20 Best AI Chatbots (Artificial Intelligence Chatbot) in 2022

AI chatbot is a software that can simulate a user conversation with a natural language through messaging applications. It increases user response rate by being available 24/7 on your website. AI Chatbot saves your time, money, and gives better customer satisfaction. Chatbots use machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to deliver near human like conversational experience.

Following is a handpicked list of Best AI chatbots with popular and latest features. The list contains open-source as well paid tools.

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Landbot is an AI chatbot tool that helps you to convert leads, capture data, and personalize client journeys in real-time. It allows you to manage and automates conversations on the main messaging chann

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Best AI Chatbot: Free and Paid

Name Link
Landbot https://landbot.io/
Manychat https://manychat.com/
REVE Chat https://www.revechat.com/
Survey Sparrow https://surveysparrow.com/

1) Landbot

Landbot is an AI chatbot tool that helps you to convert leads, capture data, and personalize client journeys in real-time. It allows you to manage and automates conversations on the main messaging channels.


  • It helps you to design, deploy and analyze your conversational strategies from the same place.
  • Offers tools to create frictionless, engaging, and overall memorable customer experiences.
  • Engagement leads to better conversion.
  • It is seamlessly transferring conversations from bot to human and back.
  • Design your full messaging-based user journey.
  • You can design automate conversations for WhatsApp, web, or Facebook Messenger and integrate them with the tools you already use.

2) Manychat

ManyChat is a bot platform on Facebook Messenger for e-commerce and support. It helps small businesses grow by simplifying their marketing stuff like acquiring leads or launching campaigns.


  • You can build relationships with customers through interactive and tailored content.
  • Book appointments, sell products, capture contact details, and build relationships through Messenger.
  • You can convert leads with simple and personalized experiences.
  • Start with a basic template or build your bot in less time with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • ManyChat connects to the many tools, including Google Sheets, MailChimp, Shopify, Zapier, HubSpot, or ConvertKit.

3) REVE Chat

REVE Chat is application that enables you to connect your customers using video, live chat, bots, and more. It helps you to deliver instant support for your customer on messaging apps like Viber, Facebook Messenger, Telegram.


  • It enables you to add messaging functionality in mobile application or on your website.
  • Offers real time customer service to your customers and visitors.
  • You can get real time customer feedback.
  • It can be used to drive sales conversations with ease.
  • Provides a personalized live experience to your customer.

4) Survey Sparrow

Survey Sparrow is a chatbot tool that allows you to copy-paste the auto-generated embed code. It is a fully automated system that helps you to simulates real-life-like conversations through applications or websites.


  • You can analyze data in real-time.
  • It helps you to create expressions to do mathematical computations effortlessly.
  • You can embed the chatbot on your website and collects visitor data & feedback.
  • Embed a chatbot on all major landing pages of your website.
  • It offers conditional logic branching.
  • Allows you to deploy chatbots to manage orders and helps you to collect payments securely.

5) Tars

Tars is an AI chatbot application that helps you capture business leads for mobile-optimized and engaging websites. It also helps you create a chatbot conversation workflow.


  • Tars help you publish your chatbot as a widget on your website.
  • Automates your customer service interactions and redefines the customer experience.
  • Helps you to automate 80% of your call business conversations.
  • You can view and analyze conversation data inside the Tars dashboard.

6) HubSpot Chatbot Builder

HubSpot chatbot builder helps you to support customer, book meetings, and scale your conversion. It has 200+ integrations which you can customize according to your company need.


  • It one of the best ai chatbots that offers unlimited personalized conversations at scale.
  • Create and customize bots yourself without writing any code
  • The code gives your bots a human touch.
  • It allows you to add the contact record and manage your lead.
  • You can add deals to your CRM with just a single mouse click.
  • It provides email tracking to know your leads
  • Integrate with Gmail and Outlook.
  • Generate a scheduling link which you can share with prospects.

7) Flow XO

Flow XO is an automation software to build chatbots that help you to engage and communicate with your customers across social media platforms, different sites, and applications.


  • You can welcome new visitors virtually to the ecommerce website by providing greetings.
  • Gather user details by asking simple questions and validating the answer provided.
  • A chatbot can answer simple questions or link to any article.
  • It allows you to hand over discussions to a human on live chat.
  • It is one of the best chatbot that accepts payment by identifying a particular service or product your customer likes to purchase.
  • Your bot can clarify and pre-filter customer data while they are on your site so that you can receive higher quality leads.

Link: https://flowxo.com/

8) Amplify

Amplify is a new generation conversational artificial intelligence chatbot tool that offers personalized, and persistent messaging-based experiences across a large and ever-expanding diversity of conversational surfaces.


