7 Best HCM (Human Capital Management) Software & Platforms

HCM tools help businesses with various tasks, including employee management, payroll optimization, and attendance tracking. However, most HCM tools do not integrate well with other tools. Often such software cannot handle changes in the workforce due to recruitments and resignations.

The best HCM software can help you manage your workforce, optimize workflow, manage payroll, perform audits, improve performance, etc.

Therefore, you must choose from the best HCM software that addresses your needs and scales along with your growing business. We’ve carefully examined over 25 HCM tools to find the 8 best tools for your needs. The research examined all software based on customer support, integrations, cost, etc.

Best HCM Platforms (Human Capital Management Software)

Name Minimum Number of Employees Needed Tax Filing Customer Care Integrations Link
Bambee 1 I-9, 1099s, etc. Email, Phone Call QuickBooks, Google Suite, Salesforce, etc. Learn More
Gusto Concierge (HR) 1 I-9s and W-2s, and 1099s Website, Online Virtual Assistant, Email, Forum, FAQs, etc. Zoom, 7 Shifts, Accelo, 15Five, etc. Learn More
Insperity (HR) 5 W-2s, 941-x, W4 Email, Phone Live Chat, FAQs ProgramPay, Casual, QuickBooks, Trainual, etc. Learn More
Rippling (HR) 1 W2, W4, 1099, & new hire filing Email, FAQs, Calls, Chat, and Knowledge Base Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, etc. Learn More
Lano 1 W-2, W-4, Online Contact Form, Email, Call Slack, Workday, Zapier, etc. Learn More
Expert advice:
You should always choose an HCM software with robust payroll, attendance, performance reviews, and compliance support. Always prefer a service with that helps manage internal communication, benefits administration, employee well-being, and more. We recommend you choose a service with a cost-effective pricing plan according to your business size.

1) Bambee

Best for performing HR Audits

Bambee is one of the best human capital management companies to keep employees informed, engaged, and connected. This tool provides various communication channels to share information, send alerts, and make announcements. This tool can perform effortless recruitment, background checks, onboarding, and terminations.

Bambee’s robust templates assist you in creating and implementing professional company policies, SOPs, etc. You can use it to perform in-depth automated HR audits to find gaps, compliance issues, or bottlenecks. It provides staff training and helps in skilled employee development to better succeed in their work.



  • Documents: Store critical business and HR documents with security and legal compliance. You can easily access them through its cloud storage.
  • E-Signatures: E-signatures support lets you view and sign documents like agreements, memos, etc.
  • Training: It provides training and certifications to employees to improve their productivity and skills.
  • Compliance: Automatic compliance reviews ensure a completely safe legal posture in your company. It helps you calculate employee wages, manage workplace safety, provide garnishments, and configure veteran rights compliance.


  • Dedicated HR Manager to help you with setup and day-to-day activities.
  • Automated tax calculations and processing for federal, state, and local taxes.
  • It helps create a culture for employees to raise their voices quickly.


  • Doesn’t provide a free setup for new users.

Key Specs:

Integrations: QuickBooks, Google Suite, Salesforce, etc.
HR Services: Payroll, Compliance, Tax filing, Employee Onboarding, Audits.
Free Trial: Yes.
Pricing: Plans start at $99 per month.

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2) Gusto Concierge (HR)

Best HCM software for managing payroll

Gusto provides HCM services in more than 120 countries and all 50 states in the USA. It automates time-keeping tools and records your team’s hours, PTO (Paid time-off), holidays, and more. The software relies on time and location tracking to accurately measure employees’ time in the workspace.

Gusto provides a robust mobile app for Android and iOS for easy human capital management from anywhere. It offers pre-built checklists to help you properly manage and monitor various tasks. You can use it to conduct automated regular anonymous surveys to understand employee needs and demands better.

Gusto Concierge (HR)


  • Analytics: People Analytics feature assists you in tracking, observing, and analyzing your workforce. It provides data-driven insights to help you identify and optimize business performance bottlenecks.
  • Financial Tools: Manages your taxes with automated local, state, and federal tax filings. It helps employees maintain their finances with pre-tax savings using Gusto Wallet and other financial tools.
  • Recruitment: You can use it to build custom onboarding checklists and workflows to streamline recruitment processes. It offers professionally designed templates for creating your offer letters and more.
  • Compliance: Automated compliance checks and alerts for critical issues which require your attention. It automatically adapts to varying land laws of various operations and regions.
  • Performance Monitoring: Provides performance management tools to better align employee and company goals.


