarWinds automatically discovers network devices and deploys within an hour. With the help of this tool, you can customize the web-based performance dashboards, charts, and views. This tool helps you to reduce network outages and improve the performance of your network.

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Top Alternatives to Wireshark (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Name Platforms Free Trial Link
👍 Deep Packet Inspection Windows 30 Day Free Trial Learn More
👍 ManageEngine OpManager Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android 30-Days Free Trial Learn More
👍 Site24x7 Windows, Android, Linux and iOS 30-Days Free Trial Learn More
PRTG monitor Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android 30-Days Free Trial Learn More
Cloud Shark Cloud 30-Days Free Trial (No Credit Card required) Learn More

1) Deep Packet Inspection

Deep Packet Inspection by SolarWinds automatically discovers network devices and deploys within an hour. With the help of this tool, you can customize web-based performance dashboards, charts, and views.

This tool helps you reduce network outages and improve the performance of your network. It can identify any slowdowns to prevent it from affecting the end-user. Additionally, it spots all potential security threats.

#1 Top Pick
Deep Packet Inspection

Resolve end-user slowdowns

Analyze over 1,200 applications

Supported Platforms: Windows

Free Trial: 30 Days Free Trial

Visit Deep Packet


  • Resolve end-user slowdowns: It helps admins identify the root cause analysis of slowdowns immediately. This Wireshark alternative can inspect up to 1,200 applications and monitor their metrics.
  • Classify and restrict traffic: It can automatically classify the network traffic as per the category. This feature helps it identify the related risks and also helps filter non-business traffic.
  • Configure DPI alerts: Deep Packet includes configurable alerts that help in sending issue notifications. It polls the network every 5 minutes for updates.
  • Network Insights: You get actionable insights into the cause of downtime. It helps you quickly troubleshoot any kind of connectivity issues and more. Deep Packet Inspection also includes NetPath and PerfStack for easy troubleshooting.
  • Intuitive dashboard: This tool offers a centralized, intuitive dashboard. It offers user-friendly tools that help in monitoring network performance.


  • It offers smarter scalability for large environments.
  • This packet analyzer supports multi-vendor network monitoring.


  • Some of its features are slightly clunky.

Pricing: You can request the sales team for a quote

Free trial: 30 day

Visit Deep Packet >>

30 Days Fully Functional Free Trial

2) ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager brings about a unified approach to network management, bringing all your network infrastructure components on a single console. OpManager’s DPI monitoring simplifies the detection of performance issues and shows whether the issue is on the network or application side.

Its DPI-based bandwidth monitoring presents source, destination, and application data. This lets you identify top bandwidth-consuming applications. OpManager’s capabilities as a bandwidth monitoring tool can be strengthened with the addition of Netflow Analyzer.

ManageEngine OpManager

Supported Platform: Windows,Linux, iOS, and Android

Business Size: Small to large businesses

Deployment: On-premise

Free Trial: 30-Days Free Trial

Visit ManageEngine


  • Network Monitoring: It has 2000+ performance metrics that help monitor your network in every aspect. It includes an intuitive dashboard, intelligent reporting, and instant alerts. OpManager also monitors routers, WAN RTT, switches, and more.
  • Server management: You can use it to monitor both virtual and physical servers. It offers to monitor for VMware, Hyper-V, system health, Citrix Hyperversion, process, and more.
  • Problem identification: You can obtain latencies of network and application separately. This makes problem identification easier for an IT admin.
  • Real-time monitoring: OpManager ensures real-time bandwidth monitoring. It offers in-depth and critical traffic reports to identify issues before they can affect end-users.
  • Capture packets: It seamlessly captures packets from network flows to identify the root cause behind network issues. These issues include poor end-user experience, bandwidth bottlenecks, and suspicious traffic spikes.


  • This application performance monitoring tool helps filter unwanted events.
  • You can monitor multi-site distributed networks.


  • Setting up a custom monitoring dashboard needs to be easier.

Pricing: Request the sales team for a quote.

Free trial: 30 days

Visit ManageEngine

30-Days Free Trial

3) Site24x7

Site24x7 is a SaaS-based network monitoring solution that offers a comprehensive suite of tools. It empowers you to manage your network proactively, detect faults quickly, and ensure optimal performance.

The NetFlow Analyzer feature enables you to track traffic flows based on technologies like NetFlow, J-Flow, and sFlow. Additionally, the Network Configuration Manager (NCM) feature simplifies device configuration management. You can also discover and monitor Cisco Meraki devices automatically within your Meraki organization with SNMP or REST-API.


