How to Fix the Network Error in ChatGPT

ChatGPT is becoming one of the most sought-after productivity tools across different industries. Its ability to solve different problems has made it a valuable resource for students and professionals worldwide.

Despite its usefulness, this AI product throws in errors occasionally. One of the most frustrating errors you will likely encounter is the Network Error.

This guide will walk you through fixing it and restoring your session.

Key Takeaways:

The ChatGPT4 Network error message is caused by several issues like poor internet connection, running too many queries, etc. Refreshing your internet connection, checking server status, and clearing browser cache can help for most problems. You can also try disabling your VPN, using a different browser, and trying its mobile app. In situations where there’s nothing you can do, such as an issue with OpenAI’s server, waiting or using other chatbots will suffice.


Why Does ChatGPT Return an Error Message?

Here are some causes of the “Network Error” issue on ChatGPT:

  • Poor internet connection.
  • Using a VPN.
  • running too many queries.
  • Overloaded OpenAI server.

Regardless of where the error comes from, it can get frustrating, especially if you keep receiving it every time you try to use the service.

Issues Related to ChatGPT Network Errors

Network errors don’t just inconvenience you when using the chatbot. They can bring about other far-reaching consequences. These include:

  • Inadequate context: ChatGPT can retrieve past interactions within a conversation for context. A network error hinders this ability, thus increasing the potential to get incorrect responses.
  • Hinders follow-up questions: ChatGPT asks follow-up questions during chat sessions to tailor its responses. Since the chatbot cannot ask these vital questions during a conversation, it increases the chances of providing inaccurate information about a subject.
  • Leads to incorrect information: ChatGPT relies on data gathered from training data to respond to queries. When the data isn’t consistent due to network errors, it might provide inconsistent or incorrect information.

How Do I Fix ChatGPT Network Error?

The methods below will provide working solutions whether you are dealing with the free version or ChatGPT 4 network error.

Method 1: Refresh Your Page

The simplest solution to this network error is to refresh your page. Your browser refresh button simply resets ChatGPT’s backend servers and lets it present you with a new session.

You can also do a hard refresh by clicking on Ctrl + Shift +r on Windows and Command + shift + r on Mac to reload the page while ignoring cached content. Remember, this action will erase your prompt, so copy it elsewhere if you don’t want to lose it.

Method 2: Check OpenAI’s Chatbot Server Status

OpenAI’s Chatbot Server Status

Another reason for seeing this error could be because OpenAI’s servers are down. This could likely cause an error in moderation for ChatGPT.

Luckily, OpenAI usually provides a status report on internal server errors whenever they arise. Visit and check whether there’s any information on an issue on their server.

There’s usually nothing you can do other than wait until they fix the server if you find a down message.

Method 3: Clear your Browser Cache File

If you have tried refreshing your page and can’t find any issues on the server page, try clearing your browser’s cache and browsing history data.

Like many other websites, ChatGPT stores files called caches on your computer to make it easier to load faster. These files can accumulate and affect your browser, making it sluggish. This, in turn, affects how ChatGPT works and might cause it to show the error.

Here is how you can clear your browser cache and cookies in Chrome:

Step 1) Click on the three-button menu on the top right corner of your Chrome Window.

Clear Browser Cache File

Step 2) Select the Clear browsing data option to open the clear browsing data window.

Clear Browser Cache File

Step 3) Select a time range you want, for example, Last 7 days.

Clear Browser Cache File

Step 4) On the pop-up window, select the Cookies and other site data and cached images and files.

Clear Browser Cache File

Step 5) Click Clear data and wait for the process to finish.

Step 6) Restart your browser and check whether ChatGPT will work.

Method 4: Check your Internet Connection

Poor internet connection is one of the most common reasons for a network error message. ChatGPT will show you a network error if it detects weak or unstable connections.

You can always verify your internet speed by running some popular speed test software, such as, to confirm your internet speed. If the issue is your internet connection, talk to your internet service provider to fix it.

Method 5: Use Shorter Prompts

Sometimes, long and complex queries cause ChatGPT to show a network error. While there’s no specific limit to a query’s length, don’t make them extra-long and complex.