  • Highly responsive customer support is available via Call, Support form, Chat, and Email.
  • Simplified job postings, applicant tracking, and more from the dashboard.
  • Provides tools to help you quickly transfer and migrate your payroll service to Gusto.


  • Provides no free trial.

Key Specs:

Integrations: Zoom, 7 Shifts, Accelo, 15Five, etc.
HR Services: Employee Benefits, Time Tracking, Team Management.
Free Trial: No.
Pricing: Plans start at a $40 introductory price + $6 per person monthly.

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3) Insperity (HR)

Best for streamlining administration and payroll

Insperity is among the best HCM software solutions for employee training. It assists with over 5000 self-paced online training courses and more than 30,000 online books. It simplifies HSA, FSA, and HRA administration and helps employees better manage out-of-pocket costs and expenses.

Insperity provides proper guidance, along with best practices for HR compliance and management.

It automatically manages benefits administration and employee deductions for all local/remote workers. The built-in report generator lets you create custom reports for any parameter easily. It helps you perform frequent hazard and safety reviews to discover any deficiencies in your work environment.

 Insperity (HR)


  • Templates: Many professionally designed templates for creating job descriptions, new recruit training, performance analysis, etc.
  • Customer Support: Proactive support and guidance from HR experts for workplace issues.
  • Self-Service Portal: The self-service portal allows employees to find relevant documents easily. They can use the portal to receive updates and remain updated with the latest progress.
  • Payroll Service: Fast and reliable payroll service ensures timely payment for employees, freelancers, contractors, business partners, etc.
  • Customizability: Customized pricing lets you selectively pay for only the features that you actually need. Provides distinct solutions for small and midsize businesses.


  • Performs proper risk management and ensures you maintain a safe, legal posture.
  • Allows you to develop employee recognition programs that improve engagement and morale.
  • It helps streamline time tracking, payroll, tax administration, and more.


  • Minimum requirement of five employees per company.

Key Specs:

Integrations: Email, Phone Calls, Online Live Chat, FAQs.
HR Services: Employee Performance Review, Employee Training.
Free Trial: No.
Pricing: Contact Customer Service for Pricing.

Link: https://www.insperity.com/

4) Rippling (HR)

Best for enjoying a variety of Integrations

Rippling provides various tools for business management, like inventory handling, billing, etc. It also assists you in tax filing with complete support for calculating taxes in 50 states and many countries across the globe locations. It offers built-in support to manage remote employees, share software access, provide the latest updates, etc.

Rippling’s native apps for Android and iOS allow employees easy access to critical business files and updates. You can use it for managing HR, IT, and finance through a unified dashboard. It supports importing and combing data from various 3rd-party services to provide helpful insights.

Rippling (HR)


  • Workforce Directory:n real-time, it automatically creates, maintains, and manages a workers’ directory. It contains all information about all your present and past employees that you can easily access.
  • Employee Benefits: You can easily configure employee benefits like 401(k)s, dental insurance, health insurance, and more. You can also outsource your benefits administration to a 3rd-party broker and manage it from the Rippling dashboard.
  • Recruitment: Eases recruitment by automatically integrating with major job boards. It helps in background checks, screening, and document verification of recruits.
  • Employee Feedback: It helps you get helpful insights and feedback from your employees. You can use it to carry out automated anonymous pulse surveys to receive valuable feedback.
  • Training: Access pre-built courses or build your systems to train and teach relevant skills to employees.


  • It allows you to effortlessly change employee roles, add/remove privileges, and more.
  • Provide employees with branded physical and virtual cards and Enroll them in the cash rewards program.
  • Workflow Automator allows you to build no-code logical workflows to automate tasks.


  • Complicated initial setup is not easy for beginners and inexperienced users.