  • It is one of the best ai chatbots that provides branded virtual assistants.
  • Easy to create and manage your own branded virtual assistant.
  • It gives conversational ad experiences on Instagram and Facebook using conversation marketing platform called AdLingo.

Link: http://amplify.ai

9) Botsify

Botsify is one of the best chatbot tool where you can create automated chatbots online without any hassle. It is one of the best ai chatbots that helps you increase sales & reduce customer support cost.


  • It provides a hybrid solution which makes conversations flowless between users and customer support agent.
  • It provides conversation forms to collect information from your users using chatbots conversations.
  • Botsify has a capability to build a base for Facebook messenger to send a message anytime, anywhere.
  • The tool has a tree view, which gives a smart way to showcase your story.
  • Live chatbot Increases customer satisfaction and retention.
  • You can create Slackbot in a few easy steps.

Link: https://botsify.com/

10) Imperson

Impersonate develops chatbot solutions which automate the customer journey, naturally, through conversation. This conversational bot provides an authentic customer chat experience.


  • Imperson guides you from setting up the chatbot goals to defining the right personality and voice.
  • It has conversation navigator that determines how to lead the conversation based on NLP user intents, relationship memory, and deep dialog context.
  • The tool provides a fully managed solution, advanced analytics dashboard with real-time insights to boost performance.

Link: https://imperson.com/

11) Boost

Boost.ai is an artificial intelligence chatbot that has natural language processing which allows you to increase your customer experience with a virtual agent. It is one of the best ai chatbots tool which provides 100+ live virtual agents, 10m+ interactions, and 1000+ certified trainers.


  • You can pre-trained with answers for up to 2500 queries by quickly coverting everything from basic to complex industry-related issues.
  • It allows anyone to create dynamic and natural interactions at scale.
  • Easy to identify compelling use cases and picking the right technology.

Link: https://www.boost.ai/

12) Bold360

Bold360 is one of the best chatbot that empowers businesses to deliver better customer outcomes. It provides groundbreaking intelligence to customer interaction, putting them insights to work in real time, across every channel.


  • It provides personalized customer service for the better experience of agents and customers.
  • The tool helps customer-facing employee, to solve their them?solve problems faster.?
  • Bold360 offers all the tools needed at their fingertips so agents can deliver better experiences.
  • The tool proactively helps customers across channels to help them search what they need and connect them to agents.

Link: https://www.bold360.com/

13) Ada

Ada is an AI-powered customer service chatbot that makes easy for your team to solve customer inquiries quickly.


  • It is one of the best chatbot which provides On-demand and multichannel engagement for customers
  • Customize every conversation with content tailored to their interests, information, and intent.
  • The tool strengthens your customer experience with analytics with real-time insights into key topic themes, trends in volume, customer inquiries, etc.

Link: https://www.ada.support/

14) Vergic

Vergic delivers an easy to integrate customer engagement platform. It allows organizations and brands to engage with customers through AI/BOT supported Voice, Collaboration tools, and messaging.


  • It has Automate dialogs and workflows.
  • The tool provides AI and BOT integration that act as virtual agents in a blended bot concept.
  • Using web chat and messaging, you can communicate with customers through Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Web chat or IM apps.
  • You can boost agent’s productivity with vergic plugin.

Link: https://www.vergic.com/

15) Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant is one of the best chatbot application that allows you to build conversational interfaces into any device, channel, use, or any cloud.


  • An assistant integrates directly with Facebook Messenger or Slack.
  • The tool automatically direct optimal path for solving any problem.
  • It provides session management for the personalized experience.
  • The tool can escalate the conversation to a human agent in service desk tools without any support of a developer.

Link: https://www.ibm.com/cloud/watson-assistant/

16) PandoraBot

Pandorabots provides a range of services to meet your businesses demand, from simply DIY solutions to complicated chatbot development to everything in between.


  • It is one of the best ai chatbots that has open-source chatbot libraries.
  • It provides Sandbox development.
  • The tool offers unlimited Sandbox messages.

Link: https://home.pandorabots.com/home.html

17) Reply

Reply deflect support volume on digital channels without compromising on customer experience. The tool makes customer support easy and effortlessly.


  • Accurate AI that contains the answer from FAQ.
  • Provides common integration that needs a custom workflow.
  • No coding is needed to implement chat.
  • It offers 1 click integration with questions.
  • The tool provides a seamless transaction between chatbot and agents.
  • Reply offers common interactions without agent assistance
  • Support of copy and AI and copywriting team who take care of your custom needs.

