7 BEST Mobile Proxies (3G/4G/5G/LTE) 2023

Mobile proxies can be used to route your internet through a physical mobile device. Most proxies are easily detectable and lack performance, security, and masking features. The best mobile proxies mask your identity, keeps no log and grants you access to mobile-specific tools. You can use them to ensure a high reputation and low proxy detectability when accessing the web.

Our team of testers has diligently performed analysis and tests for 20+ mobile proxies to find the eight best ones for you. We have gained an immense understanding of their features, capabilities, and shortcomings. It helps us provide you with an expert opinion and well-rounded perspective. Let’s start with this review and share the features, pricing, pros, and cons for all mobile proxies.

Best Mobile Proxy Sites: Top Picks!

Mobile Proxies Average Response Time Privacy and Safety Coverage Link
Oxylabs 1.1s HTTPS/TLS and encryption 140+ Countries Learn More
SmartProxy 0.61s GDPR, CCPA, and Encryption 130+ Countries Learn More
BrightData 0.8s TLS 1.3, 256-bit AES, and compliance with GDPR/CCPA 195 Countries Learn More
Proxy Cheap 2-3s SSL encryption 127+ Countries Learn More
ProxySale <1s GDRP and CCPA Compliance with 15 Countries Learn More

1) Oxylabs

Best for fast response time

Oxylabs is one of the best mobile proxy services with a large pool of 20 million+ IP addresses. It provides mobile proxies in more than 140 countries to choose from. You can perform proper geo-targeting by selecting the IP from any specific location. It allows you to choose any particular country, state, city, and ASN.

The mobile proxy IP addresses are sourced from reliable, legitimate sources with an A+ tier reputation. You can retain your IP address for a prolonged session as needed. All plans come with the support for unlimited concurrent sessions. This allows users to run multiple sessions in parallel easily.



  • Single Endpoint: A single endpoint can be used to assign mobile proxies to your connection automatically.
  • Captcha Bypass: It allows you to bypass all captchas and easily access content on the internet.
  • Network: Their network comprises high-reputation IP addresses running 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE.
  • Protocols: You can access this proxy service using various protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5.
  • Enterprise: It also provides unique enterprise-grade pricing plans. They provide dedicated account managers and robust 24/7 customer support.
  • IP Rotation: You can rotate the IP address assigned to you periodically. This mitigates the risks of address blockage.
  • Statistics: Provides a robust dashboard with your usage statistics, insights, and traffic patterns.
  • Know-How: It maintains robust documentation and guidance with all the know-how needed to get started.


  • Maintains a high uptime of 99.9% for all IPs
  • Native Android app for managing all your proxies.
  • Fast average response times of up to 1.1 seconds.


  • Expensive starter plans


Here are the pricing plans of Oxylabs

Plan Starting Price Traffic
Starter $200 10 GB
Advanced $380 20 GB
Corporate $850 50 GB
Pay as you go $22 per GB Upto 30 GB

Free Trial: Yes

Visit Oxylabs >>

7-Days Free Trial

2) SmartProxy

Best for trustworthy and high-reliability IPs

SmartProxy has an extensive network of robust mobile proxies spanning 130+ locations. It has collaborations and deals with over 700 mobile carrier providers globally. You can utilize its network of over 10 million unique IP addresses. The proxy pool is frequently checked, updated, and refreshed to maintain credibility.

Users are provided native support for performing unlimited concurrent requests on the proxy. This allows for parallel processing and effortless multitasking. You are supplied with high-reputation IP addresses after in-depth checks and analysis. This ensures you never face blocks or captchas when accessing the internet.



  • Analytics: It provides a dashboard with insights about your highest traffic pages, top targets, and usage patterns.
  • Interface: It provides various tools and solutions for different use cases. These include web scraping, ad verification, social media automation, and app development.
  • Stability: Maintains near-perfect stability with an uptime guarantee of more than 99.99%. This ensures your work never gets interrupted due to proxy outages.
  • Mobile: You can specifically choose the Mobile OS (Android or iOS) for your needs
  • Use Cases: It provides various solutions for web scraping, ad verification, social media automation, and app dev.


  • Complete support for city-level targeting and IP selection.
  • SSL security and encryption of all your data for safe payments.
  • 24/7 support, robust quick start guides, and documentation for you.


  • Features like SOCKS5, Geo-targeting, and rotation are restricted to higher plans.


