8 BEST Transcription Software & Services (2024)

Transcription software utilizes robust algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to convert human speech into a written script. The best transcription tools can take any video or audio file as input and convert it into an accurate transcript. The best software for transcription provides high accuracy and speed while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.

Many transcription software has poor language support, lacks accuracy, and is inconsistent across all dialects. Some transcription services may even have insufficient privacy features to protect your assets. That’s why choosing from the best transcription apps that offer you an ideal experience is important.

Our team has meticulously evaluated and handpicked 8 of the best transcription software. We evaluated them based on language support, speed, accuracy, privacy, customization, and features.
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Best Transcription Software to Convert Audio/Video to Text

Best Transcription Software Languages Available Device Support Key Features Link
Rev 16 Languages On Cloud Automated Transcription, Human Transcription, Video Captions/Subtitles Learn More
Descript 22 Languages macOS 10.13+ or Windows 10+ Transcription, Screen Recording, Dubbing, Subtitles, and Captions Learn More
Scribie English Only Cloud Video Transcription, Podcast Transcription, Legal and Marketing scripting Learn More
Amberscript 39 Languages Cloud, Android, and iOS Captions, Translations, Transcriptions, Dubbing, Audio description Learn More
GoTranscript 47 Languages Cloud, Android, and iOS Translations, Subtitles, and Captions Learn More

1) Rev

Best transcription service in terms of worldwide popularity

Rev is among the best software to transcribe audio due to its AI-based tools with more than 90% accuracy for transcriptions, captions, and subtitles. It integrates effortlessly with cloud services like Vimeo, Dropbox, YouTube, and Google Drive to keep all your files in sync.

Rev has various features that allow you to easily collaborate with other users and team members with its productivity-improving online tools. It maintains all versions of your edits and historical data to quickly revert any changes made or refer to past versions with ease.



  • Transcripts: It provides automated AI-driven transcription services and human-based manual transcription service.
  • Versatile: This video transcription software can use audio and video of various formats and create accurate, readable, and searchable transcripts.
  • Time Stamps: It can add time stamps to your work to ensure all scripts can be synced to the Audio/Video on screen.
  • Editing: You can preview, edit, rephrase, and resolve typos through their robust online editor interface.
  • Additional Services: They provide services like Video Captions, subtitles generation, and more.
  • Accessibility: You can access their services on a desktop and a phone through their free mobile app.
  • Scale: Larger organizations can deploy custom configurations of speech-to-text solutions at larger scales.


  • Supports rush hour prices, delivery five times faster.
  • Accepts various digital formats like MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF
  • Complete user privacy and data safety are maintained with strict NDAs.


  • Unresponsive and ineffective customer service.


Service Name Price Claimed Accuracy
Automated Transcription $0.25 per minute 90+%
Human Transcription $1.50 per minute 99%
English Captions $1.50 per minute 99%
Global Subtitles $5 to $12 per minute 99%

Free Trial: Yes, 14 Days

Link: https://www.rev.com/

2) Descript

Best AI based transcription

Descript is an ideal audio transcription software generating transcripts with fast turnaround times. Most AI-driven transcripts for your media are created within seconds. Apart from transcripts, Descript also provides a suite of additional features like Screen Recording, Dubbing, Subtitles, and Captions.

Descript provides a variety of tools for purposes like video editing, podcasting, screen recording, transcriptions, clip creation, and publishing. It provides various tools for collaboration, editing videos, and creating GIFs that are designed to be beginner friendly.



  • Precision: Highly-trained professionals can assist you in manually analyzing and creating perfect templates.
  • Speaker Labels: It automatically recognizes multiple speakers in any audio and assigns them their unique speaker labels while creating the transcripts.
  • Sync: All data is synced to your preferred cloud service to ensure easy sharing and accessibility.
  • Versions: It maintains records of all current and past versions, allowing you to revert changes and foster collaborations with teammates.
  • Time Sync: If you have existing transcripts, you can upload the files to sync them with your audio or video.


  • It has native support for 22 popular languages across the globe.
  • All files are encrypted and stored securely, ensuring your data privacy.
  • Organizes live events and activities to provide guidance to beginners.


  • Various editing and modification tools are restricted only to the most expensive plans.


