7 Best HRIS Systems (2024) Guide & Comparision

Best HRIS Software

HRIS tools can help you automate and streamline tasks like new recruitment, maintain compliance, and more. You can use it to minimize manual errors and get data-driven insights. However, most HRIS tools lack features to track employee activities and capture data adequately. The lack of adequate self-service portals, customer care, and training tools make them challenging.

For that, you should choose from some of the best HRIS services. Our team has meticulously evaluated 45+ services to handpick you the 8 best HRIS systems. We evaluated all the apps based on price, customer care, integrations, and benefits administration.
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Best HRIS Systems & Software List

Name HR Functions Mobile Access GDPR and HIPAA Compliance Reports and analytics Link
Gusto Hiring, Onboarding, Attendance, Compliance, etc. Yes, Android and iOS. Yes Customizable reports, anonymous team surveys, automatic compliance alerts, etc., for analytics. Learn More
Monday.com Insight generation on employees, Payroll automation, etc. Yes, Android and iOS. Yes Advanced dashboard filters, Chart Views, Reporting, and Widgets help process HR data. Learn More
Rippling HRIS Automation, Scalebilty, PTO policies, etc. Yes, iOS and Android Yes Multiple Custom reports on areas like PTO, SCO, etc., with automatic scheduling, Unified data analysis, Employee Data Graph Learn More
BambooHR Data Management, Payroll Management, Document automation, etc. Yes, Android and iOS Only GDPR Compliant Detailed reports, Dynamic dashboards to provide powerful insights, Metrics & KPIs from culture to training to measure relative employee performances. Learn More
Freshteam Payroll Management, employee onboarding, HR Analytics Yes, iOS and Android Yes More than 13 curated reports, including Talent Pool Management, Customized widgets and charts, help analyze data better with automatic report generation. Learn More
Experts’ advice:

You should always have HRIS software that can help you manage payroll, improve efficiency, perform time tracking, and more. We advise you to select a service that provides proper data-driven recommendations, identifies performance bottlenecks, and assists in decision-making. Always prefer a service with a cost-effective pricing plan for your business scale.

1) Gusto

Best HRIS software for small teams and businesses

Gusto is one of the best HRIS services, with a robust HR resource centre for templates to build policies, guides, and handbooks. It helps you get expert advice on HR issues from its certified human resource professionals. HRs can use its straightforward dashboard for easy job postings, applicant tracking, and employee onboarding.

Gusto supports employee benefits such as health and life insurance and tax benefits. You can use it to conduct automated anonymous surveys to understand employee needs and demands. It provides in-built time-keeping tools to calculate and record employees’ attendance, holidays, etc.



  • Built-in Tools: Employees can use various built-in tools to avail themselves of several health and financial benefits.
  • Integration: Gusto can easily integrate with many third-party apps such as Google Workspace, Zoom, 15Five, 7 Shifts, Accelo, etc.
  • Customer Support: It is available through the Website, Email, 24×7 Virtual Assistant, FAQs, Forum, and chat.
  • Payment management: This HRIS payroll software helps you manage international payments for employees, contractors, freelancers, etc.
  • Benefits of Administration: Insurance for Health, 401(k)s, Retirement, College Savings Plans, etc.


  • Helps maintain compliance and follow all labour law policies.
  • You can submit new hire reports to the state free of charge with Gusto.
  • It has several pre-built professional templates and guides for HRIS built by HR experts.
  • You can manage talent with in-built learning tools, HR analytics, reports, etc.


  • No free trial is available.


Free Trial: No
Pricing: Starts at $40 basic price + $9 per person per month.

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2) Monday.com

Best HRIS System for core HR functions

Monday.com is one of the best HRIS software tools for real-time team collaboration and optimization. It lets you store and organize your files in secured cloud storage. You can use its advanced search capabilities to find old updates, upload/download files and share assets.

This human resource management system helps you to handle meetings, summarize them, and track their outcomes. Employees can use it to directly apply for leave and receive a notification when their request is approved. It provides various tools to develop custom apps, packages, and integrations on top of Monday.com according to your needs.



