7 BEST Rotating Proxies in 2024 (Cheap & Secure)

Choosing the wrong rotating proxies can result in frequent IP bans, captcha tests, and restricted internet access. Most poorly built proxies have insufficient pool size and cannot integrate with all software and platforms. That’s why you must choose from the best rotating proxies. They are ideal for internet scraping, data collection, and social media actions. These proxies provide unrestricted internet access through constantly refreshing their IP to avoid bans.

We have done extensive evaluations and research on all these tools. Our data-driven approach has enabled us to provide you with meaningful feedback. This review covers all their capabilities, advantages, and issues. It will assist you in better decision-making through genuine, all-round feedback from all proxies. Let’s get you acquainted with all the features, pricing, pros, and cons with this review.
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Best Rotating Proxy Services: Top Picks!

Rotating Proxies Proxy Pool Coverage Free Trial Link
Oxylabs 360k+ IPs 20+ Countries Yes Learn More
Smartproxy 65 Million+ IPs 195+ Locations 14-Day Money Back Option Learn More
Octoparse 90 Million+ IPs 155 Countries 14-Day Free Trial Learn More
Bright Data 72 Million+ IPs 195 Countries Yes, 7 Days (only for registered business) Learn More
PrivateProxy 100k 4 Locations Yes, 7 Days Learn More

1) Oxylabs

Best for powerful data center and residential IPs

Oxylabs provides the fastest data center rotating residential proxies for individuals and businesses. It allows you to scrap data at high speeds, saving you precious time. You can enjoy extremely stable internet connections, ensuring faster speeds with minimum interruptions.

It is an ideal rotating proxy service due to a large-scale global proxy network. The proxy pool is constantly updated, modified, and refreshed to keep only high-reputation IPs. They provide you with options to choose between various proxy services including mobile proxies and datacenter proxies.



  • Sessions: It lets you enjoy continuous, uninterrupted sessions of proxy usage. This is ideal for performing bulk tasks comfortably.
  • Statistics: You are provided in-depth statistics about your activity and usage parameters. It lets you easily manage your settings using simple tools.
  • Scraping: It provides tools for performing data scraping. You can enjoy its services for various use cases like Ad verification, SERP analysis, and price monitoring.
  • Concurrent Sessions: It has native support for unlimited concurrent sessions on your devices.
  • Account Manager: All rotating proxy accounts come with a dedicated manager who helps manage your account.
  • Identity: It completely masks your original identity and disguises your location. This ensures that the websites still consider you an organic visitor and provide the correct expression.


  • Dedicated Chrome Extension for managing your proxy.
  • Web Unblocker helps you unblock and gain access to all sites for scraping.
  • Provides native APIs for SERP, E-Commerce, and Web scraping.


  • Lacks 3rd party apps and integrations for business use cases.


Here are some of the pricing plans of Oxylabs

Plan Price/Traffic
Starter $17/GB
Business $14/GB
Corporate $11/GB

Free Trial: Yes

Visit Oxylabs >>

7-Days Free Trial

2) Smartproxy

Best for trustworthy and high-reliability IPs

Smartproxy is among the best rotating residential proxies for working with various devices, operating systems, browsers, and 3rd party tools. You can explore its large network of 65M+ IPs and 700+ mobile carriers that provide some of the most high-reputation proxies for your usage.

All IPs are constantly monitored and reconfigured to mitigate the risks of IP blocks or CAPTCHAs that you might face. The high-performance proxy serves to ensure a response time of less than 0.6 seconds in most cases. Datacenter proxies plans have an even better response time of 0.3 seconds.