Plan Name Pricing (per month) Transcription Time (per month) Features
Creator $15 per user 10 hours • 4K Video Exports.
• Watermark-free file sharin
Pro $30 per user 30 hours • Everything in Creator
• Unlimited Overdub
• Automated Filler Word Removal

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Link: https://www.descript.com/

3) Scribie

Best for creating scripts in a confidential and privacy-friendly manner

Scribie utilizes an advanced 4-step process of creating and verifying transcripts to ensure high accuracy for all your media. The robust online editor is easy to use and allows you to quickly change, adjust, and finetune your transcript without requiring technical skills or knowledge.

Scribie takes care of customer privacy with support for Non-Disclosure Agreements for all your confidential work assignments. Custom agreements can be signed to ensure your work remains private and protected. It uses modern SSL and HTTPS technologies to ensure secure data transmission and encryption for maximum data protection.



  • Certified Transcripters: Well-trained certified transcription experts review all content to mitigate any inaccuracies or typos in the transcripts.
  • Integrations: It integrates with cloud services such as Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive to allow easy file uploads.
  • Accented Speakers: Based on your use case, you can work with accented speakers for British, American, Australian, and Indian English.
  • Verbatim: It can be configured to include strict verbatim, ensuring a complete, word-for-word match of your transcripts.
  • Subtitles: Improve videos by adding time-synced subtitles below all of them.
  • Speaker Tracking: It automatically identifies, tracks, and labels all the speakers from the audio in transcripts.


  • The multi-stage transcription process ensures high accuracy.
  • Transcription services for podcasts, videos, marketing, and legal purposes.
  • Provides robust API to build your application.


  • Supports only English Language

Pricing: Pay-as-you-go pricing at $1.25 per minute (Additional charges for facilities like rush orders, strict verbatims, and Burnt time coding.)

Free Trial: Yes, Free Credits worth $10

Link: https://scribie.com/

4) Amberscript

Best for AI-driven audio and video transcription

Amberscript provides a wide suite of features, including transcription, dubbing, translation, captions, and subtitles. It is designed to be highly scalable, with support for getting custom quotes for projects with highly specific needs. You can also customize your plans to suit your requirements and financial constraints better.

To protect your privacy and mitigate the chances of data leaks, you can sign non-disclosure agreements that ensure your audio and video remain intact. All your data and files are encrypted and stored securely on the server and transmitted to you using secure SSL and at-rest encryption.



  • Seamless Online Editor: A robust online editing interface allows you to make adjustments and finetune your transcriptions according to your preferences.
  • Use Cases: This service is designed to suit various use cases such as creating medical transcriptions, recording interviews and statements for legal matters. You can also use it to create subtitles for videos, podcasts, and documentaries.
  • Multiuser Collaborations: You can collaborate with multiple users and team members to discuss and make changes quickly.
  • Dashboard: It provides a robust dashboard to give you a bird’s eye view of all activities, automatic translations, custom dictionaries, and more.
  • Multiple Speaker Distinction: You can use it to identify different speakers and audio and appropriately label them in the transcripts.
  • Text Formatting: It automatically formats subtitles according to the requirements, ensuring minimum human input.
  • Timecode Realignment: You can use its realignment tools to sync the audio and transcript word-for-word.
  • Ease of Access: You can access the dashboard and all the tools in 7 different languages, providing greater ease to non-native English speakers.


  • Supports more than 35 languages worldwide.
  • Supports human-made and machine-made transcriptions
  • Supports 10+ file formats for effortless import of audio or video file.


  • Often struggles with dialects and non accurate when working with non-native English speakers.


Plan Name Pricing Time Allotted
One-Off Credit Purchase Credits based on your needs Up to 8 hours
Subscription Starts at $32 per month Up to 5 hours of audio or video
Human-Made Transcriptions It starts at $0 per minute 1 minute of audio or video

Free Trial: Yes, Free for 10 Minutes

Link: https://www.amberscript.com/

5) GoTranscript

Best for comprehensive support across 47 languages

GoTranscript is best for easily creating transcription in more than 40 languages globally. It provides rush hour pricing with very fast turnaround times for customers who urgently need media transcription services online.

GoTranscript also provides you with various additional features and services like captions generation, audio and text translations, and subtitles creation. You can customize it to your needs using their API. Their API allows you to integrate it with various 3rd party services or create customizations and features as needed. You are given additional tools like word counters, text comparers, US-to-UK convertors, and YouTube downloaders.