Supported Platform: Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android

Business Size: Small to large businesses

Deployment: SaaS-based

Free Trial: 30-Days Free Trial

Visit Site24x7


  • Automatic discovery: It offers automatic discovery and classification of over 11,000 device types. This helps you get complete visibility into your network infrastructure.
  • Clear data representation: You can easily access vital information through tables, charts, and graphs. It also has dashboards and reports, making it effortless to monitor and analyze the performance of your network. Site24X7 also sends instant alerts through SMS, emails, voice calls, and push notifications in case of issues.
  • Multi-vendor support: It supports over 450 vendors, such as HP, Canon, Dell, Dlink, and more. This tool lets you monitor anything just by entering the sysOID.
  • Sensor monitoring: It supports SNMP-based sensor monitoring. You can monitor attributes using this tool. Sensors track these attributes, all you need is to create custom device templates.
  • Integrations: Site24x7 seamlessly integrates with 450+ third-party applications, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Jira. This enables you to collaborate effectively and streamline your workflow.


  • You get multiple location information on network outages, hence, no matter where it occurs, you are alerted.
  • It is a lightweight software.


  • The maintenance schedule cannot be edited or exited as of now.

Pricing: The pricing for the paid version starts at $9 per month, billed annually.

Free trial: 30 days

Visit Site24x7 >>

30-Day Free Trial

4) PRTG monitor

PRTG monitor monitors all systems, devices, traffic, and applications of your IT infrastructure. The tool also watches over several networks from various locations with its distributed monitoring.

You get an on-premises installation that helps you gain total control over configurations, data, and updates. It is also a highly flexible and scalable software for IoT, OT, and IT organizations.

PRTG monitor


  • Complete overview: It offers a complete overview of the entire infrastructure. You get interactive dashboards and custom maps, drag-and-drop widgets, and more.
  • On-demand reports: PRTG Network Monitor helps you run reports on demand or schedule regular reports. It also lets you monitor several networks in different locations and receive reports on all of them.
  • Real-time features: Visualize your network with the help of real-time maps with real-time status information. It also provides real-time alerts through push and email.
  • Security: It has a full-featured web interface that is based on AJAX with high-security standards. This network monitor also has SSL-secured local and remote access, which can be used simultaneously.
  • Easy set up: PRTG Monitor is easy to set up and lets you use it even on the go. It has no complicated configurations and is the best option for IT allrounders. This tool also includes pre-configured monitoring and device templates running directly in your IT infrastructures.


  • It is a great way to get customizable reports.
  • PRTG is compatible with all user interfaces, be it browser, mobile app, or desktop.


  • The user interface navigation can be slightly confusing.

Pricing: Its starting price is $1,899 per server license, and a Free version is available for 100 sensors.

Free trial: 30-days

Visit PRTG >>

30-Days Free Trial

5) CloudShark

CloudShark is a web-based platform that enables you to view and analyze network traffic. This Wireshark alternative helps you solve network problems faster with packet captures.

It offers a drag-and-drop capture right into your browser or upload using your API key. CloudShark also increases team efficiency with its advanced features and saves operational costs.

Cloud Shark


  • Analysis: It helps in quick analysis, which solves complex network issues much faster. CloudShark takes only a few seconds for issues that usually would take 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Secure PCPA data: Using CloudShark, you can secure all your PCPA data. It is self-deployed under the user’s administrative control. You get a centralized and secure PCPA database that has DeepSearch, indexing, and authenticated user management.
  • Collaboration: It helps in collaborating with your team effortlessly. You can instantly link your work to share with your co-workers or customers.
  • Other features: This tool allows readers to access advanced analysis from any device without any special software and helps share packet capture files. It also acts like a drop-box for your generated files and monitors various network protocols.


  • It is one of the best network administrators that provides good documentation.
  • Cloud Shark can open and save files instantly on the web from any device.


  • It has limited customization.

Pricing: Its starting price is $4,500 annually

Free trial: No, request demo

link: https://cloudshark.io/

6) Sysdig

Sysdig is a simple yet powerful open-source software for monitoring and securing containers both for Windows and Mac. It has a command line interface, allowing the user to track the system acidity in real-time.

This is one of the best Wireshark alternatives for Windows that can accelerate your transition to containers. Additionally, it has container and host scanning capabilities, cloud detection and response, Kubernetes network security, and more.



  • Tracking and protection: This Wireshark alternative Mac tool supports application tracking. It also allows you to protect and monitor you’re critical applications. Ultimately, it helps you enhance software reliability and bring an ideal resolution.
  • Simplified monitoring: It lets you view all Kubernetes in one place, and it simplifies monitoring Prometheus with a managed service. Sysdig includes low-cost custom metrics that help reduce wastage by 40%.
  • Fast network troubleshooting: You can troubleshoot at a faster rate using Sysdig, which includes a priority issue list. It also has live logs, pod details, and remediation steps.
  • Dashboards and alerts: This WireShark alternative offers out-of-the-box customizable dashboards. It also has configurable alerts that can easily integrate with your notification system.


