Schedule Line Category Determination Tutorial: SAP VOV6

What is Schedule Line Category?

SAP System only copies those items of sales document ,which have schedule line .Schedule lines contain all the delivery related information such as: delivery dates and quantities as well as information about the requirements transfer and inventory management.

Schedule line category has two alphanumeric key.

1) First character of key uses –

Char Uses
A Inquiry
B Quotation
C Sales order
D Returns

2) Second character of key uses –

Char Uses
T no inventory management, e.g. services
X no inventory management with goods issue
N no planning
V consumption-based planning

Schedule Line category in different sales document. Inquiry:

  • No availability check .
  • Not relevant for delivery.
  • Schedule line is for information purpose.


  • Schedule line is not relevant for delivery.
  • No Movement type(Movement type describes type of material movement).


  • Schedule line is relevant for delivery.
  • Movement type is 601.


  • Schedule line is relevant for delivery.
  • Movement type is 651.

Define schedule line category

We can define our Schedule line category by three ways –

  1. Copy an exiting Schedule line category and change according our requirements.
  2. Change an exiting Schedule line category.
  3. Create a new Schedule line category.

Step 1)

  1. Enter T-code VOV6 in command field.
  2. List of exiting schedule line category displayed.
  3. To Create New Schedule line category,click on new entries Schedule Line Category button.

Schedule Line Category

Step 2)

  1. Enter Schedule line item category and it’s description.
  2. Enter Movement type(It is used to describe the type of material movement that need to be performed). e.g receipts, issues, transfers, reversal.
  3. Enter Order Type / item category / Acct. Assgt cat.
  4. Check on Item rel.f.dlv/Preq.del.sched.

Schedule Line Category

Step 3) Click on Save Schedule Line CategoryButton. A Message as “Data Was Saved” displayed.

Schedule Line Category