Some of the main pricing plans of SmartProxy are:

Data Monthly Cost (Excluding VAT)
1 GB Pay as you go at $21 per GB
2 GB $38 ($19 per GB)
10 GB $180 ($18 per GB)
25 GB $425 ($17 per GB)

Free Trial: 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Visit SmartProxy >>

14-Day Money-back Option

3) BrightData

Best for effortless proxy management

BrightData is among our top picks due to its robust Proxy Manager interface. Proxy Manager allows you to easily access, monitor, and reconfigure your proxy to meet your unique needs. The straightforward and user-friendly dashboard helps you better organize your proxies. Dashboard provides a bird’s eye of your activity and helps build rules for optimized results.

It lets you geo-target any location (city, state, country) to access region-specific content. You can integrate this mobile proxy server with your current tech stack. It has native support for 100+ programming languages, including Python, JS, React, and Go.



  • Ethically Sourced: All proxy addresses are carefully sourced through ethical sources. They are evaluated and vetted to ensure high reliability and overall credibility.
  • Geo Coverage: It has one of the widest ranges of geographic coverage, spanning 195 countries across all continents.
  • Management: Businesses can use its multiuser features to create sub-users and provide them access to your proxy tools.
  • Integrations: Built-in apps and APIs to create integrations and complete more work with minimal effort.
  • Entreprise: For enterprise-grade use cases, BrightData provides dedicated account managers and tailored solutions.
  • Privacy: All your data is protected and kept with maximum safety, following the guidelines of GDPR and CCPA. Besides, they use advanced encryption techniques to mitigate the risk of data theft.
  • Analytics: The dashboard provides real-time performance monitoring tools and insights. This helps in understanding usage patterns and making necessary adjustments for the best results.


  • Allows you to work with 3G/4G/5G mobile proxies
  • Maintains a global network of 7 million+ mobile IP addresses
  • High uptime of more than 99.9% for all users.


  • Very high starting prices at $16.20 per GB.


You can choose from the below-mentioned BrightData mobile proxy plans:

Plan Data (Per Month) Cost (Monthly)
Growth 24 GB $500 ($20.40 per GB)
Business 55 GB $1000 ($18 per GB)

Free Trial: Yes, 7 Days

Pay As You Go plans are available at $24 per GB. You can also contact customer support for additional and enterprise-grade pricing.

Visit BrightData >>

7-Days Free Trial

4) Proxy Cheap

Best for unlimited bandwidth mobile proxies

Proxy Cheap is an ideal cheap mobile proxy with user interfaces and controls designed to be straightforward. It is easy to set up and get started, making it beginner-friendly. You can efficiently perform hyper-local geographic targeting in 40+ states in the USA. It has built-in support for REST API for integrations. This is ideal for building custom use cases with your website, applications, backend servers, and various other tech stacks.

You are offered unlimited bandwidth that lets you work without interruptions or worries of data overuse. All the proxy IP addresses are carefully handpicked with proper allowlist authentication. This ensures that the IP provided to you is unblocked and allowed on all relevant lists.

Proxy Cheap


  • Dashboard: Provides personalized dashboard for managing tasks, tracking expenses, and organizing mobile proxies.
  • Privacy: It ensures complete data privacy and encryption so that your personal data remains protected.
  • No Restrictions: All the IPs have a high reputation and can access the entire internet without blockages or captchas.
  • Encryption: You can use the proxy with modern, highly secure SSL and SOCKS5 encryption standards for data transmission.
  • Support: They provide proper tutorials, how-to guides, and FAQs for your assistance. You can also contact their support through live chat or email.


  • Maintains a high average uptime of 99.9%
  • Automatically rotate your IP addresses to prevent blockage or captchas.
  • Provides support for working with 3G and 4G proxies.


  • Weak support for mobile proxies outside the USA.


The main pricing plans offered by Proxy Cheap are:

Plan Duration Price (Per Proxy, billed monthly)
1 Day $15
1 Week $30
1 Month $50

Free Trial: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Visit Proxy Cheap >>

5) ProxySale

Best for unlimited web scraping

ProxySale has designed its proxies to be suitable for various use cases. Their mobile proxies provide tools for data scraping, social media actions, and lead generation. All IP addresses run on modern security protocols. The transmitted data is encrypted using standards such as SSL and TLS 1.3.

All users get unlimited bandwidth for internet access, data scraping, and bulk actions for all the IP addresses. The security and encryption features help you mask your identity. This provides you easy access to websites restricted in your current area.