  • Employee Onboarding: Simple employee onboarding with ready-to-made templates for the firm’s onboarding process.
  • Employee Insights: Gain data-driven insights on employees by looking at data with multiple view options like calendar and map.
  • Data Visualization: It provides various reports visualized in chart forms such as Calendar, Timeline, form, and workload for analysis.
  • Customer Support: The customer support team is available 24/7 via virtual calls, emails, articles, tutorials, and webinars.
  • LMS: Yes (Paid Add-on)
  • Benefits of Administration: Tax management and filling, highly secure for storing data.


  • Autopilot mode helps you automate repetitive tasks.
  • This software streamlines internal planning and coordination with hiring managers.
  • Share files from anywhere with integrations of almost all storage tools.


  • Its UI is very old, having inconsistent navigation options.


Free Trial: Yes, 14 days
Pricing: Starts at $8 per person per month.

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3) Rippling HRIS

Best for technology-driven HR solutions

Rippling has a built-in powerful workforce directory that helps to organize all employee data and HR activities. You can use its AI-enabled HR analytics to get in-depth insights into your business and employee performance. Employees can learn all relevant skills with access to 100+ pre-built courses.

Rippling lets you create periodic pulse surveys to get frequent employee feedback on the work environment. It has various built-in professional workflow templates for effortlessly automating time-consuming HRIS tasks. It is one of the best HR outsourcing companies that helps you to solve critical HR matters like health benefit claims or billing issues.



  • Automated Employee Onboarding: Perform employee onboarding with automated background checks, account creation, set-up benefits, and more.
  • PTO Policies: Custom PTO policy allows you to manage employees, grant leaves, and more from anywhere.
  • Custom Reports: It helps you to make custom reports for employees and teams with various parameters and in-built filters.
  • Built-in Tools: Especially in-built tools can easily accomplish document management and tasks like e-signature.
  • Customer Support: You can avail of customer support through email, FAQs, knowledge base, phone support, and chat.
  • LMS: Yes (Paid Add-on).
  • Benefits of Administration: Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Retirement Plans, FSA & HSA, etc.


  • Offers robust and simplified migration process that allows quick transfer of your HR outsourcing service.
  • Provide selective admin permissions to different people based on project requirements.
  • This HRIS payroll software automatically syncs data to specified storage servers from your payroll.


  • It does not have a performance management system.


Free Trial: No.
Pricing: Starts at $8 per month per person.

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4) BambooHR

Best Cloud-based HRIS platform with integrated APIs

BambooHR provides robust recruitment tools that help you manage payroll, compliance, and paperwork. You can use its intelligent tools for employee onboarding, document verification, and off-boarding. The employee self-service portal allows employees to solve their problems.

You can use its well-being tools to share feedback and suggestions for improving workflow and other issues. It also enables you to automatically send reminders to admins, managers, and others to ensure work efficiency. HRs can use its advanced analytical tools to monitor employee performance, length of service, and much more.



  • Self-Service: Employees can access relevant forms, data, and more through the self-service provided by BambooHR.
  • Internal Communication: This software keeps employees connected and provides robust employee engagement channels like chat.
  • Work Calendar: A Granular controlled work calendar clearly shows employees’ current activities and future tasks.
  • Built-in Templates: It helps you take necessary actions quickly with several built-in report templates.
  • Customer Support: Customers can use email, the product website, or call a virtual assistant in case of any query or problem.
  • LMS: Yes (Paid Add-on)
  • Benefits of Administration: Life Insurance Plans, Retirement Plans, HSA, etc.


  • Lets you create job postings directly across multiple channels like Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.
  • It allows you to build custom workflows that approve, track, and manage employee requests.
  • You can make your custom integrations or app with BambooHR’s intelligent interface.


  • It lacks customization for forms, reports, and performance reviews.


Free Trial: Yes, 7 Days.
Pricing: Contact Customer Support for Pricing.

Link: https://www.bamboohr.com/

5) Freshteam

Best scalable software for large companies

Freshteam allows you to define a company hierarchy and effectively manage a large workforce. You can leverage AI-powered HR analytics to gain insights and make better decisions to manage and retain employees. You will get robust onboarding and recruitment features to hire new employees in minutes. HR can manage open positions and create job postings with 100+ in-built job description templates.

