Top SAP HR Interview Questions and Answers (2024)

Here are SAP HR / SAP HCM interview questions and answers for fresher as well experienced candidates to get their dream job.


SAP HR Interview Questions for Freshers

1) Which are the sub-modules in SAP HR?

Following are the modules in SAP-HR —

  • Recruitment -Personnel Administration
  • Organization Management
  • Personnel Development
  • Training and Event Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Personnel Time Management
  • Payroll
  • MSS – Manager Self Service
  • ESS – Employee Self Service

2) Describe the various structures in SAP – HR?

Structures are required to represent statutory, regional, and organizational conditions in an organization. Following are three structures in SAP HR.

  • Enterprise Structure – gives Information about the location of work on an employee. It comprises of Client, Company Code, Personnel Area, and Personnel Subarea
  • Personnel Structure – gives information about the employees job function. It comprises of Employee Group and Employee Subgroup
  • Organizational Structure – gives relations between employee and his corresponding departments or business unit. It comprises of organizational plan, which includes Job, position, organizational unit etc.

3) What is an Infotype?

Individual Information such as last name, first name, DOB etc is defined in data fields. Data fields are grouped into information units according to their content, these information units are called Infotypes. Infotypes have names and 4 digit keys.

For Ex. Infotype 0002 is for Personal Data, which stores Employees Full Name, Date of Birth, etc.

An Infotype can have a sub-type.

Infotypes are classified as follows

  • 1000 – 1999 == OM related
  • 2000 – 2999 == Time related
  • 9000 and above Customer Specific

4) What Time Constraint 1 on an Infotype ?

Infotype with Time Constraint 1(TC 1) must be unique, i.e. only one valid record can exist for a given period. There can be no gaps between the records. When we add a new record to an Infotype with TC1, the system delimits the overlapping record on the key date and adds new record

SAP HR / SAP HCM Interview Questions
SAP HR / SAP HCM Interview Questions

5) How can you maintain information for an Infotype?

To maintain information in an Infotype you could use –

  • PA30 – Personal Administration Maintenance
  • PA40 – Personal Actions

Alternatively, Fast Entry Screen.

SAP HR Interview Questions for Experienced

6) Which Personal Actions have you performed on an employee?

  • Hire
  • Change Organizational Unit/Position
  • Change of Pay
  • Transfer
  • Terminate
  • Retirement


7) Where are payroll results stored?

Payroll results are store in PCL2 cluster, which can be accessed using the transaction pc_payresult

8) What is Matchcode W?

Match Code W provides a list of all personnel numbers in the selected payroll area that have been rejected by the payroll run because of incorrect data. This means that the payroll has not run for them successfully. Personnel numbers are also included in Matchcode W if personnel data is changed in the correction phase of the payroll run.

9) List the Time Related Infotypes that you have used?

  • 2001 – Absences
  • 2002 – Attenances
  • 2003 – Substitutions
  • 2007- Attendance Quotas
  • 0007- Planned Working Time

10) How would record time in your SAP HR system?

  • Online by time administrators
  • Separate time recording systems
  • Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) applications
  • Customer systems with an interface to the R/3 System

These interview questions will also help in your viva(orals)