  • Web Surfing: Allows you to mask your geographical location to access content unavailable in the current region.
  • Plans: It provides plans for very specific use cases such as gaming, scraping, social media, and some other purposes.
  • Programmable: You can integrate it with your software to perform bulk tasks. These use cases include mass social media following/liking, bulk account creation, and more.
  • Query Scraping: It is designed to easily scrap data from Google Search Results, websites, and social media platforms. You can extract data in the form of easily interpretable JSON files.
  • Marketing: This mobile proxy provider is ideal for marketers who want bulk operations for lead generation. It can help send bulk messages, carry out marketing campaigns, and perform affiliate marketing.
  • Operator: When choosing/buying an IP address, you get to select the location, duration, and operator for your address. You can work with all popular Internet Service Providers (ISP) like T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Mint.


  • Provides mobile proxies with 3G, 4G, and 5G compatibility.
  • Perform IP rotation to ensure your address never gets blacklisted or blocked.
  • Perform geo-targeting by choosing IP for your city, region, or country.


  • Limited you to only a few locations/proxies that you specifically purchase

Pricing: Variable pricing based on operator, location, and time period.

Pricing starts at $1.57 for Social Networks per month.

Link: https://proxy-sale.com/mobile-proxies

6) AirProxy

Best for dedicated mobile proxies

AirProxy is one of the best proxy services specializing in mobile proxies. All the IP addresses are genuine mobile IPs that most websites and servers cannot detect. This gives you unrestricted access to almost all websites on the internet.

The mobile proxy IP addresses are sourced from reliable sources with very high trust scores. These IP addresses have a great reputation that improves credibility and helps avoid captchas. The robust API allows you to manage, rotate, and access the proxy programmatically through various tech stacks.



  • Unlimited Bandwidth: All IP addresses have unlimited bandwidth and minimum throttling issues. This makes it ideal for bulk operations like data scraping and lead generation.
  • Custom Rotation: In order to avoid blockages or captchas, you can rotate your IP address to avoid all the issues.
  • Rotation Time: You can configure this mobile proxy to automatically assign new IPs to you after every specific time interval.
  • Performance: It has no limits on usage, and even Pay As You Go plans heavy users never face throttling issues. All requests maintain consistently low latencies.
  • Support: Their customer support is available through Telegram and email.
  • Scale: It provides tailored solutions and discounted prices for bulk orders for large businesses.
  • Scraping: Allows you to collect data from social media platforms, websites, Google search results (SERPs), and other sites.
  • Privacy: All your personal information and critical data is stored safely on their servers. The data transmission happens through secure encrypted channels only.


  • Businesses can avail tax invoices to write off their expenses.
  • Quick setup with instant delivery and minimal configuration requirements.
  • All customers are provided dedicated SIM cards with no sharing.


  • Proxies are limited to Italy (Europe) only.

Pricing: €87 per proxy (for 30 days)

Free Trial: Yes, 3 Days at €9.90

Link: https://airproxy.io/en/

7) HydraProxy

Best for mobile proxies with flexible contract durations

HydraProxy is among our top picks to have the same IP address that remains with you for up to 24 hours. It allows you to have longer sessions as a logged-in user on any website. You get unlimited bandwidth for accessing the internet via their proxy.

All proxies are designed to be safe using proper encrypted mobile fingerprints and proper data storage policies. You can get WiFi and/or 4G proxy server proxies that can be used for bulk use cases effortlessly. It has agreements with all popular carriers to bring you IP addresses from AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.



  • Geo-Targeting: You can perform proper geo-targeting by selecting IPs for specific areas in more than 100 countries.
  • Protocol: For greater security, you can connect with IP addresses with modern security protocols like SSL and SOCKS5.
  • Social Media: It is ideal for performing bulk actions and data scraping of websites. You can use it to create/manage multiple social media accounts without risking blockages, shadow bans, or captcha tests.
  • Content: The global network of proxies allows you to disguise your location by choosing another country’s IP address. This lets you access content that is blocked in your current location.
  • Targeting: If you want, you can perform local targeting by choosing an IP address belonging to a particular city, state, or country.


  • Perform IP rotation or enjoy extended sessions as needed.
  • High-reputation proxies help bypass all captchas and bot detectors.
  • Maintains a high uptime of 99.9% for all locations.


