15 BEST Proxy Sites to Unblock Websites Online for Free (2023)

Website unblocker tools can help you unblock websites restricted by your network provider, geography, and network admins. You can use these tools to access content from Netflix, YouTube, and various other sites that are unavailable in your region. Some of the best website unblocking tools come with diverse geographical support, robust security/privacy features, and are economical.

It would be recommended to go for the best website unblocker for your requirements. That’s why our team has handpicked 15 best website unblockers. We evaluated all tools based on parameters like geographical support, price, and features.

Best FREE website Unblocker Online

Name Geographical Support Privacy/Security/Safety Customer Support Free Trial Link
👍 Bright Data 195 Countries GDPR & CCPA Compliance Email, Live Chat, Social Media Yes, 7 Days Learn More
IPRoyal 195+ Countries Ethically Sourced IPs with SOCKS5 support Online Contact Us Form, Email No Learn More
Proxy Seller 52 Countries High reputation spam-free Ips, Socks5, HTTPs compliance Email, Contact Us, Skype, Telegram No Learn More
Hide.me 79 Countries Zero Log Policy, privacy-friendly cryptographic keys Contact Us Form, Email, Community 30-Day Money Back Gurantee Learn More
Turbo Hide USA and Canada Complete IP Masking, IPv6 support Email Lifetime Free Learn More

1) Bright Data

Best for the broadest range of country support

Bright Data has one of the largest collections of authentic, reliable, and stable IPs for quickly blocking any website. You can efficiently perform concurrent requests and perform complicated multi-request tasks without issues. It supports 3rd-party integrations allowing you to better integrate with your workflows.

You can use their API or robust Control Panel to manage your IP addresses effortlessly. It can create sub-users and provide them delegate access to all the tools and services. The advanced filters can also be used to define custom rules and actions to better align them according to your needs.

#1 Top Pick
Bright Data

Integrations: AdsPower, PhantomBuster, SessionBox, Apify, VMLogin, Multilogin, Insomniac, Selenium etc.

Export Format: CSV, Email, HTML, JSON, and API

Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial

Visit Bright Data


  • Documentation: It provides robust documentation that can be critical for developers to utilize for advanced use cases.
  • Browser Extension: Provides a native browser extension for Google
  • Chrome for unblocking any website instantly on your device.
  • Proxy Dashboard: Intuitive proxy dashboard allows you to manage and organize all your proxies at a single location.
  • Users: You can share access with others by creating users and sub users with specific controls.


  • Some plans come with a dedicated account manager to help you optimize performance.
  • It builds various solutions for particular use cases to match your needs.
  • It provides you with in-depth analytics with a real-time network performance dashboard.


  • Relatively expensive pricing for casual users and beginners.

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: 195 Countries
Privacy/Security/Safety: GDPR & CCPA Compliance
Price: Pay-as-you-go
Free Trial: Yes, 7 Days

Visit Bright Data >>

2) IPRoyal

Best for privacy-friendly international browsing

IPRoyal provides plans for individual and team use cases. Administrators can give the team access to the IP and restrict any undesirable content. As an individual, you can use the dedicated IPs to bypass geographical restrictions and easily access restricted websites.

All your information is anonymized and rendered untrackable. This keeps you protected from hacking attempts and data breaches. It removes advertisements from all websites, thus minimizing bandwidth consumption and improving loading times.



  • Non-expiring IPs: Purchase full non-expiring rotating IPs that are ideal if you have a vastly varying workload.
  • Auto Rotation: Easily configure an automatic rotation system to automatically rotate your IPs at every periodic interval.
  • Dedicated IPs: You can choose to have exclusive access to an IP, ensuring no one else shares it with anyone.
  • Concurrent Sessions: It allows you to create unlimited concurrent sessions for your IP with no restrictions.
  • Sticky Sessions: Based on your needs, you can retain an IP address exclusively for yourself for up to 24 hours.


  • Maintains a vast catalog of actual residential ethically sourced dedicated IPs.
  • Options for pay-as-you-go pricing plans.
  • Provides native browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.


