9 BEST Sneaker Proxies in 2024

Sneaker proxies are proxies used for buying sneakers from geo-restricted online stores or sneaker websites. They help you bypass all IP bans, avoid price surges, and buy limited-edition sneakers. It is important that you use only the best proxies designed specially for sneaker purchases. Using a random proxy without proper research can lead to high latency, privacy issues, IP bans, limited speed, bandwidth restrictions, and other issues.

Therefore, to simplify your selection, we sat through over 100 hours reviewing numerous sneaker proxies. Our in-depth analysis helped us understand their capabilities and success rate. We aim to provide our readers with nothing but honesty and authentic review. This article talks about their key features, pros and cons, and pricing. You can now go through our review and find out which proxy suits you the best.

Best Proxies for Sneaker Bots

Tool Name Response time No of countries IP Pool Free trial Link
Smartproxy 0.61s 195+ 55m+ 14-Day Money-back guarantee Learn More
Bright Data Less than 5 seconds 195+ 72m+ 14-Day Money-back guarantee Learn More
MarsProxies 0.007s approx 180+ 100m+ No Learn More
Infatica 0.90s 100+ 15m+ 3-day paid trial for ($1.99) Learn More
Webshare Less than 1 second 195 30m+ Free plan Learn More

1) Smartproxy

Smartproxy offers one of the fastest sneaker proxies that supports all major sneaker bots. Overall, this sneaker proxy makes sure that you get your hands on every limited edition. Some of the bots that it works with are Supreme bot, Another Nike bot, Better Nike bot, AIO bots, and more.

With SmartProxy, you can be reassured that you will face no subnet bans. It also comes with unlimited connections and threads and offers you unique IPs, thus no same IP address is assigned to any other user. Additionally, Smartproxy is available in 195+ countries, including 50 US states.



  • Location targeting: Limited edition sneakers get sold out in just seconds. Hence, Smartproxy lets you target servers in any location with its residential sneaker proxy IPs with the fastest response.
  • Cook multiple grails: You do not have to order a separate proxy for every purchase. It offers unlimited connections and threads for all plans and pricing so your shoe bot increases the chance of purchasing more than a single pair.
  • Quick add to cart: Smartproxy boasts 0.61s response time with a 99.47% success rate. Thus, offering you the highest chance to add the sneakers and check out before they go out of stock.
  • Unblockable proxies: It offers unblockable residential sneaker proxies that use IPs from unique devices. Smartproxy’s IP pool does not share a sub-network, making it unbannable.
  • Mobile compatible: You can set up this sneaker proxy easily and on the go. It is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, thus making it convenient for you to shop anywhere, anytime.
  • Support: I contacted its 24/7 live chat support for assistance, I was happy with the quality and speed of resolution. You can also check out its FAQs and documentation for quick help.


  • It is one of the best sneaker proxies that offers customizable above 1000 GB plans.
  • Smartproxy provides data security with 256-bit SSL.
  • You get a flexible API that is easy to set up.


  • The customization of the tools can be increased.
  • Doesn’t offer annual plans with discounts.


Here are some of the plans offered by Smartproxy

Plan Name Micro Nano Pay as you go
GB 3 GB 2 GB 1 GB
Pricing per GB $6.5 $7 $8.5

Free trial: 14-Day Money-back guarantee

Visit Smartproxy >>

14-Day Money-back guarantee

2) Bright Data

Bright Data offers 99.99% uptime for all its residential proxies that are best for buying sneakers. It lets you target any country, zip code, ASN, and carrier.

With over 72 million unique ethically sourced residential proxies, it ensures you get the largest geo-coverage. Bright Data lets you use its residential proxies around the latest sneaker release dates. Furthermore, it guarantees a 99.9% success rate and helps scrape the highest quality of data.

Bright Data


  • Best infrastructure: Its residential proxies have the best infrastructure that helps in unlimited scaling. You can also customize them from any location as per your needs.
  • Stability: With one of the highest success rates, Bright Data provides unmatched stability. It is also best for extending your sessions by using the same proxy for more than one request.
  • Proxy Manager: Bright Data offers a free proxy manager that accelerates the sneaker purchasing process. It provides a user-friendly dashboard and helps define custom rules for improved results.
  • Easy Integration: You can manage your IPs using its Control Panel or API. Creating and managing sub-users is also simplified, along with easy third-party integration.
  • Rotating residential proxies: It is one of the best proxies for sneaker bots as it helps access and crawl on all sophisticated sneaker websites. These rotating proxies are 100% compliant with GDPR, CCPA, EU, and Data Protection Regulatory Framework.
  • Support: I was able to reach its 24/7 live support through email and website form. They offered instant help with my queries.