  • Verbatim: It ensures proper verbatim accuracy with a 100% match of all words with video speech.
  • Use Cases: It is designed to satisfy the requirements of various use cases in the Medical, Legal, Academic, and Enterprise industries.
  • Human-Generated Transcripts: Certified transcription experts create, review, and verify all transcripts, ensuring higher quality standards and perfection.
  • 4-Step Process for Accuracy: All transcripts are created using a 4-step process involving transcription, reviewing, proofreading, and quality checks.
  • Security and Privacy: All data is stored and transmitted using modern encryption standards, including 2048-bit SSL encryption.
  • Import/Export: You can import and export files in various file formats as needed providing you greater freedom to work in file formats of your choice.
  • Customer Support: It has 24/7 customer support to help you solve your issues and ensure on-time work.
  • Confidential: You can demand a higher degree of confidentiality by getting signed non-disclosure agreements that protect your files and ensure your intellectual property safety.


  • Provides special discounts for customer loyalty.
  • It has native support for transcriptions in more than 40 languages.
  • Native app for Android and iOS.


  • Lacks support for AI-driven automated transcription services.


Service Starting Price Duration
Transcription $1.03 per minute 3 Days
Captions $1.40 per minute 3 Days
Translations $8.80 per minute N. A.
Subtitles $11.80 per minute 12 to 72 hours

Link: https://gotranscript.com/

6) Trint

Best for collaborations and multi-language translations and transcriptions

Trint is among the best transcription apps that allows effortless collaborations. You can provide access to team members and affiliates to the transcript for discussing and making real-time adjustments. It can automatically create rough cuts, paper edits, and scripts from the generated audio transcripts.

Trint uses advanced transcribing programs to produce high-quality transcripts that are easy to read and can be easily edited, searched and shared with the team. It lets you create a custom dictionary with words that are not a part of the actual language. It provides a native mobile app for accessing files, creating new orders, and managing in-progress transcriptions.



  • Closed Captions: Improve accessibility of your media by building closed captions that are accurately synced with your audio/video.
  • Search: All content is stored in centralized cloud storage servers and can be searched easily. Existing content can be conveniently repurposed, organized, and managed for greater accessibility.
  • Security: It uses robust ISO-certified security standards that mitigate the chances of any unauthorized file access.
  • Automated Speaker Identification: Advanced technologies automatically identify, distinguish and label different speakers in the transcripts.
  • Integrations: Using its advanced API, you can easily create and integrate workflows with your existing tech stacks.
  • Custom Deployments: It supports custom deployments that ensure your unique requirements and custom needs can be satisfied.


  • Native support for transcription in 30+ languages.
  • The website is available in English, Dutch, and French for greater accessibility.
  • 24/7 live customer support via Email and Live Chat.


  • Poorly built tools for sharing and collaboration.


Pricing Plan Pricing (per month) Number of Files
Starter $60 per user Seven files per month
Advanced $75 per user Unlimited
Enterprise Custom Pricing Unlimited

Free Trial: Yes, 7 Days

Link: https://trint.com/

7) Fathom

Best transcription service to convert audio to text

Fathom integrates with popular video conferencing software such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom to record audio and perform transcriptions. In the case of long calls, scripts can get tedious and time-consuming. You can use Fathom to effortlessly create highlights in small clips that can be shared easily. Multiple clips can be collectively shared as playlists.

Fathom provides accurate transcripts almost instantly, as all transcriptions happen on-cloud in real-time. It keeps actively monitoring video calls and sends data to the server for processing. After your call ends, you can access the transcript file with all the critical moments.



  • Artificial Intelligence based Summary: Advanced AI transcription tools read and analyze your transcript. It finds your transcripts’ critical and most valuable moments to develop a dense summary of the entire video call.
  • Automation: You can build automated workflows that generate and sync your call notes across the software stacks of your preferences.
  • Search: Larger organizations can use it to automate the process and ensure all calls are recorded, transcribed, and stored. The files are stored at a centralized location to be searched easily from the written database using filters and keywords.
  • Alerts: You can set up alerts to be notified when certain words are detected in the transcripts of all calls from partners.
  • Instant Setup: The setup wizard allows you to get started with larger team projects within minutes and has no monthly/annual commitments.