  • Relatively small pool-size for residential IPs

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: 195+ Countries
Privacy/Security/Safety: Ethically Sourced IPs with SOCKS5 support
Price: Plans start at $1.75 per GB
Free Trial: No

Visit IPRoyal >>

3) Proxy Seller

Best for buying private IP addresses

Proxy Seller is an ideal tool for buying reputed residential private IPs. Their dedicated IPs can be used for engaging with search engines, social media, forums. It helps bypass a wide range of territorial blocks on various apps, sites, and services.

Proxy Seller supports IPs in some of the most valuable territories, including the US, Canada, Germany, France. They improve your security and privacy by implementing modern technological standards like Socks5 and HTTPS. All the data is stored on geographically redundant servers that ensure high bandwidth and uptime for you.

Proxy Seller


  • Technology: Maintains a versatile array of Proxys, including IPv4, IPv6, Support, and Configuration Assistance.
  • Performance: It provides various speed Dedicated channels of up to 1 Gb/s.
  • Diverse Subnets: You can use their subnet proxies from over 800 subnets spread across 300+ networks.
  • Selection: Allows you to rent IPs at specific locations and providers as per your preferences.


  • Allows you to perform replacement or refund within 24 hours of order placement.
  • Its dashboard provides in-depth statistics and insights about your usage.
  • Well-trained managers help you perform initial setup and configuration for free.


  • No native app for any operating system.

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: 52 Countries
Privacy/Security/Safety: High reputation spam-free IPs, Socks5, HTTPs compliance
Price: Plans start at $0.75 per IP
Free Trial: No

Visit Proxy Seller >>

4) Hide.me

Best proxy web browser for unblocking websites

Hide.me is a native web browser with a built-in proxy for unblocking websites. Its robust servers provide ideal response times and ensure a perfect experience. You can stay safe with their proper privacy, security technologies, and no-log policy.

Hide.me runs as an independent organization focused on user privacy. All servers of HIDE, including IKEv2, OpenVPN, SoftEther, WireGuard, SSTP, and SOCKS. The servers are strategically placed to meet demands and ensure lower ping times. Their Bolt technology provides faster internet speeds across all devices.



  • Hops: Provides additional hops for your data, ensuring better encryption and minimum knowledge transfer to the host server.
  • Connectivity: It allows you to connect to any local VPN server to gain access to remote servers that were slow, unreliable, or even completely blocked.
  • Privacy: Your identity and browsing data are not shared with anyone, not your ISP. All connections are routed through multiple regions to mask identity and mislead website trackers.
  • Policies: Strong privacy-oriented procedures ensure no activity logs are saved on the servers.
  • Streaming Support: It has native support for streaming HD-quality videos and audio from any location with ease.


  • It offers over 2100 servers globally to ensure high performance at all locations.
  • Supports up to 10 simultaneous connections with the proxy.
  • Full support for modern standards, including IPv6


  • It can be a bit overwhelming and hard to understand for beginners.

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: 79 Countries
Privacy/Security/Safety: Zero Log Policy, privacy-friendly cryptographic keys
Price: Plans start at $9.95 per month
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Visit Hide.me >>

5) Turbo Hide

Best completely configurable website unblocked

TurboHide can be used for highly customizable private internet browsing and website unblocking. It provides users with granular control over their devices. You can use it to mask your identity. It can be used to bypass any firewalls or network restrictions that your hosting provider might apply.

This proxy service ultimately routes your traffic through various jurisdictions, making the server confused about your origin destination. You can custom-select any proxy server and/or location that you would like as an intermediate to the host.

Turbo Hide


  • Privacy: Its advanced technologies keep your browsing history safe and anonymous, giving you greater peace of mind.
  • Browser Configuration: You can modify your browser identity, including browser name, or version.
  • User Agent customization: You can change your user agent to represent any device, screen size, or network.


  • Gives you the ability to control cookies and scripts
  • You can easily remove objects on the unblocked proxy websites
  • Allows you to encrypt the URL ensuring better data privacy.


  • Old and hard-to-use UI is not ideal for all devices.