  • Being one of the best proxies for sneaker bots it can collect 650 TB of public data.
  • Bright Data offers tailored solutions that meet your needs.
  • It is one of the best sneaker proxies as it provides new feature releases every day.


  • Its documentation can be improved.
  • This proxy provider has a time-consuming configuration.


Here are the residential proxy pricing pf Bright Data

Micro Package (billed annually) Growth (billed annually) Pay as you go
$6.30 per GB $6.43 per GB $8.50 per GB

Free trial: 14-Day Money-back guarantee

Visit Bright Data >>

14-Day Money-back guarantee

3) MarsProxies

MarsProxies offers IPs that are optimized specifically for sneaker websites. No matter the plan you can always enjoy unlimited bandwidth and threads with this sneaker proxy. It provides over 100 million IPs worldwide for enhanced data scrapping.

With sneaker proxies for all bots, drops, and sites across the globe it helps you bypass every kind of geo-restriction. All its proxies, such as residential and ISP, and data center proxies are tailored to perform with sneaker bots.



  • SOCKS5 supported: MarsProxies support SOCKS5, which increases the proxy speed. You can also use it to get any drop anywhere with minimum effort.
  • Unbanned IPs: It provides you with thousands and hundreds of unbanned IPs worldwide for confirmed success.
  • Speed: You receive 6-120 ms of speed for monthly and daily plan data center proxies. As for residential sneaker proxies, you get 10Gbps speed, while it’s ultra residential has non-expiring GBs.
  • Data security: MarsProxies provides special data security and secures your privacy by maintaining complete traffic anonymity. It can protect your devices from malware, loggers, viruses, and other threats.
  • Support: I used their live chat, email, and discord to reach out to their support. They responded instantly and helped me with a quick and satisfactory resolution.


  • This proxy provider offers an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard.
  • You get dedicated and static features in its residential proxies.
  • Work with all websites and online stores.


  • Its data center proxies are available only in US and EU regions.
  • There is a slight learning curve for setup.


Here are some of the pricing plans for MarProxies

Daily Plan (Datacenter) ISP Proxies (Residential) Ultra Residential Proxies
€0.80 per proxy €2 per proxy €3 per GB

Free trial: Not available

Link: https://marsproxies.com/proxies/sneaker-proxies/

4) Infatica

Infatica sneaker proxies have 99.9% uptime, high performance, and low response time. You can view and monitor the market and get to know about the latest drops with its sticky sessions.

It is a great option for acquiring detailed proxy usage statistics so you can instantly purchase the hottest drops. Designed to work with all the major sneaker bots and sites, it makes sure that your address avoids IP bans and anti-scrapping measures in over 100 countries.



  • Global access: Access top brands like Yeezy, Adidas, Nike, and BAPE on a global level with over 100,000 IPs. Its rotating proxies help change geo-location and enter any sneaker website or application in any country.
  • Avoid CAPTCHAs: You can save time by avoiding CAPTCHA puzzles on sneaker sites using its IPs. Infatica’s proxies can imitate human behavior with their advanced algorithm and go undetected.
  • Performance: This sneaker bot proxy is an easy-to-use proxy that is powerful enough to offer you complete control and flexibility. Infatica proxies are built as intuitive and user-friendly solutions, allowing you to set up and manage different proxies with just a few clicks.
  • Supports programming languages: Infatica supports multiple programming languages, so you can integrate its residential IPs in your scrapping projects. Some of the languages that it supports are Javascript, Python, Go, Node.js, C++/C, and more.
  • Support: I was able to gain quick support using their 24/7 chat and website form. Infatica also has an SLA-mandated response time of four hours.


  • All its sneaker proxy plans offer IP Whitelisting.
  • You can set your own rotation time for proxies.
  • The support is responsive.


  • It has a slight learning curve when it comes to beginners.
  • It has limited authentication.


Infatica residential proxy starts at $1 per GB, here are some of the monthly pricing plans of its sneaker proxy services.

Bandwidth 8GB 40GB 100GB
Price $96 $360 $700

Free trial: No, 3-day paid trial for $1.99

Visit Infatica >>

3-Day Trial for $1.99

5) WebShare

Webshare offers fast data center proxies static residential and residential proxies. Sourced from residential home addresses, its IPs offer you a high chance to seal the best sneaker deals. It ensures enhanced anonymity and gives you the ability to bypass all blocks.

