How to Send Large Video Files from Email, Android & iPhone

Sending a large file to other people is difficult since most of the email service providers have put restrictions on the size of the attachment. Most of the email providers allow you to send only a 25MB file in the attachment. Therefore, if you want to send large size video or document, the email service will not work for you.

Instead, there are plenty of other options available to send a massive amount of data to your friends, colleagues, or any other person listed below:
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Best Way to Share Large Video Files Online (iPhone | Android | Email)

Free online services are one of the best ways to send a big file to other people. You just need to upload a file or folder, and then the file-sharing service will provide you a link to share them. Many such cloud platforms also provide you drag and drop facility to store and send a file with no hassle.

Best Tools to Share Big Files

Name Max upload file size Link
IceDrive Unlimited Learn More
Google Drive 15 GB Learn More
WeTransfer 20 GB Learn More
Dropbox 5 TB Learn More
MediaFire 10 GB Learn More
Smash No size limit Learn More
FilePizza No size limit Learn More
Send Anywhere 10 GB Learn More
Pcloud 10 GB Learn More

1) IceDrive

Icedrive is a next-generation cloud service that helps you to access, manage, and update your cloud storage effortlessly. It provides a space to share, showcase, and collaborate with your files. This platform allows you to store and share files up to 100 GB. If you choose pro plan, you will get 1 TB of storage space.


This platform enables you to stream your media with built-in media players. IceDrive is a service available for PC, mobile, and browser that enables you to send large uploads without any issue. It also offers full device backup with a user-friendly Wizard.

Supported Platforms: Web App, Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Visit IceDrive >>

2) Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to store, share, and access your files from any device. It provides first 15 GB of storage for free. It allows you to keep photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, and more in the cloud.

Google Drive

Your file content in Google Drive can be accessed from any tablet, smartphone, or PC. It enables you to quickly invite other people to view, download, and collaborate on the files. This cloud platform allows you to build Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It also provides real-time synchronization.

Supported Platforms: Web App, Windows, Android, iOS

Visit Google Drive

3) WeTransfer

WeTransfer is an internet-based large file transfer and sharing service. The best feature of this file transfer tool is that it allows free users to send a file of up to 20 GB. However, if you choose pro plan, then you will get 1 TB of storage.


This tool offers three file transfer facilities: 1) Weekly, 2) Monthly, or 3) Unlimited. It allows you to forward or delete your files and folders with just one mouse click. A free version of WeTransfer enables you to perform email transfers up to 10 people. It also enables you to track your downloads with minimal effort.

Supported Platforms: Web App, iOS.


4) Dropbox

Dropbox is a file hosting service that provides personal cloud, file synchronization, cloud storage, and client software. It is designed to collaborate your projects whether you are working alone or in a team.


This platform offers you to sync your data safely across all devices. It enables you to store and share up to 50 GB of file. Dropbox is available for macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

Supported Platforms: Web App, Windows, Android, iOS.

Visit Dropbox >>

5) MediaFire

MediaFire is a file hosting, cloud storage, and synchronization service. It provides an easy-to-use solution for managing digital stuff online as well as on the go. This service provider enables you to upload and share a file content of maximum 10 GB.


MediaFire allows you to specify access control for a particular user. It is available for iPhone, Windows, Mac OSX, Web, and Android operating systems. You can use this cloud platform to send large project files via email.

Supported Platforms: Web App, Windows, Android, iOS


6) Smash

Smash is an ideal replacement of WeTransfer. It helps to send large file or video files in a few clicks without any need of caring about the size. The tool also allows simple, fast and secure image-enhancing.


Smash enables you to send files in a few clicks, irrespective of their size. This tool can be accessed from iOS, Android, and macOS. It enables you to send a maximum of 2 GB of files to other people.

Supported Platforms: Web App, Android, iOS


7) FilePizza

FilePizza is a cloud-based tool that helps you to send large content like video, images and more with ease. It enables Free peer-to-peer file transfers in your browser.


This tool allows you to upload and share unlimited file content with other people. You can access this tool without registration or login.

Supported Platforms: Web App


8) Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a file-sharing software that takes an easy, quick, and unlimited approach to file sharing. This tool also provides service for unlimited file storing and sharing, but their speeds and usability may get compromised.

Send Anywhere

This tool offers 100MB/s transfer speed. You can upload and share up to 50GB at a time and set the expiry date of sent file as you like.

Supported Platforms: Web App, Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux


9) Pcloud

Pcloud is a secure and simple cloud storage that allows you to send bigger files in a fast and effective way. You will get 10 GB free cloud storage when you sign up on this website.


This platform enables you to save files and use them on your laptop or phone with pCloud Drive and the web. It allows you to send, receive, and work together with your friends without any interference. This tool can keep your private files confidential within built encryption with pCloud Crypto.

