35 Python Projects for Beginners with Source Code

Learning Python languages can be a difficult task. You can spend time studying a textbook, reading articles, or watching videos but still might struggle to put what you have learned into practice. You need to spend a good amount of time learning syntax. However, without practical knowledge, you might not get the confidence to develop advanced-level Python projects. Developing Python projects will increase your chances of success as a developer.

Here are various Python projects which are covered in three categories: 1) Beginner, 2) Intermediate, and 3) Advanced-level Python projects ideas as given below:

Beginners Level

1) Sudoku Solver

Sudoku Solver

Sudoku is a top-rated logic-based number-placement puzzle game. To complete the sudoku puzzle, a 9*9 grid must be filled with digits to complete the game. Each row, column, and 3×3 section contains a number between 1 and 9. To solve a sudoku, the user doesn’t need Python knowledge of mathematics but requires the logic and reasoning of the user.

This automated program script is a Sudoku Solver that helps you to solve almost any Sudoku Puzzle by visualizing through the Backtracking Algorithm. You can use this logic to get its solution instantly and move further.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/dhhruv/Sudoku-Solver

2) Tic-Tac-Toe Game


Tic-Tac-Toe Game is a simple Python project based on the popular Tic-Tac-Toe Game. The game’s logic is pretty simple, as a player can start this game by clicking on each grid to place the symbol ‘0’ or ‘X’.

The goal is to line up a circle or cross diagonally, vertically, and horizontally on a 3×3 square grid. The result of this game is displayed at the end of the game.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/aqeelanwar/Tic-Tac-Toe

3) Email Slicer

Email Slicer is the easiest but most popular Python project that will have a lot of use in the future. This Python project requires users to generate a program to retrieve the username and domain of an email. You can customize the application and send a message to the host with this information. Although it might look like a simple Python project idea, it helps you enhance your Python coding skills.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/Cybercharm/Email-Slicer-with-Python

4) Mad Libs Generator

Mad Libs Generator is a Python project that will ask you to type words from the different parts of speech. Then create a Python program that will display a story written from those selected works.

It is one of the best projects for beginners just starting with software development. In this Python project, you will learn how to manipulate user-inputted data. The input could be an adjective, noun, or pronoun.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/ChalzZy/Mad-Libs-Generator

5) Number Guessing Game

Number Guessing Game

Number Guessing Game is one of the simplest but most useful Python projects. You can make a Python program in which the computer randomly selects the number between 1 to 10 or any range. It gives users some clues so that they can guess the correct number. Every time the user guesses wrong, they will get another clue. However, his score gets reduced. The clue can be smaller, greater, multiple, divisible, or even a combination of all.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/serhanelmacioglu/Guess-the-Number_Coding-with-Python

6) Rolling Dice Simulation

Rolling Dice Simulation is a Python project that generates a random number each time the program runs. The user can use the dice as many times as he wants. This Python program will generate a random number between 1 and 6 when the user rolls the dice, and then the user will then see the number. It is one of the interesting Python projects that should be able to randomly select numbers between 1 and 6 and print them.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/danieltyukov/Python-rolling-dice

7) Word Guessing Game

Word Guessing Game is one of the easiest Python projects that ask you to think of a word. In this Python project for beginners, you are asked a series of questions to attempt to guess your word. You will need to create a function to check if the user is inputting alphabets or numbers and displaying error messages appropriately. These words are limited to ones listed in dictionary.txt.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/thelevicole/Python-word-guessing

8) Countdown Timers

Countdown Timers is a beginner-level Python program that allows users to set a time, and the app notifies them when the time is up. In this Project, after receiving the input, the countdown will be initiated and appear on the screen in “minutes: seconds” format.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/tobyhodges/timers

9) Image to Sound

Image to Sound is a simple Python project allowing you to create sound from image files. Imagine displaying an image of the forest while the actual forest sound is heard in the background. To compelete this Project, you need an image and sound file (in .mp3 format).