With over 30 million IPs Webshare SOCKS5/HTTP and IP authorization in all its plans. It also offers exceptional uptime reliability with high speed and is available in 195 countries.



  • Highspeed static proxies: It uses the fastest static ISP sneaker proxies that offer dedicated bandwidth. These residential proxies support SOCKS5 and HTTP endpoints and guarantee 99.97% uptime.
  • Dedicated proxy: Webshare’s dedicated servers offer flexibility with a dedicated gigabit line. It is a completely private no-log service optimized for handling heavy traffic.
  • Private proxy: With global coverage, its private proxies have a 100 Gbps aggregated network. It comes with a modern control panel, RESTful APIs, and complete data privacy.
  • Rotating proxies: This proxy supports HTTP, SOCKS5, data center, and residential proxies. With easy access through both backbone and direct connection, it lets you set a time interval between five minutes to a month.
  • Support: Webshare provided me a helpful support through their email. I also used their help center articles, API docs, and FAQs for my queries.


  • You get 10 proxies in its free plan with no credit card details.
  • It offers unlimited bandwidth in higher plans.
  • The speed monitoring is robust.


  • This sneaker proxy provider has limited direct support options.
  • May not be able to access a few social media sites in case you want to check brand pages.


It has a completely free plan with all paid features with up to 1GB of bandwidth per month. Here are some of the pricing plans of paid Webshare proxies.

Datacenter Static Residential Residential
$0.05/proxy $0.22/proxy $4.5/ GB

Free trial: Full free plan

Visit WebShare >>

Full Free Plan

6) Shifter

Shifter offers worldwide coverage with over 50 million IPs that lets you use unlimited sessions. No matter what operations you are using it for, Shifter ensures easy scalability.

You get four solutions, such as rotating residential and static residential proxies, scarping API, and cloud hosting, specially designed for sneaker purchases. It offers tier 1 ISPs with large subnets that are compatible with all online shops and has 99.99% uptime. Shifter is available globally in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Europe.



  • Low latency: Exceptionally ultra-low latency proxies by Shifter are designed specifically for sneaker bots. Its response time is as low as 1 ms, allowing you to instantly spot your desired items.
  • Easy setup: It offers a user-friendly interface with easy configuration for instant setup and also uses its API for the same.
  • Super stealth: The static proxies are officially assigned by its ISP, adding all the residential proxy advantages. Along with such benefits, it offers the speed and stability of data center proxies.
  • Tested: All Shifter proxies are tested and thus, found that they are compatible with all the popular sneaker sites. Some of the brands are Nike, Yeezysupply, Supreme, Footsites and more.
  • Support: Shifter’s support team offered quick assistance through their 24/7 live chat and email for my queries. I was happy with the solution offered for my issue.


  • You can automate its setup.
  • It lets you connect multiple protocols, including SOCKS 4/5 and HTTP/S.


  • It has limited session control.


Here are some of the pricing plans of Shifter

25 Sneaker Residential Proxies 50 Sneaker Residential Proxies 75 Sneaker Residential Proxies
$74 $149.99 $224.99

Free trial: 14-Day Money-back guarantee

Visit Shifter >>

14-Day Money-back guarantee

7) GeoSurf

GeoSurf gives you unlimited threads and 3.7 million rotating IPs. You face no timeouts, get flexible rotation and compatibility with all sneaker bots.

Its residential package ensures that you cannot be banned on any sites as they guarantee that they are 100% anonymous. GeoSurf has a reliable uptime of 99% for all rotating IPs and has an easy-to-understand API for simplified integration.



  • Unlimited clean IPs: This sneaker proxy provides complete clean IPs that help your IP remain masked and undetectable.
  • Statistics: With detailed statistics on its dashboard, you can monitor and optimize the data collection process.
  • No limits: When it comes to the number of connections, threads, and countries, GeoSurf ensures unlimited supply.
  • Geo Locations: GeoSurf is available in 130 countries, including the USA, Canada, the UK, Mexico, Brazil, China, Colombia, and more.
  • Sticky IPs: It has sticky IPs that let you define the time frame for using the same IP. You can also take control and rotate them or keep them for as long as they are active.
  • Support: I was able to reach GeoSurf’s human support through their website message form. I had to wait sometime for their response but they helped me resolve my issue. It also offers users with FAQs for general information.


  • This sneaker proxy server offers city-level targeting.
  • GeoSurf API is coder-friendly.


