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This tutorial looks into the principle of Data ABSTRACTION in Object Oriented Programming

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Suppose you want to create a banking application and you are asked to collect all the information about your customer? There are chances that you will come up with many information related to a customer, but many of them are not required at least for a banking application.

What is Abstraction in OOPS ?

So, you need to sort out the relevant information for your banking application from that pool of database like name, address, tax information, etc. Since we have fetched or sorted out the customer information from the largest Pool- hence the process is referred as Abstraction.

What is Abstraction in OOPS ?

But the same information once extracted can be used for a wide range of applications. For instance, you can use the same data for hospital application, job portal application, Government database, etc.

Points to Remember about Java Abstraction:

  • Abstraction is the process of selecting important data sets for an Object in your software , and leaving out the insignificant ones.
  • Once you have modeled your object using Abstraction , the same set of data could be used in different applications.