  • Vetted IP Addresses: It carefully evaluates and provides high-reputation, reliable IP addresses for you to choose from.
  • Setup: You can set it up and make it work effortlessly with your existing tools and tech stacks.
  • Extensions: Provides free Chrome and Firefox extensions for easily accessing and managing rotating IPs.
  • Scraping: Allows you to collect data from a wide range of data sources such as Google SERPs, Amazon products, and many other sites on the internet.
  • Dashboard: Robust dashboard for monitoring, managing, and optimizing your proxies easily.
  • Device Support: You can set up their proxies on a wide range of devices and extensions for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Large Pool: It maintains over 65 million IP addresses spread across more than 195 locations globally.
  • Sessions: You can configure sticky sessions where you retain your IP for up to 30 minutes. Moreover, it lets you create rotating sessions where your IP changes for each request.
  • Customer Support: Their responsive customer support is available 24/7 through mail, live chat, and Telegram.


  • It lets you choose from residential, datacenter, mobile, and static residential proxies.
  • You can perform city-level targeting from their vast network of 195+ locations worldwide.
  • Provides APIs for SERP, eCommerce, Social Media, and other website scraping.


  • Limited trial options.


Here are the main pricing options from Smartproxy

Plan Starting Price
Residential $7/GB
Datacenter $10/month for 100 IPs & 50 GBs
Mobile proxies $20/GB

Free Trial: 3-day free trial for residential proxies, 7-day free trial for scrapers & 14-day money-back option

Visit Smartproxy >>

14-Days Money-Back Option

3) Octoparse

Best for reliable residential proxies

Octoparse is a powerful no-code web scraping tool that offers an extensive network of over 90 million residential IPs from 155 countries and regions. For those who seek comprehensive global coverage, it delivers a robust solution to meet users’ web scraping needs.

With an impressive 99.9% uptime, Octoparse guarantees reliable and continuous data extraction. The platform provides over 6 million daily updated IPs and over 69,000 new IPs every day, so you can get fresh and diverse IP addresses for your tasks. It also supports flexible IP rotation, allowing users to rotate IPs from every 30 seconds to 10 minutes, which helps avoid detection and ensures successful data extraction.



  • Easy Setup: No code involved; Within several clicks, and it’s all set up.
  • Unlimited Concurrent Sessions: No limit to the number of proxies used or how often they can be invoked.
  • No-code Scraping: Octoparse provides a highly intuitive interface for data scraping in all industries and equips its users with anti-blocking techniques such as switching user agents, CAPTCHAs solving, and Login.
  • IP Rotation: Users can customize the rotation frequency from every 30 seconds to every 10 minutes.
  • Pay-As-You-Go: Octoparse offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • Dedicated Success Manager: For the enterprise plan, a success manager will be sent to ensure successful data extraction.
  • Customer Support: They have a highly responsive support team that is available 24/7 through live chat & Intercom.


  • Cloud data extraction in custom tasks provides built-in shared and dedicated data center IPs for free.
  • Large pool: over 90 million residential proxies from 155 countries and areas.
  • Numerous pre-built scrapers covering nearly every popular website; useful for people without programming knowledge.
  • Price transparency: 1GB proxies can usually scrape 500 web pages.


  • No dashboard for proxy monitoring and managing.


  • Pricing: $3/GB
  • Free Trial: 14-Day Standard/Professional Free Trial

Visit Octoparse >>

14-Day Free Trial

4) Bright Data

Best for high uptime record and stability

Bright Data maintains a global network of over 72 million proxies spread across 195 countries to ensure great coverage for your needs. The robust infrastructure supports easily customizing services for your needs. Its service can be scaled up and down to match your business requirements.

All rotating residential proxies are stable, well-reputed, and free from all blacklists. You can enjoy a high success rate of 99.99% with minimum issues during usage. It provides residential, data center, ISP, and residential mobile proxies, making it one of the best proxy service providers.

Bright Data


  • Deploy: You can deploy their rotating proxies in a wide range of development applications. It has native support for many languages like JavaScript, Python, C/C++, and Go.
  • Proxy Manager: The proxy manager interface allows you to manage, optimize, or perform proxy rotation, ensuring better ease of use.
  • API: A robust API allows you to programmatically manage and control your IP addresses. You can also utilize their wide variety of integrations with popular business software.
  • Custom Rules: You may define custom rules in your proxy manager for optimized results. This helps in easily achieving all your objectives.
  • Compliance: Maintains complete compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and various other privacy laws.