  • It doesn’t offer dedicated support in its starting plan.


Here are some of the monthly pricing plans of GeoSurf’s sneaker proxy services

GeoSurf Residential Explorer GeoSurf Residential Starter GeoSurf Residential Professional
$300 $480 $740

Free trial: 24 hrs money-back guarantee

Link: https://www.geosurf.com/use-cases/sneaker-residential-ips-proxy/

8) Proxyseller

Proxyseller guarantees fast and reliable proxies with 1 Gbps speed. Thus promising low latency, high throughput, and stability. It comes with 99% uptime and lets you access over 50 countries.

You can choose from multiple connection protocols, such as HTTP (s) and SOCKS5, for complete anonymity. It also provides both IP whitelisting and username password authentication.



  • Expansive IP range: Proxyseller has 400 own networks and 800 subnets and numerous countries, allowing IP addresses to reach a huge range. Thus reducing any risk of getting banned or blocked.
  • Preliminary check: Before issuing the IPs, there is a preliminary check round for every IP to ensure standard performance. All the proxies provided to you are unshared virgin IPs, so you can access sneaker sites with no suspicion.
  • Unlimited accounts: You can use an unlimited number of accounts from your device. This increases your chance of grabbing your favorite sneaker much faster.
  • Security: It comes under the best sneaker proxy list as it provides reliable protection for your data and personal information. Proxyseller also lets you cross the protective algorithms on online sneaker shops.
  • Support: I requested its support’s assistance via live chat and website form, the response was slightly slow but I was able to get their help. Additionally, the support team offers help via email, Skype, and Telegram.


  • It has a very flexible pricing with a number of proxies and the duration of your choice.
  • The user dashboard is minimalistic and easy to use, as per our review.


  • You cannot choose a new country after payment, as selecting a location is a criterion for pricing.


You get a customizable pricing plan and weekly and monthly-based plans, one IPv4 in the customized plan costs $1.07. Here are some of the weekly pricing plans of Proxyseller.

No of IPs 5 IPs 10 IPs 25 IPs
Pricing per Week $5.1 $10.2 $24
Price per IP $1.02 $1.02 $0.96

Free trial: 24-Hours Money-Back Guarantee

Visit Proxyseller >>

24-Hours Money-Back Guarantee

9) Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies helps access the most popular sneaker sites, including Nike, Adidas, Yeezy, Supreme, Footlocker, and more. It offers residential rotating proxies for instant spotting of the latest drops.

All its packages give access to 40,000 rotating IPs that rotate at the interval of five minutes. However, in total, it offers 700,000+ premium dedicated proxies. Its dedicated proxies are hosted on the server owned by Storm Proxies and 100% of the inventory is owned by them.



  • High-speed: Its 1GB network is specially optimized for high performance to function as a sneaker proxy. This sneaker bot proxy can also work with a fast multi-threaded tool.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: When you see unlimited bandwidth in StormProxy, it is a transparent offer. There are no hidden costs or limits, and you can truly use it without worrying about a bandwidth cap.
  • Backconnect rotating proxies: Its backconnect rotating proxies can change the IP every three to five minutes on each HTTP request.
  • Instant setup: There are no complicated configurations and lengthy waiting times for receiving your IPs. StormProxy provides instant access right after payment and lets you set up a proxy immediately.
  • Support: I received premium support through its email, which is available 24/7, their response was a little slow but they provided a resolution for my issue. It also offers an Instant Answer section for resolving general queries.


  • Its pricing is based on the proxy gateway or ports.
  • You can cancel the subscription anytime using its cancel button in the member area.


  • Storm Proxies does not offer a SOCKS proxy and has limited locations.


Here are some of the pricing plans of StormProxy.

No of ports 20 Ports Sneaker Proxies 50 ports Sneaker proxies 100 Ports Sneaker Proxies
Billed monthly $160 $300 $550
Billed per port $8 $6 $5.5

It also offers pricing for smaller and larger order packages as for 10 ports, it costs $90, and 500 ports charge $1600

Free trial: 20 ports for 2/48 hours money back guarantee

Visit Storm Proxies >>

48-Hours Money-Back Guarantee

Why use Proxies for sneakers?

Proxies for sneakers are special proxies designed for sneakerheads. It helps you get your hands on the limited edition shoes and latest drops while helping you avoid getting blocked by the seller’s website.

These sneaker proxy providers offer high uptime and high speed with a large pool of fresh IPs that have never been used on sneaker websites. Thus helping increase your chance to make even bulk purchases.

