20 BEST Email App for iPhone | Email Client for iOS (Jul 2022)

An email app for iPhone enables you to configure email addresses to receive, read, compose, and send emails from that email address(s). It also offers a central interface for receiving, composing, and sending emails of a configured email address(s).

Following is a handpicked list of Top Email App for iOS, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

BEST Email Apps for iPhone/iOS (Free & Paid)

Name Free Trial Link
Polymail Learn More
eM Client Learn More
ProtonMail Learn More
Outlook Learn More
Spark Learn More

1) Polymail

Polymail is an email program that provides complete details of how and when people read your emails. It enables you to create and share customized email templates with your team. This iPhone app helps you to integrate it with other messaging tools like Slack and Salesforce.



  • You can set follow up email reminders.
  • It provides click and download tracking.
  • You can schedule emails to send later.
  • Provide a detailed report of your team’s activity.
  • You can clean up your inbox by unsubscribing from newsletters.

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2) eM Client

EM Client is an email application that helps you manage email, calendars, contacts, and tasks. It can be used for Windows and Mac.

eM Client


  • It supports PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption.
  • You can take a backup of your Email.
  • This product supports the autoreply email.
  • It automatically downloads contacts from the web.
  • You can add tables and resize any cell effortlessly.
  • Em client allows you to change images size, rotate, and flip.

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3) ProtonMail

ProtonMail is an open-source and secure email service offered by MIT scientists and CERN. It is protected by Swiss privacy law. This email app for iPhone provides easy to use secure email service, having an end to end encryption.



  • No personal information is required to create an email account.
  • It can be accessed on any device without installing the software.
  • Send and receive emails that are secured with end-to-end encryption.
  • ProtonMail is optimized to help you better organize read, as well as send an email.

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4) Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful email app for the iPhone. It supports Email from Exchange Server, IMAP, pop3, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. It helps you to be productive and connect yourself at home and on the go.



  • It offers enterprise-grade security.
  • Outlook has a built-in calendar that enables you to schedule and manage meetings or events.
  • You can see information about contact when you hover over his/her name.
  • Email and calendar, together in one place
  • It provides an easy way to find people, and messages, documents in Email.

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5) Spark

Spark is an email iPhone app that automatically categorizes emails for secure processing. It allows you to pin or snooze emails. You can invite your teammates to create mail together.



  • You can find your Email quickly by using a natural language search.
  • It allows commenting on emails.
  • This program has pre-written emails for replying to emails fast.
  • You can set reminders to follow up important emails.
  • It enables you to add a signature in your Email.
  • Spark helps you to personalize sidebar, swipes, and widget.
  • You can receive a notification only when an important message comes into your inbox.

Link: https://sparkmailapp.com/

6) Blue Mail

Blue mail is an email application that is capable of managing an unlimited number of mail accounts. It allows for smart push notifications and group emailing. This tool enables you to personalize multiple email accounts.

Blue Mail


  • You can mark messages to handle later and set reminders for them.
  • It allows you to access calendars and plan events.
  • You can seamlessly switch from one theme to another.
  • Blue mail helps you to count unread emails.
  • You can filter out starred emails.
  • It provides security through encryption.
  • Groups are seamlessly shared with all groups for their convenience.

Link: https://www.bluemail.me/

7) Newton Mail

Newton Mail is a useful email app, which is designed for all your devices iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac & Windows. You read status for every Email you send.

Newton Mail


  • Get read-status for every Email you send
  • Save attachments to various cloud storage services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, etc.
  • Offers 2-factor authentication
  • One-click Unsubscribe
  • HTML signatures
  • Custom Folder Sync
  • Spotlight Search
  • Provide feature for passcode Lock

Link: https://newtonhq.com/

8) Edison Mail

Email by Edison is the simplified, email client application. It allows you to manage unlimited email accounts seamlessly! Get emails faster, block all your spam mails.

Edison Mail


  • Preferences are synced across all your devices.
  • Email aliases are now supported for Yahoo and Hotmail accounts.
  • Allows you to manage all your mail accounts, easily switch between inboxes
  • It offers personalize sound and vibration settings.
  • Get real-time travel notifications about your flight plans.

Link: https://mail.edison.tech

9) Airmail

Airmail is an email client that was explicitly designed for iOS, macOS, and watchOS. It is optimized with extensive customizations, custom actions, and deep integration with a wide range of apps and services.



  • It allows you to add numerous email accounts of any type your like to Airmail.
  • Helps you to filters out newsletters and other distractions
  • It helps you to blocks tracking pixels and prevents images from loading automatically.
  • Powerful Sort and Filters features
  • Write an email once and save it as a template to use later.
  • Select the actions which make sense for your workflow

Link: https://airmailapp.com/

10) Triage

Triage is another iPhone app that helps you to replace your desktop email client. It allows you to quickly remove the noise and stress associated with managing important Emails and removing unwanted mails.



  • Helps you to store email account login and password information securely in the iOS keychain
  • It allows you to do IMAP communication over a secure connection.
  • Allows you to view its full contents, and compose a short reply in a single tap
  • Triage never stores any user information or message.

Link: https://triage.cc/

11) Tutanota

Tutanota is an open-source and secure email app for the iOS platform. You can use encrypted emails on all devices with mobile apps, Email, or desktop clients.