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: Canada and the USA
Privacy/Security/Safety: Complete control over cookies, scripts, and objects.
Price: Lifetime Free

Link: https://www.turbohide.org/

6) Hidester

Best free website unblocker

Hidester is among the best free proxies to unblock sites and access restricted content. You can use its robust browser extension for Google Chrome to enhance your experience further. Its extension automatically connects to a proxy and serves you encrypted and unblocked sites by default.

You can directly choose from a range of free proxy servers based on your preferences. It allows you to select your anonymity (elite, anonymous, transparent), network type (HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5), ports. All the IPs are handpicked after in-depth tests and assessments to ensure proper adherence to their quality standards.



  • Encryption: All data is completely anonymous and encrypted with 128-bit encryption using SSL.
  • Tools: It also provides you with an array of additional tools, including DNS Leak Tester, Proxy Checker.
  • Reliability: It maintains constant connection with your device ensuring no delays when you need to access a website.

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: US and Europe
Privacy/Security/Safety: 128-bit encryption and 100% anonymity
Price: Lifetime Free

Link: https://hidester.com/proxy/

7) Zyte

Best for mimicking real-world browsers

Zyte is one of the best proxy unblocker tools to get on-demand software tools to unblock websites. Its automatic proxy rotation ensures that you always have a new IP to work with, depending on your needs. The built-in proxy optimized dynamically adjusting settings and configuration to provide you with the best possible experience.

It performs automatic retires in case of failed connections or errors. Besides, it has a robust API that businesses can use to build custom integrations. You can enjoy its anti-ban management features that ensure you remain safe from any ban or penalty.



  • IP Selection: It has a robust selection of healthy residential IP addresses free from blocklisting.
  • Scrapy Cloud: It provides a scalable cloud hosting service for your Scrapy Spiders. You can use it to run, monitor, manage, and analyse your crawlers.
  • Reporting and Visualization: It has robust reports and visualizations to provide insights about your network utilization.
  • Automatic Retries: Performs automated retries on blocked resources to ensure better success rate.
  • Browser Support: It integrates with client libraries like Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium, etc.
  • Integrations: You can integrate it with wide range of services with support for languages like Python, PHP, and Node.js.

Key Specs:

Privacy/Security/Safety: 100% GDPR and CCPA Compliance
Price: Starts at $29 per month
Free Trial: Yes, 14 Days

Link: https://www.zyte.com/smart-proxy-manager/

8) NewIPNow

Best for unlimited bandwidth fees

NewIPNow is one of the best free proxy sites for unlimited bandwidth with high speed. It can be used to build bots for managing multiple IPs. Their robust private proxies allow you to perform market research and competitive analysis without getting blocked. These proxies allow you to gather unrestricted data, bypassing search engine blocks.

New IP Now provides highly secure, log-free anonymous proxies that maintain your privacy and safety.

New IP Now


  • Proxy Refresh: You can effortlessly switch/refresh your IP addresses to your preferred location.
  • Personalized Proxy List: Allows you to create your own package, with targets and locations.
  • IP Authentication: It lets you provide instant access by authorizing your actual IPs.
  • Proxy Refresh: Instantly refresh your proxies based on locations and targets.

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: 20+ Countries
Privacy/Security/Safety: Secure, log-free, anonymous proxy servers
Price: $8.80 per month
Free Trial: 7 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Visit NewIPNow >>

9) ProxySite.com

Best website unblocker for using custom browser configuration

ProxySite is one of the best websites unblocker tools for all needs and use cases. It is a great way to create custom browser and user agent configurations for visiting websites and using services. Their advanced proxy servers automatically secure the connections with IP masking and encryption techniques to mitigate risk of data interception by attackers.

It improves your privacy and security by concealing your identity by masking your identifier from websites. You can also use it to intercept any hacking attempts through the websites you visit.



  • Allows you to custom configure User Agent, Browser, Refer, Cookies.
  • Special Proxy links for YouTube and Facebook browsing
  • Website is available in 15+ languages making it more accessible to non-English speakers.

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: European Union and US
Privacy/Security/Safety: SSL encryption and no data stored more than 14 Days
Pricing: Lifetime Free

Link: https://www.proxysite.com/

10) CroxyProxy

Best for sharing unblocked websites with others

CroxyProxy is among the best unblocker websites with full audio and video playback support. It is perfect for website unblocking as it bypasses all network restrictions, jurisdiction limits. It uses the most modern infrastructure to ensure even the all websites render and function properly.