How to use sneaker proxies?

Here’s how you can use the sneaker proxies:

  • One IP for every task: Certain websites allow only one IP to buy a pair of sneakers, hence, use one IP per purchase to avoid being banned.
  • Get multiple IPs: More number of proxies increases your chance of purchase and keeps you away from being blocked.
  • Collect CAPTCHA tokens: Usually, the sneaker sites require you to complete CAPTCHA. Reliable proxies for sneaker bots allow you to use a Gmail account or watch YouTube videos to get a single click-CAPTCHAs. Additionally, sneaker proxies are a great way to avoid CAPTCHAs altogether.
  • Remove slow IPs: Before releasing your proxies, it is essential that you try running them through your bot’s proxy checker. Once done, you can filter out addresses with high ping.

How to choose a sneaker proxy?

Here is how you should choose a sneaker proxy:

  • Speed: Check the speed of the proxy before you commit to a plan, as the faster the proxy, the higher will be your chance of purchase.
  • Connection limit: Unlimited connection increases the chance of attaining your goal when it comes to sneaker proxies. Thus, look for sneaker proxies providers that support unlimited connections.
  • Country of Origin: Look for proxies that are closer to the store you are targeting or are located in the same country. This helps you gain higher speed while accessing their websites.
  • Proxy type: This plays a big role in sneaker proxies, as the best kind of proxies for this activity are rotating residential proxies. Rotating IP is the best sneaker proxy type as it helps increase your anonymity plus safeguards your privacy on a better level.

Types of Sneaker proxies

Here are the many types of sneaker proxies:

  • Nike proxies
  • Yeezy Proxies
  • Adidas Proxies
  • Supreme Proxies
  • Shopify proxies
  • Footsites proxies

Why should you not use free proxies?

Purchasing limited edition or fast-selling sneakers can be expensive, hence, you might think it is a good idea to save on proxies. However, here’s why you should not use free proxies for your buying your sneakers:

  • Free sneaker proxies usually lack the level of security that is required to safe keep your data and maintain your privacy.
  • Most of the free proxies are banned on the sneaker sites as they are highly alert on proxies, therefore, free providers do not stand a chance.
  • You mostly won’t be able to grab your favorite sneakers on time as free proxies won’t have the speed required to grab them instantly. Also, instead of helping you achieve your target, it will hinder your process and complicate things.


There are different answers to this question depending on the purpose of using a proxy. If you look at it technically, it is not illegal, as reputed proxy providers comply with all rules and regulations.

However, if you violate a particular area’s terms and legal boundaries, as the proxy law varies from place to place, you may end up in legal trouble. Hence, it is best to use it, remaining strictly within the rules set by the region and the provider.

You may get away with the usual regular proxy on certain sites but you may not attain success like using dedicated sneaker proxies. The sneaker proxy packages come with fresh proxies that have never been used on sneaker websites or even ever used before.

The sneaker manufacturers are aware that bulk buyers resell their products for profit, which is bad for original dealers. Hence, they catch suspicious IPs instantly and ban them, thus, to increase your chance on limited editions, it is advised to use sneaker proxies for maximum success rate.

No, the sneaker bots are designed to work with proxies, and you usually need one bot for each proxy that you own, although this may vary. If you do not own proxies, you will have to purchase the sneakers the regular way.


All of the above sneaker proxies are an excellent choice for spotting and buying limited edition sneakers. However, we recommend the following three top sneaker proxy providers for the absolute best experience in your sneaker shopping.

  • Smartproxy: With its 0.61s guarantee, 195+ countries, among which 50 are US states, thus, you have a high chance of grabbing deals in an instant.
  • Bright Data: It has the ability to collect a large amount of data so you can monitor the market. Bright Data also allows Zip Code level targeting with a 99.99% uptime guarantee for its service.
  • MarsProxies: This sneaker proxy offers over 100 million IPs along with unlimited bandwidths and threads, making it eligible to stand as our top 3 recommendations.

Best Proxies for Sneaker Bots

Tool Name Response time No of countries IP Pool Free trial Link
Smartproxy 0.61s 195+ 55m+ 14-Day Money-back guarantee Learn More
Bright Data Less than 5 seconds 195+ 72m+ 14-Day Money-back guarantee Learn More
MarsProxies 0.007s approx 180+ 100m+ No Learn More
Infatica 0.90s 100+ 15m+ 3-day paid trial for ($1.99) Learn More
Webshare Less than 1 second 195 30m+ Free plan Learn More