  • This web based tool has OBB scanning and run time policy features.
  • It is best known help acquire risk-based visualization with its network management system.


  • This application can be buggy.

Pricing: Request a quote from the sales

Free trial: Request for Demo

Download link: https://sysdig.com/pricing-secure/

7) Packets

Packets is yet another Wireshark alternative. This is an ideal tool for cloud-based WiFi analysis and troubleshooting tool.

You can simply drag and drop your traces in the packets cloud and troubleshoot them. This application is 100% cloud-based, hence, you do not have to spend on any expensive hardware.



  • Visual WiFi troubleshooting: You can view WiFi connections and the coding of their frames. This allows you to reach the root cause of the problems instantly.
  • Supports all pcap: It offers vendor-agnostic support for any pcap family of packet traces. You can use it with any packet capture tool.
  • Quick access: This Wireshark alternative lets you organize your traces in packets so you can access them easily. It caches the traces and accelerates trace interaction.
  • Troubleshooting: Packets support both end-to-end remote and collaborative troubleshooting. If you have subscribed to its Arista WiFi or WIPS, it lets you capture packet traces with the help of Arista AP at any remote location. You can also share traces within the organization and troubleshoot together. Simply tag particular parts of a trace with notes and share them for collaborative troubleshooting.


  • It is perfect for automatic trace upload and visualization.
  • Packets include a single-sign-on feature.


  • Integration and compatibility with helpful third-party tools can be improved.

Pricing: You can request for quote for the paid version.

Free trial: Free sign-up available.

Download Link: https://packets.arista.com/

8) Colasoft

Colasoft nChronos is a reliable network performance analysis solution. This Wireshark alternative Windows tool helps IT professionals collect and save a huge quantity of packet-level network data.

This data assists the user in navigating the time-specific periods of the data. Colasoft offers critical links monitoring and altering and app performance analysis. Moreover, it can analyze and troubleshoot all types of abnormalities in your system.



  • 24/7 Real-time capturing: It offers real-time capturing and recording of network traffic. This tool can also store sustained traffic at Gigabit line rates for packets and data flows.
  • Real-time monitoring: You get real-time stats such as bandwidth utilization and total packets and bytes. It can also identify top IP and application talkers. Additionally, you get both user-defined and app-defined reports.
  • Analyze historical traffic: It can instantly retrieve traffic packets at any time. Colasoft can also perform complete analysis and drill down for data mining at once. This tool can identify, analyze, and resolve issues and also detect threats and malware.
  • Visualize network performance: It lets you view stats in trend charts. This helps IT staff create a baseline for network network performance and allows them to become more efficient.


  • It offers transaction reports.
  • You can set up online triggers for alerts.


  • There seem to be bugs in the software.

Pricing: Request sales for a quote

Free trial: Request for a demo and trial downloads available

Download link: https://www.colasoft.com/download/index.php

9) Debookee

Debookee is a network monitoring tool that allows you to intercept and monitor the traffic of any device in the same subnet. You can capture data from the mobile device on your Mac OS, Printer, or TV without the need for any proxy.

The interception, in Debookee’s case, can be done with a single click. This packet analyzer includes no network disturbance and is completely transparent.



  • Network analysis: You can scan the LAN any IPV4 range, and find all devices connected. It includes a TCP port scanner, real-time IP network monitoring, VoIP call analyzer, and more.
  • SSL/TLS decryption: Debookee offers one-click SSL/TLS decryption. You get a full view of HTTPS URLs, raw payloads, response codes, and HTTPS headers. It also allows easy installation of certificate authority.
  • WiFi monitoring: This application displays all access points in the radio range. It can set the airport interface in monitoring mode and helps listen to 802.11 frames along with channel hopping and more.
  • Other features: Debookee offers email decryption, WebSockets decryption, and WiFi channel statistics. It also provides VoIP call analysis and customization of certificate authority.


  • Helps you find out who is using your WiFi bandwidth.
  • You can customize TCP ports.


  • Most of the features are limited in its free version.

Pricing: Paid plan starts at $39.90

Free trial: Free to download

Download link: https://debookee.com/

10) Omnipeek

Omnipeek is the best tool for network analytics and performance diagnostics. It offers advanced capabilities for security investigations. The tool helps to compare, discover, and reduce your mean-time-to-resolution(MTTR).

Using Omnipeek, you can scan network packets for signs of trouble or detect changes in transfer speeds. It can also automate multi-stage analysis and inspect both encrypted and unencrypted traffic.