HRs can clearly define a hierarchy within a company with built organization charts and auto-updation. The self-service portal allows employees to apply for time off, manage tasks, and upload documents with a clean and powerful UI. It provides country-based public holiday templates to create holiday calendars quickly.



  • HR Support: 24X7 dedicated expert HR support team is always in place to solve all your HRIS-related problems.
  • Data Import: Easily add, modify, or delete employee data by importing it through a third party or its built-in APIs.
  • Customizable Policies: Define company-wide and customized time off policies and leave types based on your company’s guidelines.
  • Multiple Workflows: Create multiple workflows for managing leave applications, attendance, and HRIS services.
  • Product Learning: More than 100+ articles, webinars, and tutorials for self-help to learn and operate the product quickly.
  • Customer Support: Customer support is available 24×7 through the product website, email, and virtual assistant.
  • LMS: Yes (Paid Add-on)
  • Benefits of Administration: 401(k) retirement plans, onboarding benefits, education and communication, process, etc.


  • It offers robust ‘Absence Management Software’ to quickly approve and apply for leaves.
  • You can automatically assign and track tasks that IT, HR, an admin, or anyone has to complete.
  • Candidate 360 lets you easily capture candidate data like a resume, email, interview scores, etc.


  • It does not offer relationship management capabilities.


Free Trial: Yes, 21 Days-Risk free trial.
Pricing: Lifetime Free Basic Plan.

Link: https://www.freshworks.com/hrms/

6) Workday

Best for HR Analytics

Workday can model workforce dynamics, like retention plans on based assumptions, to help you optimize costs. It can perform “what-if analysis” on staffing, changing business models, and HRIS services across all your business units. You can use Skill Cloud to identify and improve employee weaknesses and shortcomings.

Workday can automatically create schedules for worker protections, meal- and break-time laws, etc. You can search business data for valuable business insights to make better decisions. You can streamline all your HR activities and tasks with their robust Adaptive Planning tool.



  • Custom Cards: Custom cards prompt employees to take timely action and stay on track with integrated third-party services.
  • Compensation Management: Its compensation management feature combines employee benefits like regular pay to merit, bonus, etc.
  • Data Analytics: Prism Analytics helps to analyze transactional and operations data using APIs, organizing it in a single catalogue.
  • HR Compliance Standards: Its subject matter experts monitor global regulatory requirements in 80+ countries for compliance.
  • Automated Tracking: Time tracking comes with geofencing so employees can be reminded to check in and out as they enter or exit.
  • Customer Support: Customer Support is available through Virtual assistant, chat support, and website.
  • Benefits of Administration: Health Benefits, 401(k) plans, FSA, Life Insurance Plans, Annual Open Enrollments, etc.


  • Its employee-centric platform collects and analyzes feedback and provides insights to increase efficiency.
  • You can automate workflows, employee agreements, and process offer in bulk.
  • Empowers your team with various tools, like talent reviews, job interest assessments, etc.


  • Lacks proper employee training tools.


Free Trial: Yes, 30 days.
Pricing: Contact Customer Support for Pricing.

Link: https://www.workday.com/en-us/products/human-capital-management/overview.html

7) Checkbox

Best for digitizing all HR processes

Checkbox is one of the top HRIS systems that streamlines job description and generation processes with built-in digital templates. You can fast-track onboarding new employees with ‘Employee Onboarding Management.’ This software can design complex HR rules and applies conditional routing to solve complex problems.

Checkbox can build customized workflows using an easy-to-use and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can gain visibility over every HRIS service and process with automated alerts in a real-time dashboard.



  • Agreements and Contracts: It is one of the best best hris systems that helps HR teams automatically generate and issue employee letters and agreements.
  • Performance Management: You can create tailored performance management experiences.
  • Automated Obligations: The “Non-Disclosure Agreements” generator can automatically do drafting, negotiation & approvals, e-signature, and obligations.
  • Data Security: It maintains an Information Security Management System, which is SOC 2 Certified.
  • Integration: It also helps you to integrate with 100+ built-in tools and third-party apps like LinkedIn, PowerBI, Tableau, etc.
  • Customer Support: Customers can resolve issues and queries through FAQs, websites, emails, and virtual call assistants.
  • Benefits of Administration: Generate and automate NDAs end-negotiation and approvals, e-signature, and obligations.