  • Supports seven languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Portuguese
  • 100% private and safe recordings are never shared with any 3rd party.
  • Fathom passed SOC2 Type 2 tests to maintain the highest security standards possible.


  • It lacks customization options and can be relatively confusing for beginners.

Pricing: Plans start at $14 per user (For Teams)

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Link: https://fathom.video/

8) GoSpeech

Best for editing and making changes to transcripts

GoSpeech runs advanced DSGVO-compliant, highly secure triple-replicated infrastructure in Germany that maintains maximum data protection and privacy. Its transcription tools have been designed to work effectively in interviews, social media, journalism, and video conferences.

GoSpeech provides custom solutions for up-scale businesses with custom quotes based on use cases and requirements. It utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing to understand better and interpret every word spoken. You can use it via their secure cloud server or deploy it using on-premise servers with customized language models.



  • Import: It supports importing audio files in 8 popular file formats, giving you greater flexibility in recording audio in your preferred designs.
  • Languages: Supports speech-to-text conversions in more than 30 languages worldwide for greater flexibility while recording different accents and languages simultaneously.
  • Online Editor: GoSpeech has a robust online editor that lets you review the transcript with audio and make quick adjustments with minimum effort.
  • Industry Specific: It provides solutions for use cases relevant to social media, journalism, and public administration.
  • Complete Automation: This service is entirely automated using advanced Artificial intelligence and Neural Networks. These technologies ensure high accuracy without human intervention.
  • Security and Privacy: You maintain high privacy by following the strict GDPR standards. Besides, all data is kept securely in modern high-security storage spaces.


  • The website is available in 3 languages, including English, Dutch, and French.
  • A robust knowledge base has guidance for the most common issues.
  • Native extensions for various browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.


  • Lacks a native app for all smartphone brands.


Plan Name Pricing Facilities
Standard €49.00 per month 5 hours of transcription volume per month
Prepaid Starts at €14.90 Unlimited number of recordings, up to a length of 5 hours
Enterprise Custom Pricing On-premise or cloud deployment with unlimited usage billed on a volume basis.

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Link: https://www.gospeech.com/en/


Transcripts Subtitles
Transcripts are Verbatim texts of all human speech and sounds. Subtitles include essential dialogue, sounds, and context.
They are a complete written representation of audio and video files. They are used as an accessibility aid for a better understanding of spoken content.
Its use cases mainly include podcasts, news, and lecture notes. Its primary use cases are movies, television series, and videos.
Generally, the output is a text or a Word file. Output as text files closed captions, and synced with video files.
They are usually produced instantly with minimum hardware resources. Syncing with A/V and redoing the video with subtitles can take some time.

Some of the critical parameters that must be considered while choosing audio transcription software are:

  • Language Support: You should choose the best audio transcription software with robust language support to handle all languages in your audio or video.
  • Speed and Accuracy: It is essential to look for a service with speedy turnaround times, minimum delays, and accurate results.
  • Privacy: Services that keep your data private and confidential and formulate non-disclosure agreements are ideal for you.
  • Pricing: You should always choose services that provide value for money and are priced reasonably. It would be best to find free transcription software.

The Verdict

We’ve shown you some of the most accurate and fast audio and video file transcription software. All of them are great choices overall, but some excel in certain use cases. Our verdict will help you make a final decision for the same.

  • Descript is your go-to choice for quality exports in 4K with quality transcriptions and captions.
  • If you want to utilize advanced AI-driven automatic transcription software, Amberscript is best for your needs.
  • In case you want a wide variety of language support, GoTranscript’s 40+ language support is an ideal choice.

Best Transcription Software to Convert Audio/Video to Text

Best Transcription Software Languages Available Device Support Key Features Link
Rev 16 Languages On Cloud Automated Transcription, Human Transcription, Video Captions/Subtitles Learn More
Descript 22 Languages macOS 10.13+ or Windows 10+ Transcription, Screen Recording, Dubbing, Subtitles, and Captions Learn More
Scribie English Only Cloud Video Transcription, Podcast Transcription, Legal and Marketing scripting Learn More
Amberscript 39 Languages Cloud, Android, and iOS Captions, Translations, Transcriptions, Dubbing, Audio description Learn More
GoTranscript 47 Languages Cloud, Android, and iOS Translations, Subtitles, and Captions Learn More