In this tutorial, we will create Cucumber Scripts to test two scenarios

Cucumber Script 1: Multiply 2 Numbers

Step 1) Open RubyMine Editor via windows start menu

Step 2) In Rubymine Editor, click on Create New Project

Step 3) Select the Project location and click "Create."

Step 4) Create a file directory

Step 5) Name the directory as "features"

Step 6) Create and Save File in "yourfolder/features/" with name "yourfilename.feature"

Step 7) To execute our scenario, save the following program in the Feature File


Feature: Multiplication 
  I multiply two numbers 
	Scenario: multiply a and b 
	  Given I have variable a 
	  And I have variable b 
      When I multiplication a and b 
      Then I display the Result

Step 8) Now let's Run our First feature file!

Click on "Start Command Prompt With Ruby"

And the output you get is

You see the error because you have to write step definitions file for feature file

Step 7) Let's create step definition file for our Feature File!

Create a new folder in Rubymine editor with name "step_definition"

Step 8) Save File As below in "yourfolder/features/step_ definitions" with name test_step.rb

Step 9) Write the following code into the step file

Code :

Given(/^I have variable a$/) do 
  @a = 50

And(/^I have variable b$/) do 
  @b = 70 

When(/^I multiplication a and b$/) do 
  @mul = @a * @b

Then(/^I display the Result$/) do 
  puts "Multiplication of #{@a} and #{@b} is #{@mul}"

Step 10) Now, again run our feature file:

The result is

Cucumber Script 2: Verify output when Email id is entered or not entered

In this example we use Ruby

Test Scenario: Verify output when Email id is NOT entered

Test Steps:

  1. Open Browser
  2. Go To
  3. Do not enter Email id
  4. Click Submit

Test Scenario: Verify output when Email id is entered

Test Steps:

  1. Open Browser
  2. Go To
  3. Enter Email Id
  4. Click Submit
Code in Feature File
Feature: guru99 Demopage Login
To Login in Demopage we have to enter login details
Scenario: Register On Guru99 Demopage without email
Given I am on the Guru99 homepage
When enter blank details for Register
Then error email shown
Scenario: Register On Guru99 Demopage with valid email
Given I am on the Guru99 homepage
When enter details for Register
Then login details shown

Code in Step Definition File

require 'watir-webdriver'

require 'colorize'

browser =

Given (/^I am on the Guru99 homepage$/)do

browser.goto ""


When (/^enter blank details for Register$/)do

browser.text_field(:name,"emailid").set(" ")



Then (/^error email shown$/)do

puts " Email is Required".red



When (/^enter details for Register$/)do

browser =

browser.goto ""

browser.text_field(:name,"emailid").set("This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.")



Then (/^login details shown$/)do

puts " Sucessfully register"



Run the code in command prompt and you get