Supported Platforms: Web App, Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux

Visit Pcloud >>

Other Options: How to Send Large Video Files to Someone

Compress the Files

This is another good method that enables you to send large files to other people. If you compress the files, your file size will get reduced, and you can easily store and share it with your friends. You can use some good file compression software like Express Zip, 7-Zip, or WinZip.

Courier a Hard Drive

If you want to send large files in TB, then it is preferable that you send your hard drive by courier. This is one of the fastest and efficient ways to send files then uploading file on the internet. However, it has a disadvantage that your drive can be damaged or theft.


FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol.” It is an internet service which is designed to establish a connection to a specific server or computer. Therefore, users can easily transfer a large file (download) or transfer data/files to other computer or the FTP server.

The FTP protocol also includes commands which you can use to execute operations on any remote computer. It allows you to utilize separate control and data connections between the client and server applications. It helps to solve the issue of different end-host configurations.

NAS File Server

NAS File server is a storage device that allows retrieval of data from any location to authorized users. It also enables you to fetch your content from a heterogeneous group of clients. The full form of NAS is Network-Attached Storage. It is a specialized service for serving files by its software, hardware, or configuration.

NAS file server enables you to transfer your large digital data with high speed. It uses AES-128 encryption technique to share files securely with other people. You can use many off the shelf software to distribute files across multiple sites. They offer a visual interface to view your current transfer status with no hassle.

How to Send Video through email?

Here are the steps to send big files using WeTransfer:

Step 1: Go to

Click on the “I agree” button”.

How to Send Video through email

Step 2: On the next screen, you will find three buttons, “No thanks”, “Manage cookies”, and “I accept”.

Click on the “I accept” button.

How to Send Video through email

Step3: You need to add your files.

Click on How to Send Video through email icon.

How to Send Video through email

Step 4: Locate the file you want to send.

Click on the “Open” button.

How to Send Video through email

Step 5: Adding email.

  1. In the “Email to” textbox, add the mail of the person you want to send a file, and in “Your email” section, add your email address. Add a message you want to convey to the receiver.
  2. Click on the “Transfer” button.

How to Send Video through email

Step 6: Go to your mailbox,

Then find WeTransfer email in which you received a code.

How to Send Video through email

Step 7: Verify your email address,

Add verification code sent to you in your mail.

How to Send Video through email

Following screen will be displayed in which you will see the progress of transferring the file.

How to Send Video through email

On the successful transfer of the file, you will see the following screen.

How to Send Video through email

Step 8: The recipient will get email as shown in the below screen.

Click on the “Get your files” to download your files.

How to Send Video through email

How to Send Large Video Files from iPhone?

Following are the easiest ways to share large video files from iPhone. If you’re wondering how to share large video files from your iPhone, read on to discover some efficient methods.

  1. Use AirDrop to share large videos from iPhone
  2. iCloud, another Apple program for sending large files
  3. Use File-Sharing Apps like WeTransfer, IceDrive, Dropbox
  4. Google Drive, Download on your phone, upload your file, and share it with whomever you choose

How to Send Large Video Files from Android?

Following are the best way to send large video files from Android.

  1. Google Photos app, The easiest way to send a large photo and video on Android
  2. Use File-Sharing Apps like Dropbox, WeTransfer, MediaFire, IceDrive, etc
  3. Google Drive, Best for long term sharing
  4. Use Cloud Service like OneDrive for sharing big videos files and learn how to send long videos easily.
  5. File Transfer Apps like SuperBeam, inShare, Send Anywhere, Xender, etc

What are the benefits of sending large files through cloud storage?

Here are the advantages of sending large files through cloud storage:

  • You can send large files easily by sharing just a link to other people.
  • Cloud storage services use encryption for security. It also has good features like password protection, virus and ransomware detection, etc.
  • It enables you to set permissions to view, comment, and reshare your files.
  • You can easily recover deleted files from the recycle bin.
  • Cloud storage service enables you to collaborate with other people.
  • It keeps your local storage space free.


You can add a maximum 10 MB size attachment in email. However, some email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo enables you to attach files up to 25MB.

There are 3 simple ways to send a large file via email:

  • Zip the large files and attach to email.
  • Upload to Google Drive and share a link in the mail
  • Share massive files using WeTransfer.

People in the creative industry like video production, audio editing, calendar photography, print and TV advertisement, computer gaming, fashion and crafting, need to exchange high-resolution images, videos with colleagues and business stakeholders. They need an easy and convenient way to store and transfer these large files over the internet.

Since data is stored remotely rather than your premise, apprehensions about data theft and privacy are obvious. But most cloud computing storage companies encrypt data while in transit or at rest. Also, their employees only get logical access to your data. Most companies adopt strict protocols to ensure data security, confidentiality, and privacy.

If your data has peculiar security requirements, you can opt for a hybrid cloud where some of your data is stored with the cloud provider while the other data is stored at your own premises.