  • Create and manage sub-users for greater control of your team.
  • Robust documentations for developers for integrations.
  • It helps automatically bypass captchas when data scraping.


  • Lacks budget-friendly pricing options for casual users.


You can choose from the following pricing plans

Network Type Starting Price (Monthly) Pay as you go
Residential $500 ($8.92 per GB) $10.50 per GB
Datacenter $500 ($0.094 per GB) $0.110 per GB
ISP $500 ($12.75 per GB) $15.00 per GB

Free Trial: Yes, 7 Days (Only for Registered Businesses)

Visit Bright Data >>

7-Days Free Trial

5) PrivateProxy

Best for privacy-friendly internet browsing

PrivateProxy offers unlimited connections and bandwidth for its users, meeting all your needs. You can customize your rotation frequency from instant rotation to rotating every few seconds. The consistent high-performance experience and fast speeds for all IP addresses are ideal for data scraping.

It is the best way to implement rotating proxies with full support for data scraping and ensures you can easily collect data. Their native tools are ideal for scraping in e-commerce, SERP, and social media. All proxies have a dashboard for efficiently managing your representatives and their setup.



  • Proxy Pool: The pool is continuously refreshed with newer IPs for you to choose from. This helps avoid IP bans and ensures high credibility.
  • Simultaneous Connections: The proxy servers support more than 1000 connections per proxy.
  • Backconnect: Their Backconnect IP addresses make you the exclusive user of the assigned IP. This gives you greater freedom and protection.
  • Proxy Type: The Backconnect server randomly assigns you IP address for each connection. Your assigned IP can be data center, residential, or rotating proxy.
  • Use Cases: It is suitable for various use cases including fraud prevention, VPN, local SEO, and lead generation.
  • Customer Support: Their customer support is available through live chat and email.


  • Provides options for data center and residential rotating proxies.
  • Supports data scraping for coupon aggregation, SEO, e-commerce, and lead generation.
  • All data is transmitted safely using modern security standards and policies.


  • A limited number of free swaps for IP addresses.


Private proxy offers the below-mentioned pricing options

Proxy Type Starting price
Datacenter Rotating $59 per month
Residential Rotating $150 per month

Free trial: 7-day (Billing details required)

Visit PrivateProxy >>

7-Days Free Trial

6) Oculus Proxies

Best for ethically sourced IPs

Oculus Proxies Proxies allow you to choose a server in any country which can be closer to your target websites. It can provide access to websites or content restricted to specific geo-locations by routing your requests through servers located in those regions. Oculus Proxies allows you to generate proxies to any country you need.

Oculus Proxies


  • Proxy Pool: It depends on the specific region/country you are choosing from, while It cannot provide the specifics to each region, its overall proxy pool sizes are over 1,000,000 IPs.
  • Bandwidth: These rotating proxies with free package of 5 Datacenter IP’s with 100MB bandwidth.
  • IP Rotation: Proxies allow you to rotate IP addresses, preventing your requests from being blocked or throttled.
  • Fast proxies: You can perform during heavy traffic releases on their 100GBPS dedicated servers.
  • Scalability: With proxies you can scale your scraping by sending your requests across multiple IP addresses and servers vs just your own IP address.
  • Customer support: They are available 24/7, through live chat & email.


  • It offer super fast connection speed for your needs
  • Fast performance
  • Simple & easy-to-use dashboard.


  • They have limited location options.


Oculus offers the following proxy plans

Proxy Type Price
Static Residential (ISP) $1.2/GB
Static Residential (ISP+) $1.6/IP
Shared Datacenter $0.3/GB
Dedicated Datacenter $1.2/IP

Free Trial: 5 proxies for free – no credit card required

Visit Oculus >>

5 Proxies for Free (No credit card required)

7) ScraperAPI

Best for running concurrent threads

ScraperAPI ensures high reliability and consistent experience for all users. All the proxy servers are designed with reliability in mind. The robust redundancy features and safety tools ensure over 99.9% uptime for all users, making it one of the best rotating residential proxies.

