What is Matchcode W in SAP HR?

Matchcode W in SAP HR

Lets say you have run the Payroll for a particular month for all employees (say 1000 employees in all ) for a given payroll area. Once payment is run , lets say there are some changes made in Master Data (Basic Infotypes like 14, 15 ,8…) for 10 Employees.

Now its imperative to re-run the payroll for these 10 Employees but using the conventional payroll mechanism , SAP will process data for the 1000 employees in the payroll area which is time consuming.

Need a way out? The answer lie in Matchcode W! When you select Matchcode W and run payroll , system will only process the 10 EE’s who’s data was changed and other will not be processed for the second time as there is no change in the data.It will pick up the employees based on the changed date in the earliest MD Change in SAP Infotype 03

Steps to run the Matchcode W —

Step 1) Go to the payroll driver for any country using PC00_MXX_CALC – where XX is Molga of the country.

Step 2) At the top right side you will have search help button, click on that

Matchcode W in SAP HR

Step 3) Select Variant – W

Matchcode W in SAP HR

Step 4) An additional screen is displayed which can be used to further restrict the selection of employees with Master Data change (10 from our above example). This screen is optional and can be bypassed.

Matchcode W in SAP HR

Step 5) Execute the payroll.