Key Specs:

Integrations: Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, etc.
HR Services: Automation, Scalebilty, PTO policies, etc.
Free Trial: No.
Pricing: Plans start at $8 per person per month.

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5) Lano

Best HCM provided for international payroll

Lano is one of the best Human Capital Management (HCM) software for integrations. Its robust API allows you to quickly build custom workflows and/or integrate them into your existing workflow. You can use its free invoice builder to create well-designed bills fast and efficiently.

Lano is one of the best HCM companies that helps you easily access all critical data and tools in one place. It conducts frequent webinars and online meets to clear your doubts and help you better manage your work.



  • Payroll: You can unify payrolls for all countries and employment contracts and manage them with a centralized dashboard. Integrated payroll and HCM platforms use a central database that syncs all information.
  • International Support: Support for payroll services in over 170 countries with complete compliance. It lets you perform business financial transactions in 50+ currencies across 150+ countries.
  • Knowledge Base: Its library and documentation help you get familiarised with its user interface and use cases. Lano Academy provides vital knowledge and teaches HCM and HR concepts.
  • Workflow: This HCM software solution helps you optimize and improve workflows efficiently and minimize expenses. It has separate tools for employee and contractor management to smoothen workflow.


  • Simplifies talent hunting and new employee onboarding with robust tools.
  • The Self-service portal allows employees to easily access all their employment and payroll data.
  • It helps set up employee benefits like PTO, pensions, health insurance, student loan assistance, etc.


Key Specs:

Integrations: Slack, Workday, Zapier, etc.
HR Services: Global Payroll, team management, Reports, and Analytics.
Free Trial: No.
Pricing: Plans start at 2.74 per employee per month.

Link: https://www.lano.io/

6) Namely

Best for effortless talent acquisition

Namely provides various tools and features for employee recruitment and retention. It simplifies employee recruitment with job postings, application tracking, background checks, and more. You can use it to set up communication channels for keeping your employees engaged, informed, and connected. It performs periodic inspections and reviews to mitigate compliance risks and aligns you with all land laws.

Namely, skilled advisors help you create a long-term employee benefits strategy for your company. It allows you to build custom workflows and SOPs to manage your business processes effectively. The built-in support for E-signatures will enable you to quickly sign and authorize any documents from any location.



  • Employee Management: The employee directory lets you find all employee data from a centralized server. It helps conduct performance reviews and to identify underperforming employees. It can also be used to provide additional training to employees to improve their shortcomings.
  • Employee Engagement: You can share new announcements, changes, and achievements with your employees. Employees can also utilize it to communicate internally, provide feedback, share ideas, and remain socially connected.
  • Payroll: It automatically handles payroll for employees, contractors, freelancers, business partners, and more.
  • API: Advanced API allows you to build custom integrations with your business tools and helps them better align with your work.
  • Surveys: It helps conduct pulse surveys to gather valuable employee feedback and business insights.


  • An Interactive Namely community can provide advice and guidance about any issues.
  • It helps you conduct pulse surveys to gather employee feedback effectively.
  • Easily track employee attendance, approve leaves, track work progress, and more.


  • Relatively poor customer support.

Key Specs:

Integrations: Slack, Workday, Zapier, etc.
HR Services: Benefits Administration, HR Analytics, Compliance.
Free Trial: No.
Pricing: Contact Customer Support For Pricing.

Link: https://www.namely.com/

7) Papaya Global

Best HCM platform for managing compliance

Papaya Global provides services like tax filing, payroll, compliance CMS, and more in 160+ countries worldwide. It is designed to be easily scalable and adapts to business requirements as your business grows. You can use it to combine finance and HR data providing robust insights into your business performance.

Papaya Global helps manage your global workforce and better deal with the hassles of employee visas and immigration. You can use it to set up employee benefits like health insurance, dental insurance, and more. It helps conduct events and webinars to teach you concepts of HCM systems and improve the workplace environment.