  • Gain instant insights across all HRIS services with custom widgets, filters, and data export from third-party apps.
  • It can help you in accessing legal advice through a self-service legal tool.
  • A single access point can generate proposals through a self-service portal or by integrating with your CRM portal.


  • It does not support the on-premises use of Windows and Linux OS.


Free Trial: Yes, 14 Days.
Pricing: Contact Customer Support for Pricing.

Link: https://www.checkbox.ai/software/hr-automation-software

8) Zoho People

Best HRIS Platform for fast and easy integrations

Zoho People is one of the best HRIS systems that assist you in quick candidate onboarding with automated offer letters. With professionally designed templates, it helps build company policies. The digital timesheets automatically record your employees’ attendance, progress, tasks, etc.

Zoho also provides effortless integrations with various third-party services for different use cases. It allows you to restrict access to a company based on job-level control, encryption, and other robust security measures. You can create corporate courses for providing relevant training to employees.

Zoho People


  • Customized Form: Customized forms with fields empower employees to add or edit their info, reducing errors and redundancy.
  • Employee Performance Monitoring: Give Bradford scores to employees and set threshold limits to identify critical trends at an early stage for an employee.
  • Centralized Dashboard: Access all data like Bradford score, pay pool data, an overview of payable days, etc., in your dashboard.
  • Configurable Payroll: Configure the pay periods for various locations, define the pay period cycle, and date all with Zoho People.
  • LMS: Yes (Add-on)
  • Benefits of Administration: Health Insurance, Tax Saving Plans, Retirement Benefits, etc.


  • Complies with all data security and privacy protocols crucial for keeping your data safe.
  • Tools to help you create PTO policies based on every location, set entitlements, manage holidays, etc.
  • An inbuilt calendar allows you to define and manage holidays based on every work location.


  • The mobile app is relatively unstable and buggy.


Free Trial: Yes, 30 Days.
Pricing: Starts at $1 per month per person.

Link: https://www.zoho.com/people/


Here are some factors that you should consider while choosing the best HRIS systems for you:

  • User Interface: Software should be intuitive and allow you to access information with a few clicks and in a few dashboards, i.e., clean and easy to read.
  • Supported Software: A sound HRIS system helps track and simplify tasks such as payroll, performance, PTO leaves, Barford score, benefits administration, etc.
  • Customer Support: There should be robust and quick customer support for HRIS software, as it is essential in any company.
  • Centralized storage: The data should be stored centrally in the cloud to be managed and updated easily. It should be a secure, private storage where your critical data remains safe.
  • Price: An HRIS software should lie within your budget, saving costs and increasing your company’s efficiency.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the total cost (vendor’s price + hidden costs) you pay for any HRIS service you avail. This cost includes the base price of the service and the additional cost per employee. Deployment costs, fees for add-ons, LMS services, maintenance, and upgradation charges are also added in TCO.

There are many differences between HCM, HRIS, HRMS, and ERM; good knowledge about them helps you while searching for HR systems.

Fullform Human Capital Management Human Resources Information System Human Resources Management System Employee Relationship Management
Functions HCM is used to manage employees, perform talent acquisition, provide employee benefits, and employee engagement. An HRIS tool performs tasks like Payroll Processing, Benefits Administration, Onboarding Attendance, Leave approvals, etc. With HRMS software, tasks such as Succession Planning, Attendance, Time Tracking, PTO, Performance Management Capabilities, and more can be performed. ERM software helps businesses better manage their resources, optimize their finances, and automate all major HR tasks.

Note that these terms may sometimes be used interchangeably, and the specific features of each system can vary depending on the software and vendor.

Final Verdict

We have thoroughly researched and evaluated a long HRIS software list to find the most competitive tools for you. Some software is significantly better than their peers in some key areas. Our handpicked HRIS systems list will be critical in helping you make the right decision for your needs.

  • BambooHR is ideal for small-scale businesses and start-ups due to its simple and clean UI with cloud hosting.
  • Monday.com is the right choice if you want advanced HR functions and analytics.
  • Besides, Gusto is the HRIS software for all use cases due to its customer-centric features and after-sale support.