CroxyProxy site encrypts any unsecured website using SSL, ensuring that all communications to/from your device are always encrypted. This tool can also share unblocked pages with your friends and family through an easily sharable URL.



  • Device Compatibility: It is fully compatible with most devices and operating systems.
  • No Configuration: You don’t need to perform any configuration for its use. It allows you to type in the URL and unblock the websites directly.
  • Streaming Support: Native support for streaming audio and video in high-quality for YouTube, Social media, and various other websites.

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: 6 Countries
Privacy/Security/Safety: Complete compliance with GDPR
Pricing: Lifetime Free

Link: https://www.croxyproxy.com/

11) Free Proxy Site

Best free proxy for unblocking websites

Free Proxy Site is one of top free proxy websites to unblock sites and other restricted content content. It has eight servers that maintain a constant connection with your device and assist you in effortlessly unblocking websites.

Advanced security systems ensure that your data is safe and private. It masks your IP address and various other personal details, providing your passwords, and personal information that cannot be intercepted by anyone. You can easily use it on any device, platform, and screen size.

Free Proxy Site


  • Social Proxies: Unique proxies for YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Imgur, Reddit.
  • Streaming: Native support for HD video streaming of videos and music.
  • Privacy: Protects your personal information and identity from government and ISPs while surfing online.

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: US and UK
Privacy/Security/Safety: 100% GDPR Compliance
Price: Lifetime Free

Visit Free Proxy Site >>

12) InstantUnblock

Best for enjoying special proxies for YouTube and Facebook

InstantUnblock is an ideal website unblocker for casual internet surfing, using social media. It is capable of bypassing censors, firewalls, geo-filters. You can use it to protect your privacy, as it confuses JS-based trackers and makes it difficult to track you.

All your traffic is relayed through a series of proxy servers to mimic any location of your choice so that websites can be quickly unblocked and all hurdles can be overcome.



  • Media: Full support for YouTube, Facebook, Google, TikTok, PirateBay, and Sep.
  • Streaming: Native support for video and music streaming with full quality.
  • Firewall Bypass: It bypasses censors and firewalls to provide you unrestricted access to online content.

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: US
Privacy/Security/Safety: Complete anonymous browsing with blocked trackers
Price: Starts at $11.95 per month
Free Trial: No

Link: https://instantunblock.com/

13) Mywebproxy

Best for unfiltered safe website unblocking

Mywebproxy is among the best free website proxy service that uses an advanced network of proxy servers to easily unblock all websites. It can access geo-restricted content on popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Mywebproxy’s trusted IP addresses ensure you enjoy a free experience when surfing the internet. You can remain anonymous and mask your identity for accessing geo-restricted content.



  • Security: It automatically checks for security threats and optimizes websites to ensure all security concerns remain in check.
  • Residential IPs: Provides access to residential US-based IPs with high authority that are unlikely to suffer bans.
  • Browser Control: You can access and edit all the cookies that the website has stored for you on the proxy server.

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: US
Privacy/Security/Safety: Support for encrypting pages, URLs, removing objects.
Price: Lifetime Free

Link: https://www.mywebproxy.in/

14) Proxyium

Best for choosing the fastest proxy for website unblocking

Proxyium is one of the fastest websites unblocking tools, ensuring reliable connectivity while delivering the lowest possible ping. Its robust encryption techniques secure all your internet traffic, intercept any cyber-attacks. You can surf the internet while keeping your identity secret from website owners and ISPs.

Proxyium allows you to easily share any unblocked web pages with friends and family through a permanent link. It maintains proper compatibility with various devices, operating systems, and form factors. The web proxy is designed to support all the latest technology standards.



  • SSL Encryption:  All URLs are encrypted using SSL. Unsecure websites get encrypted on the fly using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL helps establish secure connections and links between networked computers.
  • No Download Limit:  It puts no restrictions on the content you can download. Unlimited downloads allow you to surf and download anything without thinking twice.