Source Code Link: https://github.com/Kalebu/image-to-sound-Python-

10) Rock, Paper, Scissor Game

It is a very simple Python project based on a popular game played by children called Rock, Paper, and Scissor. Here, the first user moves, and then the program makes one. You can use a single alphabet or input an entire string to indicate the move. You need to set up a function to check the move’s validity.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/goelp14/RockPaperScissors

Intermediate Level

1) Fibonacci Generator

The mathematical series known as the Fibonacci series has been one of programming logic’s most popular coding problems. This Python program creates a recursive function that determines whether a given number belongs to the Fibonacci sequence.

In this Python project, you ask for the position of the Fibonacci number needed by the user and generate it. Once it is generated, you can display the desired output to the user.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/josgard94/Fibonacci-series-with-Python

2) YouTube video downloader

YouTube video downloader

This Python project helps you to download videos from YouTube, as this video streaming site does not allow you to download any videos. You can create a Python program with a simple UI and the ability to download YouTube videos in different formats and numerous video quality.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/prateekralhan/Python-based-Youtube-downloader

3) Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

It is a simple alarm clock GUI project. Once coded in Python, it will be a fully functioning program that is quite similar to the “Clock” app on Android or iOS. It supports a local digital clock, alarm, stopwatch, and timer. It allows users to set alarms to go off at any time. They can also deactivate the alarm so it will not go off.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/TeenageMutantCoder/Alarm-Clock

4) Voice Assistant

It is an intermediate-level Python project that helps you do your daily work routine. It allows you to perform a binary search algorithm on Wikipedia. It also helps you to open YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, and other sites.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/jaspreetsidhu3/voice_assistant

5) Calculator App

Calculator App

Calculator is a Python project that helps you to create a simple, fully functional calculator. It almost looks like a calculator program that comes by default with your computer or mobile device. Users can select from and to currencies, like convert from USD to INR. You can supply the value and hit the convert button to get the conversion rate.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/programiz/Calculator

6) Password Generator

You can create a random password generator program to build a project where you can generate random passwords for any of your accounts. It is one of the existing Python projects which works on the logic that it randomly uses ‘A to Z’ ‘a to z’ or creates a unique and highly secured password.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/abhishek305/Password-Generator-in-Python

7) Desktop Notifier App in Python

A desktop notifier is a simple Python app that produces a notification message in the form of a pop-up message on the desktop. In this Python project for beginners, the user gets a notification when any specific app is opened. The program consumes high memory,

Source Code Link: https://github.com/ganeshkavhar/Desktop-Notifier-App-in-Python

8) Convert Speech to Text

This Python application is used for converting speech to text. It can either be a live feed or an audio file. This application makes use of google speech recognition API. If you want to use this Python project, it is necessary to have an active internet connection and install Python libraries such as PyAudio, PortAudio, and SpeechRecognition.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/tdsk15041995/Speech-to-text-converter

9) Python Currency Converter

Python Currency Converter

Currency converter is a Python project that uses historical rates against a reference currency (Euro). It is compatible with Python3.6+. The converter can provide users different sources if the format is the same. This Python program has used the default source, the European Central, for 42 currencies against the Euro since 1999.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/alexprengere/currencyconverter

10) Site Connectivity Checker

In Python, a site connectivity checker enables you to connect to a website using TCP protocol according to its status code. This Python project will work on the same lines as it checks the live status of URLs.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/zzdqqqq/Site-Connectivity-Checker

11) Address Book in Python

The main objective of this advanced-level Python project is to create an address book where users can store their contact details. It helps you to create an Address book in Python programming language. You can create, edit, and delete contact details. This Python project also provides a Graphical user interface to manage contact information.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/felontruth/AddressBook

12) Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker

Expense Manager is a simple, stable, and feature-rich web app that helps you manage your daily bills in this Python project. You will build a simple expense tracker to track the user’s expenses.