Link: https://www.reply.ai/

18) Rulai

Rulai is an artificial intelligence chatbot tool that provides pre-built training data. With this tool, you can track conversations, and keep context to decide what next action should be.


  • It streamlines customer support by deflecting repetitive calls and live chat request.
  • This tool empowers you to achieve first contact resolution.
  • More Natural and Flexible Conversations
  • The tool increases sales conversions.

Link: https://rul.ai/

19) Snatchbot

Snatchbot helps you to create smart chatbots for multi-channel messaging. The tool has enterprise-grade security and robust administrative features.


  • It enables you to build, connect, and publish bots to interact with users wherever they are.
  • The platform offers rapid intelligent chatbot development for everyone.
  • It helps you to create a bot or Human chatbot without any coding or technical skills.
  • Design conversations to utilize simple or something complex like translation, action buttons, collect payments, send receipts, and more.
  • The tool allows you to publish your bot everywhere your users are.

Link: https://snatchbot.me/

20) SAP Conversational AI

SAP Conversational AI allows customers to create and deploy conversational interfaces. It helps you to efficiently manage your procurement, HR, or travel tasks by utilizing an end-to-end platform, and a digital assistant for the enterprise.


  • Turn conversations into actions and improve commitment, innovation, and productivity of your employees with AI chatbots.
  • Improve customer retention and revenue by automating customer service with chatbots, specially designed for enterprise.
  • Guide the user to answer FAQs and execute simple tasks with AI chatbots integrated with SAP solutions.

Link: https://www.sap.com/products/conversational-ai.html

21) Inbenta

Inbenta is an enterprise-grade AI powered tool. It has features to answer user questions with accuracy. The tool provides a dialog manager to customize the flow and paths of conversation.


  • You can leverage additional functionalities from CRM integrations and billing systems.
  • Inbenta offers a detection method which is used to capture and store relevant information.
  • It dynamically adapts its behavior based on the words it detects.
  • It provides a chatbot with a custom 3D avatar.
  • Gives highly conversational and context-awareness
  • It uses webhooks to perform transactions
  • Available for 24/7.

Link: https://www.inbenta.com/en/products/chatbot/

22) Its alive

Its alive is a chatbot maker that gives everyone the power of automated conversations. The tool provides a platform to build chatbots and services for brands.


  • Easily build chatbots that will grow with your business ambitions.
  • Chatbot to build, manage, optimize, and track your bot performances.
  • You can build automated conversations based on your needs and goals.
  • It allows you to plan your chatbot with brand strategy.
  • The tool provides a decision tree that keeps flowless conversation.
  • Offers custom integration and development.
  • It has storytelling and graphic creation facility.
  • Testing & optimizing features for UX.
  • Share your chatbot with audience and analyze performance.

Link: https://itsalive.io/

23) SmartLoop

Smartloop is a chatbot platform that enables you to capture a quality lead, nurture, analyze, and improve retention with Conversational AI.


  • Build Customers Empathy with 1 to 1 conversation and sharing engaging content.
  • Using smartloop, you can achieve 80% open rates and more than 40% click-through rates.
  • It provides a fun way to engage with the customer.
  • You can use automated messages to upsell existing customers or re-engage cold leads.
  • It allows you to analyze user conversation to understand what works best.
  • The tool resolves the most basic questions automatically.
  • Smartloop saves lots of time and makes your agents more productive.

Link: https://smartloop.ai/


❓ What is AI chatbot?

AI chatbot is a software that can simulate a user conversation with a natural language through messaging applications. It increases the user response rate by being available 24/7 on your website.

🚀 Which are the Best AI Chatbots?

Below are some of the Best AI Chatbots:

  • Landbot
  • ManyChat
  • REVE Chat
  • Survey Sparrow
  • Tars
  • HubSpot chatbot builder
  • Flow XO
  • Amplify

⚡ What are the advantages of AI chatbot?

Important advantages of AI chatbot are:

  • It saves your time, money, and gives better customer satisfaction.
  • This application can deliver near human-like conversational experience.
  • It helps you to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Supports customization without writing any code.

👉 How does Chatbot respond?

A chatbot can respond to questions based on a combination of machine learning applications and predefined scripts.

⭐ What are the common features of AI Chatbot?

The common features of AI Chatbot are:

  • The tool automatically directs the optimal path for solving any problem.
  • Offers custom integration and development
  • It enables you to build, connect, and publish bots to interact with users wherever they are.

❗ How to make an intelligent Chatbot or AI Chatbot?

You can make an AI-driven chatbot by identifying the right opportunity and then after choose the best one established frameworks or developing frameworks. When you complete your development phases then after test your AI Chatbot before publishing.