Papaya Global


  • Security and Compliance: AI-driven systems enhance compliance and complete adherence to land laws. It assists you in constantly monitoring your system security and mitigating threats at the earliest stages.
  • Finance: Simplifies international payments and improves your working capital with consistently faster payments.
  • PEO: Global PEO helps reduce the burden on you and ensures all your human capital management tasks happen without any issues.
  • Knowledge Base: In-depth knowledge base helps you learn and better adapt to the critical demands of your business. Expert advice on various small and significant issues with the help of its global specialists.
  • Data Security: Maintains high data privacy and security standards for your data. You can store your critical business documents in its secure cloud storage.


  • Assists you in maintaining legal compliance in over 160 countries across the globe.
  • It provides eBooks for tutorials, guidance, and training on various matters relating to your requirements.
  • Granular control over the services and functions that each employee can access.


  • It lacks data-driven business insights and analytics for evaluating performance.

Key Specs:

Integrations: Expensify, Oracle Netsuite, etc.
HR Services: Contract Management, Tax Filings.
Free Trial: No.
Pricing: Contact Customer Support For Pricing.

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8) Zenefits

Best for business analytics and insights

Zenefits is one of the best human resource management software for business analytics. It provides valuable insights and curates graphs with forecasts of various business metrics. It answers all your common queries and issues with its in-depth knowledge base.

Zenefits provides various tools for internal communication, socialization, update sharing, and asking questions. It automatically calculates off-time and deducts salaries without needing any manual interventions. You can use its robust advisory HR services to resolve your daily HR issues and streamlines your HCM.



  • Compensations: Create compensation packages for employees, contractors, and freelancers easily. Tools for compensation management and salary benchmark report.
  • Attendance: Helps create PTO policies, manage employee off-time requests, payroll, and more. Employees can use the self-service portal to quickly request time off or apply for leave from HR.
  • Recruitment: Simplifies recruitment by automatically creating and releasing offer letters. It also streamlines new employee onboarding and employee management with a robust dashboard.
  • Business Reports: Advanced business intelligence reports provide insights about business performance and workforce. These reports help optimize employee performance, business growth, and more.
  • Employee Monitoring: Robust tools to perform performance reviews and discover employees’ shortcomings. It also provides employees with relevant training to improve their deficiencies.


  • Allows you to create and track tasks and assign them to specific employees.
  • Tools to perform benefits administration include health insurance, dental insurance, and more.
  • Allows you to perform attendance, time tracking, and syncing for all employees effortlessly.


  • Requires a minimum of 5 employees for all plans.

Key Specs:

Integrations: Slack, Office 365, Box, etc.
HR Services: Time Tracking, Recruiting, Advisory Services.
Free Trial: Yes, 14 Days.
Pricing: Plans Start at $8 per employee per month.

Link: https://www.zenefits.com/


Human Capital Management (HCM) is a tool for business users to manage, organize, and optimize their workforce. It helps simplify the employee onboarding procedure and checks labor costs. You can use it to monitor and maximize employee performance as well.

Some of the primary critical features of HCM applications:

  • Administration: This includes managing attendance, time tracking, compliance, audits, and more.
  • Workforce Management: It helps in talent management, acquisition, and improving the performance of existing talent.
  • Business Analytics: Provide data-driven insights and analytics about bottlenecks and issues.
  • Employee Well-being involves providing employee benefits, seeking feedback, and ensuring proper communications.

Here are some of the critical factors that must be considered while looking for Human Capital Management software:

  • Features: Human Capital Management systems should be able to manage payroll, attendance, management, taxes, and onboarding.
  • Documentation/Support: It should provide guidance and documentation for using and managing it.
  • Compliance: You must select a human resource management software that ensures proper legal compliance and alignment with all the land laws.
  • Pricing: Always choose an HCM service with a reasonable pricing plan that suits your requirements and budget.

Fullform Human Capital Management Human Resource Management
Function It involves the management of day-to-day HR tasks It involves building development plans, improving employee engagement, and leadership development.

Final Verdict

Our team has meticulously researched and evaluated all popular HCM software companies to find some of the best tools for you. Some of them are significantly better than others in certain areas. Our handpicked list of the 8 best HCM tools will help you choose the right software for all your needs.

  • Bambee is an ideal software for performing HR audits and optimizing performance bottlenecks.
  • If you are looking for robust international payrolls, then Lano is your best choice.
  • Gusto is the ideal HCM software for various use cases and customer needs.