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For a newbie, its easy to assume that Testing is executing various section of code ,on a ad-hoc basis and verifying the results. But in real world, Testing is a very formal activity, and is documented in detail.

The degree of formality depends on the type of application under test , standards followed by your organization ,& maturity of development process.


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  • For all hands - on,  we will be using the Flight Reservation Application ,which comes bundled with Automation Tool ,  QTP.
  • Tutorials on this site for QTP & Loadrunner use Flight Reservation .Therefore we have selected flight reservation to reduce your learning curve while studying QTP & Loadrunner. Below, find Link to Introduction Video to Flight Reservation Application.


1) Refer this guide to download QTP. Flight Reservation comes bundled with thisapplication

2) Refer this tutorial on Flight Reservation for a beginner's introduction to the application.