This proxy service uses advanced technologies to fight captchas and blockers on websites. This rotating proxy ensures you can access the entire internet with minimum effort. It supports running up to 400 concurrent threads in parallel execution to complete more tasks quickly.



  • User Agent: You can choose custom user agents for mobile and desktop users for data collection.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: For upscale business needs, it assigns you dedicated customer success managers for your assistance.
  • Integration: It works with various programming environments including cURL, Python, PHP, and Java.
  • Performance: The advanced infrastructure investments and best in class datacentres ensure ideal response times for all customers throughout the day.
  • Geo-Targeting: You can target specific countries or regions to gain access to content for any region.


  • Automatically retries fetching pages in case of failed attempts.
  • Complete support for rendering and understanding complicated JS in web pages.
  • Helps bypass anti-bot tools and access all websites on the internet.


  • Lacks plans for other use cases like mobile and residential proxies.


Here are some of the main plans offered by Scraper API

Plan Price (per month) Credits Locations
Hobby $49 100,000 US & EU
Startup $149 1,000,000 US & EU
Business $299 3,000,000 All Geo-targeting

Free Trial: 5000 Free Requests (up to 7 Days)

Contact Customer Support for additional custom plans.

Visit ScraperAPI >>

7-Days Free Trial

8) WebShare

Best for downloading content

Due to its rotating policies, WebShare is among our top picks for rotating proxies. It automatically assigns you a new IP address after a defined period. You can configure this period anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 month.

You can connect to the rotating proxies using the backbone endpoints or directly. Their rotating proxies are shared between users who are accessing different sites. This technique ensures you can work independently without being impacted by the activities of other people. The robust native API is ideal for programmatically connecting, managing, or refreshing your proxy.



  • Privacy: Your private proxy is kept safe with their robust security procedures. It doesn’t share your personal information and uses modern encryption standards.
  • Backbone: Access IP addresses through their backbone network or direct connections.
  • Connection: You can directly connect to your proxies by downloading the proxy list. Otherwise, an API can be used to easily connect with your rotating proxy.
  • Network: It maintains high average aggregate network speeds at up to 100 GBPS. The fast speeds allow for quick browsing, downloading, and data processing.
  • Proxy Type: It provides a variety of options in residential as well as data center proxies for your usage.
  • Static Proxy: You can access their highly reliable static proxies for even higher performance and bandwidth.
  • Customize: Businesses can customize their proxy servers based on bandwidth, threads, and speed requirements.


  • Maintains complete anonymity and mitigates the risk of personal data leaks.
  • Provides high-quality proxies located in 40+ countries
  • Ensures high uptime of over 99.97%


  • Lacks a variety of integrations with 3rd party services.


You can choose from the following proxy plans

Proxies Price per month
10 $12.35
20 $24.71
50 $61.77

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Visit WebShare >>

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

9) Apify

Best for undetectable data scraping

Apify is an ideal rotating proxy for maintaining high website credibility and trust. It performs periodic health checks of all IP addresses, ensuring they maintain a high reputation and avoid blocklists.

The single endpoint makes it easy to develop with a single hostname in mind. This approach makes accessing the proxy and all IP addresses from a single host easy. You can select any custom location for your IP to mask your original location and access content for that specific location.



  • Setup: The robust Software Development Kit allows you to implement and connect the proxy in your tech stack effortlessly.
  • Scraping: It is ideal for scraping data from Google SERPs, e-commerce sites, and full website crawling.
  • Browser: You can easily connect to Apify from any browser using their support for various browser extensions for proxies.
  • Blocking Prevention: Its advanced systems ensure you never get blocked. The high reputation helps you with accessing any website and can quickly gather all relevant data.
  • Store: It has a built-in store with tools for various use cases. You can find apps like SERP scraper, content crawler, Social Media profile scraper, and more.


  • Robust tracking tools to monitor your traffic stats.
  • All content is transmitted securely using SSL/TLS support.
  • If needed, you can retain an IP address for more prolonged durations.