It is one of the trending Pythons projects, which also performs statistical analysis to provide accurate insights to users on their expenses. It helps them to plan their expenses better.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/prtm/Expense-Tracker

13) Website Blocker

As its name suggests, this Python project can be used to block certain websites during working time to reduce distraction. Thus, improving productivity and avoiding unwanted ads.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/Kalebu/Website-blocker-Python

14) Web Scraping Program in Python

Web data extraction or web scraping is obtaining data from websites using their HTML structure. You will get the basic fundaments of web scraping using Python and and use two Python libraries, Beautifulsoup, and requests.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/rajat4665/web-scraping-with-Python

15) Temperature Converter

Temperature Converter

Temperature Converter

This Python project helps you build GUI logic that converts Fahrenheit temperatures to Celsius. It is one of the easiest Python projects as it just accepts value in Fahrenheit and covert it in Celsius.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/SpelmanCIS123/Temperature-Converter

Advanced Level

1) Text Editor in Python

This Python project helps you to develop a simple text editor or notepad in Python. You can even implement basic functionalities like changing the font style, adding text, saving a document, etc. You need Python, Tkinter, os, and PIL modules to develop this logic.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/amandeep511997/Text-Editor

2) Typing Speed Calculator

Typing Speed Calculator

The speed typing test is a Python project through which you can test your typing speed. You can develop a basic level typing tutorial where users type a random sentence. When the user has finished typing, we display the typing speed, accuracy, and words per minute

Source Code Link: https://github.com/geosaleh/typing_speed_test

3) Python File Explorer

Python-file-manager is an advanced-level Python project based on Python 3.7. With this Python-based file explorer, you can view files and folders. It also helps you to perform various actions , like moving to delete or sending files to the recycle bin.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/binjolaaman10/Python-file-manager

4) Python Plagiarism Checker

Python Plagiarism Checker is a Python program that allows you to scan textual content for plagiarism. You can also track the distribution of content online. The plagiarism tool helps you scan your work to find an overlap from an existing online source.

The use of plagiarism checkers is crucial if you want to avoid any overlap with someone else’s content. However, these tools are very costly, so you can create a plagiarism checker tool to scour through any writing work. This Python project uses an NLP (Natural Language Processing tool) and a search API to prepare a full-fledged usable Plagiarism checker.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/binjolaaman10/Python-file-manager

5) Python Music Player

Python Music Player is an advanced Python project which helps you to create a full-fledged music player with an interactive UI to play around with. With the help of this logic, you can create a music player of your own. You will be able to create functionalities like finding music files, browsing various music tracks, adding music from your favorite artists, or controlling the volume. To build this Python project, you should have Tkinter and pygame installed on your device.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/Copyleaks/Python-Plagiarism-Checker

6) Library Management System

A Python Flask-based Library Management System. This Flask base Python app has all the features of an LMS system (Library Management System), like adding, removing, and creating copies of books. It helps you to maintain book inventory according to its availability.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/kumaraditya303/Library-Management-System

7) Chatbot AI

Chatbot AI

A chatbot is a Python project based on artificial intelligence that interacts with humans in their natural language. This Python project helps you to create chatbots that talk to the user and grab information. This AI offers numerous features like learning, memory, topic-based conversation handling, etc. This Project should have bots AI and chat handle. It should allow easy REST API and Python function call integration, making it unique and offering highly functional features. When working with data in chatbots, you might need to manipulate and sort lists. To learn more about Python list sorting, check out this informative article.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/ahmadfaizalbh/Chatbot

8) Face Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection

A face mask is highly appreciated during the current COVID 19 pandemic. However, at the same it, it also becomes difficult to manually detect people without a mask. This advanced-level Python Project enables you to detect a mask and prompt any error. This Project can be applied in malls, multiplex, or public meetings. You need to use Python, Keras, and OpenCV to develop a deep learning model for face mask detection.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/chandrikadeb7/Face-Mask-Detection

9) Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Website

This Python project enables you to develop a simple MultiVendor e-commerce website built with Django (Python), and Stripe is added as a payment processor. Users can visit the product and order by paying with a Debit/Credit Card (Stripe is Used).

Then Vendor gets an instant email notification about the order and should deliver the product to the customer based on the address details.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/vijaythapa333/simple-multivendor-site

10) URL Shortener

This Python project enables you to create a Django web app that shortens long URLs. Users may select from a list of available hosts. Currently, it supports hosts like Tinyurlk, Bit.ly, Google URL Shortener, and Is.gd. This Project uses the pyshorteners library for URL shortening.

Source Code Link: https://github.com/p53ud0k0d3/UrlShortener