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: 11 Regions
Privacy/Security/Safety: Military-grade encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak prevention
Price: Plans start at $4.75 per month
Free Trial: Yes, 7 Days

Link: https://proxyium.com/

15) BlockAway

Best straightforward and easy-to-use proxy

BlockAway is among the best free website proxy tools that keep your personal information safe and anonymized while browsing the internet. You can use it to bypass all network restrictions and stream geo-restricted Netflix, YouTube, and various other forms of content.

BlockAway hides your IP and location from the client-server and ensures your ISP cannot uniquely identify/track you. It can be custom configured based on your preferences and requirements as well. Its robust caching and page compression algorithms ensure that you can enjoy faster page load times for all webpages.



  • Sharing: Any unblocked webpage can be shared with family and friends using a unique permanent proxy link for the page.
  • Performance: It automatically blocks advertisements on web pages and ensures
  • SSL: Automatically encrypts and secures connections for sites that don’t currently use SSL.
  • Sharing: You can share the unblocked website as shareable proxy links

Key Specs:

Geographical Support: 6 Countries
Privacy/Security/Safety: Masking functionality to hide your IP and activities from
Price: Starts at $3.50 per month
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Link: https://www.blockaway.net/


Website unblocker is a tool that helps access websites and other online services that system administrators, ISPs, and governments might have blocked. These tools use proxy relays, like another region/country, to manipulate your location. You can unblock websites with proxy and gain access to restricted content.

A proxy is a gateway between a user and the internet. In website unblockers, all communication between client and server happens through a proxy that masks your location, thus removing restrictions. Proxies can also be used as additional security layers in networks. The best proxy services can help enhance security, improve privacy, and bypass network/geographical restrictions.

Here are some of the critical things that must be considered while choosing website unblockers are:

  • Geographical Support: Always choose a website unblocker that supports sufficient countries/regions to unblock all websites that are relevant to you.
  • Compatibility: You should choose a service that has a robust infrastructure to support video HD video playbacks, media streaming.
  • Pricing: Choosing a service that provides great value for money and fulfils all your needs with minimum costs is best.
  • Privacy/Security: You should choose a proxy service with solid technologies and policies to protect your data privacy and keep you safe online.

Proxy websites act as an intermediate between a server and a client. Whenever a user initiates a request, the proxy routes the request through its systems. The response from the server is sent to the proxy, which relays it back to the user. The server response varies based on the location of the proxy server. Therefore, websites get unblocked quickly when an appropriate proxy location is chosen.

Some of the key differences between Proxy and VPN are:

Proxy VPN
Only basic IP masking and data anonymization. It helps perform complete data encryption, resulting in enhanced security.
Generally a lot cheaper (or free) Relatively expensive with many niche features.
It has a wide range of devices and uses case compatibility. You are limited to specific devices and platforms by the developer.

Best FREE website Unblocker Online

Name Geographical Support Privacy/Security/Safety Customer Support Free Trial Link
👍 BrightData 195 Countries GDPR & CCPA Compliance Email, Live Chat, Social Media Yes, 7 Days Learn More
IPRoyal 195+ Countries Ethically Sourced IPs with SOCKS5 support Online Contact Us Form, Email No Learn More
Proxy Seller 52 Countries High reputation spam-free Ips, Socks5, HTTPs compliance Email, Contact Us, Skype, Telegram No Learn More
Hide.me 79 Countries Zero Log Policy, privacy-friendly cryptographic keys Contact Us Form, Email, Community 30-Day Money Back Gurantee Learn More
Turbo Hide USA and Canada Complete IP Masking, IPv6 support Email Lifetime Free Learn More

The Verdict

We’ve shared some of the best website unblocker tools to manage your needs. You can’t be wrong with any of these tools. However, some of these tools are more attuned to working with some specific needs and requirements. Therefore, our verdict will help you make the final decision.

  • If you are looking for a diverse range of geographical region support, you should opt for BrightData website unblocker.
  • In case you value your privacy and need a secure solution, IPRoyal is the ideal choice for you.
  • Otherwise, if you want a cost-effective website unblocker, Turbo Hide is the best lifetime free website unblocker.