SAP Wage Types Tutorial: Primary, Secondary, Dialog, Time

Payment data (allowances or deductions) is stored using Wage types.

Wage Types in SAP

There are 2 prime categories of Wage types in SAP

  • Primary/Master Wage types
  • Secondary/Technical Wage types

Primary Wage types are again divided into

  1. Dialog Wage types
  2. Time Wage types

Dialog Wage types :- These are Wage types that you can enter online while maintaining Master Data in your SAP system. For Ex. Basic Pay (IT0008), Additional Payments (IT0015), Recurring Payments/Deductions (IT0014).

Dialog Wage Types in SAP

Time Wage types:- Time wage types are created by the system once time evaluation is completed. They can not be maintained online and are system generated.

Ex: Paid Leave 75%

Time Wage Types in SAP

Secondary Wage types

Secondary Wage types are system generated and can not be maintained online. They are created during Payroll run. Secondary Wage types are also used as a container to accumulate several other Wage types or to store wagetype information on a temporary basis. The technical names of the secondary Wage types begin with “/”

Ex: /559 Bank Transfer

Secondary Wage Types in SAP