  • Lacks support for modern 5G mobile proxies


Here are the pricing plans of HydraProxy

Plan Duration Price (per PORT)
Noob 1 Day $2.95
Starter 3 Days $7.95
Regular 7 Days $15.95
Plus 30 Days $59.95

Free Trial: 24-Hour Money Back Guarantee

Link: https://hydraproxy.com/mobile-proxies/

8) Asocks

Best for robust residential mobile proxies

Asocks is among the best mobile proxy sites that constantly monitors and updates its IP address pool. All low-reputation IPs are removed, and newer A+ grade IP addresses are added to be made available to you. It maintains a 99%+ connection success rate and swift response times for all users, providing an ideal experience globally.

You can use it to disguise your location and gain access to content from other regions. This ideal is to find cheaper flight prices, software, and more in other countries. The location disguise can also be used to access media content unavailable in your current location.



  • Data Scraping: It helps businesses scrap data from websites, social media, e-commerce sites, and search engine pages.
  • Reputation: You can get residential mobile proxies with a high reputation. This mitigates the risk of captcha checks and blocks from websites and social media platforms.
  • Use Cases: In our review, we found it perfect for use cases like load testing, verification, and finances.
  • Support: Customer support is available 24/7 through dedicated mail, calls, and Telegram support managers.
  • Uptime: Maintains an overall high uptime of 99.63% for mobile network proxies made available to you.
  • Bandwidth: All plans come with unlimited bandwidth, giving you unrestricted access to proxy and supporting heavy/bulk actions for your business.
  • City Targeting: You can choose your IP address at any specific location (city, region, country) for local internet access.


  • Maintains a large pool of more than 7 million IP addresses.
  • Provides proxies in 150+ locations across the globe.
  • Quick setup and configuration in less than 1 minute.


  • Lacks proper support for IP rotation.

Pricing: Pay as you go at $3 per GB

Free Trial: Yes, 7 Days

Link: https://asocks.com/

How do mobile proxies work?

Generally, proxies have residential or large data center IP addresses used to connect to the internet. In the case of mobile proxy providers, the connection is made through IP addresses linked with mobile devices and mobile network carriers. These mobile devices have a higher reputation and rarely get blocked by websites.

How do we choose the best mobile proxy providers?

Some of the key parameters to consider while choosing the right mobile proxy provider are:

  • Pool: You should always choose mobile proxy service with a large, diverse collection of IP addresses.
  • Location: It is best to choose proxy providers that are operational in the widest range of countries globally.
  • Reputation: The ideal mobile proxy would have a high reputation, minimum captchas, and blockages. They maintain high credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Cost: Always look into cheap mobile proxies to fulfill your maximum needs at the minimum possible costs.


Some of the key differences between mobile proxies and conventional proxies are:

Mobile Proxies Conventional Proxies
Mobile proxy uses mobile data carrier services to source IP addresses. Conventional IPs can include public, data center, and residential proxies.
Relatively high cost for GB of data Due to scale, they can have far lower prices.
Mobile proxies have higher reputation and trust scores, resulting in fewer chances of blockages. Lower credibility can result in occasional bans and issues if addresses are not rotated properly.

Mobile proxies are needed for higher reliability, lower chances of blockages, and stability. These are used by those who need to gather data and access sites that often restrict proxies. The best mobile proxies are used for data scraping, SERP data gathering, and data processing.

The Verdict

In this review, we highlighted eight of the best mobile proxies. All of them are very well built. To help you make a call, we will discuss the best tools for certain use cases. This will help you narrow down choices and make better decisions.

  • You can go for Oxylabs to enjoy the highest reputation and reliable mobile proxies.
  • In case you need to target many countries, we recommend SmartProxy, as it supports 130+ countries.
  • Whereas, if you want fast response times and reliable experience, BrightData is perfect for you.

Best Mobile Proxy Sites: Top Picks!

Mobile Proxies Average Response Time Privacy and Safety Coverage Link
Oxylabs 1.1s HTTPS/TLS and encryption 140+ Countries Learn More
SmartProxy 0.61s GDPR, CCPA, and Encryption 130+ Countries Learn More
BrightData 0.8s TLS 1.3, 256-bit AES, and compliance with GDPR/CCPA 195 Countries Learn More
Proxy Cheap 2-3s SSL encryption 127+ Countries Learn More
ProxySale <1s GDRP and CCPA Compliance with 15 Countries Learn More