A better way of providing your full query without triggering a “Network Error” response from ChatGPT is to:

  • Break down your queries.
  • Include instructions for ChatGPT to provide shorter responses. You can prompt it to summarize its responses.
  • Use follow-up questions instead of one long query.

Method 6: Switch or Disable your VPN

Your VPN could also be the source of ChatGPT’s Network error issue. VPNs work by redirecting internet traffic through private servers. However, ChatGPT had been known for flagging IP addresses when accessing its servers. Try switching off your VPN or disabling it to see if the issue persists.

Method 7: Log in with Another ChatGPT Account

Another simple way to solve this error is to use a different ChatGPT account. If you still can’t get through to the chatbot even after clearing your cache and cookies, try signing in with another account to determine whether the issue is your account.

Method 8: Use a Different Web Browser

If you are uncomfortable cleaning out your cache and browsing data to fix the ChatGPT network error issue, consider changing browsers. Sometimes, our browsers hold crucial information that we need for different purposes. Luckily, ChatGPT can work with all the mainstream browsers.

If it works on the new browser but not the previous one, consider cleaning it out.

Method 9: Try the ChatGPT Mobile App

You could also consider using the mobile version if you encounter network errors with ChatGPT. This chatbot has an Android and iOS app that you could use if the web version does not work or if you are uncomfortable using a different browser.

Method 10: Try an Alternative Chatbot like Google Bard

It is also possible to try another chatbot like Google Bard, Genie and CoPilot. While this does not solve the ChatGPT network error issue, it allows you to utilize the wide variety of chatbots available today. This is an especially valid option if ChatGPT is experiencing network issues due to a server error.

Method 11: Specify the Language

If you are experiencing this issue while generating code with ChatGPT, consider specifying the language and rerunning the queries. This adds more context for ChatGPT, especially when it’s unclear what language you use in your prompts.

Method 12: Contact ChatGPT Service Desk

ChatGPT Service Desk

If all else fails, consider contacting the OpenAI help desk . OpenAI allows you to report issues through their Help Center, where you can get assistance for any problems with their products.

Understanding and Interpreting ChatGPT Error Messages

There are other errors that you could encounter when using ChatGPT including:

  • Unprocessable Entity ChatGPT Message

You will see this error message if the server cannot process your request. This happens even when the server can understand your prompts.

The main cause of this error is using a format that ChatGPT cannot process. Other times, it happens when you use wrong input data or give prompts that fall outside the set guidelines that ChatGPT is supposed to use when providing answers.

It’s important to use the right format for your prompts and adhere to the usage guidelines set for using ChatGPT.

  • ChatGPT Error in Body Stream Message

The error in the body stream occurs when something interferes with a session making it hard for the chatbot to finish generating a response. This could likely result from a poor network connection or overload requests. Check your internet connectivity and refresh your page to see if the error disappears.

  • ChatGPT “Oops, an Error Occurred” Error

While the reason for this error is not entirely understood, the most likely cause is overwhelming deletion requests on the server. Try and space these actions to avoid getting the error message.

  • ChatGPT Internal Server Error

The ChatGPT internal server error is a common occurrence for frequent users. This usually happens for various reasons, such as insufficient storage or memory to handle the sheer amount of prompts sent by concurrent users. The error message is usually an indication that the server is experiencing problems.

  • ChatGPT Error 1020: Access Denied

Error code 1020 is an HTTP error code that occurs when you try to access a website using a blocked IP address. OpenAI uses the Cloudflare security system, which routinely scans your IP address to ensure the continued safety of the website.

Usually, the error occurs when you use insecure Wi-Fi from sources such as public hotspots or when Cloudflare’s firewalls show a false positive. If this issue persists, consider options such as a VPN from a reputable source, proxy server, or disabling your browser extensions.


ChatGPT might not be working on your browser because it is not compatible with the browser. Try using a different browser and see whether the issue persists. Fortunately, ChatGPT seems to work on all mainstream browsers.

If you are having problems because of OpenAI’s servers, you can only wait until the servers can handle more traffic. This usually does not take a long time.


The ChatGPT network error message is a common issue affecting many users. While it can happen for several reasons, they are not too complex, and most can be solved through simple fixes. By following the above mentioned solutions, you stand a better chance of solving this issue and maintaining your productivity.