  • Network visibility: Omipeek lets you ingest SNMP, flow, cloud telemetry, and API effortlessly. It comes with advanced network analytics, comprehensive reporting, and much more.
  • Network performance: You acquire visibility across the company, hybrid networks, SD-WAN cloud, and hybrid networks. It provides actionable insights, and its packet and flow have the ability to resolve the most complex issues.
  • Forensics: You can capture 6 times more traffic by getting enterprise-wide network traffic. It lets you transition from high-level monitoring to a complete packet analysis.
  • Detection and response: This network mapper lets you uncover cyber threats without any decryption with the help of flow data ingestion. You can detect threat actors, examine network traffic, and defend the largest of the most intricate networks.


  • The traffic analyzing feature can report on end-to-end performance for connections.
  • It offers added support for 3rd party authentication.


  • Its automation process is tedious.

Pricing: Request sales for a quote

Free trial: 30-day

Download link: https://www.savvius.com/product/omnipeek/

11) Ettercap

Ettercap is a comprehensive network monitor tool. It also supports both active and passive dissection of different network protocols. Additionally, Ettercap includes features for network and host analysis.

This tool is an open-source code and gives you the freedom to submit bugs, get involved in the project, and more.



  • Network monitoring: Ettercap provides remote traffic sniffing with the help of tunnels and route mangling. It also has GeoIP detection and support using CMake.
  • Protection: It allows you to kill the connection. You get packet filtering and dropping. Moreover, it has an OSPF detector that supports multiple authentication methods in a hash cracker-friendly format. Additionally, it offers a passive OS fingerprint.
  • SSL: It supports SSL and SSH3. The SSL redirects are customizable even at runtime.


  • It includes the Kerberos 5 downgrade plugin.
  • You get multi-threaded name resolution.


  • The interface looks outdated.

Pricing: It is free to download.

Download link: https://www.ettercap-project.org/downloads.html

12) SmartSniff

SmartSniff is a simple network monitoring alternative tool for Wireshark. It helps you capture data in a conversation-like sequence between servers and clients.

This packet sniffer lets you filter unwanted TCP/IP activities. SmartSniff also lets you capture packets in live mode. You can distribute this tool through CD-ROM, Floppy disk, and the Internet.



  • Capture Packets: SmartSniff lets you capture TCP/IP packets on the network without installing a capture driver. You can capture these packets on all Windows OS.
  • Capture driver: This tool allows you to capture the driver of the Microsoft Network Monitor. You get this free capture driver under Windows 2000/XP/2003. Smartsniff also helps you gather data from other unsecured wireless networks.
  • Display mode: It offers three basic display modes. These modes include automatic, Hex Dump, and Ascii.


  • It lets you export captured data easily to use it in other apps.
  • This tool has capture and display filters.


  • Hex Dump display mode can be slow, as per our review.

Pricing: Free to download

Download link: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/smsniff.html

13) EtherApe

EtherApe is a graphical network monitoring solution. It allows you to select the level of the protocol stack to concentrate on.

You get link layer, TCP, and IP modes with EtherApe. Its latest version comes with improved XML output and contains links and global protocol statistics.



  • Network filter: You can use its refined data network filter with the help of pcap syntax. It lets you filter traffic that you want to view and read packets from both network and file.
  • Display: The display is averaging, and node persistence times are fully configurable. You get a color-coded protocol display, and it offers a graphical presentation of network activity. Additionally, it helps display protocol summary dialog global network statistics by the protocol.
  • Supported platforms: It supports FDDI, Ethernet, PPP, and Token Ring. EtherApe also supports ISDN, SLIP, and WLAN devices.


  • EtherApe comes with a git mirror.
  • It is an open-source tool.


  • It lacks advanced features such as robust reporting capabilities.

Pricing: Fee to download.

Download link: https://etherape.sourceforge.io/

How to select a Network Monitoring Software?

You should consider the following factors while selecting a Network Monitoring software:

  • Network Monitoring tools should be able to provide real-time performance monitoring and visualization.
  • The cost involved in training employees on the tool.
  • Tools should be customizable to each user’s specific roles.
  • Consider the security options offered by software providers.
  • Product price.
  • Product features meet your requirements.
  • Integration with management software such as ERP is desirable. There is no best tool! You need to select a tool that best caters to your requirements.


Network Monitoring Software is used to monitor the performance of your IT infrastructure. These tools help you to find network issues and resolve them.

Top Alternatives to Wireshark (Mac, Windows, Linux)

Name Platforms Free Trial Link
👍 Deep Packet Inspection Windows 30 Day Free Trial Learn More
👍 ManageEngine OpManager Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android 30-Days Free Trial Learn More
👍 Site24x7 Windows, Android, Linux and iOS 30-Days Free Trial Learn More
PRTG monitor Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android 30-Days Free Trial Learn More
Cloud Shark Cloud 30-Days Free Trial (No Credit Card required) Learn More