  • It provides free email services without Ads.
  • It has an encrypted calendar for security purposes.
  • It helps you to send free secure emails to anyone without any hassle.
  • Offers free Secure Email without any Ads

Link: https://tutanota.com/

12) Clean Email

Clean Email is an online bulk email cleaner for iPhone devices. This app helps you to control your mailbox. It allows you to quickly identify usefully and clean up useless emails with a single click.

Clean Email


  • Instead of focusing on individual emails, it segments your mailbox using rules and filters.
  • Allows you to move your Email to Trash, Remove, Archive, Apply Labels, Move between Folder
  • You can also unsubscribe from unwanted emails and block unwanted recipients.
  • Able to remove thousands of emails by directly communicating with your mailbox.

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13) Canary

Canary is an email app that allows you to access Gmail, iCloud, Office365, Yahoo, Exchange, IMAP, & ProtonMail. It accounts for your iPhone, iPad, and other Mac devices.



  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Full PGP Support
  • Biometric App Lock
  • On-Device Fetch
  • Easy to use as it does not need any learning
  • Open Source Mail Sync Engine.

Link: https://canarymail.io/

14) MailTime Email Messenger

Mailtime is another useful email app for the iPhone. It helps you to make your emails more manageable, more comfortable to read, and quicker to respond.

MailTime Email Messenger


  • You can view your View emails as conversations, not threads!
  • It allows you to manage your conversations like a group chat.
  • Sorts out important conversations from the newsletters, discounts, and other machine-generated mail

Link: https://mailtime.com/

15) Missive

The missive is an inbox and chat tool that empowers teams to collaborate around Email truly, WhatsApp, SMS, messenger, Live chat, and Twitter. It offers a powerful workflow setting for your shared accounts and addresses.



  • You will get a choice between two assignment options for when a user replies to a message in a Team Inbox.
  • Helps you to customize the user interface with three beautiful themes
  • It allows you to create reusable templates to save time on repetitive emails.
  • Helps you to set reminders on emails and chats to clean up your inbox

Link: https://missiveapp.com/

16) myMail

Mymail is a simple, fast, and secure email service client for iOS devices. It offers a flat design for a sleek and usable interface. It also allows you to import contacts from all your email accounts.



  • It allows you to select when you want to receive push notifications.
  • It focuses on what’s important
  • Make those notifications private
  • It brings profile pictures of your contacts to your message
  • Supports for traffic encryption, ensuring that all your data is protected.
  • This app displays the first letter of the contact’s name.

Link: https://mymail.my.com/

17) Gmail

Gmail is a free email service developed by Google. You can access this email service client on the web and use third-party programs to synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.



  • Schedule emails.
  • It allows you to drag emails between tabs.
  • Send and request money.
  • Get notifications for specific emails.
  • Allow you to use Gmail offline.

Link: https://www.google.com/intl/en_in/gmail/about/

18) Mail by Apple

Apple Mail is a widely used and highly compatible email app specially designed for iPad, iPhone, and other iOS supported devices. You can easily manage your email accounts from this app.

Mail by Apple


  • You can share files with others.
  • This app works with email services like Yahoo, iCloud AOL, Gmail, and Microsoft Exchange.
  • It allows you to send unlimited messages to anyone.

Link: https://support.apple.com/mail

19) Unibox

Unibox is easy to use a people-centric email client that organizes your messages by the sender. It supports bot IMAP and custom IMAP protocols. You can compose your messages without opening in new windows.



  • It allows you to concentrate on the actual communication with that person.
  • It offers two additional views containing all files that you exchanged with another person.
  • You can view messages and conversations in all your accounts.
  • It allows you to read and to write Emails in the same window.

Link: https://www.uniboxapp.com/

20) TypeApp

TypeApp is another email app for iPhone that helps you to manage an unlimited number of email accounts. It allows you to track conversions in your inbox. This app provides instant email notification using a tablet, smartwatch, or phone.



  • You can access this app using IMAP, POP3, etc.
  • It provides a wide range or clouded themes.
  • Typeapp provides support for Android wearable devices.
  • You can personalize UI the way you like.
  • It offers a unified (merged) inbox to get all email account in one place.

Link: https://typeapp.com

21) Chuck Email

Chuck is an email app for iPhone which allows you to view your emails by sender, subject, or time period. This app analyzes your inbox and shows messages which you should remove.

Chuck Email


  • Allows you to browse messages easily with advanced filtering options
  • You can organize your inbox faster by focusing on individual accounts.
  • It helps you to remove unimportant messages quickly with advanced multiple selection mode!
  • It helps you to filter messages by enabling/disabling specific email addresses.

Link: https://chuck.email/

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❓ What is an Email app?

An email app enables you to configure email addresses to receive, read, compose, and send emails from that email address(s). It also offers a central interface for receiving, composing, and sending emails of a configured email address(s).

🚀 Which are the Best Email Apps for iPhone?

Below are some of the Best Email Apps for iPhone:

⚡ Which Email app comes pre-installed with the iPhone?

The native “Mail” app comes pre-installed with all iOS devices.

🏅 How to restore the mail app on the iPhone?

Mail app comes default on the iPhone. However, for some of the other reasons you have deleted this app, you can restore it easily.

In the App Store, search the “Mail” app on iPhone. Once you found the Mail app in the App Store, you just need to tap the Cloud button to its right. The Mail app will download and reinstall on your iPhone.