  • Complicated tools and prices are not ideal for beginners.


Here are some of the key pricing plans of Apify

Plan Price (per month)
Shared Datacenter $1 per IP
Datacenter Dedicated Proxies $7 per IP
Residential $12.5 per GB

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Visit Apify >>

Lifetime Free Basic Plan

What are Residential Rotating Proxies?

Rotating proxies are particular services that provide you with IP addresses as a midpoint between you and websites. Unlike conventional proxies, rotating proxies change their IP address after a specified interval. Generally, the interval is somewhere between a few seconds or minutes.

It is best to choose a well-reputed residential proxy provider for data extraction and bulk internet operations. Websites often block IP addresses with excessive visits, considering them as bots/spammers. As rotating proxies constantly change their address, you never get caught. This allows you to use them without getting banned.

Residential IP addresses originate from actual physical streets. Usually, proxies use data center IP addresses that websites can catch and block easily. By using residential proxies, you ensure high trustworthiness and credibility, mitigating the risk of bans.

For an ideal, uninterrupted experience, you should choose residential rotating proxies. They use high-reputation physical IPs that are changed frequently.

How do the rotating residential proxies work?

Rotating proxies rely on a large pool of IP addresses. The best rotating proxy providers have pools with many millions of addresses. These services keep reassigning your unique IP addresses from their pool periodically.

This ensures your users never have any IP for too long. All the IP addresses are frequently monitored and checked to ensure no proper reliability and minimum risks of getting blocklisted. With a large, constantly updated IP pool, it is unlikely that any user will ever get to the same IP address again.

What are the benefits of rotating and residential proxies for web scraping?

Some of the critical benefits of cheap rotating proxies for web scraping are:

  • Access: Due to their high reputation, all websites remain accessible, and you can surf the web without issues.
  • Blockage: Often, websites put captchas, JS tests, and various other barriers to restrict data extraction. These credible IP addresses rarely get banned or banned.
  • Location: You can always choose the location for your proxy. This means you could select a specific location and scrap the local content served by websites in that region.


Yes, proxies as such are legal. The best rotating proxies route your requests through rotating proxies to mask your identity is acceptable. Please be aware that you are still being tracked even after being concealed.

You are liable and responsible for your actions. Any illegal activity you do using a proxy server can be tracked down to you with some effort. In short, it would help if you used the rotating proxy services responsibly.

A proxy mesh rotating proxy utilizes various geographically distinct servers. Some of the key steps to use proxy mesh rotating proxy are:

Step 1) Purchase a robust proxy plan from some of the best rotating proxy providers

Step 2) Depending on the proxy service, create or find your API credentials for the proxy.

Step 3) In your app, server, or program, implement code to establish a connection. Oftentimes, the official support docs of your proxy can be critical in code implementation.

Step 4) Fill in the relevant credentials and configurations provided by your rotating proxy service to authenticate into your mesh proxy.

Step 5) Once the connection is established, you can start using it as per your needs and use cases.

The Verdict

Our review has spread light on some of the best rotating and residential proxy providers. All of them have their pros and cons. To help you make the final decision, let’s tell you our recommendations for specific use cases.

  • Smartproxy proxy server is ideal to maintain high reliability and get some of the best reputation proxies.
  • In case you want stable connections with high uptime, Bright Data is best for you.
  • But, if you are looking for rotating proxy servers with proper data safety, we recommend going for PrivateProxy.

Best Rotating Proxy Services: Top Picks!

Rotating Proxies Proxy Pool Coverage Free Trial Link
Oxylabs 360k+ IPs 20+ Countries Yes Learn More
Smartproxy 65 Million+ IPs 195+ Locations 14-Day Money Back Option Learn More
Octoparse 90 Million+ IPs 155 Countries 14-Day Free Trial Learn More
Bright Data 72 Million+ IPs 195 Countries Yes, 7 Days (only for registered business) Learn More
PrivateProxy 100k 4 Locations Yes, 7 Days Learn More